Sunday 30 April 2023

Yuval Noah Harari & Russell Brand

Yuval Noah Harari & Russell Brand in conversation on the future of work | Penguin Talks

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Penguin Talks is a new series of free creative events which gives young people the opportunity to hear directly from, and question, some of our most influential authors. This inaugural Penguin Talk features global bestselling author Professor Yuval Noah Harari in conversation with comedian Russell Brand. At a secondary school in South London they discuss some of the most pressing challenges facing the next generation, from the impact of AI on the future of the jobs market, to climate change.

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Penguin to keep publishing unedited Roald Dahl books after censorship backlash
Company faced criticism following cuts and rewrites to make novels 'relevant' for new generations


At 30 April 2023 at 00:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tiny, Tight-Lipped Circle of Aides Guiding Biden 2024
They rarely give on-the-record interviews.


“Mr. Biden named Mr. Zients as his second chief of staff in January after Mr. Zients oversaw the administration’s Covid vaccination program. He has ensured regular bagel deliveries to the West Wing from Call Your Mother, a Washington chain in which he is a part owner …”

Interview with Jeff Zients

“… [Vaccines] are so effective at preventing hospitalization and death. If we had everyone vaccinated, we would obviously be in a very, very different position. I think the root-cause problem has been misinformation … that undermines people’s decisions to get vaccinated … and treated …

“… [In] December 2020, in the transition [only] about one out of three Americans said that they wanted to get vaccinated. We do [now] have 85 percent of Americans … with at least one shot in arm. But we’ve got to … keep fighting the misinformation.

“The technology companies need to cooperate …

“We have this ‘Test to Treat’ initiative, so someone can walk into a clinic if they suspect they could have Covid … If they test positive, they pick up the pills, start the pills …

“[If] there’s a determination based on the science that comes later in the year, IN THE FALL, that all Americans need boosters, or … that we need a different booster … we need to be ordering that, and we need the funding …

“And … USAID needs the funding to turn vaccines into vaccinations, shots in arms across the world …

“… [We] have committed to donating 1.2 billion doses to the world for free — no strings attached …

“… [And] this week we made an important announcement that we were going to start to provide pediatric doses …”


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