Monday 12 January 2015


A newspaper has exposed 'a government plan to carry false flag attacks'.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Above we see the suspect.

Spot the alleged war criminals and alleged Mafia dons leading the sheeple. 

Above we see 'war criminal' Netanyahu, 'war criminal'  Petro Poroshenko, and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the alleged friend of ISIS.

Ahmet Davutoglu recently arranged the arrest of the editor in chief of the newspaper Todays Zaman.

In Turkey, many journalists have been jailed.

According to the newspaper Today's Zaman, 10 January 2015:

A Turkish whistleblower, "who has a credible record of predicting police operations and government policies", has stated that that the Turkish spy agency is planning false-flag operations.

According to the whistleblower, these false flag operations will involve bombs exploding in crowded areas.

Spy agency planning false-flag terror acts in crowded areas, whistleblower claims.

These murders will then be blamed on the enemies of the Turkish government, namely the Gulen Movement.

Erdogan used to be allied to the Moslem Gulen Movement, but there has been a 'falling out'.

Gulen opposes an invasion of Syria; Erdogan is in favour of greater intervention in Syria.

Power Struggle Between Erdogan and Gulenists

Turkey's colonel Arif Doğan 'confessed that his Turkish intelligence unit committed false flag attacks.' .

Fuat Avni said early on Saturday that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has approved of the false-flag operations.

Erdogan is believed to be a crypto-Jew.

Avni tweeted, "Erdoğan tasked the spy agency MİT with ... turning the tide in his favor."

Avni says that Erdoğan has a difficult time because of his support of ISIS and al Qaeda.

Avni says that Erdogan party spokesman Beşir Atalay and MİT chief Hakan Fidan "plan terror acts similar to those in France"

Erdogan's government has been caught out before. Turkish plots.

A recent article at Foreign Policy said Fuat Avni "has proved to have startlingly accurate knowledge of events before they happen" and he has "captivated the country with his mostly reliable predictions of events."

Of course, Foreign Policy is not necessarily to be trusted.

The Turkish government's Operation Cage reportedly included the idea of detonating explosives during school field trips to military museums. KILLING KIDS ON A FIELD TRIP.

Avni says: "A terror act, that will kill dozens of innocent people in a large city, is planned by [MİT head] Hakan Fidan and has been presented to Erdoğan."

He says that Erdogan didn't hesitate in approving a "terror act that would kill dozens."

"I'm warning all citizens against possible terror acts ... planned to take place in malls and AKP buildings."

Fethullah Gulen

It is not clear to what extent the CIA may have fallen out with Gulen (or Erdogan).

Gulen opposes the invasion of Syria; Erdogan is becoming more friendly with Russia.

The long term aim of the CIA is said to be the breakup of Turkey.

Russia-Turkey Axis Could Ruin EU Pipeline Plans.


Limoges Police Chief Helric Fredou, who was investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack.

There has been a total news blackout on the 'assassination' of the French police commissioner who was investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack.

There would appear to be total control of the Western media by Mossad and its friends.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky - Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation 'Commits Suicide'. Total News Blackout - Center for Research on Globalization‎

Police Commissioner Helric Fredou was part of the police investigation into the Charlie Hebdo terror attack.

Terror suspects Cherif and Said Kouachi spent their high-school years in the Limoges region. 

"No doubt this was the object of Fredou’s police investigation."

 Fredou was found shot dead after debriefing his investigators.

There has been a total news blackout.

"The French media decided or was instructed not to cover the incident. So much for ...Freedom of Expression in journalism."

Likewise, the Western media including all major news services (AP, AFP, Reuters, Deutsche Welle, etc) have not covered the issue.

One isolated report in Le Parisien presents the death as being totally unrelated to the Charlie Hebdo investigation.


Turkey: Bombs Defused, Detonated at Istanbul Shopping Malls

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At 12 January 2015 at 02:32 , Anonymous Chris said...

Erdogan, like the "House of Saudi" is Jewish. Look it up.

He is a member of the Donmeh.

He jointly owns large properties in Constantinople with former "Greek" Prime Minister Jew George Papandreou.

At 12 January 2015 at 02:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 12 January 2015 at 02:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 12 January 2015 at 02:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 12 January 2015 at 04:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

▶ Charlie Hebdo Footage Called into Question - YouTube

At 12 January 2015 at 04:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 12 January 2015 at 04:27 , Blogger Anon said...

I've added this to the post which previously carried a similar version which got deleted.

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

At 12 January 2015 at 04:30 , Blogger James R said...

At 12 January 2015 at 04:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BBC video questioning the shooting is a spoof, although in my opinion it's exactly the kind of reporting the BBC should be doing. The fact that they don't is the reason I got rid of my television and no longer pay for a licence.

At 12 January 2015 at 07:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senior police officer Kal Ghadban "committed suicide" at the main police headquarters on Elgin Street in Ottawa three weeks before the shootings at the Canadian War Memorial and Parliament in Ottawa on October 22, 2014.

At 12 January 2015 at 07:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turkish police have defused one homemade explosive and controllably detonated another one after two suspicious packages were found at two different shopping malls in Istanbul.

MOSCOW, January 10 (Sputnik) — Police defused two bombs at malls in the Istanbul region after being tipped off by shoppers, local media reported Saturday.

A shopping center in the Istanbul western suburb of Basaksehir was evacuated by police after the mall-goers discovered a suspicious bag, the local Dogan news agency reported. A bomb disposal team which arrived at the scene established that the bag contained a homemade fragmentation bomb reinforced with fuel refills. The device was defused and handed over to forensic experts.


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