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Jim O'Neill

Terence James O'Neill, Baron O'Neill of Gatley, a former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and a former UK Conservative government minister, is a British economist.

O'Neil is chair of the spooky Chatham House think-tank (Like the USA's Council on Foreign Relations).

O'Neill thinks that, in some respects, a Labour government would be better than the current Conservative government.

O'Neill writes at the ft :-

"I am not overly concerned by some aspects of a prospective Jeremy Corbyn (UK Labour) administration.

"In at least six policy areas, which Mr Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell are treating as priorities, businesses and the Conservative government need to catch up."

O'Neil worries that the current Conservative government "has virtually no time for ... devolving powers and responsibilities to the urban regions.

"The Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine schemes now receive almost no attention."

O'Neill worries about Britain's productivity crisis.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, Britain has seen a 15-20% decline in GDP - "stemming from weaker productivity."

O'Neill writes:

"Labour's readiness to explore new ways of shaking up the status quo is admirable."

O'Neill points out that lower corporation tax has not magically boosted investment spending.

O'Neill writes: "we should stop cutting corporation tax to increase profits with little societal gain."

According to O'Neill, "it was once assumed that, when unemployment fell below a certain level, wage growth would accelerate.

"It has not happened."


O'Neill worries about chief executives being paid large sums of money, while their companies are failing to make Britain a better place.

O'Neill worries about the privately run railways and utilities being badly managed.

O'Neill writes: "The Labour party has stepped into the vacuum left by the Conservative government and appears to be offering the radical change that people seek." 

More here: ft


Trump in Israel.

"Trump appointed more Deep State CFR members and Bilderbergers (including Neil Gorsuch, James Mattis, John Bolton, et al.) to his administration than Barack Obama."

He Blew It! - Chuck Baldwin

"Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a Deep State toady who is up to his neck in covering up the government’s murder of former Clinton Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster." 

Trump is the Deep State.

"Trump has done nothing to bring Hillary Clinton to justice.

"In addition (and more relevant to the 9/11 discussion), Trump brought Deep State warlock, Rudy Giuliani, to the White House."

"Trump increases financial and military support for Israel.

"Trump denies humanitarian funding for Israeli-persecuted Palestinians.

"Trump refuses to recognize Israel's illegal occupation of Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank.

"Trump joins Israel in attacking Syria.

"Trump amasses U.S. armed forces to assist Israel’s myriad wars in the Middle East. 

Trump, friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Roy Cohn.

"Had Trump been serious about dismantling the Deep State, he would have exposed Israel's control over the U.S. Congress and the major news media and its manifold treacheries against the United States. 

"And that includes exposing Israel’s cold-blooded attack on the USS Liberty 50 years ago and Israel’s complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

He Blew It! - Chuck Baldwin

Trump is ISIS

"Had Trump been serious about draining the swamp and dismantling the Deep State, he would have also begun dismantling America's burgeoning Police State. 

"Folks, let this sink in: the Deep State has nothing to do with partisan politics. It has nothing to do with the entire left-right political wrangling, name calling, posturing, etc., that consumes the mainstream media. 

"All of that is nothing but public theater to distract the American people from what is really going on..."

Continued here: He Blew It! - Chuck Baldwin

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⚫ How the Deep State Controls America & Starts Wars


Ahed Tamimi.

In Palestine, 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi was arrested by the Israeli military, because she opposes Israel's occupation of her land.

"It is four weeks since she was released from prison."

"Ahed, 16 and tiny, slaps and punches an Israeli soldier in full military gear standing in her front yard; the family says this happened hours after a rubber bullet hit a cousin in the head." 

In Palestine, Ahed is revered. 

In Israel, she is reviled. 

The Financial Times has had lunch with Ahed, at the Reef Cafe in Ramallah.

Ahed ordered pizza.

Ahed Tamimi.

"In the West Bank, Israeli settlers now number about 400,000 and enjoy a freedom of movement that Palestinians are denied. 

"Ahed’s father talks of how he spent days in a coma in 1993 after being shaken violently during a military interrogation. 

"He says his sister died after being pushed down the stairs at a military court by a soldier." 

Ahed's mother, Nariman, says she was beaten and repeatedly strip-searched during a detention. 

Some Israelis get a thrill from killing kids like 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah.

"Ahed has evoked levels of sympathy for a Palestinian unseen since the televised killing in 2000 of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah..."

The Jewish settlers are targeting Ahed, calling for her to be killed. 

They have posted [maps online that show] the road to Ahed's house.

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Anneke Lucas

As a child, Anneke Lucas was used as a sex slave by a child abuse ring.

The boss of this child abuse network was a Belgian cabinet minister.

The members of the child abuse ring were members of the elite: 
People from television 
European heads of state
A member of a royal family.

Anneke Lucas - Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6 / dailymail.

Viscount Etienne Davignon who has been director of Kissinger Associates and good friend of Henry Kissinger, vice-president of the European Commission, and honorary chairman of Bilderberg. Reportedly, a witness has named him as a child abuser.

The Dutroux Affair is the name given to the events surrounding the organised child abuse of children in the 1980s and 1990s in Belgium.

In Belgium, Member of Parliament Laurent Louis publicised a list of all the people ALLEGEDLY involved in the Dutroux affair. 

Among the names listed: Trump supporter US General Michael Aquino (who has had an important role in military psychological warfare; involved in "Monarch" brainwashing); Paul Bonacci, victim of Monarch brainwashing, Willy Claes Secretary General of NATO in 1994 and 95, Elio di Rupo former Belgian Prime Minister, AndrĂ© Cools , assassinated Belgian government minister... 


Anneka says:
"Around my sixth birthday, in 1969, I was taken to an orgy for the first time, in a castle. 

"I was used for an S&M show, on a low stage, chained up with an iron dog collar, and made to eat human feces."


Anneka says:

Boys and girls were tortured and murdered by the child abuse ring.

Anneke Lucas says:

"I was first taken to the paedophile ring when I was six by a woman who worked as a cleaning lady for my mother.

"She and her husband took me away for a weekend to babysit me and it was her husband who took me to the paedophile ring.

"Later on, my mother got involved and then she started to take me herself.

"My mother was never really a mother. She was a very sick woman and a psychopath."

Katie Johnson who claims she was raped by Donald Trump when she was aged 13.

When Anneke reached the age of 11, it was decided that she was to be killed.

She says: "I was strapped to a butcher's block that was black with all the blood of children that had come before me. 

"One man was forcing five young children to harm me. It was part of their indoctrination."

Regina Louf, who described various orgies she had been forced to attend in her youth and named a top Belgian businessman, Jean-Michel Nihoul, as the chief organiser.

However Anneke was saved when one of her abusers made a deal with the politician in charge of the child abuse network while she was tortured.

Reportedly, certain members of the worldwide elite are involved in child abuse. bohemian-grove-child-sacrifice

The man who rescued Anneke went to work for the politician (who was the boss of the Belgian network) in exchange for her life.

The man who tortured her was one of the defendants in the 1996 Dutroux case.

Anneke Lucas writes: "The man who tortured me and the man who rescued me: they were two different men. The man who rescued me did have a change of heart after he had rejected me which would have led to my death. He stood looking on when the torture began. I defied him and he seemed affected. I was taken to a separate room and later learned he had negotiated for my life during the time I was tortured."


Anneke eventually left Belgium in the 1980s and moved to London, Paris and LA before settling in New York


The Belgian police reportedly helped to kidnap children for the Dutroux network.

A spokesman for the Federal Police in Belgium says they are unable to comment on Anneke Lucas's claims.

According to an article by OSWALD LEWINTER, at Conspiracy Planet:

(Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...)

"The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, "unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies..."

Andre Cools was shot dead. 

In 1991, Belgium's former deputy prime minister, Andre Cools, was shot dead.

Trump's friend Dick Cheney.

"Among the names that Cools had promised to present evidence on were Dick Cheney ... and Donald Rumsfeld ..." 

(Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney)

Dick Cheney is a key Trump Adviser.

Above, we see the suspect in the Madeleine McCann disappearance (left) and Dutroux' accomplice Lelievre (right).

Former Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene had to deal with (the cover-up of) the Dutroux Affair.

Above, we see Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. 

Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in satanic snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a satanic murder. 

Paul Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. 

In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages.

Children were tortured and murdered on the island of Jersey (above).



My Name Is Anneke Lucas and I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6



20 million starving to death: inside the worst famine since World War II .



Russia has blamed Israel for putting a Russian plane in the path of Syrian anti-aircraft batteries, and reserves the right to take 'appropriate measures'.

Syria shot down Russian military reconnaissance plane, admits Kremlin

Anonymous writes:

Britain and the US are to stage a false flag atrocity in Syria "within weeks", and launch a devastating new war "in response" to it.

Last week, "Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt was asked about plans – now being openly discussed at high levels in Washington – for a devastating attack on Damascus.

"THIS WILL BE IN RESPONSE TO A SUPPOSED ATROCITY THAT HAS YET TO TAKE PLACE but about which the Americans openly say they already have evidence – probably an alleged poison gas attack, in which we will see heartbreaking but unverified film of dead or dying children, from propaganda sources, and claims of multiple deaths from untraceable 'eyewitnesses'.

"In my view, these claims are very similar to the claims of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' (WMD) in Iraq, used to bamboozle the British and American people into that catastrophic war; and also to the claims of mass rape and massacre, equally unproven, which were the excuse for David Cameron's disastrous attack on Libya.

"These two wars together created the great march of migrants from Asia and Africa into Europe, which is transforming the continent – and also led to the rebirth of Islamist terror.


"Saudi Arabia hates Iran, and Iran loathes the Saudis right back. 

Syria, which the West plans to bomb heavily in the next few weeks, is the close ally of Iran.

Behind the Saudis stand the USA, Britain and France.

Behind the Iranians stand the Russians and perhaps China.


PETER HITCHENS: We're on the brink of war... and nobody has ...


James R - 18 September 2018 - writes:

There will presumably be further attacks by the Western cartel on Syria.

However, the false flag scenario is no longer realistic (in the near future at least) because Putin and Erdogan have made a deal to create a de-militarised zone in Idlib.

This means that there is not going to be a Syrian army offensive in Idlib and the entire false flag chemical attack plot depended on that offensive.

Kaivey - 20 September 2018 - writes:

The Saker - Russia blames Israel for the shooting down of her EW aircraft (UPDATED 2x)

Basically, 4 Israeli aircraft were sent on a bombing mission against targets near the Russian facilities in Khmeimim and Tartus (which, by itself, is both stupid and irresponsible).

The Israelis *deliberately* did not warn the Russians until less than a minute before the attack took place, thus the Russians did not have the time to tell the crew of the Il-20 electronic warfare aircraft, which was on approach for a landing, to take evasive action.

When the Syrian S-200 fired their missiles to intercept the incoming missiles, the Israelis F-16 used the Il-20, which has a much bigger radar cross section, to hide themselves resulting in the loss of 15 lives and one aircraft.

Typical Israeli “cleverness”.

The Russian MoD placed the full blame on the Israelis and declared that this attack was “dastardly”, the Israeli actions as “hostile” and said that Russia “reserves the right” to respond with “adequate counter-actions”.

This is one of these rare opportunities when there is, I believe, a viable and logical option to respond: tell the Israelis that from now on any of their aircraft approaching anywhere near the Russian forces will be shot down.


Will the Russians do that?

I doubt it. Why? Because of the very powerful pro-Zionist 5th column in Russia.

I am pretty sure that the Russian military would love to take such an measure but, unfortunately, they are limited in their actions by the 5th columnists in the Russian government.

We shall see. If Russia does nothing, it will be interesting to see how those who deny the existence of a pro-Zionist 5th column in Russia will explain this.

The Saker

PS: the only positive effect from this tragedy is that this will go a long way to trash the image of Israel in the Russian public opinion (which is constantly subjected to pro-Zionist propaganda in much of the Russian media).

UPDATE1: there we go: Putin is already “downgrading” the gravity of what happened. He has just declared that “the Israeli jet didn’t down our aircraft” and spoke of “tragic circumstances“. True, he did add that the Russians will take measures that “everyone will notice” but I am personally dubious about these “steps”. I hope that I am wrong. We will find out soon.

UPDATE2: I am watching the Russian media and I have to report that Zionist propagandists (Russian liberals and Jewish commentators) look absolutely *terrible*: they are desperately trying to blame everybody (the Syrians, Hezbollah, and even the Russians) except for Israel. This will not sit well with the Russian public.



Alan Gordon who gave the Threave Estate and house to the National Trust for Scotland.

William Gordon (1818-1899), a Liverpool businessman, bought the Threave Estate, in Dumfries and Galloway, from the (Black) Douglas family.

Threave Estate is within walking distance of the tourist town of CASTLE DOUGLAS.

The edge of Threave Estate.

In 1871, William Gordon built Threave House on his Threave Estate.

Threave House

William Gordon's grandson, Major Alan Gordon (1892-1957), gave the estate to the National Trust for Scotland in 1948.

Alan Gordon never married.

Several times a year, Drama is performed in Threave Garden.

Threave Garden and Estate

Several times a year there are special events at Threave Garden.

Threave Garden and Estate

You can get afternoon tea inside Threave House.

You can get a tour of Threave House. Many of its rooms are displayed as they were in the 1930s.

Threave Garden and Estate

Threave cafe.

Threave Estate.

Threave Garden is divided into a series of smaller gardens, including a rose garden, rockery and walled garden.

Threave Garden has a number of water features.

Pond at Threave Garden.

Threave Garden has a number of sculptures.

The Threave area attracts cyclists, caravaners and artists.

Several times a year, Drama is performed in Threave Garden.

Threave Garden and Estate

Several times a year there are special events at Threave Garden.

Threave Garden and Estate

Several times a year, Drama is performed in Threave Garden.

Threave Garden and Estate

Threave Garden attracts visitors from around the world.

Threave Garden

Threave has the UK’s only bat reserve.

At Threave you can view ospreys and other wildlife.

Threave House and Garden.

Threave gets many visitors in the summer.

Threave Garden

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden has a number of water features.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden.

Threave Garden | National Trust for Scotland

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