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Above, we see Skye McAlpine who has a food blog.

From My Dining Table by Skye McAlpine – food and la dolce vita.

Skye writes of Venice: "Ca’Macana is where Stanley Kubrick sourced the masks for his last film, Eyes Wide Shut."


Skye McAlpine has a home in Venice.

Sir Alistair McAlpine and his wife Romilly in Venice.

Skye McAlpine is the daughter of Sir Alistair McAlpine and his second wife Romilly Hobbs.

Hamish McAlpine, in Venice.

Hamish McAlpine is a first cousin of Alistair McAlpine.

Hamish McAlpine, head of the London-based film company Metro Tartan, is responsible for distributing Bertrand Bonello's The Pornographer and Japanese sadism and masochism film Audition.


Skye lives in the Venice disrict called Castello, which is dominated by the Arsenale.

Lord Alistair McAlpine, who was at the centre of the child abuse scandal in the UK, is listed in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book. 

Above we see Sir Alistair, at home in Puglia, with his third wife, Athina Malpas..

Above we see young Skye with her parents.

The Thatchers with Skye McAlpine, daughter of Lord McAlpine, who was the Conservative Party Treasurer while MargaretThatcher was prime Minister.

Margaret Thatcher enjoyed the company of young Skye McAlpine, the daughter of Alistair McAlpine.

Skye once played play hide-and-seek with Margaret Thatcher at the McAlpine estate at West Green.

They didn't tell anyone what they were doing


West Green.

Skye spent many Christmases with the Thatchers, sometimes at Chequers, sometimes in London or Venice.

http://www.dailymail. / THATCHER; LESBIAN MP; LESBIAN PARTY ...

'Groper' Alfred Roberts and his favourite daughter, who became Margaret Thatcher.

There are reports that Margaret Thatcher's father sexually abused young girls.

In 1997 the magazine Punch published an article by Professor Bernard Crick featuring allegations, including one from an alleged victim, that Alfred Roberts had been involved in several sexual assaults on young women.

The article claimed that Roberts was the inspiration for a lecherous character who was a local councillor and grocer in the 1937 satire of Grantham, Rotten Borough[12]

Child abuse, arms deals, murders, deep state, Cyprus.

Alistair McAlpine (above) was accused of being involved in a child abuse scandal.


Lord McAlpine - Page 28 - David Icke's Official Forums.

"In May 2003 the London Evening Standard reported that Lord McAlpine was the 'well-known and anonymous collector' for whom Bloomsbury Book Auctions was selling a collection of 344 'fashion and eroticism' photographs, including '10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden'."

Graham Ovenden – Peter and Juliette Blake (1976). Ovenden jailed for sexual abuse.

Alistair McAlpine 'died' on 17 January 1014.

His daughter Skye "had three missed calls from him in the days before his death" and she "had not got round to calling him back."

Skye 1989.

When Skye was a child, Alistair McAlpine wrote a play for her puppets and had it bound in a leather book, with illustrations by the Venetian artist Ludovico de Luigi.

Ludovico de Luigi

Alistair McAlpine "wasn’t one for school plays and parents’ evenings."

But "even at the age of four" he would take Skye for lunch "with the photographer Terence Donovan or grandees of the party, such as Norman Tebbit."

Photo by Terence Donovan

The UK's Scallywag Magazine, published between 1991 and 1998, 'exposed corruption'.

(Scallywag Contents) Issue 26 

"The tentacles of a paedophile ring, in North Wales and elsewhere, spread to penetrate every important section of the establishment, including, quite prominently, the biggest wigs in the Tory party...

"Right at the top of our dishonour's list was Lord McAlpine, former fund raiser to the Tory party, and one of their die-hard heavyweights.

"We named him because we knew at the time that he was under investigation by a police force who had been bought in to find out the complicity of various police officers who were either part of the filthy ring, or involved in extensive cover-ups.

"We have always alleged, now more so, that the whole rotten affair had a predominantly freemason perspective."

"Fraud Squad officers were alerted to investigate allegations that while McAlpine was a fund-raiser he not only created a slush fund, but got into a money laundering operation, using Tory party bank accounts.

"Our sources claim that much of the slush fund was used to help cover-up the activities of his fellow conspirators in the gay- paedophile ring, and other impending sex scandals.

"But a new question mark now hangs over the money laundering allegation.

"Is this where Mark Thatcher managed to 'cleanse' his dirty- dealing money?"

(Table of Contents)

Lord Alistair McAlpine (above) was never prosecuted for alleged child abuse.

According to Scallywag:

Lord Alistair McAlpine handled the donations to Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party.

Allegedly, "£40 million found its way into the Thatcher family's Swiss accounts."

Tory Party Funding: The Missing Millions


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At 14 May 2016 at 12:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 May 2016 at 13:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post, as always aangirfan.

At 14 May 2016 at 13:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Upto their necks in it as usual. A generation of each of these families belonging to sects, cults and subhuman behaviour needs to be taken away at birth, re educated then let out into society as an adjusted human being. Not a monster bred to continue the traditions. The other alternative we all know involves ropes, bridges and capital cities, but that's illegal apparently, only serfs and slaves can be killed at random without accountability.

People may be waking up, but not enough of them and no where near fast enough to counter thousands of years of societal abuse.

At 14 May 2016 at 15:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 May 2016 at 23:55 , Blogger Vincenzo Ferraro said...

Read this article !!!

At 15 May 2016 at 02:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Prince Andrew at Eyes Wide Shut party

At 15 May 2016 at 04:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Great Leap Backward: America’s Illegal Wars on the World, by Luciana Bohne


Can we face it in this election season? America is a weapons factory, the White House a war room, and the president the manager of the neoliberal conspiracy to recolonize the planet. It exports war and mass poverty. On the economic front, usurious neoliberalism; on the military front, illegal wars. These are the trenches of America’s battle for world domination in the 21st century.

If not stopped, it will be a short century.

Since 1945, America’s Manifest Destiny, posing as the Free World’s Crusade against the Red Menace, has claimed 20 to 30 million lives worldwide and bombed one-third of the earth’s people. In the 19th century, America exterminated another kind of “red menace,” writing and shredding treaties, stealing lands, massacring, and herding Native populations into concentration camps (“Indian reservations”), in the name of civilizing the “savages.” By 1890, with the massacre of Lakota at Wounded Knee, the frontier land grab—internal imperialism– was over. There was a world to conquer, and America trained its exceptionally covetous eye on Cuba and the Philippines.

Clinton’s doctrine was an act of supreme, even witty, exploitation of liberal principles and commitment to policies of human rights. It was how the liberal left was induced to embrace war and imperialism as the means of defending human rights.

At 15 May 2016 at 07:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the link to the MOL re Skye's attendance at Christmas with Thatcher. Was Jimmy Savile not also a regular visitor to the Thatchers at this time of year ? Could they perhaps have met ?



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