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Who was running the show, when MI5 was apparently running boy brothels from one end of the UK to the other?

Lord Victor Rothschild (above) pulled the strings within MI5 and MI6.

Among the reported visitors to the Elm Guest House boy brothel were Victor Rothschild's friend Sir Anthony Blunt of MI5 and John Rowe of MI5.

Lord Victor Rothschild was reportedly the power behind such Prime Ministers as Churchill, Heath and Thatcher.

Edward Heath allegedly visited the Elm Guest House boy brothel.

The Bryn Estyn boy brothel in Wales.

The government minister responsible for MI5, Leon Brittan, reportedly visited Elm Guest House.

It should be noted that the people involved in the Elm Guest house boy brothel reportedly included the local Director of Education, the boss of the local Social Services, top government ministers, people working for the Royal Family and certain local police officers.

The only people with the power to cover all this up would be top people within the government, the security services and the police.

Police investigating...

The following are annotated extracts from: The quest for justice the real truth behind child abuse.

The 'Mary Moss' Elm Guest House documents with transcripts:


These documents were largely written by social worker Chris Fay. They comprise notes and jottings, never intended for publication. In 1989, Chris Fay was approached by Carole Kasir who, with her husband Harry, ran the Elm Guest House (a boy brothel) until it was raided by the police on 19th June 1982.

Meeting with Adelaine Stolper 17/7/89

Terry Dwyer and John Rowe (MI5) persuaded Carol Kasir to change her guest house to a gay one. 

Introduced her to a South African from Holland called Peter Glencross who runs a paedophile magazine called ‘Spartacus’. 

Dwyer and Haddon were using the place to supply boys for sex. 

Among those using it was Louis Minster, Director of Social Services, Richmond, Colin Peters QC, Donald Naismith, Director of Education Wandsworth and number of police

Boys supplied by Neil Keir OIC (Officer in Charge) Grafton Lodge Childrens Home.

Vincent S. aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children's Home, was taken toElm Guest House (above) and to a house in Bexhill, in Sussex. BISHOP BALL, SAVILE, ELM GUEST HOUSE ...

Haddon and Dwyer etc were part of a large sex and porn ring operating in SW London. 

They were both involved with Minster and Kevin Clark? 

Ms Kasir believes it was a set up given the important people involved in the rent boy/porn side. 

Haddon was later convicted and sent to prison for sex related offences. 

He supplied boys to Harvey Proctor and other Members of Parliament. 

Another MP who used place with boys was Leon Brittan.

The Kincora boy brothel in Belfast.

Boys – Recruited by Kier/Stingemore

XX Care of Richmond Foster home, XX Care Richmond Grafton Close, XX Grafton Close, XX Ward of Court Grafton Close, XX Care Richmond Grafton Close, XX Care of Richmond Grafton Close

XX Care Surrey CC Rodney Rd, XX Care Surrey CC Rodney Rd, XX Teddington Park, XX Care East Sussex CC, XX Care of Surrey ? CH Tidwood Hampt?


Carole Cazier (Kasir) murdered on a visit from Dr Walker.

Injection into bum normally but this was in arm. (GP Hammersmith Police Dr)

Days before Carole told us she had a picture of Edward Heath.

Information held in filing cabinets by Carole for forthcoming court case was taken by her husband Harron Cazier we believe. (perhaps he was accidentally in on ?)


A series of ‘cash receipt forms’

R4 28.06.82 R Langley £25 cash, R6 06.06.82 Mr J Fox £30 (document duplicated), 29.05.82 Mr Jones £27, 28.06.82 Mr Jensen £17 cash, 29.05.82 Mr Granger £9 cash

Bank paying in books showing Carol Kasir’s signature:

Langley 25.00, Naismith 10.00, Vanderfelt 36.00, D M Jenson 34.00, C W Gaunt 20.00, G F Collins Esq 6.00, R R Langley 25.00, D L Jones 27.00, Mrs E A Evans 25.00, T S Hall 12.00, R K Balson 9.00, D Tomes 15.00, I Madden 5.00, S Oddie (D.O) 10.00

Booked on night of raid 19-6-82

Randy Lock – retired, Mr Ditton – solicitor from North England, Mr Fox, Mr Granger – (rent boy), Mr Manning – RSW Westminster at CH in Paddington, Mr Eames – worked as hotel cleaner (male prostitute), Mr Paul – unemployed (male prostitute), Mr Bleyle – gay student from Germany, Mr Hall

More names

David Issett Ref Aug 88, Proctor – Jenson/ Nutter, Tress – R R Philips, R Brown(e) – own Hack (Member of Parliament)

Brittan – sauna only ‘Roger’

Blunt – Anthony Goldstein (Sir Anthony Blunt of MI5)

C Smith – “Tubby” (Sir Cyril Smith)

N Fairburn – own (Solicitor General for Scotland and a top Member of Parliament)

C Jordan – Mr Nasty (A top Nazi politician in the UK)

R Langley – own (Acc at Buckingham Palace)

Peter Brooke – Mr Fullcard (Cabinet Minister)

G R Walker (Gary)


 Member of Sinn Fein spoke to Carol & Harry.

Warned that Lee and Carols boy X were in danger (day before raid). Had got the boys false birth certificates & offered to take them abroad.

Sarah Hope-Walker (Model) call call

26 Rocks Lane police used flat for observation

Sauna Book

Graham- mystery man. Once see Was copper.

Lots men from Northern Ireland, Sinne Fein/had paedophile stuff

Garri Walker (uses many names) talk to Carol.

New birth certs for Eric & Lee.

Said he has once been arrested by S B Gifford?? – gay.


Stan Matthews – runs London Monday Club. Makes his living from kiddie porn. Friend of Haddon – stay at GH – in statements.


Harvey Proctor owns runs shop called ‘The Shop’. Brewers Lane Richmond. Brought (sic) by Puddles (owns freehold)

Geoffrey Archer (novelist and politician)/Cecil Parkinson (cabinet minister) payed (sic) for lease.

Lives in Fulham & got flat in Rich. Drinks in Richmond Arms Pub.


Smith, Ron Browne – in sauna book, Paul Ritchie – guest book – Major Reece was his dad

Sarah Hope-Walker – permanent guest – girl ‘model’ (High class prossie) was doc’s daughter from Reading. Disappeared 1 month before raid – police used her flat

Bruce – worked in sauna, Iddie/Manning were lesbians, Andrew Dutton – solic, Randy Lock – old queen retired, Fox – weirdo, worked in kitchens at private gents club Mayfair, Granger, Hall, Haddon on 17th

Mafed – Egyptian Doctor

Balson – area manager for BT

Judges/QC’s/Senior civil servants

A Bishop – blond wigs, painted nails, black slit skirt

Director Barclays Bank – pink carpet slippers & taffeta frock.


Jenny Tonge 948-1649 SDP Stingemore/Kier/Minster

Keir supplied boys to Minster in Weyb (Weybridge?)

Anthony Blunt – used name Anthony Goldstein, & his boyfriend Paul Shrimpton

Peter Bottomley – possibly photos (government minister)

R R Phillips was Commander Tresstrail (got photos) (The Queen's personal police officer)

Harvey Proctor always visited – Dwyer Haddon

Colin Jordan NI – another Kevin’s punters

Richard Langley worked in accounts dept at Palace. Louis Minster. Terry Earland } worked near Kingston. Check out Roz Barber

John Rowe. Took Rusty → current address, and other boys to Amsterdam

Clive Thomas (South African) running sauna. 15 Tower Blding 26 (2b?) Plein St Johannesberg RSA

Friend Ade

Louis Minster had a twin brother.

Glencross stays at John Rowes house.


XX – care in North England Sheffield

Photo of Ted Howarth (with Carols son) (Biograph?)

Photos of Minster (towel) with 2 young boys

Leon Brittan & Dwyer & with boys

N Fairburn (used boys in sauna)

Cyril Smith

XX (boy) rent boy from North – Dudley

John Rowe (MI5) offered to buy sauna & Paul Herry (Police)

‘Rusty’ (XX) → poss snuff/s&m taken to Amsterdam. Was in care (Ted Howarths affair → SW was Stingemore Grafton)


Carol – David Issett. 10/4/90

Confirms he is living at home despite the Injunction. She said Issett told her that the boy stays in their bed when they have sex. Photo sessions with kids naked in Jacuzi at Puddles home.

Referred to SSD John Jones PSW Manager.

(SW Paula Blythe)


Puddles putting pressure on again. Told Carol about Issett & my chat with SSD, certainly involved with Puddles in his paedophile activities. Warned her I thought Issett setting her up.

Burglary at Carols, papers re case were taken. She says documents and many and photos are okay.

Hassle with DHSS – they say shes got no NI No.

Some aggro with Roz Barber – Carol pissed but angry & didn’t really understand, wants me to check:-

Mike Keirns

Tennyson Lodge, 8 Coleridge Road, Harold Hil, Romford

Harvey Proctor’s secretary Dawn Zapanski, 6 Prince of Wales Mansions, POW Drive, Battersea


John - RAWRO INVESTMENTS = Ralph A Williams & Rowe!


Monday Club Newsletter – note on top is in handwriting of and from Peter Glencross, Business Manager of Spartacus & Porn Merchant. He edited CGHE Newsletter for Monday Club.

George Tremlett (former Greater London Council Tory Leader) & Peter Brook both stayed at Guest House.



Leon Britton MP then Home Secretary & Monday Club

Cyril Smith MP

Ron Brown MP under name of Naismith

Harvey Proctor MP

Colin Jordan Leader of National Front

Guy Hamilton Blackburn - Chair Westland Helicopter Co

Dr Ray Wire Gracewell Clinic

Jess Conrad Singer

Cliff Richard Pop star with ‘gladys’ (Ronnie Wells)

George Tremlett Tory Leader GLC Monday Club

Brook MP Monday Club initial in hole punch

Richard Miles Monday Club

Peter Campbell Monday Club – front for Glencross

John Rowe MI5

Mr R R Langley Senior Household Official Buckingham P

(Sir) Anthony Blunt disgraced spy, etc

Commander Richard Trestrail Royal Equerry (disgraced) (Richard Phillips)

Charles Irving MP Monday Club

Peter Bottomley MP Monday Club

Gary Walker Sinn Fein

Blunt & lover was Chris Weisteig (from Australia) – Blunt used name Goldstien (sic), also used a boy XX

Stan Matthews London Monday Club & Paedophile/Porn


A letter from Paul Rinehart (aka Michael Stuart Rowe), Rawro, to Capital Gay Magazine. 9th July 1982.

Dear Sir,

I am instructed by the Board of Directors as follows:

On the pre-booked double-page advertisement for the issue of July 22nd, the night sauna advertisement used previously to re-appear on one page and the other page is to be given to the proprieters (sic) of the ‘Elm’ Guest House who have been advised of your copy date of Friday July 16th.

The Elm Guest House advertisement is for our account in total.

It is expressly forbidden to make mention on copy in any form whatsoever of this firm or its associated subsidiaries.

Yours faithfully,


Paul Rinehart

Company Secretary


Newsletter 12 of the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality

A handwritten note at the top reads:

Dear John, many thanks for your letter. I have now inserted the entry about the hotel but can’t find the text about the Dutch venture – could you please let me have another copy? Peter.

Newsletter 12 8 April 1982

Editor Peter Campbell, 6 Treyarnon Court, 37 Eastern Avenue, Reading, RG1 5RX


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