Sunday, 13 March 2016


On 13 March 2016, at least 34 people were killed in a 'false flag' bombing in Ankara.

"A whistleblower, Fuat Avni, who has a credible record of predicting police operations and government policies has made a surprising claim, arguing that the Turkish spy agency is planning to blow up crowded areas."

Spy agency planning false-flag terror acts in crowded areas, whistleblower claims - January 2015.

The recent terror attacks could have been carried out by the Erdogan regime, and its allies, to justify Ankara's shelling of Syrian Kurds and to start a ground operation in Syria.

Ankara Explosions Masterminded by Turkish Intelligence

Turkey 'invaded' Syria on the eve of the Geneva 'Peace Talks' on 14 March 2016.

In Syria, the terrorists use Israeli-Made Weapons.


- March 13, 2016: At least 27 people are killed and dozens wounded in a car bombing near Ankara's main Kizilay square.

- February 17, 2016: 29 are killed in a car bombing targeting the Turkish military in Ankara. The attack is claimed by a group calling itself the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) but Turkish authorities say there was also a Syrian Kurdish link.

- January 12, 2016: Eleven German tourists are killed and another 16 people wounded in a suicide attack by a Syrian bomber in Istanbul's Sultanahmet district, the ancient tourist heart of the city.

- October 10, 2015: 103 people are killed and more than 500 wounded in twin suicide bombings targeting a pro-Kurdish peace rally in Ankara.

- July 20, 2015: 34 people are killed and about 100 injured in a suicide bombing in the predominantly-Kurdish town of Suruc near the border with Syria. Turkish officials blame IS.

- May 11, 2013: A twin car bomb attack kills 52 people in Reyhanli near the Syrian border. Ankara blames pro-Damascus groups.

- February 11, 2013: 17 people are killed when a Syrian minibus explodes in Reyhanli.

- July 27, 2008: Two bombings in Istanbul leave 17 dead and 115 wounded. The authorities blame the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

- September 12, 2006: Ten people, including children, are killed in a bomb blast in Diyarbakir, the largest city in the mainly Kurdish southeast. The PKK denies involvement.

- November 15 and 20, 2003: Four suicide car bomb attacks in Istanbul hit two synagogues, the British consulate and a branch of the British multinational bank HSBC, leaving 63 dead, including Britain's consul general, and hundreds wounded. The attacks are claimed by Al-Qaeda and a Turkish extremist group named the Islamic Front of Raiders of the Great Orient.

- March 13, 1999: Twelve are killed in a firebombing on an Istanbul shopping mall. The attack is claimed by the PKK, which later retracts its statement.

- December 25, 1991: Explosives and firebombs are hurled at an Istanbul department store, killing 17 people and injuring 23. The attack is blamed on the PKK.

- September 6, 1986: A twin suicide bombing claimed by Islamic Jihad kills 22 people at a synagogue in Istanbul.

- August 7, 1982: A bomb at Ankara airport followed by a gun battle leaves 11 dead and 63 injured. The attack is claimed by the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia







  5. Sure the deaths of innocents are exchangeable with their 'victories' in policies with bordering countries and people with no self-determined country like the Kurds.

    It all goes down to propaganda and how the media present such iconic images in the news. Do the evil Kurds attain anything with such alleged actions?

    Moreover, the same applies to the ever-present GOD IS GREAT shouting terrorists that today hit in Coste D'Ivoire. Those who are killing aren't proud nationalists or crazy terrorists... who's blasting innocents is the same nihilist group behind Isis and they have a chaotic plan for many countries.


  7. "A whistleblower, Fuat Avni, who has a credible record of predicting police operations and government policies has made a surprising claim, arguing that the Turkish spy agency is planning to blow up crowded areas."

    The link posted is 404. Here's an archived page:

  8. US Embassy Warned of Possible Terrorist Attack · One alert on March 11, warned Americans of a possible terrorist attack in the Bahcelievler area, about 3 miles from where the attack took place.

    The US embassy in Turkey issued a security warning to American citizens two days before a blast caused by a suicide car bomb hit the center of Ankara on Sunday evening.

    "We advise U.S. citizens to review their personal security plans." — U.S. Embassy

  9. What proof do we have that people died? These events could be 'Wag The Dog' scenarios to provoke emotions in the USA. It would be cheaper and less trouble to just compose a news report than actually stage an event. I have seen video footage used for several events in various countries which leads me to distrust any 'terrorist attack' alerts. I can't see them from here with my own eyes. Just saying.