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Above we see England's King Henry VIII with Charles Brandon, in a slightly fictionalised version of Henry's life.

Anne Boleyn said publicly that the king was "not able to satisfy a woman, having neither the skill nor the virility."

Like Donald Trump's close friend Roy Cohn, Henry VIII has been accused of being a homosexual homophobe.

King Mwanga of Buganda (Uganda) (1868- 1903): liked both boys and girls. King Mwanga kept a 'harem' of nearly 100 of them of them. He hated the missionaries since they were attempting to covert his young men. The King went into a fit of rage when one of his favorite young men converted. His Majesty, in his rage, "burned at the stake over two dozen of his former lovers (above) who later would be known as the Martyrs of Buganda."

The Tudors did not have a word for 'homosexual'. 

So, the Tudor homophobes were opposed to 'sodomy' rather than 'same sex relationships'.

When King Henry VIII met King Francis I of France, "they were both dressed in gold and silver cloth ...

"While still on horseback, they embraced and kissed each other...

"Francis gave Henry a beautiful bracelet, and then, laughing and joking like a schoolboy, he insisted on helping Henry to dress. 

"He warmed his shirt, helped him to tie and button his clothes, and then, mounting on his horse, rode gayly home."

Henry VIII—The Field of the Cloth of Gold

King Charles I of Wurttemburg (1823-1891): created a problem for Chancellor Otto Von Bismark. Charles I fell in love with three young American men - Richard Mason Jackson, Charles Woodcock and Donald Hendry. Bismarck banished the young men.

In 1533 Henry VIII had a law passed called the Buggery Act which prosecuted acts of sodomy.

This law was a tool to attack Catholic monks, so that their monastic lands could be seized.

When Mary Tudor succeeded the throne of England in 1553, she repealed all the laws against buggery (sodomy).

Elizabeth Tudor then brought back all the laws against buggery.


The top Nazis were gay and homophobic.

The Roehm Purge -  "not only did the majority of the SA homosexuals survive the purge, but the massacre was largely implemented by homosexuals. 

Strasser stated that "the Chief Killers of Munich were Wagner, Esser, Maurice, Weber and Buch." 

These men "were all known to be sex perverts or sexual maniacs of one type or another." 

"The larger campaign of assassinations across Germany was orchestrated by Reinhard Heydrich, also a well-known homosexual.

Reagan, Rupert Murdoch and Roy Cohn. Cohn arranged Murdoch's first Oval Office meeting with Reagan in 1983. How Roy Cohn Helped Rupert. The gay homophobic Cohn has links to Mossad. ROY COHN - MOSSAD.

King James I was the typical monarch and had various young lads as male lovers.

These included:

Esmé Stuart, Earl of Lennox

George Gordon, sixth Earl of Huntley

Alexander Lindsay, Lord Spynie

Francis Stewart Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham

James Hay, 1st Earl of Carlisle

Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset

"Carr was a handsome Scots lad who came to England in 1603 to run beside the royal coach as a page-boy...

"Carr was appointed Gentleman of the Bedchamber."

King James I and VI.

"Every day some aspiring Lord - notably Sir William Manson - would hire a troup of handsome young ragamuffin boys, scrub their faces clean with curdled milk, curl their hair, powder them and perfume them, dress them in silk and lace, and lead them in dainty procession around the throne in order to seduce the King's favour."

King James I and VI.

Donald Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn (above left, with Trump right).

Roy Cohn was gay. 

He openly frequented gay bars. (Cohn, Roy )

Cohn targeted people for alleged homosexual tendencies.

Many of those targeted lost jobs, families, and homes. 

When Cohn learned that one victim had killed himself, Cohn celebrated with a bottle of champagne.

Three young boys were murdered by a child abuse ring.

"During the investigation by the New York State Select Committee on Crime, information was received that Roy Cohn (Donald Trump's lawyer) helped in covering up the murder and the disposal of the bodies."

The Johnny Gosch Foundation. / behindthepinecurtain-children

Cohn (left), Trump (right)

Roy Cohn has been linked to:

1. The Franklin child abuse ring cover up in Omaha

2. The Dutroux child abuse ring affair in Belgium

3. The CIA's fascist stay-behind Gladio false flag terrorist groups

4. The running of the CIA's child abuse rings.

Continued here: TRUMP - CIA ASSET?

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At 16 May 2016 at 07:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as Henry VIII's performance, syphilis had a pretty strong impact on male virility back in the day.

At 16 May 2016 at 08:49 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Aangirfan was correct to suggest something is horribly wrong with the self-described 'formerly gay' new President of the Philippines, 'Davao Death Squad' Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte is talking about changing his nation's Constitution & restoring the Philippines death penalty, using the barbaric colonialist torture method of hanging, which can take up to an hour for the victim to die whilst slowly strangling (coma induced by neck-breaking rope-drop is not reliable & death is still by strangulation)

Duterte furthermore says he will take the dead bodies of some hanged criminals & hang them a 2nd time till their heads are pulled off the bodies (happens in hanging with longer ropes & lighter people)

How utterly shocking that Rodrigo Duterte seeks to restore the horrid death penalty, when just last year totally innocent Filipina young mother Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, came within hours of being shot to death by an Indonesian government firing squad

It can be justified to kill criminals in action stopping criminal acts in progress ... but cold-blooded state killing is now only done by brutal backward nations ... 85% of nations no longer do it, and the ones that do are nearly all Muslim ... plus 'empire fantasy' nations USA, China, India & Japan

Rodrigo Duterte is seeking to ape the torture methods of those who colonised & killed millions of Filipinos & the Muslim extremists he is fighting

The good, gracious, warm Philippines people deserve better than such cruel torture barbarity in their President

At 16 May 2016 at 09:06 , Anonymous brabantian said...

That television series on 'The Tudors' focusing on Henry VIII, from which the top clip above is taken

Had the horrible aspect of so much modern television & film, in that the torture & execution scenes were much too graphic

The media controllers seeking to make all of us much more familiar with & accepting of torture & brutality

This was also the devious instinct behind the Roman Empire's change of the core Christian symbol, which was originally the shape of a fish

To that of the 'cross', an instrument of torture & brutal death, which people were always to have before their eyes ... making them accepting of these practices

Indeed Jesus himself is recorded in the 'Gospels' as speaking of & accepting torture without raising objection to it ... Jesus was roughly 1/3 Buddhist & 2/3 Jewish in his ideas ... Jesus clearly learned from Indian wisdom but never achieved escape velocity from the cruel fanatic extremism of Mid-East desert conquest monotheism

"You Are What You Behold" said Marshall McLuhan ... What you keep gazing upon, makes you who you are

At 16 May 2016 at 09:12 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

I highly recommend the 1968 movie, "The Lion in Winter" with Peter O'Toole and Kate Hepburn. O'Toole plays Henry II around 1189 and his character openly talks about buggering little boys.
Richard II is shown as a frustrated war monger in love with the soon-to-be King of France.

Yes, I know it's fiction, but it's one helluva movie.

This link isn't, showing a naked man escaping Buckingham Palace down a gutter pipe. Too much Royal meat upset his tummy?


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