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Doctors studying patients with multiple personality disorder have discovered something strange.

One of the personalities possessed by a certain patient needs glasses for their eyes.

But, another of the same patient's personalities does not need glasses for their eyes.

Or, one of the patient's personalities is diabetic and another of the same patient's personalities is not diabetic.

When the patient switches from one personality to another, their body actually goes through real changes, such as differences in blood sugar levels.

In other words, the mind can alter the body.

The Powers-That-Be do not want us to know that they are constantly trying to control our minds, and shape our personalities.

They want us to be addicted to 'negative' states of mind.

Can you get your brain and body not to suffer from any physical and emotional injuries?

If so, this could be useful for people walking on burning coals, or for people training to be angels.

If you are a benevolent and skilful doctor, or an angel, the ability not to suffer physical and emotional injuries and ailments could be useful.

However, if you are an immature young child, or an evil general, there may be useful lessons to be learnt from suffering temporary pain.

Prahlad Jani says he has not eaten or drunk for 70 years.

"A devout Christian called Therese Neumann (above) did not eat or drink for 35 years. 

"She was watched 24 hours a day and confirmed not to have eaten or drunk anything for 2 weeks with no ill-effects, dehydration or weight loss." 

The Biology of Belief  / Therese Neumann.

"Jainist Hira Ratan Manek claims not to have eaten anything since 1995. 

"He has been studied under controlled conditions by teams of scientists and doctors many times and was never observed to eat or drink at all. 

"One time he went 211 days under careful supervision, another time 411 days."

Tibetan monks and Indian Yogis can apparently use meditation to control their body functions.

In 1936, a French cardiologist called Therese Brosse traveled to India to study yogis.

She found that the yogis could slow down their heart rates to abnormally low levels.

In the 1950s, another group of researchers studied yogis lying for 8 hours in air-tight sealed boxes.

The Yogis were able to survive by slowing down their heart rate and breathing.

Jack Schwarz practiced mind over matter.

He could put a long sail-maker's needle through his arm without injury.

"He also displayed his ability to regulate his body's blood flow by causing the puncture hole in his arm to bleed or stop bleeding at will...

Schwarz was studied by researchers at the Menninger Foundation who found that he could indeed control bodily processes with only his mind.

Mirin Dajo

"Mirin Dajo was invited to Switzerland to have his abilities formally studied under laboratory conditions. 

"In front of a group of doctors and journalists, Dajo had his assistant stab him through with the steel rapier and as always he did not bleed or even flinch. 

"He then calmly walked upstairs with doctors to take his X-ray which undeniably proved that no trickery was involved and he was indeed impaled.

Some people's brain cells may see motherhood as being 'unconditional love and forgiveness'.

Other people may see motherhood as being 'disappointment and ridicule'.

Some people's brain cells may see the body as being potentially healthy.

Some people's brain cells may see the body as being potentially sick.
"What we ultimately do is tell ourselves a story about what the outside world is."

(Dr. Joe Dispenza, What the Bleep Do We Know?)

Research has shown that patients who have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness have a lower chance of surviving serious illnesses.

Patients who visualise themselves being healed, have a better chance of surviving serious illnesses.

Candace Pert, former chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health, suggests that mind is present throughout the body and that emotions are the links between matter and mind.

The Spiritual Universe

"Thoughts change brain chemistry."

(Dr. Joseph M. Carver PhD, Emotional Memory Management: Positive Control Over Your Memory.)

If we are constantly bombarding our cells with the same negative attitudes, emotions, and beliefs, our biochemistry adapts by creating more receptor sites for those particular brain chemicals which cause our problems.

"People often become physically/chemically addicted and dependent on various negative states of being such as depression, victimization, frustration, or jealousy. 

"Over time we crave more of the peptides (certain brain chemicals) we're addicted to and create repetitive dramas in our lives in order to receive our next dose."

The Biology of Belief

"Living with positive, life-affirming, non-limiting thoughts/emotions/beliefs leads to physical health, wellness, and even miraculous supernormal abilities."

The Biology of Belief

"To save her trapped son, Angela Cavallo lifted a 1964 Chevrolet and held it up for five minutes while neighbors arrived, reset a jack, and rescued her unconscious boy. 

"Similarly, a construction worker lifted a 3,000-pound helicopter that had crashed into a drainage ditch, trapping his buddy under water.

"In this feat captured on video, the man held the aircraft aloft while others pulled his friend from beneath the wreckage."   Spontaneous Evolution / The Biology of Belief

According to some research at Princeton University

We can mentally influence - and are influenced by - the thoughts of others.

We can mentally influence biological processes in bodies other than our own.

We can mentally influence the functioning of non-biological systems.

The Next Great Turning - Context Institute

Now, if we are going to be angels in Nirvana, or Heaven or Paradise, we may have to dump our personalities.

Paradoxically, it may be that if we give up our supposed 'free will', we can then follow the will of 'God' (or go with the flow, tune into the Tao, realise that we are part of 'God') and live happily ever after.

The Buddhists would say that our sense of being a separate 'self' is an illusion.

We should practise non-attachment to lots of things.

"All the delightful things of the world - sweet sounds, lovely forms, all the pleasant tastes and touches and thoughts - these are all agreed to bring happiness if they are not grasped and possessed.

But if you regard them merely as pleasures for your own use and satisfaction and do not see them as passing wonders, they will bring suffering.

-Sutta Nipata, Blog: Pleasure and Joy

Alexi Helligar (If everything is just an illusion) refers to the 'zero state' of 'self'.

"Living beings resist the zero state so they can experience enjoyment out of what is essentially nothingness."

Being an angel in Heaven, Paradise or Nirvana does not mean that one is without compassion.

Some Buddhists see an enlightened being as one whose changing self is highly developed.[16]

One with "great self" has a mind which is not at the mercy of outside stimuli or its own moods, but is imbued with self-control, and self-contained.[17]

The mind of such a one is without boundaries, not limited by attachment or "I-identification."[18]

One can transform one's self from an "insignificant self" into a "great self" through practices such as mindfulness.[19]

The suttas portray one disciple who has developed his mind through loving-kindness saying: "Formerly this mind of mine was limited, but now my mind is immeasurable."[19]

With "nirvana-after-death", paranirvana, the last remains of physical life vanish, and no further rebirth takes place.

With nirvāṇa the consciousness is released, and the mind becomes aware in a way that is totally unconstrained by anything in the conditioned world.


HuffPost/YouGov poll shows that 45% of Americans believe in ghosts, or that the spirits of dead people can come back in certain places and situations.

Alfred Russel Wallace

"Alfred Russel Wallace announced that natural selection alone was not sufficient to account for human evolution.

"As a spiritualist, he believed that humans have non-material spirits - implying supernatural involvement - but he had scientific reasons as well. 

"Our brains, he claimed, are over-engineered: through the people he met on his travels, he recognized that even the ‘savage’ in his mud hut has the potential to play Chopin études on the piano, despite the fact that he will never even see a piano. 

"How could natural selection, which Wallace appreciated only responds to immediate needs, produce apparently useless traits like these? 

"The solution to this question was, for Wallace, some kind of ... non-material guiding force."

Alfred Russel Wallace

According to near-death accounts, the reason for our existence is to attain spiritual growth.

Some people believe that "Love is God and loving others and everything is all that really matters."

Spirituality and the Near-Death Experience

"While in a physical body, the kingdom of God is located within.

"What one person does, affects everyone else.

"We are all of one spirit and to change the world we only need to change ourselves. 

"One simple act of unselfish love affects everyone else. 

Spirituality and the Near-Death Experience

"A simple smile has the power to alter the course of human history.

"The good we do for others will eventually come back to us.

"The important things is that we are to help each other rise to a higher level of love. 

"Heaven and hell are not locations but are spiritual states of being. 

"The chief purpose for returning to the physical world is for instruction that leads to the advancement of our souls in spiritual maturity.

"We are given all the opportunities it takes, as many lifetimes as it takes, to achieve it.

"Then, like the prodigal son, we return to our true home. Once we have learned the lessons needed in the physical world, we do not need to return."

Spirituality and the Near-Death Experience

"The ultimate in spiritual development in any Spiritual path is merging with God.

"'Merging with God' means experiencing God within us and all around us and not identifying with our five senses, mind and intellect."

Purpose of Life

Anita Moorjani 'died and came back to life'.

Anita Moorjani asserts that her cancer was caused by her emotional state.

"In 2006, after suffering cancer for almost four years, Anita's organs started shutting down and she slipped into a deep coma, for 30 hours. 

"In hospital she had a Near Death Experience (NDE)." [4]

Anita told her family that during her NDE, she had been greeted by her deceased father and deceased best friend, who had told her that it was not her time to die. 

Moorjani said she had a strong reluctance to return to her suffering and dying physical body, but was encouraged to return by her father and best friend who told her that she needed to return and to "live her life fearlessly".

Within weeks of her NDE, Anita was cancer free.

"Anita explains how she can still return to the state she experienced during her NDE:

"It’s actually the opposite of focusing or choosing … it’s almost like a release, like a letting go, like a surrender … so there is no goal or anything … it’s like any sense of wanting to attain anything has to be released.

"This is the dichotomy: even the desire to attain that state has to be released, so it’s literally a state of total release and total surrender, so there is no attachment to anything physical, any outcome or even the physical body … 

"Once I do that … it feels as though I have access to the infinity, to the higher, to the unlimited, to the potential, to the ambiguity.

"The minute you put limitations on it, ANY kind of limitation, even the limitation of ‘this is the state I want’, you are limiting the possibility. It really means opening yourself up to absolutely anything … with NO expectations, and you become available to everything, absolutely everything."

Anita Moorjani – NDE | NDE Stories

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A Unesco biosphere has "outstanding natural landscapes."

Unesco biospheres include - Galloway and Southern Ayrshire, Yellowstone, the Golden Gate, the Niagara Escarpment, and the Camargue

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere

The tourism potential of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere "has been highlighted by some of the UK's leading industry observers."

South West Biosphere Named One Of Scotland's Must See ...

The Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere in the top 10 list of must-see places in 2020 compiled by a collective of travel writers and bloggers.


Kathi Kamleitner says: "The south-western regions of Galloway and Ayrshire are among my absolute highlights when it comes to scenery, outdoor activities and genuinely local experiences."

She refers to Drumlanrig Palace, Scotland’s National Booktown, Wigtown, harbour villages and  mountain scenery.


"In the middle of the Biosphere lies the Galloway Forest Park - a great destination for outdoor lovers.

"You can go kayaking on Loch Trool, hike the peaks in the Range of the Awful Hand, go star-gazing with a knowledgeable Dark Sky Ranger, and much more.


"Along the way you will meet so many friendly locals who pass on their passion for eco-tourism in Scotland."

Hornell's garden




The absurdity of this being hailed as a "peace deal" or, more absurd still, a "historic breakthrough". It's merely the demands of one side, rejected by the other
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Gregg Carlstrom
This is the Trump plan's "conceptual map" of Israel and Palestine. The occupied West Bank becomes isolated cantons, connected by a handful of roads; the Palestinians cede large chunks of territory, in return for a couple of random plots in the Negev awkwardly linked to Gaza.
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Home Secretary Priti Patel was paid £1000 per hour by US military tech supplier Viasat.

She didn't seek approval for the job, breaking the Ministerial Code for a 2nd time! 

Viasat are bidding for a £6bn defence contract - massive conflict of interest? 

Priti Patel accused of conflict of interest in MoD contract ...

 Mandoline Word-Smith @Mandoline_Blue

Daily Mail says Johnson and his govt are a shambolic mess with absolutely no strategy or clue as to what they're doing. Sounds pretty accurate. Wasn't expecting to hear it from this quarter though.

DAN HODGES: Why Ministers are asking if Boris has clue what to do next

DAN HODGES: To understand why this chaos is emerging, it helps to remember something lost in the Election drama. Confusion lurked amid the Johnson


"The US-staged Hong Kong protests, 

The U.S. tariff regime against China, 

The threat of economic sanctions against nations working with Huawei, 

The CIA-inflamed Xinjiang conflict involving the Muslim Uyghurs, 

The Provocative sailing of US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, 

The transparent political prosecution of Huawei's CFO, 

The ravaging of China’s pig farms by a bioengineered virus, etc." 

"The Chinese government has been under withering attack."

Trump knows Parnas?

Michael Hoffman@HoffmanMichaelA  FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST:

40,000 were incinerated in Nagasaki. It had one of largest Catholic populations in Asia.

150,000 non-Jewish Poles died at Auschwitz.

In the book "Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel" (1974) author Heineke Kardel quotes German Jew Dietrich Bronder:

"Of Jewish descent, or being related to Jewish families were:

"Adolf Hitler; Rudolf Hess; Hermann Goering; the Reichsleader of the NSDAP Gregor Strasser, Dr. Josef Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Heinrich Himmler; the Reichsminister von Ribbentrop (who pledged close friendship with the famous Zionist Chaim Weizmann, the first head of the State of Israel who died in 1952); von Keudell; field commanders Globocnik (the Jewish destructor); Jordan and Wilhelm Hube; the great SS-Leaders Reinhard Heydrich, Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and von Keudell II, who also were active in the destruction of Jews. (All of them were members of the secret Thule Order/ Society) " (Bronder, Before Hitler Came, 1964)

Jewish Congress President Blamed Sabbatean Jews for Holocaust


"There's evidence of really quite disturbing experiments on American voters, manipulating them with fear-based messaging, targeting the most vulnerable, that seems to be continuing. This is an entire global industry that’s out of control..."

Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak 

Henry Makow @HenryMakow -

Italian Populist Defeated in Key Vote, Lifting Ruling Coalition

Italy’s Matteo Salvini suffered a stinging defeat in a key regional vote, providing a much-needed boost to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s fragile government and making a snap general election less... -

Kosher Nostra?