Sunday, 19 December 2021


Valérie Pécresse and friend.

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In polling for France's April Presidential election, just behind Macron at 24%, is Valérie Pécresse from the mainstream conservative party surging forward at 17%. 

Pécresse is now thought to have the momentum to get through the first round in April and win the run-off in May. Pécresse is certainly French establishment, but makes people feel she is capable of restoring some normalcy to French life.

Olaf Scholz is the Chancellor of Germany.

He defends Israel. 

His party congress was sponsored by Pfizer and Microsoft, among others.

US giant Microsoft is accused of National Health Service 'takeover by stealth' by elbowing UK firms out of millions of pounds of contracts by giving remote-meeting software to the Health Service

Zahawi was born on 2 June 1967 in Baghdad to Iraqi Kurdish parents.[1]

The UK's next Prime Minister may be NADHIM ZAHAWI.

Former refugee Nadhim Zahawi  is the UK's Education Secretary

Nadhim Zahawi is former chairman of Le Cercle.

'In my book, The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies, I explain that these same networks are still running the world and are now involved in the plan to vaccinate all of us.

'I also show how their gofers - trusted so much and by so many worldwide - such as Bill Gates, Dr Anthony Fauci and Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, are deeply sinister, compromised, dangerous psychopaths who have horrendously suspicious backgrounds and disturbing connections.

'On delving into Nadhim Zahawi’s affiliations with Le Cercle, you can sure as hell say the same about him.'

'The Dark, Fascist Connections Of The UK's Vaccine Minister, Nadhim Zahawi
Judge Him By The Company He Keeps.'

Now Jeremy Hunt and Nadhim Zahawi jostle for poll position in Tory succession race as MPs openly discuss who they'd back if contest to replace Boris was held tomorrow

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PETER HITCHENS: A return for Tony Blair? That really is my nightmare before Christmas

'Instead of being furious at the Government for devastating the economy, crashing the NHS, relaunching inflation, stealing our most basic liberties and all that, we are collectively enraged because they had a few quiet drinks in the office last Christmas … 

'The most gripping political event of last week was the Labour Party’s decision to support the Government’s latest Covid measures. If they had voted against them, they could have brought the Government down …

Sooner or later it is going to occur to LABOUR that they once again need the empty, unprincipled political glam rock star who longs above all for adulation and fame, and whose shimmering fake brilliance conceals the shifty bunch of machine men, spin-doctors and manipulators who actually run things.

PETER HITCHENS: A return for Tony Blair? That really is my nightmare before Christmas

Putin and Xi plot their SWIFT escape





  4. Regarding the 'few quiet drinks' and people complaining about how dare the politicians did this, they are overlooking the more important aspect of this and many other get togethers politicians have been involved in since this all started. They're not wearing masks and they're not social distancing. Ask yourself 'why not?'. Because they are NOT afraid of the virus!

    1. You can not be afraid of something that does not exist. Same thing happened when Bill Gates was visiting the Kosher royal family.


    1. Icke's attention to detail is anecdotal. Always has been since the red and blue pill forum days. Rumour has it, Gervais was told by his MI5 handlers to base Brent on Icke. Do you believe that?


  7. 'SHOCKING' Ghislaine Maxwell took three girls to target wealthy men at party attended by Prince Charles

  8. Covid testing LOL

    "A leading testing company has been accused of dumping thousands of returned Covid tests in the bin while issuing fit-to-fly certificates to customers.

    Shocking video footage filmed by a whistle-blower appears to show thousands of testing kits piled high in cardboard boxes and dumped to one side without being opened.

    Action Fraud - which works with the police - said it had received complaints about the firm, run by Labour councillor Faisal Shoukat"


    UK Foreign Secretary Truss to take over Brexit talks with EU

    "tipped as a POTENTIAL FUTURE LEADER of the party"

    Foreign Secretary Liz Truss underlines support for Israel at CFI Party Conference Reception

    "In her speech, [Liz Truss] described Israel as a 'freedom-loving democracy which we completely want to work with and stand by and develop a deeper relationship' ...

    "In her remarks, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Tzipi Hotovely described the Foreign Secretary [Liz Truss] and Health Secretary [Sajid Javid] as 'great friends' of Israel.

    "She thanked CFI and said that together, 'we are going hopefully to write A WHOLE NEW CHAPTER in the bilateral relations of Israel and the UK' ...

    "Health Secretary Sajid Javid underlined his staunch support for Israel in his comments, telling those gathered that he was 'already planning his first trip as Health Secretary to Israel'.

    "'When it comes to this pandemic, two countries had the most outstanding response when it came to vaccines, the United Kingdom and the State of Israel', he said ..."

  10. LIZ TRUSS @trussliz:

    "Israel is our great friend and fellow freedom-loving democracy."

    Britain and Israel to sign trade and defence deal

    "The agreement was announced by LIZ TRUSS, the foreign secretary, and her Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid, despite evidence that spyware made by Israeli company NSO Group had probably been used to spy on two British lawyers advising the ex-wife of the ruler of Dubai, Princess Haya ...

    "... Truss and Lapid said the agreement amounted to 'a new strategic plan for the next decade spanning cyber, tech, trade and defence' ...

    "The ministers added that the two countries would 'work closer' to defend themselves in cyberspace, while ISRAEL WOULD BECOME A TIER ONE CYBER PARTNER FOR THE UK AND HAVE GREATER ACCESS TO THE BRITISH MARKET ..."

    1. Your Windows updates come from Tel Aviv not Virginia.

  11. Ian Austin for the Jewish Chronicle:

    "Brilliant Truss has skillset to forge strong ties with Israel"

    "Anyone who believes in strengthening the relationship between Britain and Israel should be delighted by the appointment of Liz Truss as the new Foreign Secretary ...

    "[There] is no doubt about her support for Israel and its right to defend itself ...

    "She had a high-powered crowd of British exporters, Israeli investors, IDF generals, members of the Knesset and journalists eating out of her hand ...

    "So are we looking at a future Prime Minister? ..."

    *Now a life peer, Ian Austin was previously a LABOUR Member of Parliament

  12. Sunak, Truss, or Javid installed at Number 10 within weeks?
    With Starmer, Streeting or Blair to follow?

    MSM is now going in for the kill...

    "Exclusive: Boris Johnson and staff pictured with wine in Downing Street garden in May 2020"



  15. Brazil is having a big surge in the flu cases at wrong time of the year. Very strange. Maybe not. It means the vaccines are working.

  16. Hope? Chile's new president

    "Leftist lawmaker Gabriel Boric, 35, on Sunday became Chile's youngest-ever president on promises of installing a 'welfare state' in one of the world's most unequal countries ...

    And he promised to bring about "a welfare state so that everyone has the same rights no matter how much money they have in their wallet."

    Chile has one of the world's biggest income gaps. One percent of its population owns 25 percent of the wealth, according to a UN agency ...

    "If Chile was the cradle of neoliberalism in Latin America, it will also be its grave," Boric said on the campaign trail ...

    He is unmarried, has no children and is an avid reader of poetry and history.

    1. If its too good to be true...... guess what? Indeed it will prove to good to be true.

      A 35 year old unmarried lawyer with no kids.... (translation)... A 35 year okd deviant Macronesque styled homosexual.

      World leaders seem to have no kids or adopted kids for many of them. It seems a stretch too far that a man of such a tender age could get anywhere near the seat of power without shady characters sponsoring his meteoric rise.

      Conclusion. Rather than hope, a 35 year old deviant homo-globalist who is young enough to terrorise a nation for 40-50 years with his UBI monetary platform that disempowers the nation.

      I hope I'm wrong.


  17. Hospital units may close as staff revolt over jab mandate, says NHS leader

    “Entire hospital units could be forced to shut because of staff quitting in protest at the government’s order that they must all be vaccinated against Covid-19, a senior NHS leader has warned …

    “The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) impact assessment of its policy found that as many as 126,000 unvaccinated staff could lose their job when the rule comes into force on 1 April …”

  18. Belt and Road. Russian Jews historically control Israel (look at PM names) to steer China and US and in so doing raise Israel as a technological international superpower for the Assyrian to play with for a bit. (Picture of a kitten).