Sunday 30 April 2023

Epstein met CIA Director


Jeffrey Epstein's private calendar revealed he had scheduled meetings with prominent individuals, including the current CIA director and an attorney who served in the Obama administration.

Ethnicity of the most affected

Do your GENES decide your health when affected by the recent bug?

Anonymous -

US Air Force MD, Dr Lee Merritt revealed an official military study on the ethnicity of those most affected/harmed by the Covid vaccine and flu.

56% White

39% Black

0% Ashkenazi Jew / Amish

See PubMed abstract here; watch video for translation by Dr. Lee Merritt.

Politicians and health bureaucrats trying to ‘rewrite history’

Animal Hospice, lots of happy dugs (dogs)

Aangirfan's Indonesia photos

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Am enchanted with Aangirfan's Indonesia photos, were they ever all collected somewhere?

Google Photos - can maybe use the blogspot account? - allows unlimited numbers of photos, as does also the Behance photo sharing site

Flickr is nice too but only allows 1000 photos on the 'free' version.


  • Indonesia - 87 photos 

  • the-railway-children-happy-moslems-by-dede-dede
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  • It is very difficult to find certain photos with certain search engines.
  • Soon all material that is not approved of by 'the Powers That Be' will be hidden?

Goldman Sachs, Rishi Sunak, Sir Chris Hohn

Rishi Sunak

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According to Bloomberg -

Sunak as UK PM Reinforces Goldman’s Hold on G-7 Top Jobs

24 October 2022 at 17:07 BST

Remarkably the BBC report -

Rishi Sunak: How the US shaped Britain's new leader

"I have lived and worked in California and I actually think it's one of the reasons that I would be good at this job," he told the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg last month while running for the Conservative leadership.

Mr Sunak started his years in America at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business as a Fulbright Scholar, heading to Silicon Valley in 2004 as the internet boom was under way.

The programme, which admits roughly 400 students per year, has a reputation as the most exclusive business degree in the country.

Among the classes Mr Sunak took was "The Paths to Power", intended to help students understand power and how to wield it effectively.

He did not earn any particular academic distinctions

After graduating, Mr Sunak took a lucrative job at the London-based hedge fund, TCI Fund Management.

Rishi Sunak's former boss Sir Chris Hohn.

According to a Guardian report regarding the glorious leader of TCI

Hedge fund billionaire Sir Chris Hohn paid himself ‘£1.5m a day this year’

The £574m payout is thought to be highest annual amount ever paid to one person in Britain

Climate rebel tycoon nets tainted millions: How Extinction Rebellion's British hedge fund backer profits from 'dirty' firms

Sir Chris Hohn has donated £200,000 to Extinction Rebellion

He became the world's top hedge fund manager last year
That's thanks to major investments in firms hit by environmental scandals

Gorbals Then & Now: Lost Glasgow's Norry Wilson

JEFF ZIENTS - Biden's Chief of Staff

Jeff Zients who is Jewish and who is Biden's White House Chief of Staff

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The Tiny, Tight-Lipped Circle of Aides Guiding Biden 2024

They rarely give on-the-record interviews.


“Mr. Biden named Mr. Zients as his second chief of staff in January after Mr. Zients oversaw the administration’s Covid vaccination program. He has ensured regular bagel deliveries to the West Wing from Call Your Mother, a Washington chain in which he is a part owner …”

Interview with Jeff Zients

… [Vaccines] are so effective at preventing hospitalization and death. If we had everyone vaccinated, we would obviously be in a very, very different position. I think the root-cause problem has been misinformation … that undermines people’s decisions to get vaccinated … and treated …

“… [In] December 2020, in the transition [only] about one out of three Americans said that they wanted to get vaccinated. We do [now] have 85 percent of Americans … with at least one shot in arm. But we’ve got to … keep fighting the misinformation.

“The technology companies need to cooperate …

“We have this ‘Test to Treat’ initiative, so someone can walk into a clinic if they suspect they could have Covid … If they test positive, they pick up the pills, start the pills …

“[If] there’s a determination based on the science that comes later in the year, IN THE FALL, that all Americans need boosters, or … that we need a different booster … we need to be ordering that, and we need the funding …

“And … USAID needs the funding to turn vaccines into vaccinations, shots in arms across the world …

“… [We] have committed to donating 1.2 billion doses to the world for free — no strings attached …

“… [And] this week we made an important announcement that we were going to start to provide pediatric doses …”



EAST GRINSTEAD - Scientology, Judaism, Opus Dei, Rosicrucians, Rape Abuse and Incest, L. Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise, Adele, John Travolta, Neil Gaiman

EAST GRINSTEAD sits on the Greenwich Meridian. The Greenwich Meridian runs through the grounds of the 1769 East Court mansion, home of the Town Council.

TOM CRUISE “had a place there until 2016”.

ADELE “[is] also said to have lived there”.

“[It’s] Scientology that the town has come to be associated with, particularly after … JOHN TRAVOLTA, visited in 2011”

The United Kingdom (and former world) headquarters of the Church of Scientology is at Saint Hill Manor … [Founder] L. RON HUBBARD bought the Georgian mansion … from the Maharaja of Jaipur in 1959 and lived in the town until 1967.”

Gaiman - 
Gaiman's family is of Polish-Jewish and other Eastern European Jewish origins.[8]

Jewish fantasy author NEIL GAIMAN moved to East Grinstead in 1965 “where his parents studied Dianetics at the Scientology centre in the town; one of Gaiman's sisters works for the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles. His other sister, Lizzy Calcioli, has said, ‘Most of our social activities were involved with Scientology or our Jewish family …’”

Neil Gaiman “met his first wife, Mary McGrath, while she was studying Scientology and living in a house in East Grinstead that was owned by his father.”

“US Christian group condemns Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s story [Good Omens] as ‘making satanism appear normal’”

“One of Gaiman's most commented-upon friendships is with the musician TORI AMOS”

“The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) [was] founded in 1994 … with initial funding from [Atlantic Records] and Warner Music Group. TORI AMOS was the organization's first spokesperson.”

Neil Gaiman: “I’m just someone who sympathises with rape and sexual molestation victims …”



One of those nice old wooden buildings is occupied by the mystic order of Rosicrucians …”

Opus Dei … have a base nearby …

“So too do the Christian Scientists, the Ashworth Dowsers, and the Pagan Federation.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also have a building in the area and the Anthroposophical Society … work in town …”

Yuval Noah Harari & Russell Brand

Yuval Noah Harari & Russell Brand in conversation on the future of work | Penguin Talks

12,918 views Oct 8, 2018

Penguin Talks is a new series of free creative events which gives young people the opportunity to hear directly from, and question, some of our most influential authors. This inaugural Penguin Talk features global bestselling author Professor Yuval Noah Harari in conversation with comedian Russell Brand. At a secondary school in South London they discuss some of the most pressing challenges facing the next generation, from the impact of AI on the future of the jobs market, to climate change.

For more information:

Penguin to keep publishing unedited Roald Dahl books after censorship backlash
Company faced criticism following cuts and rewrites to make novels 'relevant' for new generations

Saturday 29 April 2023

Guardian BBC

'A cartoon of outgoing BBC chairman Richard Sharp has been taken down by the Guardian newspaper after being condemned as antisemitic.

The Guardian has apologised and removed Martin Rowson's drawing posted on its website as it "did not meet our editorial standards".

Mr Sharp is Jewish...

The Guardian pulls cartoon of outgoing BBC boss

The row comes after Mr Sharp resigned from the top BBC job on 28 April 2023.

'He had found to have broken the rules by failing to disclose he played a role in getting the then prime minister Boris Johnson an £800,000 loan guarantee.


'The cartoon showed a so-called 'Jewish-featured' Mr Sharp departing with a box marked Goldman Sachs, the investment bank where he used to work, containing a squid and what appears to be a puppet of Rishi Sunak.

'The Jewish "puppet master", secretly controlling the economic and political world order, has been a long-standing narrative and antisemitic trope...'

The Guardian pulls cartoon of outgoing BBC boss

Tucker Carlson | Heritage 50th Anniversary

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Was it Tucker Carlson’s truth-telling about good versus evil that did for him?


Anonymous -

PROFESSOR ROGER WATSON: Time to give ‘long Covid’ short shrift…

“Now is surely the time to consign long Covid to the medical waste bin, relegate it to the realm of myth …

“Check the NHS website and do a self-diagnosis; you will almost undoubtedly discover that you have long Covid …

Roger Watson is a Professor of Nursing.


Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus

Dr Mike Yeadon 

'The perpetrators?  

'There are a number of candidates competing for this position, with their drug company accomplices, several of whom are named in Paula Jardine’s excellent five-part series for TCW, Anatomy of the sinister Covid project. 

'High on the list is the ‘enabling’ World Economic Forum and their many political acolytes including Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern ...

'Our political and cultural leaders, including the late Queen, were happy to meet and greet one another without testing, masking or social distancing. They had no fear. 

'In the scenario above, a few people would have known there was no new hazard in their environment. If there really was a lethal pathogen stalking the land, I don’t believe they’d have had the courage or the need to act nonchalantly and risk exposure to the virus...'

'Note that though an estimated 10-15million have been killed with poisonous ‘vaccines’, these are the but first of many mRNA injections to come...'


Originally published by The Conservative Woman

Covid – Three Years On 

Abby Grossberg never met Tucker Carlson


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Jewish Fox News employee Abby Grossberg, suing Tucker Carlson for anti-semitism, never met Tucker Carlson

“Like many on the [Tucker Carlson Tonight] staff, Abby never met Tucker Carlson in person because he taped the show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida, and he did not visit Fox’s NY HQ during her time there,” Kimberly A. Catala, one of the attorneys representing Grossberg, said.

Friday 28 April 2023

CORONATION - Chief Rabbi - Jewish Schools - ANOINTING SCREEN - Gutfreund - Aiden Hart

Chief Rabbi and Charles.

The Times of Israel - UK chief rabbi to spend coronation eve with Charles ...

Britain’s chief rabbi will stay overnight at the residence of King Charles III the night before the monarch’s coronation in London

Children from British Jewish schools sing a new version of "Adon Olam" in honor of the coronation of King Charles III.

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The Anointing Screen to be used by King Charles in the coronation is revealed

“The tradition of anointing dates back to the Old Testament, which describes the anointing of Solomon by Zadok the Priest and Nathan the Prophet …

“The wooden framework [is] designed and created by NICK GUTFREUND …

Gutfreund (Hebrew: גוטפרוינד) can be a Jewish name

Designed by AIDAN HART, the central design takes the form of a tree ** …”


“I … believe that Jesus did not come on earth to start a new religion but rather to bring the Jewish religion to its final stage …”

The Tree of Life

“The Hebrew term etz chaim (literally ‘tree of life’) is a common one in Jewish life, often used to refer to the Torah.

“It is a popular name for synagogues and Jewish schools as well as the title of one of the major works of Jewish mysticism …

“In the Jewish mystical tradition [KABBALAH], the tree of life refers to the well-known diagram illustrating the ten divine emanations [Sefirot].”


Gutfreund (Hebrew: גוטפרוינד) can be a Jewish name


BONOBO chimpanzees are peaceful and bisexual.

They are our nearest relatives.

Most humans are bisexual, but, often create stress by trying to hide this.

The Old Testament wanted children to strengthen the tribe and thus opposed bisexuality.

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Record one in FOUR high school students say they are gay, bisexual or 'questioning' their sexuality, official CDC data shows - double the amount in 2015

Australia - lawsuit, Tucker - WHO, Buckland - consent

Unknown -

500 Australians join world’s first Covid jab injury class action lawsuit

First Covid jab injury class action lawsuit

Dr. Melissa McCann raised more than $110,000 to crowdfund the case, which accuses the Australian government of negligence


Twitter ‘sought to censor Tucker Carlson after he published an op-ed stating Covid-19 jabs are dangerous for children’

“Carlson’s op-ed cited information that was, up until that point, publicly viewable on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website. 

However, after Carlson’s op-ed was published, that information disappeared from the site.

“[Files] released Thursday also reveal that Twitter executives held internal debates over how best to censor the content in Carlson’s op-ed …”

State Covid propaganda ‘destroyed public's ability to consent to vaccines’

An open letter from Dr. Christian Buckland, Chairman of the Board of the U.K. Council for Psychotherapy, to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak


Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Martin Rico y Ortega

Jules Bastien Le-Page