Friday 26 September 2014


In the USA, 'median income' has been falling.

And the section of the elite who thrive on wars has been getting richer.

Yet, the US public continues to be conned into supporting expensive wars.

During Ronald Reagan's first six years in office, GDP grew 22% while the median income grew only 6%

During Bill Clinton's first six years, GDP grew 24% while median income grew only 11%.

In George W Bush's first six years GDP rose 16%, but median income fell 2%.

Under Obama: GDP is up 8% and median income is down 4%.

American Imperialism

The US public is usually tricked into supporting wars, and then after a few years it begins to realise its mistake.

Here are the results of 9 opinion polls between 1950 and 2014:

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to KOREA?

1950 - NO 65%

1952 - NO 37%

In Korea, US troops frequently shot innocent civilians. (BBC - History - World Wars: Kill 'em All'.) In 1950, up to 400 South Korean civilians gathered by a bridge were killed by US forces from the 7th Cavalry Regiment. Picasso represented this massacre in his painting above.

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to VIETNAM?

1965 - NO 60%

1973 - NO 29%

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to IRAQ?

2003 - NO 72%

2010 - NO 41%

Did the US public make a mistake in sending troops to AFGHANISTAN?

2002 - NO 93%

2013 - NO 51%

Is military action against ISIS in America's national interest?

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At 26 September 2014 at 13:56 , Blogger Greg Pearson said...

No- if the American people supported these continuing wars, how did the earlier attack desired by Obama on Syria not materialise, and was the focus of a massive public outcry, which coincided with a revolt by the Joint Chiefs of Staff? And if the American people support this war on ISIS, why did the Zio-pigs take the unprecedented action of ordering the adjourning of Congress WITH OUT THE RECALL PROCESS IN PLACE??? Because they knew public pressure would once again thwart their mania! This should be the big story- Congress, wholely owned by the Zionist Khazar psychopaths, or at least the vast majority, acted to nullify the recall process!!! This has never been done before! A freaking outrage! The people's ability to communicate with their gov't has been nullified! I went and screamed at my rep to help stop the first attempt- now I can't even do that! Fuck! And DOUBLE-FUCK!!!!!
On the bright side, this action proves their entire book of tricks has failed- we don't fall for false flags, lies, propaganda, bullying or any of the rest of their shit so their only resort is to essentially nullify our gov't- this will smear Eretz Israel for all time- and points a finger directly at the masonic zionist cabal at large in this country- and I don't think they're gonna be able to bum-rush the Messiah into manifestation in time to save their stinking incompetent idiot asses-


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