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SARAH HARRIS in the dailymail reports on what she calls innocuous playground taunts.

She and the 'Jewish led' Manifesto Club are against the 'recording' of the names of bullies.

Aangirfan believe that one of the reasons why so many UK schools perform badly is because of low standards of behaviour.

It is easy to spot the children with personality disorders - the future Hitlers and Netanyahus.

You just have to listen to how they address their fellow human beings.

Such children need help.

Often the bullies are totally unaware that what they are doing is wrong.

The Mail lists some of the 'innocuous' taunts:

B called another child an 'African rat'.

C called his teacher 'Jimmy Savile'.

C said the teacher was an Australian faggot and a pikey.

C said the teacher rapes babies.

D called a girl an 'Egyptian bitch'.’ 

E called another child 'fat' and 'gay'.

F called a girl a 'fat bucket of KFC'.

G called another child a retard.

'Hasbara' journalist Brendan O'Neill.

Aangirfan believes that most of the trolls are Crypto-Jews and Nazis.

The Manifesto Club has been linked to Cryto-Jews.

The Manifesto Club says "We support free movement across borders."

Brendan O'Neill co-founded the Manifesto Club

In the Daily Telegraph online, thereisagod commented on an article by Brendan O'Neill entitled:

Murdoch, Jews, lizards, Lefties and Leveson: the spread of British conspiracy politics. - Brendan O'Neill - 27 Nov 2012 

The Comment:

"Creating powerful twilight language such as 'conspiracy theories' is just another method currently used for closing down debate on sensitive subjects by creating taboos that allow the media and politicians to avoid answering reasonable questions...

"Real power is NEVER challenged by the press nor our so-called representatives in parliament.

"People understand that the trust agreement between MP's and those that supposedly appoint them (i.e. us) is broken.

"We understand that our interests are served only when these interests coincide with corporate/banking interest.

"Do the public really wish for perpetual war?

"This is exactly what we get..."

Hasbara Bingo! | The Palestine Poster Project Archives...

Hasbara means Israeli propaganda, and it is often produced by crypto-Jews.

Brendan O'Neill is a Telegraph hasbara blogger, according to Jews sans frontieres.

So, what did O'Neill write in his Telegraph blog?

"In the current issue of the New Statesman, Peter Wilby slams the Daily Mail for spreading a 'conspiracy theory' about the Leveson Inquiry.

"He says the Mail's claim that... Common Purpose has effectively infiltrated Leveson, with an eye for achieving its long-standing goal of muzzling the press...

"The Mail might as well have published an article about 'ten-foot lizards' controlling Leveson, says Wilby.

"Yet flick forward a few pages, and there is Mr Wilby again heaping praise upon Labour MP Tom Watson's book Dial M for Murdoch...

"It describes how Murdoch's 'invisible networks' created a 'shadow state' in Britain, which controlled virtually every aspect of public life.

"You know what the sounds like?

"Yep, a big fat conspiracy theory...

"So one starts to fantasise that there must be a tiny but unbelievably influential clique of lizards/Jews/bankers/annoying Lefties/Murdoch drones...

"Isn’t it time we grew up?

"Murdoch did not control Britain from a yacht in the Mediterranean. And Leveson is not a plot..."

The man who speaks for the BBC?

Some more comments on O'Neill's article:


"Brendan O'Neill

"I assume, then, that you consider yourself to be a 'coincidence theorist' or just a mere Liberal Fascist?

"And that the BBC inquiry into Jimmy Savile scandal 'to stay secret' is not people in power conspiring?"


"The flavour of the current epoch is that the innocent are guilty and the guilty (if you are powerful) innocent.

"Examples are Savile, Smith, Hillsborough Disaster, The Cardiff Three, MPs expenses, Blairs lies on Iraq etc....

"And their is no point havng anti-corruption units to deal with the sorry mess if they are corrupt themselves.

"Nobody believes or trusts anybody anymore. Democracy has had its day.........Can you hear the boots marching."


"Glad we've had Leveson to put to bed the idea that News International had a hold over politicians and police officers. Almost as silly as the idea that the security services were plotting against Harold Wilson..."

It looks as if there is a Zionist-Nazi-Robber-Baron plan to control the world by a policy of divide and rule?

Get the Blacks against the Whites; the Christians against the Moslems; the 'Gays' against the 'Homophobes'; the liberals against the conservatives...

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is reported to be a fake piece of pro-Russian-Czar propaganda.

In 1903, in Russia, the struggle for power was between the corrupt old aristocracy and the corrupt power-hungry Jewish Marxists.

However, you might agree that at least some of the aims of the 'plan' seem to be being achieved?


Here is the plan by the "Learned Elders of Zion," laid down in the allegedly fake "Protocols."

We shall:

1. Seduce and demoralize youth with false doctrines.

2. Destroy the family life.

3. Dominate humanity by preying upon their lower instincts and vices.

aangirfan: Marc Dutroux

4. Debase and vulgarize Art, and introduce filth in Literature.

5. Introduce the habit for luxuries, crazy fashions and spendthrift ideas so that the ability for enjoying clean and plain pleasures is lost.

6. Divert the attention of the people by public amusements, sports, games, prize contests, etc., so that there is no time for thinking.

7. Confuse and bewilder the minds of the people by false theories and shatter the nerves and health by continuously introducing new poisons.

8. Instigate hatred among the different classes of people.

9. Cause diplomatic friction and misunderstanding between States which will increase international suspicions and hate thereby greatly augmenting armaments.

India versus Pakistan. Sri Lanka, Mossad, the CIA, drugs and arms dealers. /OBAMA, THE CONGO, MINERAL WEALTH, WAR

10. Gradually amend all constitutions so as to prepare the soil for absolute despotism.

11. Establish huge monopolies.

12. Prepare the death struggle of the nations; wear out humanity through suffering, fear and shortage of food - hunger creates slaves!

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never commentd on here before but that last bit about the protocols with the pictures was very good. out of all the blogs i read i find urs the most useful and tend to agree with most of ur points. bravo n keep up the gud work.

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Very many thanks.

Happy New Year!

- Aangirfan.


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