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Richard Branson - 9 11

Ghislaine Maxwell at Stowe School in the UK.

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(Mrs. Branson served alongside Petie Mandelson) - 


Richard Branson as a young student attended spooky Stowe School. Stowe School has in more recent years been visited by Ghislaine Maxwell - although the full extent of Maxwell’s connection to the institution remains unclear. Stowe School’s present headmaster, Dr. Anthony Wallersteiner is the son of Ghislaine’s father’s business partner. 

Anthony Wallersteiner is also a close friend of Epstein’s close friend Fergie. 

It does not seem beyond the realms of possibility that Dr. Anthony Wallersteiner knows Ghislaine Maxwell personally, given that Ghislaine is not only the daughter of his late father’s business partner, but also has been photographed inside Stowe School attending a fundraiser.


Richard Branson attended the WEF annual meeting in 2006 alongside Epstein’s close friends -

Bill Gates, Dr. Larry Summers, 
and Lord Mandelson; 
Epstein’s next-door neighbour Howard Lutnick — who bankrolled Fergie’s kids charities; 
Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann, with whom Mandelson has served on the board of the Alfred Herrhausen Society of Deutsche Bank;  
and Mark Thompson of the NSPCC Stop Organised Abuse Board and the BBC, who we associate with ‘Mossad’ pedophile Jimmy Savile’s reign of terror.


Richard Branson attended the WEF annual meeting again in 2009 alongside Epstein’s close friends -

Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Dr. Larry Summers, Prince Andrew, and Lord Mandelson; Epstein’s next-door neighbour Howard Lutnick — who bankrolled Fergie’s kids charities; and Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann, with whom Mandelson has served on the board of the Alfred Herrhausen Society of Deutsche Bank. 

Also attending this WEF annual meeting was Prof. Dr. Roland Berger, who sat with Mandelson and Lynn de Rothschild on the board of the Alfred Herrhausen Society of Deutsche Bank and with Mandelson again on the Advisory Board of Sapinda Group.



Richard Branson has discussed his role in 9-11, the alleged ‘Mossad false flag atrocity’.

He wrote in the 2005 reissue of his autobiography, ‘Losing My Virginity’:

“One of the first things I'd checked, on hearing about the terrorist attacks [the 9-11 ‘Mossad false flag atrocity’], was whether or not anyone we knew had been involved ...

“I was called by Howard Lutnick [of Cantor Fitzgerald. Jefrey Epstein’s next-door neighbour] ...

“On the Friday night, James Kyle of Cantor Fitzgerald ... had called Will Whitehorn.

“They urgently needed to fly dozens of grieving relatives to New York but, since their entire operation had been wiped out, they did not know whether they would have a business, when the markets reopened, to pay the bill.

“On the Saturday morning we [that is, I, Richard Branson] agreed to carry as many people as they needed across the Atlantic.”

Richard Branson hosted NXIVM executive Sara Bronfman on his ‘Epstein-adjacent’ private island, as photographic evidence attests.

Sara is the daughter of the late Edgar Bronfman Sr., and the niece of Edgar’s brother - Charles Bronfman. 

Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Epstein’s largest known benefactor, Leslie Wexner, co-founded a shadowy organization for multi-millionaire/billionaire Jewish Zionists called The Mega Group. It has been theorized that The Mega Group may have had links to Mossad operations, including the later Epstein/Maxwell venture, as well as possibly other sexual blackmail and sex trafficking/sexual exploitation operations over the years.

Richard Branson has been a Patron of ‘Missing People’, an ostensible charity linked to Bob Geldof. 

Other VIPs associated with Missing People include Paul Gambaccini's former PA, Christian Dray — a convicted paedophile — who helped to set it up; 

the Jewish Zionist entertainer Stephen Fry, who like Branson has been a Patron;

Jewish Zionist entertainer Simon Cowell, whom we associate with funding the Israeli Army (IDF) and wielding power over attractive youngsters; 

and Kate McCann, one of Missing People’s ‘Ambassadors’, whose daughter was allegedly abducted.  Possible alleged links to (among others) the wealthy Freud clan, and Dame Margaret Hodge’s nephew, Philip Martin Edmonds.


Richard Branson is a former client of the late George Carman QC, whose other clients included Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘Mossad’ father; the Jewish Zionist alleged pedophile Greville Janner; and Sir Elton John, whose life in decades past has been the subject of much speculation by the media.


Sir Richard Branson said to be filmed during trips to 'paedo island' along with Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton


Richard Branson was ‘accused by a former employee of sexual harassment’.


I can't forgive Branson for stealing my wife

“… [Richard Branson’s wife, Joan Templeman Branson] has not always been a shrinking violet. She posed for [a] set of saucy snaps at the age of 28 … At the time, Joan combined nude modelling with running a clothing business …

“Branson met Joan in the kitchen of his country house recording complex in 1976, while her first husband Ronnie Leahy was … in the studio next door …

“The business mogul pursued her with the ruthlessness of any multi-million pound business deal …

“The split almost destroyed Ronnie, now 50 and a keyboard player for [Nazareth] …

“Ironically, Branson's first bitter experience of being a loser in love did not stop him stealing the musician's wife. [Musician Kevin Ayers] won the Virgin boss's first wife Kristen Tomassi in a bizarre wife-swapping session …

“At the beginning of 1978, Joan accompanied her husband [Ronnie] to Los Angeles … Ronnie said: ‘I went away confident that Joan and I could make our marriage work. But two weeks later she left me for Branson’ … Branson had flown across the Atlantic to meet his lover half-way for a secret tryst …

“While Branson's wealth is unquestionable, Joan's wealth of tolerance at some of his ill-fated antics is seldom discussed.

“[Joan] always puts on a brave face for the media, even when a former employee accused him of sexual harassment …”


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