Saturday 21 May 2016



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The Israeli firm ICTS has been linked to 8 terror incidents. ICTS runs the security at the Charles de Gaulle airport, from which MS804 took off.

'Leaked data' indicates that Flight MS804 was on fire before it crashed, as smoke alarms were sounding for almost three minutes before it began its rapid descent.

The Aviation Herald

Experts have not ruled out the use of an 'incendiary device'.

Smoke was detected in the avionics (electronics).

The final two alerts from the plane indicate faults with the the flight control unit used by the pilot to input instructions into the flight computer and the computer that controls the plane's spoilers and elevator computers.

There was smoke and heat on a window near the co-pilot according to CNN aviation analyst David Soucie.


The EgyptAir flight MS804 could have been downed by a smuggled Lockerbie-style timed bomb.

EgyptAir flight 'downed by timed bomb'

In April 2016, Paul Ryan was in Israel, inspecting Israel's missiles.

Paul Ryan

EgyptAir flight MS804 was hit on 19 May 2016.

On 20 May 2016, Moshe Yaalon, the Israeli Defense Minister, resigned.

He said that Israel is being taken over by "extremist and dangerous elements."

Israel's ex-defense minister: 'Extremist and dangerous elements'

Israel shot down this passenger airline.

In early May 2016, Israel's Major General Yair Golan compared recent trends in Israel to events in Nazi-era Germany.

Top IDF officer Yair Golan compares modern Israel to 1930s Germany.

In 1973, Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 was shot down by Israel.

Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114

Plane Explosion .

EgyptAir flight MS804

"An Israeli newspaper quoted witnesses as saying they saw a fireball in the sky around the time the plane disappeared." 


"A defence ministry source said authorities were also investigating an account from the captain of a merchant ship who reported seeing a 'flame in the sky' in the area." 

AIRPORT SECURITY. Security at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport 'is provided by the Israeli Firm ICTS'.

EgyptAir flight MS804

John Goglia, a former US National Transportation Safety Board member, said early indications point to a bomb.

"Given the fact that (the pilot) made those abrupt turns without broadcasting any maydays would indicate to me that something catastrophic like a device happened."

EgyptAir flight MS804

A relatively small quantity of explosive, planted in the right place, can destroy an airliner in flight.

A strike by a surface-to-air missile, launched from a ship, is also one possible cause.

EgyptAir flight MS804

The USA and its allies were holding a naval drill in the approximate area where the Egypt Air MS804 came down.


In October 2015, a Russian passenger plane that took off from an Egyptian Red Sea resort crashed in the Sinai, killing all 224 people aboard. Russia said it was brought down by a bomb.

Israel Claims Intercept Success.

Did a missile or a bomb bring down Egypt Air MS804?

1. Security at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport 'is provided by the Israeli Firm ICTS'.

ICTS has been linked to airport security on 9 11 and to airport security when numerous other terror incidents have occurred. 

3. The spooky friends of Donald Trump are blaming Moslems for the Egypt Air incident on 19 May 2016.

Egypt Air Crash: ‘Religion of Peace’ Strikes Again? -

Paul Joseph Watson writes that "suspicion focuses on the pilot, and on potential jihadists who worked at Paris airport."

4. Donald trump is blaming 'terrorists' for the 19 May incident.

Image for the news result
Israel has successfully tested a maritime missile ... dubbing it the “Iron Dome of the Sea,” the navy announced on ... The Tamir-Adir system, which the IDF said can shoot down ...

 5. Goon Squad reminds us that ICTS France was re-awarded the contract with Aéroports de Paris at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports

"ICTS provided 'security' to all airports used by the 9/11 thugs...

"ICTS also provided 'security' for the 'shoe and underwear bombers'...

"ICTS is owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers."

6. French intelligence warned of ISIS (CIA-MOSSAD-NATO) attacks just before the EgyptAir Flight MS804 came down. 

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Thursday 19 May 2016



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Supreme Court bans naming 

Elton John and David Furnish


Elton is 'Kosher Nostra', reportedly.

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Wednesday 18 May 2016



Donald Trump has had business dealings with lots of Moslem countries.

In Moslem Indonesia, Trump has a resort situated in "the most magnificent location" and another in Lido Lakes that shall be "the pride of Indonesia."

Trump is fond of "amazing man" Setya Novanto, the boss of the Indonesian political party formerly run by Suharto.

Novanto has been involved in a corruption scandal involving Freeport Indonesia.

He "attempted to extort stock worth $4 billion from Freeport."

The Donald Trump guide. / A Watergate Moment for Indonesia

The Trump Organization has a lot of real estate in the Middle East.

Qatar Airways New York HQ is in a Trump tower.

Some of Donald Trump's Middle East Business Ventures

A North African Moslem.

The Trump organisation built the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai.

In May 2015, Ivanka Trump announced that The Trump Hotel Collection plans to build luxury hotels luxury properties in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Dubai.

Trump eyes UAE, KSA and Qatar hotels ....

Trump Home (home decor and furniture) has been partnered with the Dubai-based, Landmark Group - operating  in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Arabian Business / Some of Donald Trump's Middle East Business Ventures

A Muslim from North Africa.

In November 2014, Trump announced a partnership to open a luxury hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan

Trump Towers, Sisli is a 40-story residential tower in Istanbul, Turkey.

Donald Trump makes millions in Muslim countries

Saudi Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Al Saud reportedly lives in a Trump Tower apartment. 

Wealthy Muslims helped Donald Trump build his empire .

Prince Nawaf bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud owned a condo at the Heritage at Trump Place that went on sale this year for $48.5 million.

Prince Alwaleed

Prince Alwaleed, known for investments from Citigroup to Hyundai, took majority control of Trump's New York's Plaza hotel, giving Trump 'more breathing room with bank creditors,' as The New York Times wrote in 1995

Four years earlier, Alwaleed purchased Trump’s nearly300 foot yacht for $18 million as his Atlantic City casinos struggled.

Wealthy Muslims helped Donald Trump build his empire .

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Ilan Goldfajn, on the right.

Brazil is now in the hands of an Israeli born central bank head, Ilan Goldfajn.

Brazil tasks Israeli-born central bank head with overhauling economy

Michel Temer and his wife Marcela

Brazil is now in the hands of a multi-millionaire president, Michel Temer, who has worked for the CIA and its friends.

Brazil's acting president used to be US intel informant - WikiLeaks

Temer, the son of Lebanese immigrants, is, like Donald Trump, a close friend of Israel.

Brazil's new president is friend to Jewish community

Temer's minister of foreign relations, Jose Serra, is a longtime friend of the Jewish community.

Michel Temer has been named in Brazil's corruption investigations

The coup against the anti-Israel Dilma Rousseff has been blamed partly on Brazil's media, which is owned by Brazil's richest families.

Brazil's largest media outlets supported the 1964 military coup "that further enriched the nation's tycoons."

Globo behind coup? Brazil president's supporters blame impeachment on media

Michel Temer and family.

Brazil's new first lady is Marcela Temer, a former model.

She had multimillion renovations to her home, paid for by the taxpayer.

Marcela's sister Fernanda Tedeschi leads an exotic life of champagne, shopping and holidays



During the UN conference on sustainable development in 2012, Marcella held a jewellery catwalk show for the wives of world leaders, exhibiting items worth up to £10,000 each.

More than two million Brazilians are now expected to lose unemployment benefits by June 2016.


'Made in USA': 3 key signs that point to Washington's hand in Brazil's 'coup'

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Tuesday 17 May 2016


Donald Trump used to party at the Playboy mansion, according to former playmate Holly Madison.

Donald Trump 'partied at the Playboy Mansion'.

Victoria Zdrok is a Ukranian-born former Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet who says that she went out with Donald Trump.

Trump said of Zdrok: "she looks like a fucking third-rate hooker... She's full of shit."

'F**king Third-Rate Hooker 

"The Koch network is to throw its money behind Republican Senate candidates in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin."

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The voters have made some changes in the Dumfries area, in south west Scotland.

In 2015, the voters threw out Russell Brown, who had been the Labour Member of Parliament for Dumfries and Galloway.

In 2016, the voters threw out Elaine Murray, who had been the Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament for Dumfriesshire.

In 2016, the voters failed to elect Joan McAlpine as the Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for Dumfriesshire.

In 2016, the voters failed to elect Aileen McLeod as the Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for the South Scotland region.


Dumfries is a neglected place.

Railway lines have been closed. 

Factories have been closed. 

Pound shops and charity shops have been closed.

The local towns have had their town councils closed.

Serena Cowdy.

Meanwhile, what is the Scottish National Party getting up to?

The Scottish National Party voted to support the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya, thus destroying Libya.

Lockerbie image

Serena Cowdy has had affairs with two married MPs from the Scottish National Party.

Stewart Hosie, 53, and Angus MacNeil, 45, have each left their wife following a relationship with the 36-year-old journalist Serena Cowdy.

The Scottish National Party MPs are said to have clashed over their rivalry for Cowdy's affections.

Hosie, deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, announced, on 15 may 2016, that he was separating from wife Shona Robison, a senior politician in the Scottish Parliament.

MacNeil announced his separation from his wife Jane in 2015, not long after the end of his affair with Miss Cowdy.

MacNeil had stayed with her husband after a previous embarrassment, when he was caught with two teenage girls in a hotel room in 2007 while she, then pregnant, was in hospital.


Lockerbie is near Dumfries. Were these passengers on PanAm 103 killed by the CIA? The US ambassador to Lebanon, John McCarthy, and the South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha had their travel plans altered at the last minute in order to avoid PA103. Charles McKee and Matthew Gannon allegedly changed their plans at the last minute to fly on PA103. ("Cover-up - Lockerbie")

Can you trust all those Scottish National Party politicians who want centralisation and membership of NATO?

The Scottish National Party should copy Switzerland, and have a decentralised state.

Abu Talb, who reportedly was a US agent

Meanwhile, Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish National Party's former Cabinet Secretary for Justice, 2007−2014, is supporting the CIA's line that Libya, Iran and certain Palestinians were responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing.

MacAskill cited among the reasons for his belief that Libya and Megrahi had been involved in the bombing 'an alleged interview given by Colonel Gaddafi to The Washington Times in 2003'.

There was no such 2003 interview.

Kenny MacAskill reported to police over claims about Lockerbie

The Scottish national party has been infiltrated?


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Monday 16 May 2016


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Above we see England's King Henry VIII with Charles Brandon, in a slightly fictionalised version of Henry's life.

Anne Boleyn said publicly that the king was "not able to satisfy a woman, having neither the skill nor the virility."

Like Donald Trump's close friend Roy Cohn, Henry VIII has been accused of being a homosexual homophobe.

King Mwanga of Buganda (Uganda) (1868- 1903): liked both boys and girls. King Mwanga kept a 'harem' of nearly 100 of them of them. He hated the missionaries since they were attempting to covert his young men. The King went into a fit of rage when one of his favorite young men converted. His Majesty, in his rage, "burned at the stake over two dozen of his former lovers (above) who later would be known as the Martyrs of Buganda."

The Tudors did not have a word for 'homosexual'. 

So, the Tudor homophobes were opposed to 'sodomy' rather than 'same sex relationships'.

When King Henry VIII met King Francis I of France, "they were both dressed in gold and silver cloth ...

"While still on horseback, they embraced and kissed each other...

"Francis gave Henry a beautiful bracelet, and then, laughing and joking like a schoolboy, he insisted on helping Henry to dress. 

"He warmed his shirt, helped him to tie and button his clothes, and then, mounting on his horse, rode gayly home."

Henry VIII—The Field of the Cloth of Gold

King Charles I of Wurttemburg (1823-1891): created a problem for Chancellor Otto Von Bismark. Charles I fell in love with three young American men - Richard Mason Jackson, Charles Woodcock and Donald Hendry. Bismarck banished the young men.

In 1533 Henry VIII had a law passed called the Buggery Act which prosecuted acts of sodomy.

This law was a tool to attack Catholic monks, so that their monastic lands could be seized.

When Mary Tudor succeeded the throne of England in 1553, she repealed all the laws against buggery (sodomy).

Elizabeth Tudor then brought back all the laws against buggery.


The top Nazis were gay and homophobic.

The Roehm Purge -  "not only did the majority of the SA homosexuals survive the purge, but the massacre was largely implemented by homosexuals. 

Strasser stated that "the Chief Killers of Munich were Wagner, Esser, Maurice, Weber and Buch." 

These men "were all known to be sex perverts or sexual maniacs of one type or another." 

"The larger campaign of assassinations across Germany was orchestrated by Reinhard Heydrich, also a well-known homosexual.

Reagan, Rupert Murdoch and Roy Cohn. Cohn arranged Murdoch's first Oval Office meeting with Reagan in 1983. How Roy Cohn Helped Rupert. The gay homophobic Cohn has links to Mossad. ROY COHN - MOSSAD.

King James I was the typical monarch and had various young lads as male lovers.

These included:

Esmé Stuart, Earl of Lennox

George Gordon, sixth Earl of Huntley

Alexander Lindsay, Lord Spynie

Francis Stewart Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham

James Hay, 1st Earl of Carlisle

Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset

"Carr was a handsome Scots lad who came to England in 1603 to run beside the royal coach as a page-boy...

"Carr was appointed Gentleman of the Bedchamber."

King James I and VI.

"Every day some aspiring Lord - notably Sir William Manson - would hire a troup of handsome young ragamuffin boys, scrub their faces clean with curdled milk, curl their hair, powder them and perfume them, dress them in silk and lace, and lead them in dainty procession around the throne in order to seduce the King's favour."

King James I and VI.

Donald Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn (above left, with Trump right).

Roy Cohn was gay. 

He openly frequented gay bars. (Cohn, Roy )

Cohn targeted people for alleged homosexual tendencies.

Many of those targeted lost jobs, families, and homes. 

When Cohn learned that one victim had killed himself, Cohn celebrated with a bottle of champagne.

Three young boys were murdered by a child abuse ring.

"During the investigation by the New York State Select Committee on Crime, information was received that Roy Cohn (Donald Trump's lawyer) helped in covering up the murder and the disposal of the bodies."

The Johnny Gosch Foundation. / behindthepinecurtain-children

Cohn (left), Trump (right)

Roy Cohn has been linked to:

1. The Franklin child abuse ring cover up in Omaha

2. The Dutroux child abuse ring affair in Belgium

3. The CIA's fascist stay-behind Gladio false flag terrorist groups

4. The running of the CIA's child abuse rings.

Continued here: TRUMP - CIA ASSET?

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Sunday 15 May 2016







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Saturday 14 May 2016


Above, we see Skye McAlpine who has a food blog.

From My Dining Table by Skye McAlpine – food and la dolce vita.

Skye writes of Venice: "Ca’Macana is where Stanley Kubrick sourced the masks for his last film, Eyes Wide Shut."


Skye McAlpine has a home in Venice.

Sir Alistair McAlpine and his wife Romilly in Venice.

Skye McAlpine is the daughter of Sir Alistair McAlpine and his second wife Romilly Hobbs.

Hamish McAlpine, in Venice.

Hamish McAlpine is a first cousin of Alistair McAlpine.

Hamish McAlpine, head of the London-based film company Metro Tartan, is responsible for distributing Bertrand Bonello's The Pornographer and Japanese sadism and masochism film Audition.


Skye lives in the Venice disrict called Castello, which is dominated by the Arsenale.

Lord Alistair McAlpine, who was at the centre of the child abuse scandal in the UK, is listed in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book. 

Above we see Sir Alistair, at home in Puglia, with his third wife, Athina Malpas..

Above we see young Skye with her parents.

The Thatchers with Skye McAlpine, daughter of Lord McAlpine, who was the Conservative Party Treasurer while MargaretThatcher was prime Minister.

Margaret Thatcher enjoyed the company of young Skye McAlpine, the daughter of Alistair McAlpine.

Skye once played play hide-and-seek with Margaret Thatcher at the McAlpine estate at West Green.

They didn't tell anyone what they were doing


West Green.

Skye spent many Christmases with the Thatchers, sometimes at Chequers, sometimes in London or Venice.

http://www.dailymail. / THATCHER; LESBIAN MP; LESBIAN PARTY ...

'Groper' Alfred Roberts and his favourite daughter, who became Margaret Thatcher.

There are reports that Margaret Thatcher's father sexually abused young girls.

In 1997 the magazine Punch published an article by Professor Bernard Crick featuring allegations, including one from an alleged victim, that Alfred Roberts had been involved in several sexual assaults on young women.

The article claimed that Roberts was the inspiration for a lecherous character who was a local councillor and grocer in the 1937 satire of Grantham, Rotten Borough[12]

Child abuse, arms deals, murders, deep state, Cyprus.

Alistair McAlpine (above) was accused of being involved in a child abuse scandal.


Lord McAlpine - Page 28 - David Icke's Official Forums.

"In May 2003 the London Evening Standard reported that Lord McAlpine was the 'well-known and anonymous collector' for whom Bloomsbury Book Auctions was selling a collection of 344 'fashion and eroticism' photographs, including '10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden'."

Graham Ovenden – Peter and Juliette Blake (1976). Ovenden jailed for sexual abuse.

Alistair McAlpine 'died' on 17 January 1014.

His daughter Skye "had three missed calls from him in the days before his death" and she "had not got round to calling him back."

Skye 1989.

When Skye was a child, Alistair McAlpine wrote a play for her puppets and had it bound in a leather book, with illustrations by the Venetian artist Ludovico de Luigi.

Ludovico de Luigi

Alistair McAlpine "wasn’t one for school plays and parents’ evenings."

But "even at the age of four" he would take Skye for lunch "with the photographer Terence Donovan or grandees of the party, such as Norman Tebbit."

Photo by Terence Donovan

The UK's Scallywag Magazine, published between 1991 and 1998, 'exposed corruption'.

(Scallywag Contents) Issue 26 

"The tentacles of a paedophile ring, in North Wales and elsewhere, spread to penetrate every important section of the establishment, including, quite prominently, the biggest wigs in the Tory party...

"Right at the top of our dishonour's list was Lord McAlpine, former fund raiser to the Tory party, and one of their die-hard heavyweights.

"We named him because we knew at the time that he was under investigation by a police force who had been bought in to find out the complicity of various police officers who were either part of the filthy ring, or involved in extensive cover-ups.

"We have always alleged, now more so, that the whole rotten affair had a predominantly freemason perspective."

"Fraud Squad officers were alerted to investigate allegations that while McAlpine was a fund-raiser he not only created a slush fund, but got into a money laundering operation, using Tory party bank accounts.

"Our sources claim that much of the slush fund was used to help cover-up the activities of his fellow conspirators in the gay- paedophile ring, and other impending sex scandals.

"But a new question mark now hangs over the money laundering allegation.

"Is this where Mark Thatcher managed to 'cleanse' his dirty- dealing money?"

(Table of Contents)

Lord Alistair McAlpine (above) was never prosecuted for alleged child abuse.

According to Scallywag:

Lord Alistair McAlpine handled the donations to Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party.

Allegedly, "£40 million found its way into the Thatcher family's Swiss accounts."

Tory Party Funding: The Missing Millions


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