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On 2 July 2018, in Scotland, 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail was murdered.

Alesha's father is Robert MacPhail.

Alesha's mother is Georgina Lochrane.

Robert MacPhail's parents Calum MacPhail and Angela King.

Robert MacPhail moved in with his parents after separating from Alesha's mother, Georgina.

When she died, Alesha had been staying at the home occupied by Robert MacPhail, Robert's parents Calum MacPhail and Angela King, and Robert's girlfriend.

Robert MacPhail's partner is Toni-Louise McLachlan.

@jamesmatthewsky20 Feb

Witness tells court she once heard Toni McLachlan shouting ‘please somebody help me, please somebody get the police’. Says she heard Toni getting assaulted/abused 10 times

@jamesmatthewsky20 Feb

Avril Lax lives near home of Alesha’s grandparents & Dad Robert. Tells court that in summer 2017 she could hear Robert’s girlfriend Toni McLachlan getting beaten up. Heard Toni screaming, sound of slapping, skin hitting skin

Robert MacPhail, is currently on bail for alleged domestic abuse.

Aaron Campbell has been found guilty of the murder of Alesha MacPhail.

Alesha MacPhail Murder 

Alesha died on the island of Bute, near Glasgow.

Aaron Campbell is alleged to have kidnapped Alesha from the flat where she was staying with her father and grandparents and father's partner.

The court was told that no DNA matching Aaron Campbell was found anywhere in the flat Alesha was abducted from.

None of the samples taken from Aaron Campbell's home could be connected to Alesha MacPhail.

There were no traces of blood on any of the swabs taken from taps or handles of Aaron Campbell's home.

There were “no positive” DNA matches found in the bedroom of Alesha’s home, the court heard.

There were no traces found on the light switch or bedroom door, jurors were told.

Alesha MacPhail trial: Boy accused of murdering girl, 6, takes stand ...

Alesha (left) with Robert MacPhail (centre) and his girlfriend Toni Louise McLachlan

Aaron Campbell says that, in a garage, he was having sex with Toni-Louise McLachlan on the night Alesha disappeared.

He said in court that he had kept this hidden from the police, as he feared it would get back to Robert MacPhail.

“I didn’t want her to get hurt. I didn’t want her to get hit by Rab,” he said.

Aaron Campbell claims that Toni Louise McLachlan murdered Alesha MacPhail.

Aaron Campbell's hooded top was discarded in a skip despite being recovered on a shoreline days after the body of Alesha MacPhail was found.

The court heard that a dog walker contacted police on 6 July 2018 after spotting the youth XL garment on the Isle of Bute.

It was put in an evidence bag then dumped in a skip behind Rothesay Police Station by a police sergeant.

Alesha MacPhail police officer threw piece of evidence witness found ...

"Chilling CCTV shows Alesha MacPhail's killer Aaron Campbell returning to shower after raping and murdering six-year-old." Or, maybe it's someone else! Chilling CCTV 

Toni-Louise McLachlan told the court she had dealt cannabis with Robert MacPhail, and had supplied the drug to Aaron Campbell and his sister.

In court, McLachlan denied being jealous of Alesha and telling a friend that the child's death would be "for the best".

McLachlan denied leaving the flat after Aaron Campbell contacted her at around 01:50 on 2 July, and then having sex with him.

Defence lawyer Brian McConnachie QC accused McLachlan of returning to the McPhail flat , abducting Alesha and then murdering her, before planting the accused's DNA, from a used condom, on the child's body.

Alesha MacPhail Murder 


Alesha, six, had ‘catastrophic’ injuries
Woman denies killing six-year-old Alesha
Alesha’s father ‘sold cannabis to accused’
Boy accused of Alesha murder blames woman

Alesha MacPhail trial UPDATES: Suspect was ‘crying and depressed’ on night of murder
Girlfriend of Alesha MacPhail’s dad denies having sex with murder accused and ‘planting’ semen

Alesha MacPhail’s father ‘sold cannabis to murder accused’

Alesha MacPhail murder accused, aged 16, blames woman

Murder Alesha MacPhail: the father was seeing a porn movie when the baby was kidnapped

Teenager, 16, goes on trial accused of raping and murdering a six-year-old girl

‘I loved her to pieces’ says the woman accused of sordid plot in Alesha McPhail’s murder

Alesha MacPhail trial: Updates as dad of girl, 6, describes last time he saw her – Mirror Online


UK MPs Dame Margaret Hodge and Ian Austin

On 22 February 2019, member of the UK parliament Ian Austin left the Labour Party.

He accuses the Labour Party of not stamping out anti-semitism.

Ian Austin's parents are Jewish.

Ian Austin's father is a Czech Jew who was born Fredi Stiller.

Ian Austin is a Zionist.

In 2016, Austin heckled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by shouting "sit down and shut up" and "you're a disgrace", as Corbyn criticised the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


Hundreds of students at the UK's University of Essex have voted against the setting up of a Jewish society at the university.

A third of those polled voted against the setting up of a Jewish society. 

Dr Maaruf Ali

On Facebook, Dr Maaruf Ali, a computer and electronics lecturer  of the University of Essex voiced his opposition to the setting up of the group. 

Dr Maaruf Ali is now being investigated by the University of Essex.

Dr Maaruf Ali has been accused of sharing 'anti-semitic' posts on Facebook.

On Facebook, Dr Ali shared a post which said that Israel plans to 'expel 36,000 Palestinians from the Negev', and Dr Ali commented that 'the Zionists next want to create a society here at our university!'

Dr Ali shared a post stating that in March 2016 in New York - '50,000 Jews protest Israel' , but there was a 'total mainstream media blackout by the Zionist mafia'.

Dr Ali shared a photo which claimed that one of the French policemen 'shot dead' in the Paris terrorist attack in January 2015 was secretly 'a Mossad agent live and well in Buenos Aires… a crypto-Jew in the service of Israeli intelligence'. 

Dave Rich, the head of policy at the Community Security Trust, which has monitored antisemitism for 35 years and provides security to the UK Jewish community, called on the university to immediately suspend Ali.

Amanda Bowman, vice-president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, also condemned the lecturer. She said: “That Dr Maaruf Ali uses social media posts to express vile antisemitic views is abhorrent.

Henry Makow‏ @HenryMakow

Eran Elhaik, an Israeli molecular geneticist, says he has proved that Ashkenazi Jews' roots lie in the Caucasus.

They are descendants, he argues, of the Khazars, a Turkic people, found today in Armenia and Georgia

'Jews a Race' Genetic Theory - The Forward

"An estimate made in 1930 had Ashkenazis as 92 percent of the world's Jews.[32]


10 Aug 2016 - "The Israelites were never in Egypt." This is according to "the world's top Egyptologists", including James Henry Breasted, Donald Redford, ..
1 May 2018 - Most of the Jewish folks that I have known are lovely, friendly, decent people. Brabantian alerted .... THE JEWISH BIBLE CAME FROM ARABIA ...

CBS' "anti-Maduro Rally" wasn't in Venezuela. It was in Buenes Aires in Argentina.
Floralis Genérica is a sculpture made of steel and aluminum located in Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, Avenida Figueroa Alcorta, Buenos Aires.
Floralis Genérica - Wikipedia

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The Troubles: Harrowing Photos

A former police officer in Northern Ireland, John Weir, says that British intelligence tried to persuade the Protestant terror group, the Ulster Volunteer Force, to attack a Catholic primary school in Co Armagh, in Northern Ireland.

John Weir claims that British military intelligence was behind a plot to attack the primary school at Belleeks in Co Armagh and to kill children and teachers.

Weir is a self-confessed member of the Glennane Gang, and was convicted of the 1977 murder of Catholic man William Strathearn.

The Glennane Gang of Protestant paramilitaries, frequently working in collusion with police officers and soldiers, is estimated to have killed more than 120 people.

British intelligence tried to get UVF to 'shoot up a school'

Gerry Adams and his late father. State papers: Gerry Adams 'set up Loughgall IRA gang for ambush'.

From: Falls Memory Syndrome

1970-76 - The Daily Mail, of April 19, 2014, states that during this period, 'Sinn Fein figures' were patrons of the Elm Guest House, a boy brothel in London, reportedly run by MI5.

2000: a 17-year-old West Belfast teenager claims, in the Belfast News Letter, to have been shot by the IRA after having spoken out about being abused by a senior member of the organisation. 

2005: according to Republican sources quoted in the Belfast Telegraph, Gerry Adams, along with three other senior Sinn Fein figures, chairs an internal republican inquiry into allegations of sex abuse by more than 100 IRA members, including a well-known Sinn Fein figure from the Republic who allegedly abused a 13-year-old girl. 

The sources state that complaints heard include the rape of a 12-year-old boy by a Belfast IRA man in a Republican safe house and the grooming and abuse by a senior IRA man of a 12-year-old girl.

Gerry Adams

2009: in an RTE interview Gerry Adams reveals that Gerry Adams Senior sexually abused a number of children in his family.

2013: Gerry Adams's brorther Liam Adams is found guilty of the sexual abuse and rape of his daughter Aine and sentenced to 16 years' imprisonment.

More here: Falls Memory Syndrome

McGuinness (left) with Mandela.

The IRA's Martin McGuinness is being compared to Nelson Mandela

According to the Sunday Herald, UK:

"Nelson Mandela is ... named as an MI6 agent...

"Allegations of Mandela's recruitment by the British intelligence service ... is revealed in a controversial new book, 'MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations,' by the acclaimed intelligence expert Stephen Dorril."

The IRA's Martin McGuinness has died aged 66.

Ian Hurst (aka Martin Ingram) was a British spy.

Ian Hurst has claimed that the 'IRA boss' Martin McGuinness reported to MI6.

The UK security services used 'child sexual abuse' as a way of controlling the IRA.

Reportedly, the security services have run child brothels in the UK.

One of these child brothels was the Kincora children's home in Belfast.

One of the whistleblowers on Kincora is Colin Wallace.

Sovereigntea alerts us to:

The statement issued by Colin Wallace, following the publication of the 'whitewash' Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry Report on 20 January 2017.

Kincora Child Abuse Statement of Colin Wallace


"Key Army Intelligence files ... have gone missing after they were handed over by the Army to MI5 in 1989...

"There also appears to be no record whatsoever of what became of all the ‘Clockwork Orange’ project files which I handed over to my superiors when I left Army Headquarters in Lisburn in February 1975."

Jimmy Savile in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Savile is believed to have been working for the UK security services.

Below is what we wrote earlier:

The murder of Brian McDermott (above) has been linked to the Kincora Boy's Home which was 'being run by MI5'. BBC News

One of the child brothels reportedly run by MI5 and MI6 was the Kincora Boys' Home.

Kincora Boys' Home Belfast Telegraph.

William McGrath of MI5 and MI6

One of the key figures involved in sexually abusing young boys at Kincora was William McGrath, an agent of both MI5 and MI6.

Children were murdered.

The body of 10-year-old Brian McDermott was discovered in a sack in the River Lagan in 1973.

Kincora Boys' Home - Belfast Telegraph.

4th most searched for celebrity on Google in 2013.

The CIA, Mossad and MI5 know something which the general public may not know:

Philip Tromovitch, a professor at Doshisha University in Japan, has stated that:

The "majority of men are probably paedophiles and hebephiles"

"Paedophilic interest is normal and natural in human males".

Hence the CIA and its friends use boys to control the top people.

Most searched for celebrity on Google in 2013.

In the Dutroux Affair we saw that young girls are also popular with the elite.


Reportedly, boys from Kincora were "being taken to big country houses to be used by public figures, including Lord Mountbatten, the former head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, and Edward Heath."

Lobster's Ramsay on Paedophile Panics - Rigorous Intuition

Denis Donaldson (centre). As a result of sexual blackmail, the IRA's Denis Donaldson, and many of his friends, secretly worked for MI5. 

The 'terrorist' group the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was supposed to be fighting the British.

In 2005, it was revealed that the IRA's Denis Donaldson was secretly working for the British security service MI5.

According to the Sunday World, 3 February 2013:

Donaldson was recruited by MI5 in the mid-1980s as the result of a 'honey trap'.

MI5 is reported to have run Belfast's Kincora Boy's Home as a paedophile 'honey trap'.

Donaldson was an important figure in the IRA.

Belfast. By DanUneken

Donaldson was outed as an agent of MI5.

In 2005, Irish Minister for Justice Michael McDowell advised a US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland that he believed the outing of Donaldson as an informant was a clear message from the British Government that it had another, more valuable, asset within the republican leadership.[8]

In 2006, Donaldson was found shot dead.

Sir Jimmy Savile, believed to have been an agent of the security services, photographed near Kincora.

The security services do run brothels, reportedly.

"MI5 ran a brothel in Church Street in Kensington throughout much of the 1950's and early 1960's for the use of visiting dignitaries, diplomats and intelligence officers.

"While for those too important to visit such an establishment certain discreet gentlemen were called upon to provide young female or male company directly to the VIP hotel bedroom."


"Kincora was run as a virtual boy brothel by loyalist leaders and MI5 .

"Its clientele who preyed for years on vulnerable young boys... included loyalist paramilitary leaders , unionist politicians , judges and public figures .

"MI5... used it as a blackmailers lever."

(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (left). Reportedly, UK Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and UK Conservative Party leader Edward Heath both used rent boys. POLITICIANS

It would seem that the security services (CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6) controlled both sides in the Northern Ireland conflict.

The people in Northern Ireland who want to stay part of the UK are called the Loyalists.

"Loyalists have long had links with Zionist gangsters and have received Israeli weapons.

"In at least one incident weapons were exchanged for intelligence material on British missile systems, and loyalists rely on Israeli-'Russian' mafiosi for supplies of ecstasy pills.

(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)

"Loyalists have also engaged in the smuggling of non-Whites into Eire in alliance with the 'Russian' mafia."

(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)

Reportedly, in the 1970s, several newspapers claimed that the former UK Prime Minister Ted Heath, who was reported to be gay, was a regular visitor to Kincora Boys Home.

However, references to this have been disappearing from the internet. (cached text )

According to the book Who Framed Colin Wallace? (Who Framed Colin Wallace) by Paul Foot:

1. Colin Wallace served in a special UK Ministry of Defence press unit in Northern Ireland which dealt in "psychological operations."

2. Wallace tried to alert the authorities about what was going on at Kincora.

3. In 1973 MI5 set up a propaganda campaign named Clockwork Orange.

The purpose of Clockwork Orange was to blackmail and control top political figures in Northern Ireland and Great Britain, including Harold Wilson and Edward Heath.

4. In October 1974, Wallace refused to take any further part in the Clockwork Orange operation.

He was sacked and he moved to England.

The husband of a friend and colleague was found dead.

Wallace was accused of murder and sentenced to ten years' imprisonment.

On 30 January 1990, UK Armed Forces Minister, Archie Hamilton admitted that several key allegations made by Colin Wallace were true.

Lord Stevens.

Most terrorists work for the security services.

Lord Stevens, a former UK police chief, is quoted as saying that only three out of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested in a probe in Northern Ireland were not working for either the police, the security service MI5 or the UK Army.

On 21 December 2011, we learn that the IRA was run by the UK security services.

Half of all the top IRA men 'worked for security services'

Ian Hurst, former spook (aka Martin Ingram)

According to a 24-page document, written by UK intelligence officer Ian Hurst:

1. Half of all the senior IRA members were working for the UK intelligence services

2. Freddie Scappaticci, the IRA's head of internal security, the agent known as Stakeknife, worked for British intelligence.

3. MI5 had a network of agents within the Garda, the Irish police force.

From 1982-1990, Ian Hurst (aka Martin Ingram) was in Londonderry handling agents like Frank Hegarty, an IRA quartermaster later murdered for betraying a cache of Libyan weapons.

Ian Hurst has claimed that the 'IRA boss' Martin McGuinness reported to MI6.

Northern Ireland by niknkimnollie

Richard M Bennett, in Asia Times, June 2003, made the following points about the UK security services and assassinations:

1. In the early 1970s Rafael Eitan, head of the Mossad hit-squad known as the 'Kidon', toured Northern Ireland and the Special Air Services (SAS) base in Hereford, England.

Shortly after his visit there were big changes in UK security policy, including the setting up of what was to become the Force Reconnaissance Unit (FRU) .

The FRU was involved in the targeting of Irish Republicans for assassination by death squads.

The FRU may have been involved in the de Menezes killing.

2. In 1988, three Irish Republican Army (IRA) members were killed in Gibraltar by the SAS (UK special forces).

Reportedly, it was Mossad who had tracked the IRA men.

3. In 1972, John Wyman of MI6 recruited the Littlejohn brothers to carry out bank robberies and bomb attacks in the Republic of Ireland.

Wyman said to them that there was "going to be a policy of political assassination" for which they were to make themselves available.

Wyman gave the Littlejohns a list of IRA leaders to assassinate; these included Seamus Costello, Sean Qarland and Sean McStiofain.

Northern Ireland by Hotpix UK Tony Smith

In the USA, in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

There is a theory that many of the Irish terror groups were Mafias run by elements of the CIA and MI6.

It was all about making money from drugs and guns, and discrediting the Republican movement.

Northern Ireland by Slainte

Kevin Fulton, a former British soldier claimed that he had flown to New York, met FBI and MI5 agents and was given money to buy an infra-red device to be used to set off IRA bombs. 

(Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link.)

According to one source: "the Real IRA has in the past been exposed as being run by MI5 agents, as was the case in the Omagh bombing, and it appears that the British officials are keen to continue keeping people in fear through this same control mechanism." 

(statism watch - Real IRA plot.)

Former British spy Kevin Fulton reported that "the real reason why the Real IRA murderers who planted the bomb at Omagh, have never been taken to court or their cases investigated - it is because the actual bomber, Sean Hoey, was also working for the RUC (the police)". 

(MI5 & the IRA!)

Gerry Adams by Slainte

"In 2006, the Guardian reported that, two British agents were central to the bombings of three army border installations in 1990, the claims included tactics known as the human bomb, which involved forcing civilians to drive vehicles laden with explosives into army checkpoints, this tactic was the brainchild of British intelligence.

"In 2006, it was also revealed that, a former British Army mole in the IRA has claimed that MI5 arranged a weapons buying trip to America in which he obtained detonators, later used by terrorists to murder soldiers and police officers, and British intelligence co-operated with the FBI, to ensure his trip to New York in the 1990s went ahead without incident, so that his cover would not be blown."

(MI5 & the IRA!)

The UK's General Frank Kitson refers to the 'pseudo gang'.

(General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism)

Belfast bomb by Slainte

The pseudo gang works for the military but pretends to be a bunch of terrorists.

The idea of the 'pseudo gang' is to carry out acts of violence which can then be blamed on the people that the military wants to discredit.

Pseudo gangs have been used in Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaya, Northern Ireland, Iraq, New York and many other places.

Reportedly, the white Rhodesians used pseudo gangs to bomb churches (and murder missionaries) and blame the violence on black guerrillas.

GERRY ADAMS OF MI6? / Martin McGuinness of MI6

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath. Illustration by John Kent in “Private Eye” 11 September 1970. Website for this image

Tonymusings blog looks at some of the evidence concerning former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Among the points made:

1. "Savile regularly visited the notorious abuse-ridden children's home Haute de la Garenne" (on the island of Jersey).

"Savile initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary."

2. It has been alleged that "One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garenne among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called 'Morning Cloud'...

"The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville.

"He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys on board Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference.

"Allegedly Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP's with children for them to sexually abuse."

[2011 Sept] The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes

Brad Lane with Reggie Kray at Gartree prison. (Yorkshire PostPEDOPHILE RINGS...

3. Reportedly, Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London's lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys.

Ted Heath 'stopped cottaging for gay sex to protect his career'. /
Heath warned about gay sex trysts - Telegraph

London boys playing with the police.

"Late one night on the Thames embankment by the House of Commons a British prime minister approached a rent boy."

Reportedly, almost all the rent boys worked for the spooks - CIA, Mossad, MI5 and the KGB.

"The details of the encounter on the Thames embankment quickly ended up on the London KGB station chief’s desk."

Quite naturally, "the KGB man handed the file to MI6", which had close links to Lord Victor Rothschild.

Website for this imageBBC News - Heath Caper: A Czech blackmail plot against Ted Heath?

'Going "up the Heath" is a bit of a rite of passage for many gay men." -'I go with gay strangers.

London Cruising Grounds

We once saw Edward Heath's Rolls Royce parked outside a large hall where Heath was making a speech.

Sitting alone in the back of the Rolls Royce was a handsome young boy.

The UK security services used 'child sexual abuse' as a way of controlling the IRA.

British spies recruited paedo IRA chief / spiescovered up sex-abuse of teen-girls by IRA

Reportedly MI5 covered up the abuse of young girls, and boys, by leaders of the IRA and similar organisations.

Reportedly, MI5 provided boys from the Kincora childrens care home to the militants, so that they could be controlled.

In the 1970s, Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, was pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car.

The UK security services covered up the case and persuaded Cahill to become an agent of the UK security services.

Jimmy Savile in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Savile is believed to have been working for the UK security services.

It is believed that all the key leaders of the 'terrorist' organisations were working for the UK security services.

It is believed that the 'terrorism' in Northern Ireland was directed by the UK security services as a way of discrediting those who wanted Northern Ireland to leave the UK.

IRA's Joe Cahill in1971

In addition, Cahill’s grand-niece, Mairia, revealed that the IRA covered up the alleged abuse she suffered as a 16-year-old at the hands of another IRA figure.

Gerry Adams' brother Liam was jailed for sexually abusing his own daughter.

Liam is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for raping and abusing Aine Dahlstrom when she was aged between four and nine in the late 70s and early 80s.

Labour MP Simon Danczuk

Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who exposed the truth about MP Cyril Smith, said: "The exploitation of children by the secret services and members of the establishment comes as no surprise.

"We are discovering a history of poor children being treated like disposable goods by people in high places and no one batted an eyelid."

Meeting of PIE 1971?

Jimmy Savile boasted that he had friends in the IRA who could beat up anyone who got in his way.

Jimmy Savile and the IRA: Predator boasted terrorist friends could ... -

Northern Ireland by niknkimnollie

The Sunday People revealed how Jimmy Savile once told one of their journalists that he could fix anyone with just one phone call - to the IRA terrorists.

Savile said: "All I have to do is call my friends in the IRA. They’ll have someone waking up in hospital the next morning eating their breakfast through a f***ing straw.

"I know the IRA, men from the IRA, and you don’t need to ask these guys twice.

"I'm serious. Don't f***ing think I’m not serious. I can get them done - just with a phone call. That’s all it takes, young man."

Jimmy Savile and the IRA: Predator boasted terrorist friends could ...

When Savile talked of IRA terrorists, he presumably meant those working for MI5 or MI6.

Burning buses New Lodge
Northern Ireland by Slainte

Savile was a regular visitor to Belfast, the location of the KINCORA children's home, reportedly used by the UK security services as a boy brothel.

aangirfan: Child abuse at the Kincora boys' home