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Mrs. Branson served alongside Petie Mandelson

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RICHARD BRANSON’S WIFE, Joan Templeman Branson, was a Vice-Chair of Prince Andrew’s NSPCC Full Stop campaign launched in 1999 following intense lobbying of Tony Blair by Peter Mandelson, who played an instrumental role. 

Mrs. Branson served alongside fellow Vice-Chairs including Petie Mandelson himself (a very close friend of Jeffrey Epstein as well as the various Rothschilds and de Rothschilds); Bill Gates' UK Microsoft chief David Svendsen, who served on the Full Stop campaign’s board and steering group (like Mandelson, Bill Gates was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein); Nick Mason (a close friend of Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell); and 'power couple' Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud — the Mandelson confidante whose first client in the PR business was ‘Mossad’s’ Uri Geller.

As well as Richard Branson’s wife Joan Templeman Branson; Petie Mandelson; Prince Andrew; Bill Gates’ UK Microsoft chief; Nick Mason; and the Freuds; another influential figure on the NSPCC Full Stop campaign was Mark Weinberg, the business partner of Lord Jacob Rothschild, who, with his cousin Sir Evelyn and other family members, are thought to function as Mandelson’s superiors/handlers.

Jeffrey Epstein, the de Rothschilds and the Clintons are mutual close friends of longstanding — with Ghislaine said to have once boasted to victim Maria Farmer that the Rothschilds were her family’s ‘greatest protector’. Lady Lynn and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild honeymooned with the Clintons at the White House as their guests of honour. Lady Lynn also discussed with Bill Clinton in correspondence the subject of their mutual close friend Epstein; and just like her friend the former President, she reportedly accompanied their mutual friend — the pedophile sex trafficker ‘Mossad’ asset Epstein — on numerous ‘Lolita Express’ private jet flights. Furthermore, Lady Lynn is said to have given Epstein a huge discount on a Manhattan townhouse she sold him, in which they installed Ms. Maxwell.

RICHARD BRANSON’S SISTER, Vanessa Branson, owns a hotel with Lord Mandelson's very close friend Howell James. Lord Mandelson’s husband, Reinaldo da Silva, and Howell James previously were in a relationship.

Richard Branson is listed in Epstein and Maxwell’s ‘black book’.

Richard Branson was a ‘Supporting Citizen’ of Ghislaine's ostensible charity, TerraMar, which law enforcement think might have in fact been a “fake charity slush fund for child victims of Maxwell and Epstein's trafficking operation". 

Branson declared his support for Ghislaine’s operation publicly, supplying a personal, laudatory, message for the TerraMar website that appeared beside his mugshot. 

Other named supporters of TerraMar (terror-mar?) included Epstein’s close friend Peter Mandelson; Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's son/Lynn de Rothschild's stepson, David, who is a colleague of Branson’s at ‘Whole World Water; the business partner of Mandelson's close friend Matthew Freud — Dr Arlo Brady; Ghislaine’s business partner Jemma Kidd; Ghislaine’s close friend Nick Mason; Edith 'Edie' Lutnick, the sister of Epstein’s next-door neighbour; and Johan Eliasch, an apparent mutual associate of Jeffrey Epstein (to judge by his listing in the pedophile sex trafficker’s ‘black book’) and Prince Andrew.

Richard Branson owns Neckar Island, lying a mere 30 miles from Little St. James where Epstein had his infamous compound. Little St. James was reportedly the location of much sexual abuse of minors, allegedly under the auspices of Friends of Israel Intelligence factions, potentially including Mossad.


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