Wednesday 21 February 2024

Hang on! The U.S. government is POISONING American cities with Fluoride?...

SNP: 'Israel committing atrocities'

Unknown commented ( "COLIN PARK ~ world-class artist.")

SNP: 'Israel committing atrocities'

"Brendan O’Hara, the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesperson [said:]

"'... What no country has the right to do [is] to lay siege to a civilian population, carpet bomb densely inhabited areas, drive people from their homes, erase an entire civilian infrastructure, and impose a collective punishment involving the cutting off of water, electricity, food and medicine, from civilians.

"'And no country, regardless of who they are, in the name of self-defence can kill civilians at such a pace and on such a scale that in just 16 weeks almost 30,000 are known to have died, with a further 80,000 injured' ...

"O’Hara said the international rule-based order was 'created to protect people from atrocities, not to be used as a smokescreen to hide the execution of them'..."

COLIN PARK ~ world-class artist.



Painting by Colin Park.

'At one point, I saw a picture I particularly liked - a painting of Solway Firth by a fellow named Colin Park.....

"I was prepared to buy it then and there even if I had to carry it all the way to John O'Groats under my arm."

- Bill Bryson, Notes From A Small Island.

Colin Park at work

Paintings by Colin Park

om a Small Island"from: "Notes from a Small Island"

HSBC world's first to offer multi currency digital bonds.

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"Only the beginning." 

HSBC became the world's first to offer multi currency digital bonds. 

"Ashurst (advisors to Rothschild) advises HSBC as the platform provider to HKMA on the world's first multi-currency digital bond offering. 

"This follows Ashurst’s role in advising on the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR Government)’s first tokenised green bond issuance in February 2023. The cross-border team at Ashurst was headed by Hong Kong managing partner and financial regulatory partner Ben Hammond, Hong Kong-based global finance, funds and restructuring finance division co-head and debt capital markets partner Jini Lee and London-based bank industry global chair Etay Katz. The partners were assisted by counsel and senior associates Janet Ouyang and Jamie Jefferson Ng. The wider team comprised Hong Kong-based senior associate Sean Ching and associate Do Yeon Kim, global markets associate Thomas Yau and regulatory associate Anna He, as well as London-based financial regulatory associates Clara Yeo and Joy Yeh. HSBC Orion is a technological platform which utilises distributed ledger technology designed for use in conjunction with the issuance of digitally native assets. The platform utilises a private permissioned with nodes managed by the platform operator, CMU. Investors directly participating in HSBC Orion have the capability to hold legal title to the Digital Green Bonds."


Tuesday 20 February 2024

'Switzerland operates a peaceful foreign policy.'

A Swiss giant.

DANIEL G. JENNINGS: ‘Why, unlike other Western countries, Switzerland operates a peaceful foreign policy.

And its different ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious groups stay together

“ … [The] sources of Switzerland’s high level of freedom are its unique political structure and system of government.

“In particular, Switzerland has NO head of government.

“[A] Federal Council … resembles the British Cabinet, but there is NO prime minister. Thus … NO head of government …

“Instead … Switzerland’s executive authority [is split] into three parts:


“[The highest executive authority, the Federal Council consists of 7 members representing the country's major political parties and language regions. The 7 members of the Federal Council are elected by the Swiss parliament. Collectively the Council make decisions and set policy].


“[The president serves a one-year term and exists for diplomatic purposes, performing the role of head of state. The Swiss presidency is a purely ceremonial position with NO powers].


“A professional administrator …

“[Switzerland] hires a PROFESSIONAL to run its government — just as corporations do …”

“… [This] dilution of executive power is conducive to freedom …”

“[And] the Swiss Confederation has stuck together since 1848 …

“[Partly because] the Swiss Constitution affirms the sovereignty of Switzerland’s states or cantons …

“Accordingly, Switzerland has a two house parliament … [The] popularly elected National Council, and the Council of States that represents the cantons …

“This gives regions representation, which keeps the country together …

“Switzerland has much to teach the world …”

Boris Johnson wanted $1 million for interview – Tucker Carlson

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Boris Johnson wanted $1 million for interview – Tucker Carlson
“Boris Johnson is a lot sleazier, a lot lower than Vladimir Putin”

“American journalist Tucker Carlson has said former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would only agree to an interview if he received a $1 million fee …

“Hoping Johnson would ‘explain his position on Ukraine’, Carlson said he soon heard back from Johnson’s staff, who revealed the former prime minister would agree to the interview – but only on one condition.

“‘Finally an adviser gets back to me and said, “He will talk to you, but it’s going to cost you a million dollars”…

“‘So you’re telling me that Boris Johnson is a lot sleazier, a lot lower than Vladimir Putin? So this whole thing is a freaking shakedown’, Carlson [said] …”


Israel has the same Western support as Hitler – Maduro

The president of Venezuela backed the assessment of the Gaza conflict made by his Brazilian counterpart Lula da Silva

“Modern Israel enjoys ‘the same encouragement, the same funding, and the same support’ of the collective West as Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany before World War II, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said …”