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Supreme Master Ching Hai, who was born in Vietnam.

Ricky Dearman is a fan of Ching Hai, the leader of a cult.

(To know God 2003 - "Bless a Multi-Cultural Retreat by brother initiate Ricky Dearman, London...")

Ricky Dearman, the father of Alisa and Gabriel.

There is a suspicion that Ching Hai works for the CIA and its friends.

Ching Hai was a disciple of Thakar Singh who has been linked to sadistic sex scandals.

Ching Hai. / Fairfield Life 


Ching Hai's cult takes an interest in children all around the world.

Ching Hai in Armenia.

Ricky Dearman has an interest in children in Haiti.

The cult in Haiti.

Supreme Master Ching Hai is the spiritual teacher of the Quan Yin Method which an estimated 20,000 followers world wide.[2]

Ching Hai heads the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, a business group with worldwide interests in restaurants, fashion and jewelry design.[3]

Her Supreme Master Meditation Centers are found in Los Angeles, San Jose and several US states. [5]

Metroactive reported that in Taiwan Ching Hai set up two front organisations to make awards to herself.[6]


In 1994, the local government in Vĩnh Long Province, in Vietnam, issued a declaration classifying Ching Hai's operations as "religious propaganda" intended to "illegally oppose the government." [12]

In 1996, Ching Hai asked her followers to contribute money to the Clinton Presidential Legal Expense Trust.[13] 

The Taiwan government investigated her organization for "alleged fund-raising improprieties", which included a transfer of $2 million outside of the country.[3]

Ching Hai was criticised in the Western press as "The Immaterial Girl: Part Buddha, Part Madonna", and as "The Buddhist Martha Stewart ... merchandizing mystic from Taiwan."[14]

Loving Hut restaurants.

The cult maintains websites in at least 17 languages.

The source of wealth behind the group's charitable efforts and its media empire 'is a mystery'.

In 1998 the organization staged a concert for donating to several prominent children's foundations in the USA.

Quan Yin Method was introduced on the Chinese mainland in 1992.

In 1995, in China, it was labelled a "cult organization".[30]



  1. I know about this path of meditation, they teach non violence, veganism (abstaining from all cruel foods from the dairy and meat industry) abstinence from alcohol, smoking, drugs etc, and as far as I know, Ella Draper, the children's mother, and the children themselves practice the teachings of Ching Hai don't they?

  2. And from everything I've heard, Ricky was a very sloppy practitioner of the Quan Yin Method, but that Ella Draper and the children were much better followers in terms of their meditation practices, their adherence to the vegan diet etc. I'm not defending Dearman here OBVIOUSLY. But I am rather puzzled at the thrust of this recent piece. And I see nothing so objectionable in either the Quan Yin path, or the activities and beliefs of Ching Hai. Apart from the scare word "cult" because let's face it, some orthodox christians will call any group that's outside the orthodoxy a "cult" in an insulting way. This doesn't necessarily mean anything labelled a "cult" is bad. Following your coverage of this event everyday Aangir, and am behind you, these children need to helped and saved from atrocious abuses, but just not sure about this particular article.

    1. Culture . . though like you say.. PLEASE BE AWARE,
      Please be aware of the Hampstead 2 whistle-blower children,
      then 8 and 9yrs old in September 2014.
      A cover up of systematic sexual abuse of these two children, involving the London ‘Royal Courts of Justice’. Also ‘Daily Mail’, ‘Telegraph’, ‘The Mirror’, ‘Ham&High’ (Hampstead and Highgate newspaper) and just recently, over a year after the initial exposing, ‘The Sun’. In a panicking attempt by these abusers to cover their evils. Also a few disinformation conspiracy sites including ‘WideShut’ and ‘Spiked-online’. Also as you can probably imagine, the BBC also play a part in this cover up. We can uncover.
      Their mother felt her life to be at threat due to the infiltration of police regarding this abuse, so has fled the country to be in a safe place to compile evidence and support, and to attack this system.
      We need to make people aware and vigilant so this corruption within institutions can be cleansed.
      The brother and sister have made extensive testimonies regarding places and people involved in North London. Police interviews are uploaded to the internet, which we must now see as a blessing as sad as the situation is.
      The plan is to make as many people in the world aware and confident with the knowledge of who is telling the truth: The children!
      There are many false account names on Facebook and YouTube, trolling to cause confusion and delusion. They try to suggest that they/others are uncovering truth, but it seems the child abusers are throwing accusations back and forth to confuse an unsuspecting public, and to cause distraction.
      Please – Look at ‘Hampstead cover up child abuse’ on YouTube and Facebook Google with an open mind.
      Please don’t be fooled by shallow press comments. Look deeper.
      Share with as many as you can. Thank you so much. THE MOTHER'S SITE...

  3. Thank you Aangirfan,

    I know you are anything but pro Jesus Christ but on this occasion you took up my concern in this case the cult Ching Hai.

    This came as a surprise to me as I thought you were very much pro Eastern Mysticism or perhaps Buddhism or simply Meditation?

    Forgive me for these belief systems are alien to me so I don't know which to refer to or how to refer to such.

    Are you Buddhist or of another belief or are you in fact CIA?

    I don't have a problem with that for even if you are CIA you raise very interesting issues which thinking folk ought to be concerned with, just as I try to do in my own small way.


    1. I am a total fan of the Jesus who was/is in tune with the 'Holy Spirit'.

      The bad guys infiltrate everything, including the Christian churches and the Eastern religions.

      Many religious groups have become fronts for the CIA.

      You can be a Christian and/or Taoist and not believe in the Billy Grahams and Ching Hais of this world.

      Lots of naive people have become fans of Ching Hai, just as lots of naive people have become fans of Leadbeater.

    2. oh wow^ my post here is in direct connection with this and I'm only reading it now.
      Didn't need to post.



  4. 'Real Concern'
    ...has anyponethis on paper?

    Ricky Dearman: actor

    Hire me!

  5. Ching Hai women Satanic 666 hand symbol

  6. Sun Sea & Satan - Bill Maloney investigating Haut de la Garenne:

    Satanic books handed to US kids after religious freedom ruling:

    'Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military' by Jeffrey Steinberg:

    The story never told by “People Magazine”:

    'MI6 chief and shamed diplomat raped me'
    Sir Peter Hayman was one of a group of men who raped him as a child during a party in London: 596308

    Teresa Cooper and the Kendall House Child Sex Abuse Scandal: ll-house-child-sex-abuse-scandal/

    Naming & Shaming:

  7. Off topic but still...

    Thank you President Obama, to give military supply to the ukraine...
    Copyright - Alles Schall und Rauch Blog


    Secret societies are bad, and the abuse of innocents is always their aim.

    The majority of people worldwide know that is so, for they see it, and suffer for it.

    Jack Kennedy, assassinated by the Nazionists for telling the truth and against war on humankind for the money changers and their batshit crazy secret societies: Masons and Talmud freaker, along with their lowlife thugs in the mafia and every other criminal or warmonger.

  9. Children from the Christchurch Primary school took part in a ceremony with the Major of London at St Pancras to unveil Olympic rings. Info. on Olympic symbology here, and ley lines. One comment: London Ley Lines charged with etheric human fear?

    Info. on North London ley lines here, including Hampstead one.

    If abuse happened, did it negatively charge ley lines in NW3? If it didn't happen as described, would the stories and images still do the same job there?

    Some ppl find it hard to use their intuition to feel what is happening here. Feels like a manufactured energy of confusion? Just some random thoughts.

  10. There has been some changes made to Ricky Dearman's companies, Natural Vitalities Research Ltd.
    There has been some activity with one of Ricky Deompanies, Natural Vitalities Research Ltd.
    An important bump.

    18/02/2015 New Accounts Filed
    18/02/2015 New Company Secretary Mr *. ******* appointed
    17/02/2015 Change in Reg.Office
    17/02/2015 Change of Company Postcode
    20/06/2014 Annual Returns
    16/10/2013 New Accounts Filed
    16/10/2013 New Accounts Filed
    24/05/2013 Annual Returns
    05/03/2013 New Accounts Filed
    02/10/2012 Annual Returns
    09/03/2012 Change in Reg.Office
    09/03/2012 Change of Company Postcode

    This new information is in the first link. These changes were made this week.
    Is there a clean up going on. Is it beneficial to RD to no longer have any links to Office 36 88-90 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PG ?

  11. Tons of scams in RD past years: the worst was an 'underground actors' recruiting site. As per your info:

    On the right there are some twits about 'Women in business' and 'experienced bar staff - attractive/outgoing male and females'

    He is a real 'humna resources' business man. So to speak.

  12. Also,

    Street full of jewelry shops.



  15. The Ching Hai cult in order to hide the truth from people about the fraudulent leader made YouTube close the Ching Hai Exposed channel. Most of the videos are still on the DailyMotion channel -

  16. Ching Hai got married