Monday 14 March 2016



Aaron Heckman says he supports Trump because Trump would be tough on ISIS.

"I'm all about getting ISIS out of here," Aaron said.

"Trump's the one who wants to go get them."

Supporters say ISIS reason they back Trump.

Aaron does not know that ISIS works for the US government and that Trump says he would use ISIS to topple Assad.

Trump: Let ISIS Fight Assad.


"Today, Donald J. Trump Collection shirts - as well as eye­glasses, perfume, cuff links and suits - are made in Bangladesh, China, Honduras and other low-wage countries."

Donald Trump

However, the dumb Whites who support Trump will not notice that Trump is conning them about trade.


These dumb Whites are not attacking the billionaires, the bankers, the Jeffrey Epsteins or the organisers of false flags.

These dumb Whites are hitting the wrong targets.

"A young woman was surrounded and shoved aggressively by a number of individuals at a rally in Louisville, Kentucky. A protester was tackled, then punched and kicked by a group of men as he curled up on the ground in Birmingham, Alabama. A protester was knocked down and kicked by a Trump supporter in Miami."


Above we see some Trump supporters.

Why does Alex Jones like Donald trump?

Donald Trump talks like a Third-Grader.

Trump likes to use words like:

Losers, haters, dumb, idiots, morons, stupid, dummy and disgusting.

Donald Trump Talks Like a Third-Grader



Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Vice‑President, Mr. Speaker, My Countrymen:

Our people have come to a point of despair.

We have ceased to value order as a social virtue.

Prosperity for all, we were promised. But only a privileged few have achieved it.

My mandate is clear - It is a mandate for greatness.



Our national government is indebted. 

Local manufacturing firms have been compelled to close.

We must, therefore, aim quickly at the establishment of a genuine rule of law.

Our people must have believed that we can provide greatness.

Imelda Marcos.


In international affairs, we shall be guided by the national interests.

This nation can be great again.

We must renew the vision of greatness for our country.

Come then, let us march together towards the dream of greatness.

Full Transcript 


"Asked during a debate who he trusts on national security, Trump had warm words for
Richard N. Haass
, boss of the Council on Foreign Relations."

Trump foreign policy

Ferdinand Marcos (right) had links to the CIA.

"The Marcos administration was responsible for 35,000 torture cases, 70,000 incarcerations, and 3,257 murders. 

"Marcos was also blamed for the arrest of more than 50,000 people including the 'desaparecidos' or those who were victims of enforced disappearances.

A victim of the Marcos regime.

"It should also be noted that the value of the peso dropped from 1 peso to the US dollar to 25 pesos to the US dollar during Marcos' term. 

13 Intriguing Facts You Might Not Know About Ferdinand.

Now you can see why various CIA assets are backing Trump.

Trump's speeches sound as if they have been written by the same Mossad-CIA guys who wrote the scripts of Anders Breivik.


Trump takes an interest in Manila.

Above, we see Trump seated next to Imelda Marcos.

Above, we see Trump with Henry Kissinger.

Most likely, Hillary and Donald are in alliance.

Full Transcript

Who has been conned?

"Donald Trump is a Knight of Malta."

Trump - RemoveTheVeil.

Trump does not blame Israel for 9 11.

Trump blames Moslems.


"Trump condemned Mitt Romney as an immigration hardliner in 2012 and favored comprehensive immigration reform.

"He told Bill O’Reilly he was in favor of a ‘path to citizenship’ for 30 million illegal immigrants."

Donald Trump: A False Flag Candidate.


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At 13 March 2016 at 01:08 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

The FED helps someone loot the Bangladesh central bank, with assistance from a Philippine casino. Does Shelly Adelson have a casino in the Philippines? Maybe that's how Adelson went from a net worth of 3.4 billion to over 23 billion in less than two years?

How a hacker's typo helped stop a billion dollar bank heist

At 13 March 2016 at 09:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

After watching that video about Trump building that golf course in Scotland and how he ruined its rare, natural and beautiful landscape where a some locals had lived for generations. And how he called them scruffy and built sand dunes to hide their houses and working farms so his posh golfing friends would not have see them. And how he had his legal team create boundary disputes where they stole some of their land, and how he moved a fence on a local person's property and then charged him £2,500 for a new fence. Trump is a bruiser and a con man, and will be America's Silvio Berlusconi as well a laughing stock.

At 13 March 2016 at 11:57 , Blogger Unknown said...

The purported candidates are ancients and boomers. How are their interests shared with millenials?

Thus is all the data needed.

At 13 March 2016 at 16:20 , Blogger Babushka said...

What is it with Americans wanting to be GREAT? And buying the BS peddled by the usual suspects?
Try being healthy and whole, compassionate, forgiving and merciful - it all begins with humility LOL the stuff of the earth...

At 14 March 2016 at 12:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump MUST speak like that, in order for the masses to compute him. The average HIGH IQ in America is currently 105!!!!!!!! Meaning, the VAST majority is boarderline retarded. Mind you, the average high IQ across the USA in 1995 was 120.

At 15 March 2016 at 07:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

***vast majority ARE ...... (Oh the irony. I apologize. Clearly, I've been here too long, lol).

Nevertheless, the facts/stats remain the same.

At 1 May 2016 at 23:56 , Blogger Unknown said...

The outcome is not trump in power rather to trigger yuuuge right vs left based civil unrest. Think.


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