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Effects of lockdown could be causing more deaths than Covid: Fears rise over silent health crisis as ONS records nearly 10,000 more deaths than the five-year average - none of which are linked to the virus - in the last two months

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Pleasure spending my Sunday afternoon with Southend & Westcliff Hebrew Congrgation and local MPs Sir David Amess & .





Archie and his father.

Archie and his Mum

'George Kennedy Young, a former deputy director of MI6 'is key to allegations surrounding a VIP paedophile ring in Westminster.'

'While in MI6, George Kennedy Young developed close relations with Mossad.'


'Sir Peter Hayman, a former deputy director of MI6, was reportedly a member of the top paedophile ring operating within the UK government.

'In October 1978, Sir Peter Hayman left a package of child abuse materials on a London bus.

'Hayman was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

'In 1984, Hayman was convicted for an act of gross indecency in a public lavatory.[1][9]


"Peter Hayman was the key liaison between MI6 and the CIA at the height of the MKULTRA child sexual abuse program.

In the book 'The Fifth Man', Roland Perry puts the case that Victor Rothschild was a major spy for Israel.

'In 1940 Victor Rothschild (above) suggested that Anthony Blunt, 'a dangerous child abuser', should be invited to join MI5. 

'He also rented a house to his boy-loving friend, the spy Guy Burgess.'

There is a belief that many of the top spies, whether in the CIA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD or the KGB, work for a secretive cabal.

According to ex-KGB Colonel 'F' and KGB officer Yuri Modin, Victor Rothschild was the key to most of the Cambridge ring's penetration of British Intelligence.

According to Roland Perry, in his book The Fifth Man: "Burgess, at MI6 (and still on a retainer from Rothschild) recommended Philby for a job in Section D of MI6.

"Rothschild, who had helped nudge Burgess into his position before the war, had been in turn recommended to MI5 by Burgess."

In 1972, Rothschild played a major part in choosing the new head of MI5, Michael Hanley.

MI5's Sir Anthony Blunt is allegedly linked to child murder according to T Stokes. 

"It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers."

"Sir Anthony Blunt blocked police investigations into activities involving Jimmy Savile.

"This, according to our informant, came straight from the lips of an angry detective involved in the earlier police investigation."

Times Online 'Covers' Jimmy Savile's Child Abuse, Literally

Sir Maurice Oldfield (above), the former head of Britain's MI6, reportedly shared boys with MI5's Sir Anthony Blunt. (Cached)

Sir Maurice Oldfield, was reportedly observed by his Special Branch guards partaking of the Kincora boy brothel's facilities.

(The troubles: Google Books Result)

According to "The Biggest Secret of World War II": during World war II, Maurice Oldfield was arrested with the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent (Prince George), a boyfriend of Sir Anthony Blunt.

"A policeman rounded up what he thought were 3 drunken street whores, only to find they were ... the HIGHEST in the land...

"Maurice Oldfield and the Duke of Kent ... had links to Victor Rothschild. Rothschild was Churchill’s mentor; he made Churchill’s decisions."

At the Kincora Children's Home in Belfast in the UK, housemaster William McGrath, and others, abused children.

William McGrath reportedly worked for the UK spy service MI5.

Reportedly, McGrath had contacts with UK spy Ted Rothschild's friend Sir Anthony Blunt, the 'pedophile' spy.

Maxwell Knight.

Maxwell Knight was a real British spy.

In the early 1920s, Maxwell Knight became the intelligence director for the British fascists.

And then he was recruited into MI5.

His office was in London's Dolphin Square, a hotbed of boy sexual activity.


Google 'child abuse ring'

It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search


'Many young boys who went missing over the years were murdered at his bequest. It was his way of tidying up and making sure potentially dangerous secrets were kept hidden.' [2011 Sept] The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes

Labour politician Tom Driberg was said to spend as much time in public lavatories as the houses of parliament and he gave in 1972 a long list of top people involved in 'blackmail-able' sexual pursuits to M I 5. This same list in the same order would later turn up in the KGB London office, top of this list was Sir Anthony Blunt, who was believed to be a procurer of men and young lads, when a person dies their bowels tighten then release, and Blunt was said to have strangled young boys while being sodomized in 'snuff' killings, this is supposed to heighten the sexual climax. He would obtain boys from care homes for David Temple, who was also known as 'Soxon Rothschild, because he always kept his socks on while naked. Tony Blair as 'Miranda '  HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER by T. Stokes



Former teen model Michael Egan (above) has named more child sex abusers, and they are linked to Disney, Fox and the BBC.

Egan says he was sexually abused by a Hollywood child abuse ring starting when he was aged 15

Michael Egan has filed suits against the following:

Garth Ancier

1. Garth Ancier, who oversaw the launch of Fox television, and also served as president of BBC Worldwide America.

David Neuman

2. David Neuman, the former president of Disney TV.

3. Gary Goddard, who helped develop EPCOTTokyo Disneyland, and River Country.

Egan's attorney, a sex abuse lawyer from Florida, Jeff Herman (left), with Egan (right)

An affidavit from 2003 describes the sexual abuse four teenage boys allegedly endured at the hands of Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley.

Rector was later convicted of child sex abuses.

A source told TMZ that one of the 4 victims, 'Minor #4', is Egan. 

Rector, whose last-known country of residence was the Dominican Republic, a country notorious for its AIDS infected prostitutes.

Rector reportedly told Egan that:

"90 per cent of show business is gay.

"You need to sleep with people if you want to go anywhere.

"We stay together, but you do not want to see my dark side."

Rector then took out his gun. 

Rector then reportedly said:

Serial rapists walk free in Detroit as up to 9,000 rape kits remain untested 5 YEARS after being discovered abandoned in a police warehouse

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Last Word: Dith Pran

The Khmer Rouge was allegedly put into power by the CIA.

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Archie - Halloween.

Archie's mother and an unknown man.

Curious-cat said:

What drove 12 year old Archie to take his own life?

SassyBitch said-

We're assuming he did this.

How do we know 

a) It's not a cover up. Someone else did it - or

b) someone did something to him and them made out he put it round his neck. They finished the job to cover up hurting him.

Strangulation leaves different marks and effects to hanging. 

I find it odd in a modern house, she says he fell 8 feet. There's not that much to fall and if he was hanging already, probably only a few feet.