Tuesday 17 May 2016


The voters have made some changes in the Dumfries area, in south west Scotland.

In 2015, the voters threw out Russell Brown, who had been the Labour Member of Parliament for Dumfries and Galloway.

In 2016, the voters threw out Elaine Murray, who had been the Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament for Dumfriesshire.

In 2016, the voters failed to elect Joan McAlpine as the Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for Dumfriesshire.

In 2016, the voters failed to elect Aileen McLeod as the Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for the South Scotland region.


Dumfries is a neglected place.

Railway lines have been closed. 

Factories have been closed. 

Pound shops and charity shops have been closed.

The local towns have had their town councils closed.

Serena Cowdy.

Meanwhile, what is the Scottish National Party getting up to?

The Scottish National Party voted to support the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya, thus destroying Libya.

Lockerbie image

Serena Cowdy has had affairs with two married MPs from the Scottish National Party.

Stewart Hosie, 53, and Angus MacNeil, 45, have each left their wife following a relationship with the 36-year-old journalist Serena Cowdy.

The Scottish National Party MPs are said to have clashed over their rivalry for Cowdy's affections.

Hosie, deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, announced, on 15 may 2016, that he was separating from wife Shona Robison, a senior politician in the Scottish Parliament.

MacNeil announced his separation from his wife Jane in 2015, not long after the end of his affair with Miss Cowdy.

MacNeil had stayed with her husband after a previous embarrassment, when he was caught with two teenage girls in a hotel room in 2007 while she, then pregnant, was in hospital.


Lockerbie is near Dumfries. Were these passengers on PanAm 103 killed by the CIA? The US ambassador to Lebanon, John McCarthy, and the South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha had their travel plans altered at the last minute in order to avoid PA103. Charles McKee and Matthew Gannon allegedly changed their plans at the last minute to fly on PA103. ("Cover-up - Lockerbie")

Can you trust all those Scottish National Party politicians who want centralisation and membership of NATO?

The Scottish National Party should copy Switzerland, and have a decentralised state.

Abu Talb, who reportedly was a US agent

Meanwhile, Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish National Party's former Cabinet Secretary for Justice, 2007−2014, is supporting the CIA's line that Libya, Iran and certain Palestinians were responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing.

MacAskill cited among the reasons for his belief that Libya and Megrahi had been involved in the bombing 'an alleged interview given by Colonel Gaddafi to The Washington Times in 2003'.

There was no such 2003 interview.

Kenny MacAskill reported to police over claims about Lockerbie

The Scottish national party has been infiltrated?


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