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Billionaires agreed in 2009 that depopulation was a priority

Robert F. Kennedy Jr@RobertKennedyJr 23 Jun

“Clinical presentation of myocarditis cases following vaccination has been distinct, occurring most often within one week after dose two, with chest pain as the most common presentation,” said Dr. Grace Lee, co-chair of VaST.

CDC Finds ‘Likely’ Link Between Heart Inflammation and Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines • 


Neil Mackay's Big Read: The dawn of transhumanism - conversations with Dr David Eagleman, the scientist creating a world of real superhumans in his laboratory

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Before the time of Covid19, Elisabeth Moss was wearing a mask!

Elisabeth Moss has been the star of the hit TV drama The Handmaid's Tale.

Moss stars in the series as Offred, a 'handmaid' - women enslaved by the upper class in the country of Gilead (formerly the United States) 

On the show, Elisabeth's character June and the other Handmaids wore masks when they were sent off to the gallows to be punished for rebelling.

The handmaids' masks were invented BEFORE the Covid crisis.

Peter Hitchens wrote -

'It is fascinating to see that publicity for the latest series of the ultra-feminist, anti-Christian nightmare show The Handmaid’s Tale shows its fashionable Scientologist star Elisabeth Moss wearing a face-covering. Did they see the Covid panic coming? No.

'When the second season was shot three years ago, the makers must have assumed the muzzle would be seen as humiliating and disempowering (as it is). Can anyone watch it now without wondering exactly how a symbol of voiceless impotence has become a fashion accessory?'

PETER HITCHENS: This won't be popular.

'What an illustration of the uselessness of British politics. Matt Hancock wildly over-reacts to a virus outbreak and condemns the country to a multiple disaster of NHS breakdown, house arrest, endless debt, destroyed business, wrecked education, inflation and grasping taxation. 

'And nobody cares.

'But when he is pictured kissing a woman, everyone calls for his resignation – not because she’s not his wife but because he’s allegedly breaking social distancing rules.

'Life, as a whole, is becoming increasingly like Care in the Community. If it goes on like this, even I will need counselling.'

Rock musician, 48, died of a brain haemorrhage two weeks after he had AstraZeneca vaccine as doctors see complications caused by jab

'The 48-year-old rock musician died of a brain haemorrhage two weeks after having the AstraZeneca vaccine due to rare complications caused by the jab. 

'The singer, known as Zion, fell ill with an agonising headache on May 13 - eight days after having the first jab, at Penrith Auction Mart in Cumbria. 

'He died at Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, on May 19.'

'The Covid vaccines have only been distributed for six months and have now contributed to a realistic 17,000 deaths or upwards towards 30,000 this year alone.'

American Medicine, American Malfeasance


London anti-scamdemic protest - 26 June 2021

Video: The Fraudulent Corona Pandemic. Crimes against Humanity. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich


'When droplets of orange juice or fizzy drinks like coca-cola are placed on a
lateral flow test it can produce a positive result because the acidity of the drink destroys the antibody proteins in the test.

'And although it does not work every time, viral videos on Tik Tok and Instagram have been encouraging children across the UK to try the trick to get out of going to school.'

Matt Hancock has resigned.


'A 2017 document by Johns Hopkins which details plans for a global medical response under a hypothetical ‘exercise’ pandemic named “SPARS 2025-2028”, mirrors today’s world scenarios under COVID-19.'

From John Hopkins’


“After showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, vaccine recipients slowly began to experience symptoms.”

“As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge.”

“As the investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down and withdraw from government.”

“Nearing the end of 2027, reports of new neurological symptoms began to emerge.”

“Several parents claimed that their children were experiencing neurological symptoms.”

Published in a journal called Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery



Scotland's Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon met bosses from a US defence giant - weeks after the firm won a £27million contract to work for the National Health Service in Scotland.

Sturgeon meets US defence giant which won £27million ...
 Dec 2019

'Sturgeon visited the headquarters of Leidos in the suburbs of Washington DC during a taxpayer-funded visit to North America in February 2020.

'Leidos is the fourth biggest US defence contractor with annual revenues of £7.5billion - its operations range from spy agency eavesdropping to the Pentagon’s nuclear weapons progamme.

'Three months before Sturgeon’s visit, Leidos was awarded a five-year deal worth £27million to run the Scottish Government’s new purchasing system - used by every Scottish health board.

'Sturgeon and her top ministers have been lobbied by US drug giants on at least seven occasions over the past year and a half.

'Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary Miles Briggs said: “Anyone would think Nicola Sturgeon was trying to sell off Scotland’s NHS."

'A recent health service purchasing report shows that only 30 per cent of NHS Scotland’s budget is spent within Scotland with contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds routinely awarded to US firms.

'In the past year alone, these include a £1.1million IT contract with Baxter Healthcare (based in Illinois) and a £2million “quality improvement” contract with IHI (based in Boston).

'There have also been dozens of multi-million pound medicines deals struck with US companies such as Pfizer, Gilead Sciences, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Merck & Co and Biogen.

Louisiana: Another FBI Agent Arrested For Raping Small Children

Indonesian doctors got vaccinated with Sinovac and got sick ...

'A study found that out of the first 100 reported deaths in nursing home residents who received the Pfizer vaccine, 10 were “likely” due to the vaccine. 

'An additional 26 deaths were “possibly” caused by the vaccine, said the study authors.'


'Is iron (Fe) being added to some beef cattle feed to dose American consumers?

'Is it a certain kind of nanotech magnetite? It seems that some kind of magnetic material is playing a role in the Bioweapon Spike Program attack on America.'

Magnetic Foods? Searching With A 12,000 Gauss Magnet

'There have been 973,435 adverse reactions including 1,356 deaths reported to the Yellow Card scheme.'

Crimes against Humanity - UK Government release 21st report on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines

Michael Cohen Exposes Trump's Most Ridiculous Lies

'A top WHO official says that mask mandates and social distancing should continue indefinitely in order to protect against new variants of COVID-19.

'The comments were made on Sky News by Special Envoy on Covid for the World Health Organisation (WHO). Dr David Nabarro.'

Can the UK's minister of health be trusted?

Is the UK's National Health Service to be sold to the Cabal?

Jon Trickett MP@jon_trickett·22 Jun

The Tories have handed £110bn+ of NHS funding to non-NHS Providers since 2010 And that was before the pandemic.

 They used the pandemic as an excuse to hand £10bn chunks of NHS funding over. 

And now they’re passing a law to make it easier & faster to hand your NHS to the USA.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

SASKATCHEWAN:  Dr. Francis Christian, Clinical Professor of General Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan…

In 2009, the TruTV reality show, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” featured leading medical doctor Dr. Rima Laibow, who treated multiple heads of state, discussing how she learned of a UN plan to release a virus as the trigger for depopulation through vaccines.

Unknown commented -

Dr. Rima Labow is a very questionable person. Married to a former Joint Chief of Staff General (I think Army) who is interested in the occult. She is probably controlled opposition.

Croatian earthquake survivors not Italian patients.

Norway Says Risk Of Dying From AstraZeneca CoviShield Vaccine Higher Than Of COVID-19

Mounting Debts, Bankruptcies, Inflation, Mass Unemployment -------The Financial Establishment Promotes “Economic Nonsense” and Incoherent Analysis 

- By Dr. Shawgi Tell, June 24, 2021 

CIA mind control.

'A massacre in northeast Burkina Faso, on 4 June 2021, in which more than 130 people were killed, this was carried out mostly by children between the ages of 12 and 14, the United Nations and the government said.

'Armed assailants raided the village of Solhan, opened fire on residents and burned homes.

'It was the worst attack in years in an area plagued by jihadists linked to "the CIA's ISIS and the CIA's al Qaeda."' 

Child soldiers carried out Burkina Faso massacre, say UN and government

The Finders: CIA Ties to Child Sex Cult

Unknown comments - 

A tweet from John McAfee, on 5 Feb 2020, right at the beginning of covid hysteria: "Do NOT, under any circumstances, take the vaccine!!!"

John McAfee

Do NOT, under any circumstances, take the vaccine!!!

10:00 am · 5 Feb 2020·

Hundreds of bodies are found in unmarked graves at another Native American school in Canada

A First Nation in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, has discovered hundreds of unmarked graves at the site of another former residential school
It can be hard to tell what is fake.

Iodine solution can completely inactivate Covid-19: Study ...

John Whittingdale the UK's media minister has said that “people who are important” should be entitled to avoid tough quarantine rules when travelling to the UK.

Minister says travel quarantine rules do not apply to ‘important people’


While speaking at a conference in 2018, Wuhan Institute of Virology and collaborator and gain-of-function advocate Dr. Ralph Baric advised attendees on how to “make money” in the next pandemic.

Baric – who’s attended conferences at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and is described by Wuhan’s “bat woman” Shi Zhengli as one of her “longtime collaborators” – made the comments at an April 2018 event hosted at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

“I wanted to give you good news. There are winners out there, right? So if you ever want to be prepared and make money in the next pandemic, if that’s what you want to do, buy stock in Hazmat suit makers and protective clothing or companies that make antiviral drugs for that particular pandemic,” he notes.

Videos -


Hydroxychloroquine study not all that it seems
Full Fact

'I am a Jew.

'The Globalists are the true anti-Semitic group, because they wear the label of “Jew” while at the same time carrying out acts of murder and genocide against ... other “Jews.”

Identifying the Globalists Implementing the New World Order by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News.

No, Greg Hunt didn't say no one had died from COVID-19 in Australia

Education – Australian Associated Press

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Unknown commented -

'Anti-lockdown hero' DeSantis is a 'great friend of Israel', and the leading Trump party candidate to run for US President in 2024 - 

DeSantis signed a much-trumpted new law 'banning covid vaccine passports'. 

BUT It turns out that this legislation, has hidden covid total dictatorship clauses buried literally over 1000 lines down in the law's text: "Florida Bill Banning Vaccine Passports Contains Hidden Clause Allowing for MASS FORCED VACCINATIONS, Mandatory Solitary Confinement Quarantine of Residents With COVID-19." 

"Through this legislation the Florida legislature and Governor DeSantis empower Florida’s surgeon general with the uncontestable absolute ability to inject resisting Florida residents with a coronavirus vaccine, they also confer the unique total power to isolate in solitary confinement any individual at will, even those who are physically unable to withstand such treatment and those who hold religious objections to the sometimes- deadly procedure."

Florida Bill Banning Vaccine Passports Contains Hidden Clause Allowing for MASS FORCED VACCINATIONS, Mandatory Solitary Confinement Quarantine of Residents With COVID-19

SouthFront reports that the US Department of Justice has just seized a number of websites of Iranian, Palestinian, Yemeni, Iraqi news channels.


'Blood clots in vaccinated people are very likely caused by defective coating in magnetic particles used for magnetofection, which leads to cell-clogging.'


The Quantum Eraser Experiment: What Happens In The Present Can Change The Past

'Scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus and showed that their actions could retroactively change something that had already happened.'

'A new data analysis from Harvard University, Brown University, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation calculates how different employment levels have been impacted during the pandemic to date. 

'The findings reveal that government lockdown orders devastated workers at the bottom of the financial food chain but left the upper-tier actually better off.'

Henry Makow@hmakow 8h·

Ophthalmologists now ethically obligated to denounce covid-19 vaccines, as 20,000 new eye disorders are reported

'15,472 DEAD 1.5 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union's Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots.'

Four cases of potentially deadly Guillain-Barré syndrome - in which the body's immune system breaks down - were recorded in Nottingham just 11 to 12 days after having the vaccine.

'Perhaps the most sinister, and outrageous decision to be implemented under Hancock’s leadership is the reintroduction of the Liverpool Care Pathway. A decision which led to the premature deaths of the elderly, and people with disabilities and learning difficulties.'

Corruption, Deception, Genocide – The legacy of Matt Hancock

Coronavirus: stories fact-checked - BBC News

'A plot to control world population.

'The coronavirus pandemic has been created by "shadow global powers" in an attempt to reduce world population, according to Vladimir Kvachkov, a Russian ex-military intelligence officer in a YouTube interview.

'Mr Kvachkov says there is scientific proof the coronavirus was made artificially, but this has been widely dismissed by scientists who say genome sequencing shows that it came from animals.'


'How many Americans are as brave as Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley, who announced he would give up playing football before he submits to the NFL’s vaccine protocols?'

Is the Danger Covid or the Vaccine?

'Fauci emails reveal National Institutes of Health doing damage control to conceal lab origins of Covid'

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID.

This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents.
June 16, 2021

Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots, according to Survey


Iowa man jailed for 10 years after spitting on “mask Nazi”


Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas was scheduled to leave Port Everglades on July 3rd. The cruise was halted after eight crew members tested positive for COVID. Strange enough, all eight COVID-positive crew members were “vaccinated” for COVID.

'While bureaucrats gave Walmart, Costco, Lowe’s, and other big-box stores “essential” status, allowing them to stay open during the COVID pandemic -
38.9% of America’s small businesses, the providers of most of the country’s jobs, were forced to close.

Not useful - PCR tests 

Philippines' Duterte threatens those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine with jail

'Perspex screens unlikely to reduce transmission and may even increase risk.'

The Journal of Infection has published a new study that confirms that mass testing of asymptomatic members of the general population was unnecessary and only served to exaggerate the number of COVID “cases.”

The article is called, “The performance of the SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test as a tool for detecting SARS-CoV-2 infection in the population.” It is based on a population of 162,457 tested individuals in Germany.

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