Saturday, 3 January 2015


Virginia Roberts has told a court that, as a teen 'sex slave', she was 'trafficked for sexual purposes' to 'a well-known Prime Minister'.

Jeffrey Epstein's 'black book' of phone numbers and email addresses includes the contact details for Tony Blair.

Tony Blair and the under-age 'sex slave'.

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak was also one of Epstein's contacts.

Virginia Roberts, aged 15.

Others in Epstein's 'black book' include Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, members of the Kennedy family and Bernie Ecclestone.

Close friends of Epstein include New Mexico's ex-governor Bill Richardson and the former US treasury secretary Larry Summers.

Lord Rothschild

Professor Alan Dershowitz has admitted that he met Prince Andrew on a number of occasions - including at a birthday party for Lord Rothschild which was also attended by Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein and his friends are said to have been sexually involved with girls as young as twelve.

Ghislaine Maxwell is said to have procured girls for Epstein.


"Robert Maxwell had free access to Margaret Thatcher's Downing Street, to Ronald Reagan's White House, to the Kremlin and to the corridors of power throughout Europe." British Publisher Robert Maxwell Was A Mossad Spy.

Above we see Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert Maxwell.

Robert Maxwell 'built himself a position of power within the crime families of eastern Europe, teaching them how to funnel their wealth from drugs, arms smuggling and prostitution to banks in safe havens'.

British publisher Robert Maxwell was a Mossad Spy.

Virginia Roberts

At the age of 15, Virginia Roberts met Ghislaine Maxwell and went to work for Jeffrey Epstein as his 'masseuse'.

Virginia Roberts says: "I was a paedophile's top girl, being trained up for a British Prince."

Jeffrey Epstein, who is is a member of the the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. Photo by Patrick McMullan. (Website for this image).  Jeffrey Epstein was jailed, for only 18 months, for soliciting underage prostitutes. He escaped a 20-year sex trafficking sentence.

Virginia reportedly met Prince Andrew in London.

Virginia says: "Ghislaine asked Andrew how old he thought I was and he guessed 17 and they all kind of laughed about it and Ghislaine made a joke that I was getting too old for Jeffrey... 

"We went on to Tramp (a club)... Andrew was the most hideous dancer I had ever seen. He was grabbing my hips and he was pouring with perspiration..."

Virginia's first 'tryst' with Prince Andrew reportedly took place later that night at Ghislaine Maxwell's London house. 

Virginia says that she was paid about $15,000 (just under £10,000) by Epstein for sleeping with Prince Andrew, and other sexual services for Epstein.

The reportedly bisexual King Edward VII slept with a young maid called Rosa Lewis. Rosa told Edward about several little servant girls who were available. Edward gave Rosa the money to set up a brothel. ROYAL SEX.

Virginia says she later met Andrew at Epstein's Manhattan mansion.

Virginia says: "Andrew was sitting there in a big leather armchair behind which there was a desk covered with photos of girls and young women, including one of me...

"A beautiful girl called Johanna Sjoberg ... was sitting on Andrew’s knee. Ghislaine ... placed me on his other knee."

Virginia says she was expected to have sex with Andrew.

She says: "I took him upstairs to the Dungeon."

Mariella Novotny, who was reportedly supplied to President Kennedy by Dr Stephen Ward. MOSSAD, SEX.

Virginia met Andrew on Epstein's Caribbean island, where she says she entertained him with an 'orgy'.

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  1. Kay Griggs FULL Interview 1998….

    1. They’re bloody-well everywhere! How dumb are the sheeple? This
      was really swept under the bush!

  2. How did Virginia end up like this? No info/detail on her background family?


    Information received this week from the highest levels of US counter-terrorism sources have confirmed that the reputed “Queen of Al Qaeda,” Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a CIA torture victim now serving 87 years in an American “super-max” prison, was a CIA agent when captured and was imprisoned to prevent releasing information that could eventually lead to the arrest and conviction of then Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Siddiqui worked directly for Valerie Plame, a CIA agent purposefully “outed” when her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, disproved White House claims of “yellowcake uranium” smuggling by Iraq.

    White House Security Chief, Scooter “Libby” Leibowitz was convicted of the Plame leak, although sources now confirm that the “outing” of Plame was done at the orders of Cheney and was passed on to the media by retired General Paul Vallely, a Fox News employee who has recently been filmed meeting with leaders of the ISIS/Al Qaeda terror group in Turkey and reputedly Syria as well.

    When Plame was “burned,” her assistant, Dr. Aafia, was then listed as part of the now debunked yellowcake “network” and fled to Pakistan, where she was kidnapped and taken to Bagram Air Force Base, as outlined in CIA torture records.



  6. VIDEO: “They look like they’re in a war zone, but what they’re aiming at is five-year-olds”

  7. Leaked ‘Kill List’ Shows They Knew Kids Were Dying




  11. Robert Maxwells claim that he was the swimming pool attendant at Auscwitz all though W W 2 has been disproved, the photos of him there when blown up were obvious fakes. he was a black marketeer and given the name Robert maxwell by MI6 in exchange for information on other jews. His party trick was to go to the roof of the Daly Mirror building and urinate on the passers by far below, he would laugh and say lets piss on the goyim

  12. The pedo elite putting pressure on the queen to use her rights to block the elite pedo backlash.


  14. Looks like it's time for Alan Dershowitz to hot-foot it to Israel, using the aliyah Get out of Jail Free pass, honored at all borders!

  15. The rats are underneath the piles,
    the Jew is underneath the lot.
    (T.S. Eliot)

  16. How can anyone be surprised about any of these sick bastards?




  20. just par for the course

  21. Let us not forget Monica Lewinsky, and the sordid public disgrace of Mr. Clinton- which might be a small point in his favor, if he didn't 'knuckle under' although he put dual nationals (Israel firsters) everywhere and gave 'em plenty- but it's never enough, is it? Tiresome but should be instructive to aspiring leaders. Let's home the Brits and Americans find some spine (and brains) someday, before it's too late...permanently. It would be nice to see an administration put these animals down.

  22. Tell me folks, in all seriousness, is there one thinking person left in the world who doesn't regret the founding of Israel in 1948? Israel and its agents have subverted virtually all Western countries and their ruling elite. They didn't have to work very hard at it i'm sure, when dealing with people on the level of Blair

  23. Eyes Wide Shut

  24. This is starting to smell like a psy-op. This sort of pedophilia draws attention and outrage away from the truly monstrously evil freaks, plenty in power, judges, police, MP's, etc., who do things like strangle little orphan boys to death while raping them- and other "elite" behaviors, including sacrifice and cannibalism. This IS an important story, but the fact that it is being hyped so much causes one to wonder- cover-ups come in all degrees and from all angles- 15 and paid 10,000 a trick is sordid, but rape, torture, and murder are the MO of the REAL dangerous scum in the world- aand as it can ALL be classified as "pedophilia", trivializing the one trivializes it all- or so "they" hope- what Andy did is NOT the same as making a snuff film- right, Leon??????

  25. Tony Blair got away for war crimes when he and Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq based on lies of WMD in 2003. It will be poetic justice IF he is now indicted and put in jail for having sex with an underage girl.

  26. Get the Hollie Greig affair into the public domain, then sit back and watch the fun. This is the one they are so desperate to keep under wraps.

  27. Sex with an underaged stranger sounds less appealing than even the least memorable of experiences. This pedo garbage is all about domination by an incompetent.