Tuesday 30 November 2021




Nicola James #IStandWithKenLoach #NHSPay15@NAJ562·16hI for one am interested to know why three British politicians named in Jeffery Epstein / #GhislaineMaxwell’s Little Black Book have effectively been given a free pass by British Main Stream Media?
Tony Blair
Peter Mandelson
Alastair Campbell
Katie Hopkins@Hellohowru12345·7h
On the FIRST day of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial -

The CEO of Twitter resigned 
The CEO of Walmart resigned
The CEO of CNBC resigned
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FYI: CFO Biggs of Wallyworld (Walmart) resigned, not CEO. 

I was unable to independently verify CNBC ceo resignation claim.

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Ghislaine Maxwell's 'gay, Jewish' lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, is taking no prisoners... 

"Most surprising was how many ways Maxwell's lawyer Bobbi Sternheim called the women who accused her client of facilitating abuse some version of gold-digging, money-hungry adventuress. 

"Sternheim labeled the four women, all of whom will testify in the case, as desperate for fame or drugs. She even called one an actress. 

"'His accusers have shaken the money tree and millions of dollars have fallen their way,' she said. 


Patrick Howley@HowleyReporter
'Recent scene outside the Polish embassy in America. Why are these protesters not advocating for letting refugees into Israel?'
SAYING YES to SPIRIT - Alberto Villoldo

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Monday 29 November 2021


Who did Jeffrey Epstein work for?

Nurse Tracey

NHS nurse, 46, who called Covid a 'scamdemic' and likened the vaccine programme to 'genocide' is sacked for spouting conspiracy theories

Liz Truss, the UK foreign secretary.

'Britain and Israel will sign a 10-year trade and defence pact in London on Monday, promising cooperation on issues such as cybersecurity and a joint commitment to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

'The agreement was announced by Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, and her Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid, despite evidence that spyware made by Israeli company NSO Group had probably been used to spy on two British lawyers advising the ex-wife of the ruler of Dubai, Princess Haya.


'In a joint article in the Daily Telegraph, Truss and Lapid said the agreement amounted to “a new strategic plan for the next decade spanning cyber, tech, trade and defence,” while the two countries would “work night and day to prevent the Iranian regime from ever becoming a nuclear power”.

'The ministers added that the two countries would “work closer” to defend themselves in cyberspace, while Israel would become a tier one cyber partner for the UK and have greater access to the British market. “Our partnership will keep us at the forefront of the technological revolution,” Truss and Lapid added.

'Just over a week ago, Priti Patel, the home secretary, announced that the UK would proscribe the political wing of Palestinian political group Hamas, bringing the UK in line with the US and the EU. “Hamas is fundamentally and rabidly antisemitic,” Patel said in a speech she gave in Washington DC.

'But it comes after a British court ruled that NSO’s Pegasus spyware had been used against divorce lawyer Lady Shackleton, and an associate, at a time when they were advising Princess Haya in a child protection battle being played out in the UK.

'Britons who refuse to wear a face mask could will face fines of £200 as the Government tightens Covid restrictions to contain the Omicron variant, according to a report.

'Boris Johnson on Saturday announced that face coverings would become mandatory again in shops and on public transport to curb the spread of the new strain.

'Those who refuse to wear a mask will face an initial fine of £200, according to the Telegraph. This could rise to £400 for a second infraction and £800 for a third.

'Anyone who repeatedly flouts mask wearing rules could face a maximum charge of £6,400.'

'PRIVATE health care hospitals and firms are being invited to bid for the provision of vital medical care including lifesaving surgery normally carried out by the NHS in Scotland, the Herald on Sunday can reveal.

'Scottish Government quango NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) has been sanctioned to create a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for private firms to provide surgery and other medical care across the health care spectrum, raising serious concerns about how safe the NHS is in the hands of the Scottish ministers.'

Swiss voters back law behind Covid vaccine certificate

Switzerland to ban unvaccinated people from events and gatherings

Mandelson (right)

Lilburne & Friends@MrLilburne

'Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Peter Mandelson "was Ghislaine's accomplice throughout"'
John McCloy 
There are newly declassified FBI files on the Nazi sympathies of John McCloy, the US assistant secretary of war during World War II.

McCloy went on to serve as World Bank president, US high commissioner for Germany, Council on Foreign Relations chair, and adviser to all presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan.

McCloy performed legal work for several corporations in Nazi Germany before the War.

In mid-October 1940, McCloy, assistant secretary of war, informed FBI headquarters that he was “personally acquainted with many of the officials in the Nazi government, including Goering, with whom he has a rather close personal friendship.”

McCloy, in Germany from 1949 to 1952, granted clemency to dozens of Nazi war criminals, and freed or reduced the sentences of most SS extermination squad leaders.

Gestapo counterintelligence chief Klaus Barbie was recruited as a spy for the USA.
Barbie went on to help the CIA carry out coups, and help the CIA to train the CIA in torture techniques.
Barbie recruited Reinhard Gehlen – of Nazi military intelligence.
Gehlen was later appointed to the Warren Commission, which investigated Kennedy’s assassination. So too was McCloy.

Sunday 28 November 2021


SUNDAY TIMES: The five key pillars of Ghislaine Maxwell's defence 

1. The "money-grabbers" argument 

2. The "false memories" expert 

3. The victims "were not all underage

4. "Ghislaine Maxwell is a scapegoat for Epstein" 

5. "It is impossible to have a fair trial


Unknown commented-

The following 'theories' are likely to be deployed by Ghislaine's allies: 

6. Prosecutors are singling out Ghislaine Maxwell for harsher treatment BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN. The argument that "this is really about sexism/misogyny" and GM is a victim of it. 

7. "To understand the trial against Ghislaine is to see antisemitic prejudice at work - GM would have an easier ride if she weren't Jewish". 

The argument that "racism against Jews is all pervasive," and means that Jews -- including Ghislaine -- NEVER receive fair treatment.

Could These Epstein Insiders Bring Down Ghislaine Maxwell?

'Here’s Who Could Testify Against Ghislaine Maxwell

'According to prosecutors, Maxwell recruited and groomed Minor Victim-1 for Epstein beginning in 1994 when the girl was 14 years old. Maxwell is accused of involving the girl in “group sexualized massages” and encouraging her to travel between New York and Florida to be exploited by Epstein through 1997.

'The woman also claimed Epstein introduced her to future President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

'Minor Victim-2, who has come forward as Annie Farmer, alleges she was 16 when Maxwell gave her a topless massage during a visit to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch in 1996.

Minor Victim-3 claims Maxwell groomed her in London in 1994 and 1995 when she was 17. 

'For her part, Minor Victim-4 says she was 14 when Maxwell paid her to give sexualized massages to Epstein in Florida in 2001. 

'Jurors will hear about two other alleged victims of Epstein and Maxwell but, according to the prosecution, those women won’t take the stand.


'An alleged co-conspirator referred to as Employee-1 will tell jurors that in 2005, Epstein’s staff continued to enable his sex crimes and that she made phone calls to schedule his underage “massage” appointments.

'The employee appears to be Adriana Ross, a 38-year-old former model from Poland who was among four women to receive immunity as part of Epstein’s controversial 2008 plea agreement in Florida.

'Employee-1 will testify that in October 2005, Epstein and Employee-2 instructed her to help remove computers from the money manager’s Palm Beach mansion.


Dame Alun Roberts@ciabaudo·24 Jun 2018


In 1941, Peter Hayman became assistant private secretary to then Home Sec. Herbert Morrison. 

Saturday 27 November 2021



Marsh Family

(AP) — A former Army officer and Detroit native who reported in 2005 that military prisoners in the Middle East were being beaten and abused by U.S. soldiers has died.

Maj. Ian Fishback of Newberry, Michigan, died suddenly Nov. 19, according to his obituary from the Beaulieu Funeral Home in Newberry. He was 42. No cause of death was listed.

Comey & Maxwell

Unknown commented

'A lead prosecutor in the criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell, is Maurene Comey, daughter of Obama-appointed, James Comey, 7th Director of the FBI, famously fired by President Trump on 9 May 2017. 

Maurene Comey worked on the case against Jeffrey Epstein before his 'suicide'. 



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Zemmour is sinking in the polls now.

Marine Le Pen is back in 2nd place.


Zemmour may not be able to be on the ballot. In France, you only get to be on the 1st round presidential ballot, by getting 500 backers from elected officials around France, whose support for the candidate becomes public record. Rumour has it that Zemmour may not be able to find that support. The French system explained here -


Pegasus is a type of malware that spies on iPhones and Android devices, to extract photos, messages, emails and record calls.

Until recently, Israel has been spared due criticism, not only for its unlawful spying methods on the Palestinians but also for being the originator of many of the technologies which are now being heavily criticized by human rights groups worldwide.

From Pegasus to Blue Wolf: How Israel’s
‘Surveillance’ Experiment in Palestine Went Global

Unknown commented -

Most 'alternate search engines' like DuckDuckGo, are actually Microsoft Bing. 

The other major alternative is Russian Yandex, sometimes inverse of Google.

How To Escape Google

'Essentially, Google Search has become an online prison library. 

'Fortunately, there are a few alternatives to Google Search, although not as many as one might think. In fact, there are currently only two real alternatives to Google Search. What about the many other, independent search engines, though? The truth is, most of them are neither independent, nor even actual search engines, as most of them simply rely on results provided by Google or Bing. 

'For instance, Startpage is simply providing Google search results. DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Qwant, Ecosia, Swisscows, MetaGer and other search engines are primarily relying on Microsoft Bing, although some of them may be adding a few other contextual sources or important privacy features. But with most searches, you will simply get Bing results. 

'If Microsoft Bing, one day, should decide to apply Google-style censorship (or get forced to do so), sophisticated Western Internet users will either have to rely on Russian Yandex, or will finally have to create an independent, real and uncensored search engine. 

'Otherwise, the Internet is going to become a pretty dark place, literally. 

'Russian Yandex seems to be manipulating search suggestions in the opposite way of Google. 

'For instance, when searching for “Pfizer vaccine”, the first two search suggestions currently are “Pfizer vaccine deaths” and “Pfizer vaccine side effects”. 

'Meanwhile, on Google, “Pfizer vaccine” is being auto-completed to “near me”, “booster”, “FDA approval”, “for kids”, or “efficacy”. »

Jewish folks

Metro newspaper apologises for publishing a letter claiming Jews are part of a ‘privileged majority’.

The CST said the letter was based on ideas that deserved to be 'in the dustbin of history'


Robin Appleby resigned from the American School in London (near the synagogue on Louden Rd) 

'The governing board of trustees at the school, which has many Jewish students, decided to launch the ‘complaints process’ amid claims that highly offensive remarks had been made at a meeting, which Appleby chaired.

Reportedly, the words ‘Nazi’, ‘swastika’ and ‘Hitler’ were used by members of Mrs Appleby’s staff during a heated conversation about the reaction of parents to the school’s efforts to educate children about race relations.

The school  denies that these  terms were ever ‘used to describe parents’ of pupils (some of whom are Jewish).

'Some details of the affair have also reached the ears of Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, an influential Jewish organisation based near by, which documents hate crimes.

'At one point, the head of ASL’s middle school was instructed to issue a formal apology to Jewish children, for allowing students to be shown a 'highly partisan' video about hostilities in the Middle East.

A spokesman for Campaign Against Anti-Semitism says it is aware of ‘concerns that the school is teaching that Jews are part of a privileged elite’, adding: ‘It is outrageous that the school seems not to have tackled its problem suitably forcefully and seriously.’

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