Saturday 29 April 2023


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PROFESSOR ROGER WATSON: Time to give ‘long Covid’ short shrift…

“Now is surely the time to consign long Covid to the medical waste bin, relegate it to the realm of myth …

“Check the NHS website and do a self-diagnosis; you will almost undoubtedly discover that you have long Covid …

Roger Watson is a Professor of Nursing.


At 30 April 2023 at 00:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long Covid campaigner made a Coronation Champion for 'inspirational' work with children
EXCLUSIVE: Ms McFarland is one of 500 people who have been recognised as Coronation Champions ahead of King Charles III's Coronation on May 6. Volunteers receive a signed certificate from the King and Queen Camilla.

By Christopher Sharp
07:00, Sun, Apr 30, 2023

At 30 April 2023 at 02:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once there is a research grant funding stream for something like 'long Covid', all those who get funded have a self-interest in keeping that going. They bring research to a correct conclusion, their funding ends. That's not good for their institution. Only the funders can cut funding streams off, academia would happily focus on the same subjects for 40 years - an entire academic career.

At 30 April 2023 at 03:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video - age 13 school boy saves bus full of children, after driver faints at steering wheel on Michigan USA road, possibly covid-vax-related

Name of hero boy is Dillon Reeves, you see him jump up to grab the steering wheel and hit the brakes when the driver fell unconscious, everyone safe thanks to him


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