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#CarlosMarin's Covid-19 death on the 19th, 67 days after his birthday (19th prime), is the latest Covid-19 201 ritual. Recall, Event 201 was the coronavirus outbreak simulation just before it happened.


Carlos Marín was in hospital with an undisclosed illness.

Carlos Marin was vaccinated against Covid in Mexico.

Marín died on 19 December 2021, in Manchester, England. He was 53 years old. 

Carlos Marin, Singer in British Quartet Il Divo, Dies at 53 

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'Chile's new president "Leftist lawmaker Gabriel Boric, 35, on Sunday became Chile's youngest-ever president on promises of installing a 'welfare state' in one of the world's most unequal countries ... 

'And he promised to bring about "a welfare state so that everyone has the same rights no matter how much money they have in their wallet." 

'Chile has one of the world's biggest income gaps. One percent of its population owns 25 percent of the wealth, according to a UN agency ... 

"If Chile was the cradle of neoliberalism in Latin America, it will also be its grave," Boric said on the campaign trail ... 

'He is unmarried, has no children and is an avid reader of poetry and history.'

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Sunak, Truss, or Javid installed at Number 10 within weeks? With Starmer, Streeting or Blair to follow? MSM is now going in for the kill...

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 "A leading testing company has been accused of dumping thousands of returned Covid tests in the bin while issuing fit-to-fly certificates to customers. 

"Shocking video footage filmed by a whistle-blower appears to show thousands of testing kits piled high in cardboard boxes and dumped to one side without being opened. 

"Action Fraud - which works with the police - said it had received complaints about the firm, run by Labour councillor Faisal Shoukat"

Ghislaine Maxwell took three girls to target wealthy men 

- at party attended by Prince Charles

'GHISLAINE Maxwell went with three girls to target wealthy men at a party after a film premiere attended by Prince Charles.

'A picture obtained by The Sun on Sunday shows Maxwell sipping a drink as the girls posed with a City broker and his pal.'

It was taken in the Red Cube nightclub in London on November 22, 2000.

The unnamed broker said: “The three girls came up to me and a friend and were being very flirtatious. They were in their late teens or early 20s.

"One, who is on my right in the picture, seemed to be the leader and was asking us if we wanted to buy them drinks or go on somewhere."

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Ian Austin for the Jewish Chronicle: "Brilliant Truss has skillset to forge strong ties with Israel" 

"Anyone who believes in strengthening the relationship between Britain and Israel should be delighted by the appointment of Liz Truss as the new Foreign Secretary ... 

"[There] is no doubt about her support for Israel and its right to defend itself ... 

"She had a high-powered crowd of British exporters, Israeli investors, IDF generals, members of the Knesset and journalists eating out of her hand ... 

"So are we looking at a future Prime Minister? ..." 

*Now a life peer, Ian Austin was previously a LABOUR Member of Parliament

Liz Truss and John Bolton.

Allegedly, 'Elizabeth Truss covered up a judicial paedophilia normalization programme, and allowed Kernaghan to keep his post while he was under investigation for his role in child abuse rings.'

Pedogate UK – The RAINS List | Economy | Before It's News

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LIZ TRUSS @trussliz: "Israel is our great friend and fellow freedom-loving democracy." 

Britain and Israel to sign trade and defence deal "The agreement was announced by LIZ TRUSS, the foreign secretary, and her Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid, despite evidence that spyware made by Israeli company NSO Group had probably been used to spy on two British lawyers advising the ex-wife of the ruler of Dubai, Princess Haya ... 

"... Truss and Lapid said the agreement amounted to 'a new strategic plan for the next decade spanning cyber, tech, trade and defence' ... 

"The ministers added that the two countries would 'work closer' to defend themselves in cyberspace, while ISRAEL WOULD BECOME A TIER ONE CYBER PARTNER FOR THE UK AND HAVE GREATER ACCESS TO THE BRITISH MARKET ..."

Liz Truss (Right) - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

'Liz Truss is facing calls to resign after admitting the government breached a court order banning the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.'

'Liz Truss described the well-evidenced plans to discuss selling the National Health Service to US health firms as a “conspiracy theory”, which she linked to antisemitism.'

Liz Truss and antisemitism

The army major's son who had an affair with Liz Truss

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LIZ TRUSS UK Foreign Secretary Truss to take over Brexit talks with EU "tipped as a POTENTIAL FUTURE LEADER of the party" 

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss underlines support for Israel at CFI Party Conference Reception ... 

"In her speech, [Liz Truss] described Israel as a 'freedom-loving democracy which we completely want to work with and stand by and develop a deeper relationship' ... 

"In her remarks, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Tzipi Hotovely described the Foreign Secretary [Liz Truss] and Health Secretary [Sajid Javid] as 'great friends' of Israel. 

"She thanked CFI and said that together, 'we are going hopefully to write A WHOLE NEW CHAPTER in the bilateral relations of Israel and the UK' ... 

"Health Secretary Sajid Javid underlined his staunch support for Israel in his comments, telling those gathered that he was 'already planning his first trip as Health Secretary to Israel'. 

"'When it comes to this pandemic, two countries had the most outstanding response when it came to vaccines, the United Kingdom and the State of Israel', he said ..."











    "Hope? 'Chile's new president "Leftist lawmaker Gabriel Boric, 35, on Sunday became Chile's youngest-ever president on promises of installing a 'welfare state' in one of the world's most unequal countries"

    Sorry to gate crash the party folks. Don't want to dash peoples hopes.

    However, this ... is another globalist shill operating with full sponsorship of the 'unseen' and shadowy operatives. Why am I so sure????? It is approximately 08.43 UK time. I read an earlier comment about this Che Gavara self styled clown about 10 minutes ago - had never heard of him before that. Two pieces of information later from a 'sleepy eyed' look at his very limited Wiki page and guess what comes tumbling out...... the usual esoteric numerology and a fake providence of the youthful student union leader and activist. In the UK, NUS leaders are household names from the world of politics and the same is true the world over. From African dictatorships to South American Socialist. From Iranian revolutionaries (Ahmedinajad) to Pakistani politicos the same acne lead activism to Presidential power seems too good to be true. The organic grass roots leaders are easier to accept when we are able to see their 'path to power'. A 5 minute research of NUS leaders and their world counterparts throws up some pretty interesting names. Easier still though. If you can't spare 5 minutes, let's examine the (by now) glaringly obvious numerology that has been tagged onto the glorious leader. As an incumbent of the Chamber of Deputies (Chile's lower house) he assumed office on 11.3.14 (11x3=33). As the Presidential incumbent he will take office on 11.3.22 which itself has multiples of 33 and 66. The numerology fixed by dates tells me who owns Boric. Finally, after attending (The British School) in Chile (alarm bells ringing), his political leanings are clearly more than just left of centre. After the 2019 civil unrest in Chile, Boric was one of the politicians who negotiated the agreement and referendum to change the constitution. A constitutional change then a Presidency (qui bono?) In 2021, he was selected as the presidential candidate of the Apruebo Dignidad coalition (that included the Broad Front and the Communist Party). So, single, very young, no kids, The British School, a Communist coalition a constitutional change and the number 33. What could possibly go wrong?????? Peace to the humans.

  10. Proudhon wrote: “Jews and Jews again! In the days of the republic, as during the reign of Louis-Philippe ... we give into the hands of the Jews the right to execute and have mercy ... A Jew is not a peasant, not a worker, and not a real merchant. He is only an intermediary and always a swindler ... Jews always remain Jews, a parasitic race ... with one hand they create kings, rob the wealth of nations and rule nations through banks and stock exchanges, with the other they rob kings and emperors. "

    M. Bakunin expressed similar ideas: “The entire Jewish world, which is one gang of exploiters, leeches and parasites, which only gobbles at someone else's expense, regardless of state borders and political opinions, being today, on the one hand, at the disposal of Marx, and on the other parties at the disposal of Rothschild. One might ask what communism has in common with a large bank. So, the communism of Marx aims to create a huge political concentration, wherever there is such concentration, in our time there must be a central state bank, and wherever such a bank is located, Jews, a parasitic nation that lives by the labor of the people."

  11. The price of Brent fell below $ 70 on the news of the omicron strain.

    The oil market began the pre-Christmas trading week with a collapse in quotations. The cost of Brent futures on the London ICE exchange broke down the $ 70 mark per barrel on the news of the "victorious march" of the omicron strain, which, according to the WHO, has already spread to 89 countries of the world, including those where the vast majority have been vaccinated population.
    At 12.07 Moscow time, the February contracts for Brent lost 5.1% in price and are trading at $ 69.78 per barrel, renewing their lows since December 3. The American benchmark grade WTI depreciates 5.5% and costs $ 66.98 per barrel, while the EU exchanges are down 2-3%, and the Russian stock market is down 2.35% according to the Moscow Exchange index.
    With a record number of spike protein mutations that "clings" to a human cell, Omicron looks set to "become the Grinch that stole Christmas," said Tapas Strickland, senior director of economics at NAB.
    According to the WHO, in those countries where the variant has already become dominant, the number of infections doubles every 1.5-3 days. “This means that health care systems can collapse, even with the effectiveness of vaccines,” says Strickland.
    Markets fear new restrictive measures that are already being introduced that could hit demand, said Calvin Wong, an analyst at CMC Markets.
    Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte announced the introduction of a hard lockdown in the country from December 19 to January 14 due to the rapid spread of the omicron. Germany has limited entry from the UK, where the number of infections on Friday peaked since the start of the pandemic - 93 thousand people. On Saturday, another 90 thousand were added to them.
    According to Bloomberg sources, the German authorities are considering measures to limit social contacts in order to contain the spread of the virus and prevent problems in the healthcare system.
    Israel from Monday introduces a ban on entry from France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, as well as travel to these countries. The country's Ministry of Health recommended to the Knesset to expand the "red list" of countries from December 22 to include Canada and the United States.
    The American authorities are already preparing for a new wave of morbidity, warning that the number of infections will rise sharply in the next two weeks. To date, the omicron has already been recorded in 43 of the 50 US states. The fifth wave of the pandemic hit the oil market at an unfortunate moment: demand begins to decline, while production increases sharply.
    The number of US rigs in operation in the week ended December 17 reached 579, the highest since April 2020.
    Production in the Permian shale basin, the largest in the United States, which accounts for every second barrel recoverable in the country, according to the Ministry of Energy, in December rose to 4.96 million barrels per day.
    The giant field, located on the Texas-New Mexico border, has reached maximum capacity since the pandemic began and will continue to ramp up supplies in 2022.
    In January, according to the forecast of the authorities, Permian will pump 5.031 million barrels per day, which will be an absolute record for all the time available statistics.

  12. The Jewish Century

    This masterwork of interpretative history begins with a bold declaration: The Modern Age is the Jewish Age — and we are all, to varying degrees, Jews.

    The assertion is, of course, metaphorical. But it underscores Yuri Slezkine’s provocative thesis. Not only have Jews adapted better than many other groups to living in the modern world, they have become the premiere symbol and standard of modern life everywhere.

    Slezkine argues that the Jews were, in effect, among the world’s first free agents. They traditionally belonged to a social and anthropological category known as “service nomads,” an outsider group specializing in the delivery of goods and services. Their role, Slezkine argues, was part of a broader division of human labor between what he calls Mercurians-entrepreneurial minorities — and Apollonians — food-producing majorities.

  13. Jewish woman accused of antisemitism by Labour threatens to sue

    "[Diana Neslen] is a member of Jewish Voice for Labour, which says it knows of 42 Jewish members of the Labour party, two of whom have since died, who have faced or are facing disciplinary charges relating to allegations of antisemitism. The group estimates that MORE THAN FIVE TIMES MORE JEWISH THAN NON-JEWISH MEMBERS have faced actioned complaints of antisemitism."



    "I do NOT regard them as safe, particularly in children. The risk-benefit ratio is completely upside-down.

    "More children will die from these vaccines than will be saved. And the data are quite clear.

    "I have long held two key positions: The vaccines should be reserved for those at highest risk of this disease. I have not said they shouldn't be used. I've said that they should be reserved.

    "We should NOT have universal vaccination. We should absolutely not have vaccine mandates. That is, in my opinion, illegal and grossly immoral ...

    " *** And unfortunately, as the data have emerged increasingly, I'm increasingly forced into a position where I'm not sure if they even have a merit for those at highest risk. ***

    "Particularly given that we have therapeutic drug strategies that work, that keep people out of the hospital.

    "And then, as if that wasn't enough, the data with Omicron is creating an even greater imbalance between risk and benefit.

    " *** I think that it's likely, in the next few weeks, I'm going to have to shift my position and say that, I don't see how the risk-benefit ratio for these mRNA vaccines, or adenovirus genetic vaccines, make any sense for anybody ***"

    - Dr Robert W. Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology that is used in the covid vaccine
    Full interview:

  16. Irina Karamanos: The new Greek "First Lady" of Chile












  28. Offed her?

  29. Conspiracy Fact

  30. "F**king Scandalous" - SAGE Modeller Admits They Don't Model Good Outcomes For Lockdown Policymakers



  32. Remote Native Indians Are Fleeing To The Wilderness As Canadian Military Forcing Jab At Gunpoint

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  33. 'Ghislaine Maxwell was a madam in London in the 1990s & 2000s'

    "The Sun hints she was a madam in London in the 2000s

    "But what happened to the 1994 Met Police probe into prostitution at Ghislaine's London home—which cops surveiled as a suspected BROTHEL?"

  34. "Poland: Members of the Confederation party used a 'Vaccination Sets you Free' banner during their anti-vaccination protests, which resembled the infamous sign above the entrance to Auschwitz.

    Members of the right-wing Confederation held a protest against mandatory vaccinations and pandemic restrictions. Several of the party’s leaders took part.

    Marek Sawicki of the Polish People’s Party (PSL) declared that “all boundaries of stupidity had been broken” referring to the banner.

    Confederation politician Dobromir Sośnierz defended the protest: "We are heading in a similar direction and I’m not surprised that people make such connections."

  35. Ziona Greenwald in the Times of Israel, compares discrimination against unvaccinated people, to the early stages of 1930s-40s Nazi crimes against Jews, saying that:

    Nazi crimes against Jews took place in stages, earlier stages being social shaming and de-humanisation

    Social shaming and de-humanisation of the unvaxed is also taking place in stages ... so what later stages might follow?

    'This is how it happens'


  37. Curiouser & curiouser enter Jayda Fransen - London Freedom Rally Footage

  38. George Galloway @georgegalloway:

    It is already clear that the #OmicronVariant cases are NOT "doubling every two days". In fact that prediction is so far from the truth it makes you wonder...

  39. Harry Miller has just won a huge victory in the Court of Appeal. Court has ruled that the recording of non-crime hate incidents is an unlawful interference in freedom of expression. @SpeechUnion

    press release here.


  41. UK ex-minister links his resignation to Covid restrictions

  42. Two police officers to be prosecuted for Covid protest violence

  43. TCW Defending Freedom has received this exclusive account of the work being done by the Army’s secretive 77th Brigade to support the Government’s Covid-19 response.

    While I recuperate I have been seconded to the Operational Media and Communications Group (OM&C Gp) of the 77th Brigade (Motto: All Art is Propaganda). Our role is to confuse our enemies with propaganda but most importantly to work with the Home Office Rapid Response Unit to counter ‘disinformation’ about the Covid emergency. By this I mean we have to respond to inconvenient facts written about the impact of the virus and heighten the state of fear in the plebs.

    Their most recent order is to demonise the unvaccinated.

  44. De Blasio's Pitch To Unvaxxed: 'Your Paycheck Depends On It' And So Does 'Your Ability To Enjoy Life'

  45. People get microchips implanted that include COVID-19 vaccine records

    "People in Sweden are increasingly seeking to have microchips inserted into their bodies that contain their COVID-19 vaccination records, according to local media outlets ..."

  46. Pfizer allocates separate vaccine batches to its employees and corporate partners

  47. German Health Minister Calls For Immediate Forced Vaccination Of Entire Population

  48. French Health Minister Admits Vaccine Passports Are a “Disguised” Vaccine Mandate

  49. South African Officials Advise Government To Stop Tracing And Quarantining Omicron Contacts Because Most Don’t Experience Any Symptoms

  50. Unknown commented -

    Babylon mystery religion dictates that the male and female are to unite in a male... Smile and be of good cheer. It's all a sign that we're at the end of the Age. Protesting at the pre-determinism is vanity.

  51. Millions Protested Vaccine Mandates over the Weekend, and the Media Barely Mentioned It

  52. Citizens and Experts Call for a Halt to COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout in India

  53. Anti-Health Mandate Group, America’s Frontline Doctors, to open its own Clinics

  54. Look: it's perfectly possible for Jews to be 'anti-semitic'. Anti-semitic means discriminating against the Semitic peoples, of whom Jews are a very, very small minority.

    All Jews have to do to be anti-semitic is to hate semites who are Arabs.