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The Iranians signed a nuclear deal with Obama in 2015, so that they could trade with the world.

Trump scrapped this nuclear deal.

However, John Bolton failed to get Trump to bomb Iran.

Trump's willingness to consider easing sanctions on Iran alarmed John Bolton.

A false flag attack on Saudi oil facilities, organised by Israel and Saudi Arabia, might persuade Trump to aid attacks on Iran?

Israel and Saudi Arabia are alleged to have been involved in the 9 11 false flag attack.

Unnamed US officials have been speaking to the New York Times, ABC and Reuters.

More than one US official said the attacks had come from the west and north-west.

Saudi oil attacks

On 17 September 2019, the Trump regime was saying that the attacks had come from the East.

Reportedly, the US has identified locations in Iran from which drones and cruise missiles were launched against major Saudi oil facilities on 14 September 2019.

Senior officials told CBS News that the locations were in southern Iran, at the northern end of the Gulf.

Drones and missiles were launched from Iran - US officials

Saudi Arabia executions spike in 2019 – with 134 crucified and beheaded including six who were kids

Trump supports the Saudi leadership.

'Parts of a cruise missile placed near the Saudi oil plant.'

"Oh, you thought cruise missiles, even though they were 'duds', would somehow cause a disturbance to the sand upon impact?"

False Flag? US Blames Iran For Attack ... -

You thought that the USA had sold equipment to the Saudis to protect them?

"Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars in recent years purchasing US Patriot missile defense systems and supposedly cutting-edge radar technology from the Pentagon."

US defense failure… Why Washington has to blame Iran 

The New York Times commented: “The satellite photographs released on Sunday did not appear as clear cut as officials suggested, with some appearing to show damage on the western side of facilities, not from the direction of Iran or Iraq.


Who is responsible?

Who attacked the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia?

On 14 September 2019, there was a major attack on the Saudi Aramco oil production facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais in eastern Saudi Arabia.

A senior US official said the attack involved some dozen cruise missiles and more than 20 drones. (10)

The direction and extent of the attacks cast doubt on Houthi involvement.

Unnamed US officials have been speaking to the New York Times, ABC and Reuters.

One official said the attacks had come from the west and north-west - not Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen, which lies to the south-west of the Saudi oil facilities.

According to Gordon Duff:

Saudi Arabia believes that Israel has been planning a false flag attack on their oil facilities, in order to blame Iran.

Could Israel be in league with Israel?

Trump says the US is 'locked and loaded' after drone attack on Saudi oil fields

Oil prices soar after attacks on Saudi facilities

Monday, 16 September 2019


David Cameron - the former leader of the Torah Party.

David Cameron is partly of Jewish heritage.

David Cameron writes that 'Boris Johnson is a liar who only backed Leave to help his career."

Lord Ashcroft has written a book about his fellow Conservative David Cameron (above).

Lord Ashcroft reminds people that David Cameron is a close friend of Derek Laud.

Derek Laud, who is gay, is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron's family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire.

According to Angus James: "Derek Laud sodomised an underage boy at one children's home so savagely that the child received hospital treatment for a ruptured anus."


Michael Ashcroft and David Cameron.

Billionaire Lord Ashcroft has been associated with 'dodgy goings-on' in Belize.

Lord Ashcroft. / U.S. DEA leak scandal / Belize Bank: A $10m mystery - The Economist

When Ashcroft worked at the Conservative Party Central Office, he was known as Blofeld, after the Bond villain.

Ashcroft's book on Cameron is called Call Me Dave.

According to the book, and media stories on the book:

At Eton, Cameron narrowly avoided being expelled for smoking cannabis. Seven boys were expelled.

Cameron, at Oxford University, was a member of a 'dope smoking group' called the Flam Club.

At Oxford, Cameron was a member of the reportedly gay Piers Gaveston society.

In later years, Cocaine was allowed to circulate at Cameron's London home.

Ed Miliband's former spin doctor Tom Baldwin has privately told several sources that he's seen Cameron taking cocaine.

Above we see David Cameron with the Indonesian actress and singer Maudy Ayunda who was showing him around a street market in Jakarta.

Above we see someone who is supposed to be 'Maudy'. 

Cameron has 'known' a very large number of young women.

One of Cameron's girlfriends was Laura Adshead, who became a drug addict and then a nun.

Cameron and an unknown girl.

At Oxford, Cameron joined the Bullingdon Club.

One Member of Parliament said of the club: "What it basically involved was getting drunk and standing on restaurant tables, shouting about 'f***ing plebs'. It was all about despising poor people."

David Cameron 1986.

In 1985, at the age of 19, David Cameron was in Russia, reportedly as a trainee MI6 agent.

While in Russia he and his friend from Eton may have been the target of a gay pick-up.

David Cameron on the Kenyan coast in 1986.

Cameron has said: "I travelled on the Trans-Siberian railway... 

"And then met a great friend in Moscow. 

"We went down to the Black Sea and were on the beach in Yalta.

"These two Russians who spoke perfect English sort of turned up on the beach, which was mainly reserved for foreign tourists, and took us out to dinner, and interrogated us in a very friendly way about life in England and politics...

"When I got to university my politics tutor (Oxford Professor Vernon Bogdanor) said that was a definite attempt at recruitment."


Tim Collins and David Cameron, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Gennady Sokolov, a Russian author and intelligence historian, says: "If the KGB had a task to work with a 19-year-old unknown young man Cameron, there would have remained certain paperwork on this matter...

"There is no such file in the archives..."

Sokolov says that the two men who approached Cameron and his Eton friend on the beach were black market salesmen. 

Sokolov says: "The pair planned to buy some foreign stuff like jeans to resell them later and, after all, to make friends with two nice looking British guys - there was also a gay motive."

Sokolov says that Cameron's trip across Siberia was 'suspicious' because this was five years before the end of the Cold War.

Sokolov says "somebody accompanied him" in a two person sleeping compartment.

This was before Cameron met his school friend in Moscow.

Sokolov says: "There are grounds to suppose that young Cameron got his chance to enjoy such an exotic trip with the help of MI6."


According to: Cameron: Practically a Conservative by Francis Elliott, James Hanning:

David Cameron at Oxford.

David cameron's father is Ian Cameron (Stockbroker)

Francis Elliot and James Hanning record an embarrassing episode for Cameron in the 1990s:
Jeremy Gray, the son of a Wiltshire doctor, was Ian Cameron's personal assistant at stockbroking firm Panmure Gordon. 

In 1994 Gray was arrested for stealing £3million in US investments from the British Heart Foundation charity, one of Ian Cameron's clients. The profits had been siphoned off to Swiss bank accounts.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Gray's father, Dr Michael Gray, had written to the Home Office passing on his son's claims that he was an 'unwanted leftover of British intelligence'.

He added that Jeremy had become embroiled in a drug-running and money-laundering ring after he had looked after a briefcase of drugs as a 'favour' for a friend with Mafia links.[5]

Ian Cameron (Stockbroker)

David Cameron

Rhidian Llewellyn, a former teacher at Heatherdown preparatory school, has said that he remembered David Cameron as a "charming and bright" pupil with a "cheeky grin".

"To suggest he was a dunce is rather unfair..." said Rhidian Llewellyn.

Peter Romilly, who was at Heatherdown with David Cameron, said "There are no skeletons anywhere.

"He was a thoroughly decent chap, and he wasn’t the most intelligent in the class, but he was still very clever. There are no horror stories."

Andrew Sadler and David Cameron, 1977.

A convicted paedophile, Andrew Sadler, who was caught in bed with two child prostitutes in Romania taught at Heatherdown, the school attended by David Cameron and Prince Edward.

"Andrew Sadler, who was jailed after abusing two 15-year-old boys, was a teacher at the prestigious boarding school where the prime minister, princes Andrew and Edward ... were all pupils.

"Sadler was also a member of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)..."

Heatherdown Preparatory School near Ascot, Berks, is now closed.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

"Rhidian Llewellyn who, as an 18-year-old, taught Cameron briefly, remembers an extraordinary trip in July 1978.

"Mrs Gordon Getty flew her son Peter, grandson of oil billionaire John Paul Getty, and four classmates to the United States to celebrate the boy's birthday. 

"Rhidian Llewellyn accompanied them. One of the lucky four was David Cameron.

"As boys tucked into caviar, salmon and beef bordelaise on board a Concorde bound for Washington, Rhidian Llewellyn turned and was met with the sight of Cameron, aged 11, cheerily raising a glass of Dom Perignon '69 and exclaiming: ' Good health, Sir!'"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

"Just as Cameron was struggling to establish his political career", a 27-year-old "under the care of the Cameron's father" was heading for prison.

"The trial of Jeremy Gray for theft had all the elements of a gripping and bizarre courtroom drama: drugs, betrayal, the Mafia and even British intelligence services.

"Jeremy Gray, the son of a Wiltshire doctor, was Ian Cameron's personal assistant at stockbroking firm Panmure Gordon.

"In 1994 Gray was arrested for stealing £3million in US investments from the British Heart Foundation charity, one of Ian Cameron's clients. The profits had been siphoned off to Swiss bank accounts.

"Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Gray's father, Dr Michael Gray, had written to the Home Office passing on his son's claims that he was an 'unwanted leftover of British intelligence'.

"He added that Jeremy had become embroiled in a drug-running and money-laundering ring after he had looked after a briefcase of drugs as a 'favour' for a friend with Mafia links.


"More interesting is whether David Cameron knew about the case before it came to court - as seems likely.

"He had been in the Home Office when Gray's theft was discovered but had left just before Dr Gray wrote to the department repeating his son's claims.

"Whatever the truth, the case was an embarrassment to Ian Cameron. Dr Gray says Ian Cameron was entirely blameless, but the fact that such money had been moved about on his watch did not reflect well on him. Panmure Gordon was fined by financial regulators."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

David cameron worked for Carlton TV.

Ben Fellows writes: 

"The Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit confirmed this week to me personally that there was indeed a government and Carlton Television conspiracy over the Kengate Tapes. 

"The police confirmed that Ian Greer along with Carlton Television conspired to cover up the “Cash for Questions” scandal for John Major’s government back in 1994. 

"So the Prime Minster David Cameron covered up a scandal of paedophilia in 1994 as a corporate “sleaze fixer” for Carlton Television, on behalf of John Major’s Conservative Government, through Ian Greer. 

"Now as Prime Minister, David Cameron is preventing the Metropolitan Police from investigating my case against Kenneth Clarke MP, who was involved in the scandal of sexually assaulting me in Ian Greer’s office, which Cameron helped cover up! ...

"Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit told me that Central Television had been bought by Carlton Television in order to shut down the Cook Report and control the now infamous Kengate Tapes. 

"DC Lambskin said, 'The possible location for the tapes is that it was taken away by a Carlton Television lawyer who was dealing with the Cook Report and that was the last time it was seen.' 

"However I have discovered that the lawyer who took the tapes was indeed operating under the direct orders of our now Prime Minister David Cameron.

"Is it possible that in order to protect the Major Government from a scandal of both parliamentary corruption and paedophilia at the heart of government David Cameron, then working at Carlton Television, conspired to mislead the British public, hide evidence that is in the public interest and pervert the course of justice in order to protect paedophiles by disappearing the Kengate Tapes. 

"David Cameron was rewarded by being made Prime Minister nominated at Bilderberg by, now Minister Without Portfolio and Chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee - Kenneth Clarke MP. In fact this year Kenneth Clarke MP is taking Prime Minister David Cameron to Bilderberg."

David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks of Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

According to The Sunday Times, 8 October 2006, David Cameron is said to be have been nicknamed 'Puff' at Eton.

Cameron shaking hands with Israeli Ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub.

In 2012, Peter Oborne at the Telegraph pointed out the very close connections between David Cameron's Conservative Party and Israel.

80% of all Conservative Members of Parliament, and most Conservative Cabinet ministers, are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

The UK Conservative Party is apparently controlled by Israel.

Cameron and One Direction. TOP CONSERVATIVES.

Some would suggest that Israel is linked to the child abuse rings which are used to control Conservative politicians.

Of course it can be argued that Israel also uses child abuse rings to control key people in the other political parties and in the police, security services, military and media.

Peter Oborne writes that we may end up with "a greater Israel stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river."

In early 2015, Peter Oborne left the pro-Israel Telegraph.

Sir Anthony Seldon with wife Dr Joanna Seldon and daughters Susannah and Jessica

Sir Anthony Seldon has written a biography of the UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

The biography raises the question: does Cameron know what is going on behind his back?

Did J F Kennedy know what was going on behind his back?

The biography raises the question: is Cameron controlled by the Zionists?

In 1985, at the age of 19, David Cameron was in Russia, reportedly as a trainee MI6 agent.


Does MI6 control Cameron? 

Or are there more important people controlling Cameron?

Andrew Feldman, chairman of the Conservative Party, is one of Cameron's oldest friends.

"I’m always telling him to bring out his inner Semite," said Feldman, referring to Cameron's Jewish ancestry (Cameron is descended from the Jewish financier Emile Levita).


"An extraordinary bid by Tony Blair to arrange a 'deal' for Gaddafi to get out of Libya is revealed by Seldon."

"The proposal was turned down by Cameron," according to Seldon.

Does Cameron know that Gaddafi was put into power by MI6 and the CIA, and, that Gaddafi was reportedly allowed to escape from Libya and head for Zimbabwe?


"The former head of Britain's Armed Forces, General Sir David Richards, has blamed David Cameron for the rise of Islamic State (ISIS)..."

Do Cameron and Richards not know that ISIS is the creation of the CIA, Mossad and MI6?


King Edward VIII, said to be the half brother of Sir Anthony Blunt, one of the lovers of Guy Burgess. SECRET ROTHSCHILD CABAL

Of course, one half of MI6 may not know what the other half of MI6 is up to.

Victor Rothschild, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and their faction within the security services kept their activities hidden from the other factions.


Some of the Zionists who destroyed Libya - Bernard-Henri-Levy, Nicolas Sarkozy, Mahmoud Jibril, David Cameron - Tripoli Medical Center, 2011.

Cameron declared that "intervention in Libya is in the British national interest."

The boss of MI6, Sir John Sawers told Cameron that intervention in Libya is not a matter of 'national interest'.

"When Benghazi was secure, General Richards said that hostilities should cease and talks be opened with Gaddafi. Cameron ruled out the suggestion."


Seldon has obtained the contents of Cameron's pre-prepared speech conceding defeat to Miliband in the May 2015 General Election.


Allegedly, Cameron did not know that the Powers-That-Be had rigged the vote in certain constituencies so that Cameron would win the General Election.


David Cameron, left, whose great-great grandfather was Emile Levita, a German-Jewish financier.

More here:


Sunday, 15 September 2019


Leon Brittan (right) the Jewish cabinet minister formerly responsible for the UK police and the security service MI5.

The child abuse whistleblower Carl Beech claimed that Edward Heath and Leon Brittan were child abusers.

Police officers observed boy prostitutes from 'the Meat Rack' in central London being taken to a flat in Cricklewood Broadway, near Hampstead, in London.

Among those that the police saw entering this flat in Cricklewood were:

Edward Heath 

And Leon Brittan.

The police officers were then told by a senior officer that thay were no longer to investigate the flat in Cricklewood. 

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 Aug 28

Report by ‘Operation Conifer’about it … and … 

Lennie Smith, who was part of a child abuse gang that murdered boys, had a flat in Cricklewood.

Lennie Smith has been linked to the Elm Guest House boy brothel, said to have been attended by Leon Brittan.

Carl Beech mentioned Elm Guest House.

Carl Beech was given an 18 year jail sentence 'for telling lies' about Leon Brittan and Edward Heath.

Cressida Dick (centre) with the UK Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

Britain's top cop is Cressida Dick.

Cressida Dick had a key role in the probe into Carl Beech, aka Nick, the child abuse ring whistleblower.

Carl Beech, given an 18 year jail sentence after claiming that certain top Jews had sexually abused him and others.

The members of the alleged child abuse ring were not prosecuted.

Cressida Dick had key role in Nick probe.

Jean Charles de Menezes.

Cressida Dick had a key role in the events which led to the murder, by the authorities, of the innocent Brazilian plumber Jean Charles de Menezes, whom the authorities wished to label as being a terrorist.

London's new police chief Dick led operation.


Lesbian Cressida Dick and the Chief Rabbi.

Who controls Cressida Dick?

Cressida Dick is a member of 'Common Purpose'.


'Phoenix was ritually abused at an elite London school'.

King’s House School is in Richmond in London.

Daniel Janner QC‏ @JannerQc

I’m going to @BackBoris because I believe he supports our campaign.

He said: “an awful lot of money, an awful lot of police time goes into these historic offences and all this malarkey - £60m I saw being spaffed (ejaculated) up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse”

8:49 am - 8 Jul 2019

Daniel Janner QC‏ @JannerQc

Boris (Johnson) will put the break on IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) legal gravy train.

11:31 pm - 26 May 2019

Brian P Willmot‏ @BrianWillmot 3h3 hours ago

Greville Janner (right)

Child abuse whistleblower Carl Beech accused Greville Janner, a top Jewish politician, of being a child abuser.

Carl Beech is likely to be jailed for accusing top people of child abuse.


"Janner used his holiday home on the south coast to entertain teenage boys, according to former neighbours ...

"A man has come forward to describe how he was abused at a club in the 1970s.

"The man said Janner befriended him when he was eight by buying him 'pop and crisps' while his single mother was at work.

"But within months the then-Labour MP allegedly began sexually assaulting him in a 'secret room' at the club.

"The alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the abuse continued until he went to secondary school aged 11 ..."

Above, we see Greville Janner and his pal Boris Johnson, who is descended from a rabbi.

Boris Johnson has appointed Priti Patel as his Home Secretary, responsible for the police and the security service MI5.

Priti Patel is famous for holding secret meetings with the Israeli government.

 Dominic Raab, with a Jewish father, is UK Foreign Secretary.

Boris Johnson 'may be the most pro-Israel prime minister in history' - Haaretz

Leon Brittan (right)

Carl Beech claimed that Lord Leon Brittan, of Lithuanian Jewish heritage, was a child rapist.

A court found Carl Beech guilty of lying.

In 1967, Lord Brittan reportedly raped a teenage girl, who looked younger than her years.

Ex-flatmates support 'Jane' over rape claim against Leon Brittan ...

In October 2014, a Labour MP claimed that Brittan was linked to child abuse.[38][39]

Another Member of Parliament accused Brittan of "multiple child rape".

He said he had spoken to two people who claimed they were sexually abused by Brittan.[40]

A journalist further alleged that Brittan had abused a pre-pubescent boy at Elm Guest House in mid-1982.[41]

Carl Beech was put on trial after accusing Harvey Proctor of being a violent child abuser.  Harvey Proctor had a sexual interest in children. Proctor can be a Jewish name.

In the trial of the child abuse whistleblower Carl Beech, the judge blocked the cross-examination of Harvey Proctor, who is alleged to have murdered children.

The police searched Harvey proctor's home, at the Duke of Rutland's Belvoir castle.

In Proctor's home, the police found whips, straps, blood-stained child's underwear and a notepads entitled 'Bizarrre sex' 

David Granby, aka the Duke of Rutland, is in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book of contacts.

The Duke of Rutland has been close to Ghislaine Maxwell.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo 12h12 hours ago

Witness statements show Proctor's sexual interest in young boys ... No prosecution was pursued ... A school uniform with a child's underwear stained in blood ... Refusal to provide blood sample ... Someone who enjoy inflicting pain for sexual pleasure ...

I Am Incorrigible FCA MAAT‏ @ImIncorrigible 15h15 hours ago

Just for the record, allegations against many of the alleged so called VIP child abusers came from other sources than just Carl Beech. Allegations against Leon Brittan and Greville Janner were laid by other alleged victims, and corroborating evidence was provided.

Louise Lee Corbynista‏ @louiseleelee

Why when there are so many more survivors telling the same stories about the same establishment figures as Carl Beech were they not heard in this case?

😈 👑HRH Crafty Muvva 👑 😇‏ @craftymuvva 5h5 hours ago

Kids of 11-12 years old. Boys aged between 11-19. #BorisJohnson says investigating this sort of thing is “spaffing money up the wall.” I beg to differ. I want a #newPM who cares.

"Harvey Proctor beat 'young boys' and took photographs of their injuries, according to court submissions.… …

Harvey Proctor is reported to be an old friend of Jonathan Denby.

Peter Jonathan Denby, a former aide to Enoch Powell, was once picked up by police who wanted to question him in connection with a violent gun incident in Mayfair.

Denby's Islington home was later raided by armed detectives and his Jaguar car, found abandoned in Kent, was blown up by bomb squad officers.

Harvey Proctor.

There is a suspicion that Harvey Proctor is being protected by the security services because of possible links to the illegal arms trade.

HARVEY PROCTOR: Denby, Proctor & Powell – scepticpeg /


Janner, top right.

Carl Beech named the top Jewish politician Lord Janner as a child abuser.

The police wanted to bring 22 historical charges against Janner dating back to the period between 1969 and 1988.

Police officers were furious when they were blocked from prosecuting Janner.

Lord Janner 'raped and tortured' children.

Above we see the editor of the Daily Mail with Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged Mossad spy.

Why is the media attacking Carl Beech and apparently supporting 'the Jimmy Savile gang'?

Carl Beech (aka Nick) is a whistleblower in the case of Martin Allen, above. A large number of boys, linked to abuse by top people, have died in mysterious circumstances.


Carl Beech, the only son of Robert and Charmian Gass, is a whistleblower on child sexual abuse.

Carl Beech

Carl Beech accused Jimmy Savile, Leon Brittan, Greville Janner, and other friends of Israel, of being part of a child abuse gang.

On 22 July 2019, a jury in Newcastle 'sided with Savile and company' and found Carl Beech guilty of making up the story of the child abuse gang.

Carl Beech was born in Wrexham, in North Wales, in 1968.

Bryn Alyn in Wrexham was a boy brothel, reportedly used by the security service MI5.


In the 1990s, top policeman Gordon Anglesea was awarded £375,000 in damages after successfully suing news organisations that had linked him to child sexual abuse at Bryn Alyn.

However, Anglesea was guilty.

In October 2016, Gordon Anglesea (above) was found guilty of sexually abusing boys at the North Wales children's home, Bryn Estyn, and at a young offenders institution.


Ernest Parke was editor of the North London Press. He published a story naming Lord Euston as a person involved in the boy brothel. And he suggested that a much more important person was involved.

Ernest Parke was a journalist who named a top person involved in a boy brothel.

Ernest Parke, and some of the boys, ended up in prison.

The 'toffs' were not prosecuted.


Anonymous 22 July 2019 at 10:27 comments -

This absurd outcome was a foregone conclusion from the moment the security services realised these true allegations could no longer be completely 'shut down' absent a suitable show trial, scapegoat, and accompanying targeted propaganda exercise.

Staggeringly prejudicial reporting of the trial and Carl Beech's allegations by the spook-infested corporate media had the intended effect.

Week after week, in article after miserable article, the corporate media demonised Carl Beech and sanctified the 'real' accused: Harvey Proctor, Lord Bramall, the late Greville Janner and the late Edward Heath, etc.

Those establishment figures were consistently portrayed by the newspapers and broadcasters as 'distinguished public servants'; as 'noble gentlemen'; as 'elderly victims' 'crying out for justice', etc. etc.

Anonymous 22 July 2019 at 10:27 comments -

In a show trial whose outcome was predetermined by the security services, a guilty verdict supports only one conclusion: that the substance of Carl Beech's claims are 100% correct.

When the security services exert resources at the magnitude we've witnessed in the Carl Beech trial - coordinating a UNIFORM NARRATIVE about Mr Beech, his allegations, and the twists-and-turns of the trial through EVERY British newspaper and broadcaster.... the people can be sure that the VIP paedophiles and their allies in the security services are highly rattled.

Beech's allegations - especially their truthfulness, which is what gives them their power to frighten - have terrified the life out of some very important people indeed. 

We've all seen the consequences of this: the massive cover-up, and the retribution unleashed on Beech in the form of the media's pathetic attempts at humiliating him (branding him a 'fantasist' ad infinitum, showing his personal photos, etc.)

Bad luck, spooks, assets, and rent-a-hacks. We still believe Carl. You've failed yet again. And we are totally undeterred in our pursuit of justice.

Carl Beech blew the whistle on Harvey Proctor.

Journalist Mark Watts writes:

BBC making a massive story of Carl Beech. That's it folks. It's over. Dossiers lost. Child abuse inquiry delayed. Westminster perverts carry on. Nothing to worry about.

The 'Jewish' judge kept information hidden from the jury?

Carl Beech, among others, accused Lord Janner of being involved in child sexual abuse.

Gilad Atzmon writes:

"In Britain, the independent inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, pretty much collapsed when LORD JANNER became a centre of its focus.

"Lord Janner was a former chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a body that claims to represent British Jews.

"He was also the founder of the Holocaust Memorial Trust.

"Some people, so it seems, are either above the law or beyond scrutiny.

"We may have to admit that in a world where THE LABOUR PARTY is terrorised, in the open, by a foreign lobby, in a world where PENGUIN PRESS stops publishing a book because it referred to the Rothschilds as an 'influential Jewish family', in a world where [THE BBC] is reduced to a Zionist propaganda unit, no one in proximity to power dares to look into the possibility that the intelligence agency of a close ally might have invested millions if not billions of dollars in the formation of a spectacular blackmail apparatus that abused underage children through sex trafficking ..."

Epstein, Israel and mainstream media's scandalous silence 

Virginia Roberts

Carl Beech reminds us of Virginia Roberts.

Both have been threatened for acting as whistleblowers on elite child sexual abuse.

According to Virginia Roberts, who worked for Donald Trump:

"There were about eight guys perhaps for whom Virginia provided massages..."

When asked to name the eight men, Virginia grew scared and refused to identify them.

"No, not at this stage, I just - some of these people are really influential and powerful...

"I’m really scared of where this is going."

Global Human Trafficking Markets - The Silent War - 

Carl Beech

Carl Beech says that as a child he was sexually abused by Lord Bramall.

Tony Badenoch, who is leading the prosecution of Carl Beech.

Anonymous, 16 July 2019, writes about the trial of Carl Beech - 

"Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said:

"'LORD BRAMALL ANSWERED ALL QUESTIONS FULLY AND TRUTHFULLY, gave details, spoke about his life, spoke about things intimately personal to him.

"'Compare what he was to say and the manner in which he was to say it, to this defendant, Carl Beech, shifting, shuffling and lying, and deceiving and dancing and twisting and twirling and running' ..."


"Fully and truthfully"? 

Ha ha ha. Well, if you say so.

Also, what a cheap and tawdry tactic, if you don't mind my saying so, 'Tone'.

(Tony. Is that what you like to be referred to when you're pretending to be an or'nery man of the people, like?)

To invite comparison between - on one hand - a decorated war veteran of advanced age, with an elite education, a peerage, upper-class speech patterns and mannerisms, associations with royalty, and a heart-rending sob story.

And on the other hand, a visibly weak and traumatised survivor of childhood sexual abuse, who has already admitted to child sex offences and spoken of his undying shame. 

A man with no titles, no peerage, no upper-class diction, appearance or mannerisms. No associations with royalty. A man totally unpracticed in functioning at the centre of public attention - in complete contrast to the powerful men he is accusing of the most vile crimes, who got to spend decades mastering their public images whilst performing jobs in the glare of the mass media.

An extremely vulnerable man, having his entire life and every real failing dissected and chewed over with relish by the lip-smacking wolves of the media, who couldn't give a hoot about abused children, torture, and unsolved murders - just so long as they continue to please the cartel.

Carl Beech is accused of damaging the reputation of Jimmy Savile and other top friends of Israel.

It's been like a bear baiting spectacle, staged for the delight of the credulous British public, who - having been fed a pack of lies and slanted impressions for weeks, months and years by the establishment so-called journalists - are now baying for this defendant's blood.

It's sick, but it's also ironic. These were the same tactics allegedly deployed by the likes of Bramall, Harvey Proctor and Edward Heath to avoid detection back in the day. 'Nobody will ever believe those powerless, rough accented boys from the care homes, when powerful, upper-class men like ourselves deny and scoff at everything'.

So the same old wheeze is wheeled out again. And again. And again.

No wonder Britain's paedophile network has been so successful.

Stick a 'Sir', a 'Lord', a 'Dame', a 'Lord Lieutenant' or any other ludicrous title from chivalrous days of yore before or after any common scumbag's name - sprinkle with royal and 'prestigious' charitable associations - and the British public fall for it. Every single time.

But you know that very well, already. Don't you, Tonee?

Child abuse organiser Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath.

Carl Beech (Nick) accused former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath, and others, of child abuse.

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Carl Beech (Nick) 's Defence counsel Ray Tully tells the NickTrial that it is agreed with prosecution that Wiltshire Police examined Edward Heath’s close-protection logs, but these were missing for a period during 1970’s and 1980’s. 


In Rochdale, in Yorkshire, in the UK, Amber, aged 15, was sexually abused by a gang.

Amber was arrested. 

Amber and her friends were written off as 'unreliable witnesses'.

There is a belief that the child abuse gang was being protected by the police.

The abuse of young girls by Rochdale sex ...

Child abuse whistleblower Carl Beech who was arrested by the police.

An investigation in the town of Rotherham in Yorkshire in the UK, found that at least 1,400 children were sexually abused over a period of 16 years.

Rotherham child exploitation report - 26 August 2014

The police and social services turned a blind eye.

Sometimes the police harassed those who were whistleblowers.

Reports on the child abuse, by various officials, were suppressed.


There is a belief that the security services use certain child abuse gangs to recruit Moslems for 'inside jobs'.

Yorkshire is linked to powerful pedophile rings, reportedly protected by government agencies.

Reportedly, Sir Jimmy Savile, whose main base was Yorkshire, worked for the intelligence services.



Carl Beech has accused Harvey Proctor of being part of a top UK child abuse ring.

The Duke and Duchess of Rutland are in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book.

The Duke and Duchess of Rutland are the benefactors of Harvey Proctor, who has been linked to child abuse.

Continued here: EPSTEIN'S BLACK BOOK and the HANSON family and other top people.

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Anthony Royle was MP for Richmond in Surrey, the home of Britain's infamous Elm Guest House child brothel until the year after it was raised by Met police.

His daughter Lucinda features in Epstein's telephone book. …

Carl Beech has referred to the Elm Guest House boy brothel.

Carl Beech on his wedding day.

Carl Beech (Nick) claims that as a child, 40 years ago, he was sexually abused by Field Marshall Lord Bramall, Lord Greville Janner and others.

Lord Bramall told the police that he did not know Lord Janner.

But, Bramall had had a fight with Janner.

They knew each other rather well.

Bramall hit Janner


Carl Beech as a child.

The police say that 'John', a witness, does not exist.

Nick says the Met police were in e-mail contact with 'John'.

Witnesses vary their stories?

In May 2019, Carl Beech was put on trial for 'telling lies' about top people.

In court, Carl Beech has admitted that he got wrong some of the details of what happened 40 years ago.

Aangirfan has a friend who often tells the tale of his visit, many years ago, to San Diego.

Each time the tale is told, there are slight differences in the details.

There is some fiction, along with fact.

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Asked why he told Wiltshire Police that he did not know why he passed out during abuse, when he later said that it was because his head was held under water, Carl Beech (Nick) tells the NickTrial: “Some things were just too hard to do at that stage.”

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Carl Beech (Nick) accepts at  the NickTrial that he told Wiltshire Police of someone with a Canadian accent when he meant an American, John Louis.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 4h4 hours ago

Why did Carl Beech tell Wiltshire Police that he did not know with what the abusers stabbed and burnt his feet, when he later said drawing pins/lighter.

Carl Beech tells  the NickTrial that he did not know and was later giving an indication of what he thinks that it may have been.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 3h3 hours ago

Carl Beech accepts at  the NickTrial that he when he told Wiltshire Police that he met John on a building site at the end of his road, this was untrue.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Carl Beech confirms to  the NickTrial that he did not go to school with John, 'who was present when the third child was killed'.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Carl Beech accepts at  the NickTrial that he wrote in a journal that he never saw John with any bruises and yet also claims that he saw him in hospital, and that he wrote he was a friend at school even though he did not go to school with him.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Carl Beech agrees at  the NickTrial that “there were a series of fictions” in the chapter in his journal about his friend John.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Carl Beech agrees at  the NickTrial that he “told many lies” to, and “withheld important information” from, the Wiltshire Police.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 1h1 hour ago

Carl Beech accepts at  the NickTrial that he told Wiltshire Police that John was not at any of the abuse in London even though he said to the Met (London police) that John was.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 1h1 hour ago

Carl Beech tells  the NickTrial that one location for abuse was the Saudi embassy.

Asked who were the Saudi diplomats who sexualy abused him, he says Abdullah and Turki.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 1h1 hour ago

Defendant tells #NickTrial that he also saw Turki sexually abuse John.

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Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, Head Teacher of Stowe School

JR‏ @JamesRusbridger Jul 5

QUESTION - If Carl Beech were a "fantasist", making things up, can anyone explain his "random" identification of Stowe School?

It just so happens that Stowe is linked to an array of individuals with links to the alleged VIP paedophile network.

Clearly Beech isn't making this up.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Carl Beech accepts at the NickTrial that he lied to Wiltshire Police “in certain areas” and that he sent them off to look for what the prosecutor called “a non-existant witness”.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 2h2 hours ago

Prosecutor presses Carl Beech to tell #NickTrial about being taken abroad.

Very reluctantly and hesitatingly, defendant says that he was flown... to Paris... on a private 747... but says that he cannot recall who was on the plane.

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Prosecutor asks defendant at #NickTrial why when he told the Met (London police) that his step-father raped him for the first time at a wildlife park he made no mention of John.

“Because I didn’t want to tell them about,” is the reply.

Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 42m42 minutes ago

Pressed on why he did not tell the Met about John at the wildlife park, defendant becomes tearful at #NickTrial, saying that he not was not prepared to talk about him.

Asked whether it was a lie, defendant says that it was an “omission”.