Monday, 29 June 2020

Lies or Coincidence, Moscow Mosque, Fake Hate Crimes, Capri


The cabal that rules the world?





  1. Always nice to see Putin doing his masters work. CHABAD.

  2. Facebook boycott puzzle

    Many big companies are suddenly boycotting Facebook for not censoring the right wing 'enough' on par with Twitter and YouTube

    Adidas, Reebok, Microsoft, Ford, HP, Hersey's and many more huge names are boycotting Facebook advertising

    Why is the Facebook of world-dominating internet Jewish billionaire Mark Zuckerberg being attacked?

    When it is very Jewish, establishment etc and has been banning and blocking all sorts of things

    One explanation is that Facebook's users tend to be older and more conservative, so Facebook is trying to avoid going full-on antifa

    But it seems we may be seeing another example of the intra-Jewish conflict between Jewish globalists such as George Soros, going in for the kill now with antifa, BLM, Bill Gates, etc, and the opposing Jewish nationalist Zionists such as Bibi Netanyahu, more tied to ethno-nationalists and right-wing parties, esp. in Europe

    Mark Zuckerberg is in the Zionist camp ... along with Trump

    Mark Zuckerberg with the late Israeli President Shimon Peres

    Mark Zuckerberg with Bibi Netanyahu