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How Israel creates/benefits from antisemitism

Israel Vs Palestine : There's no school tomorrow .

In age of Trump, evangelicals back self-styled top U.S. pimp 

The #ZOGEmperor’s PIMP: “He styles himself as America's best-known pimp, a strip-club owner who runs multiple brothels and looks set to win a seat as a Republican in the Nevada legislature with the blessing of many conservative Christian voters.”


Prince George of Greece and Denmark

Prince George of Greece and Denmark (1869 - 1957) was the uncle of the UK's Prince Philip.

Prince George was the second son of George I of Greece and Olga Konstantinovna of Russia.

From 1883, George lived at Bernstorff Palace near Copenhagen with Prince Valdemar of Denmark, his father's younger brother.

"Prince George was in love with Prince Waldemar of Denmark, a man ten years his senior, and made no secret of it."

The extraordinary reason for Prince William's visit to Israel .

Valdemar and family.

Prince George married Princess Marie Bonaparte.

"Marie Bonaparte and Valdemar found themselves engaging in the kind of passionate intimacies she had looked forward to with her husband who, however, only seemed to enjoy them vicariously, sitting or lying beside his wife and uncle."

The five children of Prince Valdemar of Denmark, clockwise from the left: Prince Viggo, Prince Axel, Prince Erik, Prince Aage and Princess Margaret.

"On a later visit, Marie Bonaparte carried on a passionate flirtation with Prince Aage, Valdemar's eldest son." [8]

Prince George of Greece and Denmark.

Prince Philip, his sisters, and his parents Prince Andrew and Princess Alice.

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was born on Corfu, in 1921, the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg.[2]

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark was the fourth son of King George I of Greece and Olga Constantinovna of Russia.

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark had many gay affairs with men.

Gay Influence: Prince Andrew of Greece

Above, we see the baptism of Prince Aristides of Greece, the fifth child of Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal.

Princess Maria-Olympia is the daughter of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal and Crown Prince Pavlos.



Cordet declined to reveal the paternity of her two children, and "when Prince Philip became godfather to both, it was assumed he was the father ..."


Prince Philip, aged 9, was sent to England to be looked after by George Mountbatten, the 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven, and by Lord Louis ...


In November 1937, Prince Philip's sister Princess Cecilie, and Cecilie's Nazi husband Grand Duke George Donatus of Hesse, were killed in a ...


Shortly afterwards, Prince Andrew, his wife, and their baby son Phillip, were forced to flee from Greece after an army coup. Prince Andrew had ...

aangirfan: ROYAL SEX

The journalist Nigel Dempster wrote that when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip, she was: "as virginal as her eponymous ancestor."


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The Ambassador Hotel, where Robert Kennedy was killed, and the World Trade Center were both owned by Zionist Jews who had very high-level connections to the state of Israel.

Larry Silverstein owned the Twin Towers.

J. Myer Schine

The Ambassador Hotel was owned by J. Myer Schine, the father of G David Schine who 'slept with Roy Cohn', the mentor of Donald Trump.

J. Myer Schine 'was connected to the Jewish Mob', J Edgar Hoover, and the Henry Crown family.

Lester Crown and Netanyahu.

Lester Crown, son of Henry Crown (born Krinsky), was the largest shareholder of General Dynamics, a leading defense contractor. 

'Henry Crown was a high-level Zionist agent who sent an aircraft manufacturing plant to Israel in the early 1950s in violation of U.S. law. 

'The factory he sent to Israel illegally became the original Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) plant. 

'The Crown family is also connected to both Kennedy assassinations and the 9-11 cover-up.' 

'Under Myer Schine's ownership the Ambassador Hotel hosted the gambling operations of Mickey Cohen, the West Coast lieutenant of Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky. 

'U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had been involved in the prosecution of Cohen in which he was convicted for tax evasion and sent to Alcatraz in 1961. Who arranged for Kennedy to use the Ambassador Hotel?'


UK Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, wants, for the UK, a system like East Germany's STASI.

Britain's Brave New World just got Braver

'If these measures go through Britons could be living under SS-GB – the title of a book by the excellent spy writer, Len Deighton, in his envisioning of what the UK would be like if the Nazis had succeed in invading during World War Two.' via
Replying to  
I remember reading SS-GB when I was a young teenager, dyslexia hadn't been invented back then, it got me in to reading when reading was difficult and there was no help.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


"The US defence secretary, James Mattis, has said he is unaware of any steps taken by North Korea towards dismantling its nuclear weapons programme since the Singapore summit and does not expect any in the immediate future.

"Immediately after the meeting Trump claimed that North Korea had begun the destruction of a missile engine testing site or would begin as soon as Kim returned from the summit."

No sign of North Korea dismantling nuclear weapons programme

Mar A Lago

Fox News edited out Trump rally protestor holding up giant photo of Trump with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.


Spanish Students have been given 24 Hours to leave dorms to make room for Aquarius migrants.

Spanish Students Given 24 Hours To Leave Dorms

Jewish extremists taunt 'Ali's on the grill' at slain toddler's relatives.

In 2015, in the Netherlands, a former child sexual abuse victim, a girl in her twenties, was given a lethal injection by her doctors. CHILD MURDERS IN HOLLAND .

Holland is to close four jails amid 'a fall in crime'.

Crime rates 'are now at their lowest since 1980'.

There are now just 49 crimes reported for every 1,000 citizens, national statistics office CBS revealed earlier this year.

Holland will close four prisons

In Holland, a leaked report suggests some 3.5 million crimes actually go unregistered every year.

A low crime rate? Dutch police are unaware of most crimes

Netherlands becoming a narco-state, warn Dutch police

False Flag in London.


"In Jainism, godliness is said to be the inherent quality of every soul

"This quality, however, is subdued by the soul's association with karmic matter. 

"All souls who have achieved the natural state of infinite bliss, infinite knowledge (kevala jnana), infinite power and infinite perception are regarded as God in Jainism. 

"Jainism rejects the idea of a creator deity responsible for the manifestation, creation, or maintenance of this universe. 

"According to Jain doctrine, the universe and its constituents (soul, matter, space, time, and principles of motion) have always existed

"All the constituents and actions are governed by universal natural laws and perfect soul, an immaterial entity cannot create or affect a material entity like the universe.[1]"


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Secret Map Of Britain; In Time of Crisis

How the US military will take Britain over in time of war Yes Mind blowing enough to get the BBC Director General sacked by Victor Rothschild!



"Saudi Arabia is committing a massacre in Yemen's port city of Hodeidah, killing hundreds of civilians, including children.

"But no calls for sanctions or regime change by all the so-called 'humanitarians' who were so 'concerned' about Syria's children.

"A child dies in Yemen every 10 minutes because of Saudi Arabia's bombing and siege, fully backed by the US and UK. And mainstream media doesn’t have this story plastered at the top of the hour..."

Sarah Abdallah‏ @sahouraxo 


  • 'How's it going man?'
  • Macron told the floppy haired boy he should only be addressed formally  

Wait For Me Daddy shows a young boy, in Canada, reaching out to his father as he marches off to serve in the Second World War.

(Claude P. Dettloff/National Archives of Canada)

The Kaiser

Photographer SABINE WEISS




Monday, 18 June 2018


Can we trust the official story?

 dognamedblue‏ @dognamedblue writes:

John Coleman, formerly of MI6, has written that we cannot trust anything from the mass media or government: 

"The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the midst of today is the product of a carefully planned Tavistock program".

Prostitution and drug dealing are worth £10billion to Britain.


"Trump and his administration continue to enjoy the backing of America's 'Christian' fundamentalists. 

"Christian is a misnomer. 

"These heretics ... worship money ... and sex - including that with underage girls and boys... 

"The fundie sex maniacs who parade around as 'Christians' are Trump's base...

"They have their man in the White House, along with all the president's perverts..."

The Donald - All The President's Perverts

"Steve Bannon ... rented a  house in Miami that he ... used for producing pornographic videos that included children."