Sunday 5 November 2023

Boris Johnson in Israel

Johnson (Jewish) landed at Ben Guiron airport alongside former Australian PM Scott Morrison (left) and was greeted by Israel's ex-UN ambassador Danny Danon (centre)

The Israelis want to create lot more false flag terrorism terrorism - in order to win the support of the masses?

Rothschild lieutenant Boris Johnson visits Israel on ‘solidarity trip’

“Mr Johnson touched down at Ben Guiron airport this morning alongside Australia's former prime minister Scott Morrison …

“He said he was visiting the country to make sure people understand Israel's 'right to defend itself’ … (right to attack itself in false flags?)

[Israel’s former ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon] posted a pictured of himself standing alongside Mr Johnson and Mr Morrison on his X page and wrote: 'Early this morning, at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport, I received my friends Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Scott Morrison, the former Prime Minister of Australia - both true friends of Israel …

“Writing for MailOnline at the end of October, Mr Johnson said: ’… I want the Palestinians to have their own homeland — though you have to wonder how the Israelis will ever trust them …’”

(Does anyone trust Johnson and his Israeli pals?)


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