Thursday, 30 December 2021


BBC is slammed after guest pundit Alan Dershowitz claimed Maxwell guilty verdict 'weakens' Virginia Giuffre's case against Prince Andrew without reminding viewers HE represented Jeffrey Epstein and is also accused of sexual assault by HER
Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC
Sorry, what?! @BBCNews now have Alan Dershowitz on to analyse #GhislaineMaxwell’s conviction, without any reference to his background;he’s simply introduced as “constitutional lawyer” as if he’s a neutral expert. Shocked. Utterly bizarre decision & does the audience a disservice.
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Rothschild friend Mandelson (left)


Suspend Lord Mandelson from the UK Labour party while carrying out an independent investigation into the extent of his involvement with sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell 




Who controlled Churchill? Why might the Rothschilds want a 'communist' Eastern Europe?

UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer is being guided by Peter Mandelson

Unknown commented -

Labour calls for UK crackdown on tech firms over anti-vax content … 

“Prominent anti-vaxxers on Instagram, Facebook and Telegram [have] nearly 1.5 million followers, analysis compiled by Labour showed. The most popular were in the name of David Icke … 

“Some disinformation is also hosted on an alternative streaming site – BrandNewTube … 

“[The shadow culture secretary, Lucy Powell] said tech giants were ‘failing to wipe out vaccine lies’ and that ‘government complacency on fake news means that they are failing to take action against online platforms that are facilitating the spread of disinformation’. 

“[She called on ministers to] ‘INTRODUCE FINANCIAL AND CRIMINAL PENALTIES for failures that lead to serious harm’ … 

“[A government spokesperson said] a counter-disinformation unit still exists and ‘continues to work closely with social media companies to identify and remove dangerous disinformation about vaccines’ …”

Sister of Nicola Sturgeon arrested over alleged domestic incident...

  Seton began to notice that his young maid had an uncanny ability to heal illness and ease pain. It's strange how such witch hunters see the devil in an innocent girl yet oddly failed to see it in the rich and the powerful, in the arrogant and the cruel. Or themselves. --- And yet, now that I am an old, old man, I must confess that of all the faces that appear to me out of the past, the one I see most clearly is that of the girl, of whom I've never ceased to dream these many long years. She was the only Earthly love of my life. Yet I never knew, nor learned, her name.


  1. BBC admits Dershowitz interview re Maxwell conviction inappropriate and misled viewers

    Broadcaster says it will investigate ‘how this happened’

  2. Maxwell trial - Epstein stored data 'disappears'

    "The witness told the tale of how the FBI searched Epstein’s $77 million New York home to the jurors. The agents buzzed but after no answer, they forced their entry to the residence and started performing a protective sweep to make sure there was no threat to them.

    On the third floor, in a dressing room, they found a safe that they pulled out from a closet and brought in a saw to open it. There were several items in it that the FBI photographed such as more “binders with CDs, various items of jewelry, external hard-drives, lose diamonds, large amounts of U.S. currency and passports.” However, they needed a second search warrant in order to retrieve those items. So, they returned a few days later, except that the items that had been removed from the safe were missing.

    An attorney for Epstein [it was claimed] then returned all the items to the agents."

  3. Ridiculous BBC tweet

  4. Ghislaine Maxwell's list of 301 Brits in her little black book under FBI review




  8. Someone should ask Lucy Powell whether she should be sent to prison for preventing Ivermectin being prescribed to Covid19 patients in the UK.

    It's absolutely obvious that she is a HIVE of disinformation where Covid19 is concerned. All she cares about is pushing vaccines and nothing else, which is medical misfeasance of the highest order, not to mention being economically off-the-scale armageddonitis.


  10. Oh noes, the covid, little more, bit less, a tweak here and there!




  14. It's a funny old game. We become dispirited when we see the evil and how obvious it is. Interconnected forces of powers and principalities working their magic and medical sorcery into webs of deception. Common Purpose, Freemasonry, pyramidal councils of chaos and corrupted politicians with covert transgenderism and Babylonian rites of passage at their core. I urge people to take heart and be of good cheer for these are the signs of the end of the age which will die, kicking and screaming due to its own inherent weakness.

  15. That Total immersive FPS game where people get to vacc / boost
    the non-complying or straight up unwillling with awesome lifesaving
    medical intervententions.... another anti-climax. *sigh*

  16. No comments on Princess Di? FORMER islander and MI5 agent, Annie Machon has claimed Britain's security services planned to injure ' not assassinate ' Princess Diana to try to break up her relationship with her lover, Dodi Al Fayed. The former MI5 spy, who worked for the service between 1991 and 1995, claimed that MI6 did not want Diana dead because it was worried she would become a martyr. The plan ended up going tragically wrong.

    Guernsey-born Ms Machon is the partner of David Shayler, the former MI5 officer jailed under the Official Secrets Act for disclosing information obtained while in service.

    In a book, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers, which has been passed for publication by her former employer, Ms Machon said:

    'Like many British people, when David and I first learnt of the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed we thought the crash was a terrible accident caused by paparazzi pursuing the two at high speed.'

    She said she knew Diana's claims to have been under MI5 surveillance in the years before the crash were untrue so, she said, her partner made his own enquiries and she quoted him as saying:

    'Having looked at the available evidence, I am personally inclined to think that MI6 paid to have Diana and Dodi involved in an accident in the same way they tried to have Gaddafi assassinated, using a 'surrogate'.

    'Because Diana was either getting married to Dodi or she was pregnant, the authorities planned the crash to ensure she was taken away from the Al Fayed family or that she lost her unborn child. The only reason I don't believe that the authorities didn't actually aim to assassinate her was that they did not want to make her a martyr at the expense of the Royal Family ' as actually happened.'

    The book follows reports that British intelligence officers are at the centre of the inquiry into Diana's death.

    'The British media continue to call the matter a conspiracy theory and we feel there is compelling information to indicate that the events were anything but accidental,' said Ms Machon.

    'For example, eyewitnesses to the crash reported seeing a white Fiat Uno in the tunnel at the precise moment when there was a bright flash of light which led to the crash.

    'Mohammed Al Fayed's team has traced the white Fiat Uno to James Andanson, a paparazzo.' In August 1998, former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson gave a sworn statement about Andanson's connections with the service.

    'When interviewed by French police, Andanson claimed not to have been in Paris. Yet forensic tests carried out by Al Fayed's security teams on the vehicle and the crash tunnel indicated that the white Fiat Uno had been in the tunnel and had been sold just hours after the crash.

    'Six months later Andanson was found dead in a burnt-out car in the south of France, 400 miles from where he was supposed to be.

    'The authorities have claimed that he committed suicide, although his death has all the hallmarks of an intelligence-service assassination.' etc.

    1. Machon is an insidious shill who never stopped working for the security services. Some tell me who has paid her rent for the last 20 years cos she's never done a day's honest work from my investigations. The fact her worthless opinions are parroted by the covidhoax media is telling.

  17. Re: Peter Mandelson... whom David Shayler (Annie Machon's boyfriend of MI5 formerly took classified documents to The Mail on Sunday; the first story published on the penultimate Sunday of 24 August 1997 concerned the allegation of widespread spying on so-called subversives including Peter Mandelson, whose telephone had been bugged for three years, and other government ministers. Now Peter Mandelson is with Anthony Watson on board for shot at big time: We reveal private jets, yachts and flashy jaunts of 'Insta-banker' taking on the Big Four. Anthony Watson has set up the Bank of London, a clearing bank
    He is a jet-setting financier who flaunts his luxurious lifestyle on Instagram
    Watson has appointed Lord Mandelson as its deputy chairman. The word UNTOUCHABLE springs to mind.

    1. Barclays boss calls top shareholders to warn messages between Jeffrey Epstein and former boss Jes Staley are 'uncomfortable' reading

  18. Despite widespread reporting of the Maxwell trial the MSM in fail to report on the MEGA espionage / blackmail network. Preferring to report on Maxwell / Epstein's minions following the breadcrumb trail downhill rather than to the summit & driving force behind the blackmail & consequent control network.

    The DM provide us with an example ...

    As convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell prepares to face the rest of her life behind bars, attention has turned toward the her minions who allegedly had a hand in helping her procure underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    excerpts link follows

    The picture painted by the evidence is not a direct Epstein tie to a single intelligence agency but a web linking key members of the Mega Group, politicians, and officials in both the U.S. and Israel, and an organized-crime network with deep business and intelligence ties in both nations.

    According to Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad case officer:

    Mossad was financing many of its operations in Europe from money stolen from Maxwell’s newspaper pension fund. They got their hands on the funds almost as soon as Maxwell made the purchase of the Mirror Newspaper Group with money lent to him by Mossad.”

    The “Mega” Mystery and the Mossad

    In May 1997, the Washington Post broke an explosive story — long since forgotten — based on an intercepted phone call made between a Mossad official in the U.S. and his superior in Tel Aviv that discussed the Mossad’s efforts to obtain a secret U.S. government document. According to the Post, the Mossad official stated during the phone call that “Israeli Ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar had asked him whether he could obtain a copy of the letter given to [Palestinian leader Yasser] Arafat by [then-Secretary of State Warren] Christopher on Jan. 16, the day after the Hebron accord was signed by Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.”

    The Post article continued:

    According to a source who viewed a copy of the NSA transcript of the conversation, the intelligence officer, speaking in Hebrew, said, ‘The ambassador wants me to go to Mega to get a copy of this letter.’ The source said the supervisor in Tel Aviv rejected the request, saying, ‘This is not something we use Mega for.’”



  21. EDW again

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