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  5. I certainly didn't need any evidence to know & understand that after France essentially sided with Putin as well as an Assembly vote on the recognition of a Palestinian state, the dark principalities & powers of the world (those Jesus Christ referred to who had Him crucified) would find a way of terrorising the french into a realignment with Transatlantic Anglo-Saxon tyranny.

  6. Webster Tarpley in the video above does what he does every time: He talks about false flags, blames all intelligence agencies who are likely involved and he omits Mossad's role every time. Charlie Hebdo without Mossad involvement is a tall tale, Mr. Tarpley.

  7. Unrelated, but it looks like we are seeing some movement from a one Joanne Mjadzelics:

  8. Seen this:
    what a write

  9. The events several days ago in Paris, are still very much under investigation. It would be premature to wrap a ribbon around the story and claim that there’s a clear picture of what was behind that operation. But certain things have already come out that are verified and clear: the two brothers who were involved as the attackers at the Charlie Hebdo office, who killed a dozen people, were part of a network, a recruiting network, a jihadist network that has been operating under the protective umbrella of the British Intelligence for a very long time.

    There are mosques in London, including the Finsbury Park Mosque, where the recruiters of those two Kouachi brothers, were based, and were, for decades, protected by the British Intelligence. One of the leaders of that mosque, Abu Hamza, was, recently, in the last several years, extradited to the United States and was put on trial for his role in certain terrorist activities and terrorist recruitment, and his principal defense in court in the United States, is that, while he was there as a recruiter for al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups, he was also secretly working for British MI5, the equivalent of their FBI. And there’s reason to believe that there’s a significant credibility to those claims.

    Furthermore, even the recent so called ISIS uprising in Iraq was also carefully orchestrated by British Secret Service. For months it was in the news that 400 Britons had joined the jihadis in Syria. Foreign Secretary William Hague himself said so. However, the number of these British jihadis is much larger and it has been revealed that some of them were trained to be Sunni jihadists by a jihad-seeking Saudi mullah in a British mosque under the watchful eyes of the MI6.