Sunday 30 April 2023

Goldman Sachs, Rishi Sunak, Sir Chris Hohn

Rishi Sunak

Unknown commented on "Guardian BBC"

According to Bloomberg -

Sunak as UK PM Reinforces Goldman’s Hold on G-7 Top Jobs

24 October 2022 at 17:07 BST

Remarkably the BBC report -

Rishi Sunak: How the US shaped Britain's new leader

"I have lived and worked in California and I actually think it's one of the reasons that I would be good at this job," he told the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg last month while running for the Conservative leadership.

Mr Sunak started his years in America at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business as a Fulbright Scholar, heading to Silicon Valley in 2004 as the internet boom was under way.

The programme, which admits roughly 400 students per year, has a reputation as the most exclusive business degree in the country.

Among the classes Mr Sunak took was "The Paths to Power", intended to help students understand power and how to wield it effectively.

He did not earn any particular academic distinctions

After graduating, Mr Sunak took a lucrative job at the London-based hedge fund, TCI Fund Management.

Rishi Sunak's former boss Sir Chris Hohn.

According to a Guardian report regarding the glorious leader of TCI

Hedge fund billionaire Sir Chris Hohn paid himself ‘£1.5m a day this year’

The £574m payout is thought to be highest annual amount ever paid to one person in Britain

Climate rebel tycoon nets tainted millions: How Extinction Rebellion's British hedge fund backer profits from 'dirty' firms

Sir Chris Hohn has donated £200,000 to Extinction Rebellion

He became the world's top hedge fund manager last year
That's thanks to major investments in firms hit by environmental scandals


At 30 April 2023 at 08:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contradictory Ukraine war news

Western establishment media start to say Russia is winning -

As top Russian dissident military speak of catastrophe for Russia

Establishment UK Telegraph - 'Whisper it, but Ukraine may no longer be winning ... Actors such as Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron are waiting to force an unbalanced peace plan upon Kyiv'
by Col. Richard Kemp CBE

"Polish Armed Forces chief of staff General Rajmund Andrzejczak said that when he analyses the war in Ukraine politically, he is pessimistic. ‘We simply don’t have the ammunition’ - Poland can no longer supply Ukraine"

Even Israel deprived of munitions to transfer to Ukraine -

However, top Russian dissidents on Telegram, express the opposite fear, looming catastrophe for Russia ... Most notable is recent video from Russia's top commander, Yevgeny Prigozhin of the Wagner paid mercenaries ... Prigozhin - who had a Jewish father - mentioned here:

Now, 'Wagner's Prigozhin Issues Most Dire Warning Yet Ahead of Ukrainian Counterattack'

Major highlights:

- Russia didn’t even win the Chechen wars in 1990s-2000s, Putin paid Kadyrov’s father a bribe to end it
- Wagner was the main force that saved Assad in Syria, and was undermined by the Kremlin every step of the way
- Elites in Russia are in secret negotiations with the Western elite
- The KGB [now FSB & SVR] hate Russia, [its leaders] have mistresses in the West
- Russia has the resources to win, but leadership keeps resources away from military who need them
- Unlike Wagner, the regular Russian army is demoralised, unorganised, unprepared
- The Ukrainian army will attack soon and this may very well end in tragedy for Russia


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