Sunday 28 September 2014


Early on in the Sandy Hook event, journalists reported that Ryan Lanza was "the gunman."

This is not surprising, as Ryan Lanza and Adam Lanza are the same person.

Initial press accounts said that no school staff or students heard gunshots as Lanza entered the Sandy Hook School. 

Yet we have been told that Lanza walked up to the front entrance of the school and fired at least a half dozen rounds into the glass doors. 

There are no video surveillance pictures of Lanza's alleged arrival, alleged entry and alleged attack. 

This is not surprising because the FBI say that nobody died at Sandy Hook.

Recently released FBI crime statistics show that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012

Sandy Hook was an Operation Gladio event.

The CIA's Operation Gladio initially used Nazis to carry out acts of terrorism in Europe in order to help keep the corrupt elite in power.

Sir Peter Fahy (above) is the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.

Sir Peter reportedly put a 14-year-old boy at risk by allowing him to go into the flat of a suspected paedophile.

In the past two-and-a-half years, there have been ten inquiries into alleged mishandling, by Greater Manchester Police, of sexual assault and rape complaints.

MP SIMON DANCZUK's attack on Sir Peter Fahy

Is the Manchester area a recruiting ground for MI5 and MI6?



UK Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly knows that the CIA and its friends:

1. Represent the Feudal Elite and the Robber Barons.


2. Carry out coups in such places as Kiev in Ukraine


This CIA pilot, an American named Allan Lawrence Pope, was captured in Indonesia. The CIA and MI6 used the Islamists to topple Sukarno. CIA pilots bombed churches and markets in IndonesiaAfter the CIA coup, the CIA produced lists of people who were to be murdered. Around one million were slaughtered. CIA TOPPLED SUKARNO / OBAMA AND THE CIA; FROM HAWAII TO ...

UK Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly knows that the CIA and its friends:

3. Experiment with, and use, bio-weapons such as Ebola.


4. Use Islamists, such as ISIL, to wreck and destroy moderate countries.

The founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, was a crypto-Jew.

A Mr. Hempher, a British spy, made contact with Wahhab in order to set up the Wahhabi sect.

The purpose of the Wahhabi sect was to bring about an Arab revolt against the Ottomans and pave the way for a Jewish state in Palestine.


The CIA's attack on Bologna, 1980, part of Operation Gladio.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly knows that the CIA and its friends:

5. Carry out false flag terrorist attacks such as 9 11 in the USA and 7/7 in London.

London Bombs - unanswered questions / LONDON BOMBS - REMEMBER LUMPERT / 9 11 Planning / 9 11 WHISTLEBLOWERS / 9 11 : MONEY

David Cameron's great-great grandfather is Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier.

In his speech to the UN General Assembly, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron is lying, reportedly.

Cameron said:

Mr President, this year we face extraordinary tests of our values and our resolve.

In responding to the aggression against one of our member states, Ukraine.

In seeking peace in the Middle East.

In dealing with the terrifying spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa...

24 unarmed civilians murdered by the British military in Malaya

Cameron said:

What I want to focus on today -  is the mortal threat we all face from the rise of Isil in Syria and Iraq...

As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by (those) ... whose world view (involves):

The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot and the 7/7 London attacks were staged.

The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy.

The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations.

Reportedly, MI5 and its friends use child brothels and pedophile rings to control the top politicians, police, judges etc.

We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism - not just violent extremism...

We must work together to take down illegal online material... 

And we must stop so called non-violent extremists... 

Of course some will argue that this is not compatible with free speech and intellectual inquiry.

But I say: would we sit back and allow right-wing extremists...

So we shouldn't stand by and just allow any form of non-violent extremism.

We need to argue that prophecies of a global war of religion pitting Muslims against the rest of the world are nonsense...

Cameron said:

For our part in the UK we are introducing new powers.

To strengthen our ability to seize passports and stop suspects travelling...

And to enable our police and security services to apply for stronger locational constraints on those in the UK who pose a risk...

This child was hit by a US missile in Iraq

Our military can support the enormous humanitarian efforts... 

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Saturday 27 September 2014


As ISIS (IS/ISIL) works for Obama and his friends, the US military may have only destroyed empty buildings in Raqqa in Syria.

US Bombed ‘Empty Buildings’ in Airstrikes on ISIL (ISIS) in Syria

Foley Guy

About 190,000 Syrians live in bombed out Raqqa.

And already children are being killed by Obama's military.

Operation Tomahawk The Caliph

Foley guy

Turkey may be about to send its army into Syria to work alongside ISIS in order to topple Assad.

Land Destroyer Report

Israel can also be expected to help ISIS to topple Assad.

Israel has already used a USA Patriot missile to shoot down a Syrian Su-24 plane.

Operation Tomahawk The Caliph

Angus Robertson, who voted against the bombing of Iraq.

The UK parliament in London has voted by 524 to 43 to allow the UK military to bomb women and children in Iraq.

The Scottish National Party's leader in the UK parliament, Angus Robertson, voted against the motion to allow the UK military to bomb Iraq.

He told the BBC he doesn't think an independent Scotland would have voted for air strikes.

"It shows that very little has been learned from previous conflicts … There was no plan then [2003] and there’s no plan now."

He argued that the motion makes no mention of diplomatic efforts or a long-term plan for dealing with Isis.

The Scottish national party voted against the bombing of Iraq.


The elite think that the majority of the public are dumb. 

They are correct.

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From the 17-19th of September, Xi Jinping, the president of China was visiting India.

There was talk of China spending over 100 billion dollars in India.

Xi Jinping does not want India to ally with Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and other friends of the USA.


On 18th September 2014, 1000 soldiers of the Chinese army temporarily entered Southern Ladakh, a contested region on the China-India border.

Was this meant to Sabotage Chinese President Xi Jinping's India Visit?

There would appear to be opponents of India-China friendship within the Chinese military?

At the end of the visit, it was agreed that $20 billion of Chinese money would go to a fast train route and a new road. $6.8 billion would be spent on two industrial parks in India. 24 Chinese companies would buy Indian products for $3.6 billion.

India's Modi is now beginning his rock star-like US tour.

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Friday 26 September 2014


The spooky Michael Fallon is Britain's Minister of Defence.

Fallon was previously Minister of State for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth has been a centre of pedophile ring, child abuse and MI6 activity for many years.


Fallon is currently the Member of Parliament for  Sevenoaks.

Reportedly, Sevenoaks has been a centre of pedophile ring, child abuse and MI6 activity for many years.



Between 1992-97, Fallon set up a chain of children’s nurseries.

Now Fallon will be responsible for bombing Iraq.


On 26 November 1990 Esther Rantzen met Michael Fallon MP at the Department of Education.

Esther Rantzen – Was she ignorant to child abuse ...


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In the USA, 'median income' has been falling.

And the section of the elite who thrive on wars has been getting richer.

Yet, the US public continues to be conned into supporting expensive wars.

During Ronald Reagan's first six years in office, GDP grew 22% while the median income grew only 6%

During Bill Clinton's first six years, GDP grew 24% while median income grew only 11%.

In George W Bush's first six years GDP rose 16%, but median income fell 2%.

Under Obama: GDP is up 8% and median income is down 4%.

American Imperialism

The US public is usually tricked into supporting wars, and then after a few years it begins to realise its mistake.

Here are the results of 9 opinion polls between 1950 and 2014:

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to KOREA?

1950 - NO 65%

1952 - NO 37%

In Korea, US troops frequently shot innocent civilians. (BBC - History - World Wars: Kill 'em All'.) In 1950, up to 400 South Korean civilians gathered by a bridge were killed by US forces from the 7th Cavalry Regiment. Picasso represented this massacre in his painting above.

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to VIETNAM?

1965 - NO 60%

1973 - NO 29%

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to IRAQ?

2003 - NO 72%

2010 - NO 41%

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to AFGHANISTAN?

2002 - NO 93%

2013 - NO 51%

Is military action against ISIS in America's national interest?

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Life involves both ups and downs.

Some people, being fed up with the downs, hope to escape into Nirvana or Heaven.

1. Is there any evidence for Nirvana?

Some possible clues as to what Nirvana might be like are the so-called Near-Death Experiences.

These Near-Death Experiences are said to include "feelings of total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution."

Near-death experience

Absolute dissolution?

Nirvana means "to be extinguished". 


Nirvana can be seen as being like the extinguishing of a fire.

"When the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion are extinguished, the mind is free to operate in terms of its fullest capacity."

Nirvana (Buddhism)

2. Is it selfish to leave this world and go to Heaven or Nirvana?

What about the suffering people left behind?

Most Buddhists do not see Nirvana as a place.

They see it as a state of mind.

For the Buddhist, there is Samsara, this world of suffering.

And there is Nirvana, which is free from suffering.

In Samsara, beings "wander through the impermanent and suffering-generating realms of desire..."


Buddhists claim that people can achieve Nirvana during their lifetime.

Some Buddhists think that Samsara is a place, but, most see it as a state of mind.

So, it is not selfish to leave Samsara, if it is a state of mind.

Buddhists believe that we create our own individual worlds.

3. It seems unfair that some people become enlightened and some do not?

Some seeds fall on good soil and some seeds fall on stony ground?

What does Buddhism say about Free Will?

"All phenomena are empty of an essential identity."

Nirvana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In other words, the idea that we are permanent individual selves is an illusion.

buddhism and the freedom of the will.

"When the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion are extinguished", the non-individual mind "is free to operate in terms of its fullest capacity."

Nirvana (Buddhism)

The Buddhists suggest that we should avoid pitting our 'free will' against the universe.

One theory is that you cannot have Nirvana without Samsara, just as you cannot have Up without Down.

Perhaps we cannot understand Nirvana unless we have experienced Samsara.

And perhaps we all get an equal share of Samsara and Nirvana?

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Thursday 25 September 2014


Notable alumni

Brigadier General John Charteris[3]
Brigadier Alastair Pearson, Parachute Regiment, DSO, MC[6]
Air Vice Marshal Alexander Vallance Riddell Johnstone[7]
Lord Kinclaven, judge
Ian Livingston CEO of BT Group
Sir George Donald Alastair MacDougall, economist[8][9][10]
Colin MacKay, TV political commentator[5]
Sir Thomas Risk, former Governor of the Bank of Scotland[5]
Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

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Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (right) who was in New York on 9 11.

Reportedly, up until 1760, the Rothschilds' family name was Bauer.

The Rothschild Dynasty / The Rothschild family / "The Rothschild Family"

Erich Bauer was a Nazi SS Guard at Sobibor death camp during World War II.

Michelle Bauer is a bondage model and actress.

Khazar Historic Maps.

Reportedly the Rothschilds have Khazar (Asiatic Mongolian) genes.

The Rothschilds, through marriage, have developed family links to the royal and aristocratic families of Europe.

And the Rothschilds, through marriage, have developed links to the following families: Astor, Bundy, Collins, duPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Morgan, Oppenheimer, Rockefeller, Sassoon, Schiff, Taft, and Van Duyn.

The French Connection.

Hannah de Rothschild, who became Hannah Primrose.

Hannah Primrose de Rothschild (1851 - 1890) was the daughter of Baron Mayer Amschel de Rothschild and she became the richest woman in Britain.

Hannah married the reportedly gay Archibald Primrose, Lord Rosebery, who had ambitions to be Prime Minister.

Sir Charles Dilke was Lord Rosebery's chief rival.

A friend of the Roseberys, Donald Crawford MP, sued his wife Virginia for divorce naming Dilke as co-respondent

Dilke claimed that Hannah paid Virginia to announce that he had enjoyed a three-in-a-bed orgy with her and a maid.


Rosebery became Prime Minister.

Rosebery reportedly had a gay relationship for over two years with Viscount Drumlanrig, the older brother of Oscar Wilde’s lover, Lord Alfred Douglas.

Rosebery's Barnbougle Castle was reportedly a venue for clandestine assignations with young men.

Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild.

Élisabeth de Chambure, a Roman Catholic, married Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

Following the German occupation of France in World War II, Elizabeth and her then-estranged husband Philippe were arrested by the Vichy government.

They were then released whereupon Philippe left France, moving to England.

In 1941, the Gestapo arrested Elisabeth on charges of attempting to cross the line of demarcation with a forged permit and sent her to Ravensbrück concentration camp.

Elisabeth reportedly died of epidemic typhus on March 23, 1945 at Ravensbrück.

Elisabeth was the only 'Rothschild' to die in the Holocaust or during World War II.

The 1980 terror attack on Bologna railway station has been blamed on the CIA's Gladio organisation, which has been linked to Italy's P2 masonic lodge which is linked to Edmond de Rothschild.

"Edmond de Rothschild was involved in the Propaganda Due (P2) lodge along with Henry Kissinger and Michael Ledeen as part of the NATO Strategy of Tension, most likely coordinating the Italian operation Gladio with the insiders of Italian finance, business, military and government and small fry like Gelli, Berlusconi and others."

Rotting Chateau Rothschild in Paris.

Are the Rothschilds worth trillions?

"Theirs remained the biggest bank in the world up until the First World War."

(Historian Niall Ferguson, in "The House of Rothschild: The World's Banker 1849-1999")

James de Rothschild (centre right).

In 1861, the Unification of Italy led to the decline of the Italian aristocracy who had been the Rothschild's main clients.

The Rothschilds had to close their Naples bank. 

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia c. 1906, "Of more recent years, non-Jewish financiers have learned the same cosmopolitan method, and, on the whole, the control is now rather less than more in Jewish hands than formerly."

In 1929, the economic crash hit the Rothschilds.

Baron Louis von Rothschild struggled to shore up the Creditanstalt, Austria's largest bank, to prevent its collapse.

Reportedly, this is Marie Helene de Rothschild

During World War II the Rothschilds had to surrender some of their assets to the Nazis and flee.

Rothschild palaces were confiscated, plundered and destroyed by the Nazis.

During World War II, the Luftwaffe seized the Rothschild family home in Paris.

Lord Victor Rothschild who was very influential within the British security services and who allegedly gave away nuclear secrets to Israel. Lord Victor allegedly had a strong influence over Churchill, Heath and Thatcher.

In 1981, President Mitterrand nationalised the Rothschild's French financial empire, Banque Rothschild.

The chances are that the Rothschild fortune has declined since the middle of the 19th century.

We suspect that the CIA likes to blame everything on the Rothschilds.

However, the Rothschilds are linked to Your Real Government

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

The 'facts' about the Rothschilds are disputed.

1. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, in 1838, allegedly said: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!"

"Mayer Amschel Rothschild died in 1812."

(No primary source for this quote is known and the earliest attribution to Rothschild known is in Money Creators, 1935, by Gertrude M. Coogan)

2. Allegedly, the Rothschild family have US$ 500 trillion in gold

"The total value of ALL the gold ever mined in human history, amounts to US$ 9.2 trillion."

Rothschild myths

The Fed

3. Allegedly, the Rothschild banking family own and control the US Federal Reserve partly "through the Rothschild Bank of Berlin."

"The Rothschild Bank of Berlin, does not and has never existed.

"The last German branch of the Rothschild Bank, was in Frankfurt and this branch closed in 1901 some eleven years before the Federal Reserve Act was even passed."

"By law, virtually all the of the Federals Reserve’s vast profits, are paid to the US Treasury."

Rothschild myths

4. Freedom of Information requests in the US to determine the ownership of the Federal Reserve Banks have reportedly been obstructed.

Some people, like Eustace Mullins, assert that the Rothschilds have a stake in the Fed.

But it is an assertion.

Alleged Federal Reserve Ownership - Web Skeptic

Mullins in a 1952 article "Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation" expressed the belief that America owes a debt to Hitler.[23]

One of the Rothschilds' mansions in Germany - destroyed in an allied bombing raid, in 1944.

Since 1900, 1,200 large country houses have been demolished in England.[5]

Waddesdon manor. James de Rothschild bequeathed the house and its contents to the National Trust in 1957.

Since the end of the 19th century, the Rothschilds have donated many of their estates, as well as much of their art, to charities and museums.

These big houses have become too expensive to run.

Annabelle Rothschild (Annabelle Neilson) who was married to Nat Rothschild. Website for this image / The former Mrs Nathaniel Rothschild

Rich families do sometimes see declines in their wealth.

In 2012 Forbes reported that Lakshmi Mittal had suffered the largest loss of any individual on the Forbes list, dropping $10.4 billion in just one year.

Billionaire Busts: The Year's Biggest Losers - Forbes

In 2011, the 100 richest people in India together saw their net worth falling by 20 per cent in one year.

Forbes list: Mukesh Ambani richest Indian, Anil biggest loser | NDTV ...

Wealthy members of the Astor family used to live at Rokeby House, in Barrytown, New York. At Rokeby Hall, a member of the family remembers how the roof leaked and there wasn't much heat in the winter. Often they didn't have enough money to buy food.

"The names are still household words: Vanderbilt, Astor, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, Gould, Mellon, Harriman, Frick, Huntington, Croker, Flagler, Duke, and Hearst.

"And yet none of those names are among the great American fortunes of today.

"Indeed, only three of those names - Rockefeller, Hearst, and Mellon - make the Forbes list of today’s 400 largest fortunes, and not one is near the top...

"John D. Rockefeller Sr. was worth perhaps $2 billion in 1915...

"By far the wealthiest living Rockefeller - largely on account of a long, successful career in finance - David in 2009 had a net worth of $2.2 billion...

"Taking inflation into account, however, his fortune is only about 10 percent the size of his grandfather’s...

Eike Batista’s net worth dropped $19.4 billion in only one year. Biggest Loser Of The Year,

"Fortunes have almost always been divided with each generation, so even the largest of them are soon spread through an ever larger pool of descendants...

"Old American fortunes do not disappear so much as they are eclipsed by newer ones as the economy expands and opens up new areas for entrepreneurial activity...

"Andrew Carnegie said that 'the man who dies rich dies disgraced,' and gave away almost his entire fortune."

The Transience of American Wealth

A Rothschild villa donated to the Académie des Beaux Arts division of the Institut de France. Now open to the public.

The Rothschilds have had a lot of money in bonds.

The historian Niall Ferguson wrote: "As we have seen, however, wars tended to hit the price of existing bonds...

"Now having made their money, they stood to lose more than they gained from conflict."

Rothschild family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Consider that since the 1850's there's been several enormous wars, and wars have a way of making paper wealth go 'poof'.

"Also consider that global trade levels today are just starting to get back to the levels that they were prior to World War I...

"The individuals are going to be splitting the inheritances up each generation, so the total family wealth is what you'd have to look at."

What's the Net Worth of the Rothschilds? - Above Top Secret

Lord Victor Rothschild's son Amschel Mayor James Rothschild, who died in mysterious circumstances.

The Rothschilds are not immortal.

"French police have determined that Amschel Rothschild, heir to the fabulous Rothschild banking fortune, was murdered, according to well-placed European sources..."

Four years after the death of Amschel, Raphael de Rothschild died of a heroin overdose in New York.

( That Rothschild clan in full: eccentricity, money, influence and ...)

The Israeli Supreme Court, including a pyramid with the all Seeing Eye. 

Some of the Rothschilds opposed the creation of the Jewish state.

("The Rothschild story: A golden era ends for a secretive dynasty".)

According to Paul Vallely in The Independent, 16 April, 2004:

The Rothschild family split over the question of a Jewish homeland, with some members supporting the first Zionist settlement in Palestine and and others opposing it.

Baron Edmond de Rothschild was a patron of the first Jewish settlement in Palestine at Rishon-LeZion.

David de Rothschild

According to Paul Vallely in The Independent, 16 April, 2004:

"The Rothschilds never gained the foothold in America they needed.

"The world became corporate. Private banking got left behind.

"Still, the family has moved down only from fabulously rich to enormously wealthy. And they adjusted to the times."



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