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Bùi Thị Nhung 25 October 2019 Facebook. / Bui Thi Nhung - death truck victim

Nguyen Dinh Luong and Pham Thi Tra My

Anonymous 26 October 2019 at 13:27 writes:

Why have these Vietnamese nationals been shown in holiday snaps around Europe? 

Why not just travel to UK the same way you arrived in Europe (wherever the Instagram selfies were taken)?


A container in which 39 migrants were found dead was part of a convoy of three lorries, it has been claimed.

Families claim more than 100 migrants were smuggled 

The death crash trucker has been charged with 39 COUNTS of manslaughter.

During 2019, several groups of east African children were found in Belfast.

They 'had travelled to Northern Ireland in a shipping container with up to 50 other people', they told police.

Shipping container claims probed as groups of African ...

In October 2019, 39 'Chinese' were found dead in a lorry in Essex, in the UK.

The majority of the 39 people found dead in the back of a lorry in Essex were likely to be from Vietnam, according to reports.

Essex lorry deaths: most victims likely to be from Vietnam

The wife of a haulage boss based in the northwest of England has been named as the owner of the lorry.

Joanna Maher, 38, from Warrington, was revealed as the owner of the Scania truck that was registered in the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Varna in 2018.

But Joanna Maher and her husband Thomas have insisted that they sold the lorry cab a year ago to a company in Northern Ireland.

"Robinson passed out when he opened the doors to fetch some paperwork and discovered the bodies, a horrified witness told the Evening Standard.

One pal told Mail Online: "When he opened the container up and saw all the dead bodies, he was absolutely horrified - as anyone would be - and called the ambulance service who in turn alerted the police."


In the case of the Essex lorry deaths in October 2019: the 39 found dead were Chinese nationals ...

In 2001, the driver of lorry in which 58 Chinese died got 14 years in jail.

On 23 October 2019, 39 dead bodies were found in the container of a lorry in Grays, Essex, in England.

The lorry was registered in Bulgaria under an Irish company.

The container had travelled through Belgium before arriving in the United Kingdom at Purfleet, while the cab is believed to have entered mainland Britain via Northern Ireland and the Port of Holyhead.

The lorry entered the United Kingdom (UK) in two parts.

The container arrived in Purfleet, a town near Grays with a port on the River Thames, from the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium, at around 00:30 on 23 October.[1]

It was originally reported that the entire lorry had come through Holyhead from Dublin.[1][2]

Police believe the cab came from Northern Ireland[3] and entered mainland Britain via the Port of Holyhead, on the Welsh island of Anglesey, on Saturday 19 October.[1][2]

The driver at the time of discovery was a 25-year-old man, Mo Robinson, from Northern Ireland; he was arrested at the scene.

Anonymous writes:

Got a feeling the truck tragedy is fake.

- Constantly changing narrative.

- Coming through leaky Irish Border.

- Timing with Brexit.

- CCTV footage from fixed camera 'panning' the truck in the middle of

- Very young driver to hold class 1 HGV and drive a left hand drive rig.

- Convoluted route to 'expose' backstop issues.

- Convenient twitter feed.

- Comparing tragedy to Dunblane, 7/7, Manchester Arena.

Merkel apparently opened the border to 1 million + refugees after similar event in 2015. Therefore a seeming tragedy used for political capital and serving a higher purpose.

Nothing being released about the victims and crime scene sterilised and truck removed.

Lorry driver Mo Robinson.

The Daily Mail says:

"Robinson arrived in the UK at the weekend. He picked up the trailer, which had been shipped from Zeebrugge to Purfleet, yesterday evening. Minutes later, he pulled into the Essex industrial estate and the alarm was raised."

"Container arrived in Essex from Belgium last night and Robinson collected just before the bodies were found."


Belfast Live says:

"The load, understood to have originated in Bulgaria, is believed to have been picked up in Belfast before being driven to Dublin before being ferried to Holyhead, Wales and driven to Essex."

Given the utter tripe that passes for our inverted version of reality, the constant stream of false flags and the lengths to which the nefarious forces are prepared to go. It is hardly surprising that a tragedy of this type raises suspicion when things don't add up.

I might just be plain old wrong, however, do forgive my suspicions giving everything else that is contrived or fake.

The event (in my mind) seems to serve a higher purpose and may be the Hegelian Dialect that offers political manipulation around Brexit or some other tripe.

Peace to the humans.

At what point in the Arcuri synopsis of events did Boris, the political equivalent of a flip flop switch, come to prefer being 'dead in a ditch' to staying in the EU? Where was the tipping point? And did Jen and her alt right friends help facilitate that change? https://eu-rope


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Anonymous 26 October 2019 at 04:26 - "Ivan Krastev is a founding board member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Does he conveniently forget that almost all 1989 'revolutions' from the former Communist Bloc were planned before hand?"

Why do so many people migrate from Eastern Europe to Western Europe?

Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes have written "The Light that Failed: A Reckoning."

This is a book about what went wrong in Eastern Europe after the fall of communism.

Reviewing this book, the FT’s Tony Barber writes:

"Thirty years on, 1989 appears in less rosy colours...  authoritarian features ...autocratic kleptocracies... 

"The region abounds in nationalists, nativists and populists who have few values in common with the enlightened liberal revolutionaries of 1989."

Think of Ukraine and you see Jewish oligarchs, allied to Nazis, running the show.

Netanyahu visiting Ukraine's Jewish president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ivan Krastev, a Bulgarian-born scholar, writes that, in Eastern Europe, Liberalism 'lost its way.' 

Barber writes:

"By the mid-2010s, the states of central and eastern Europe were undoubtedly wealthier and the capitalist future promised in 1989 had arrived - but, according to Krastev and Holmes, 'its benefits and burdens were unevenly, even crassly distributed'. 

"The region’s severe depopulation over the past 30 years exacerbates the problem as the emigration of young, well-educated people makes it harder for liberal parties to win elections. 

"Krastev and Holmes are no admirers of Viktor Orban, Hungary's illiberal prime minister.

According to Krastev and Holmes: 'Orban has shielded from public scrutiny both his electoral manipulation and epic levels of insider corruption.' 


The Czech Republic now has its problems with Nazis..

Bulgaria, 2019. Inside the dark world of Bulgaria's ...

Bulgaria now has its problems with Nazis.

Le Pen and Wilders.

Who is stirring up the trouble?

NEILS BLOG explains.


Slovakia today has its problems.

Intentional homicides, 2016 (police-recorded offences per 100 000 inhabitants.

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and Romania have higher homicide rates than England.

East Germany, under communism.

East Germany, under communism.

Brabantian 26 October 2019 at 04:23 comments:

Mixed aspects in all of this

Eastern Europe certainly had a clannish phase of post-communist corruption, where those able to connect with the government on 'privatisation' programmes, became oligarchs and billionaires

But Eastern Europeans often now much prefer living at home in Eastern Europe, tho some are still working in Britain and Western Europe, temporarily, but solely for more money

Raising the ethical question of whether France, Germany & Britain in fact conducted a campaign of 'asset stripping brain drain' via the EU - impoverishing, e.g., Romania, as a third of its medical doctors etc moved West just for money

But Eastern Europeans often wish now to go back home ... the romance of the 'West' has now lost its lustre

In their home countries, East Europeans consider themselves as still 'having the freedom to be normal', whereas 'traditional' views are being sanctioned in the West as 'hate speech', with the arrests over Facebook postings etc
East Europeans overall do not like Western Europe's increasing 'multi-culturalism', 'diversity', and African and Islamic presences, the waves of non-European migrants, skyrocketing Western urban crime and no-go zones, the pushing of the LGBT agenda, the rapes in Sweden (about one every hour now), the increasing stabbings in London, now having a higher murder rate than New York City

The Czech Republic is particularly booming ... Europe's lowest unemployment rate, essentially zero, Prague a new favoured 'beautiful European city', with people quietly speaking of being pleased to be in a historic European capital, safe and with few beggars and little crime, much less 'diverse' ... versus places like Paris being seen as quite 'rough' now

'Illiberal' is now a badge people are wearing with pride, as 'liberalism' becomes identified with leftist, cultural Marxist, social change agendas, the Soros-sponsored migrant waves, the LGBT agenda, things such as trans-genders or cross-dressers going into Western schools and caressing children, the Western arrests for people saying things which in Eastern Europe are considered 'normal'

In a way the 'populist' vs 'leftist' divide, is now seen in the East vs West Europe divide ... and there are many in the West increasingly coming to prefer the East, retiring there, or moving there if they have the money ... In certain media there are regular stories of, e.g., Swedes departing for Eastern Europe to escape escalating Swedish crime

Trump, Le Pen etc voters often see East Europe as a 'model' ... sometimes even more so after visiting Eastern Europe

In the USA, the coastal urban vs heartland divide is less clear geographically ... leading to that recent poll saying that over 2/3 of USA citizens feel they are ramping up toward civil war

Whether 'populist nationalist' or 'liberal leftist', both have their kosher links, e.g., Netanyahu or Soros (who has just endorsed the USA's Elizabeth Warren for President)

Politics in Europe or Anglo countries, some say, is usually a 'kosher sandwich', your two main choices on the menu both kosher ones

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Friday 25 October 2019



Eustace Mullins speaks out.


The Kosher Nostra and its friends start wars in order to make money.

Scientology leader David Miscavige is linked to child trafficking?


dognamedblue‏ @dognamedblue Oct 22

DOCTORS ARE SPEECHLESS! The Scientists Can't Answer. "Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes! This Will Revolutionize Our Future!" (Royal Raymond Rife dealt with frequencies & "cured all diseases" ?) Gregg Braden @GreggBraden

Doing a podcast with David Plouffe, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton insisted that Putin is “grooming” a Democrat for a third-party run next year.

Hillary Clinton's sad, conspiracy theories - New York Post

Perhaps she meant the 'Kosher Nostra' is doing the grooming?

During the 2016 US election, we noted that, when searching for 'Trump corruption and child abuse', Google directed us to websites attacking Hilary Clinton, rather than Donald Trump.


Brexiteers have accused Google of a pro-EU bias after it emerged that Google suggests a majority of pro-Remain websites to users searching for news about Brexit.

Analysis of the first page of Google searches for 5,000 Brexit-related keywords and phrases show the Guardian, the BBC and the Independent show up most prominently in the results which between them receive HALF of the market share.

The BBC, which has previously been accused of an anti-Brexit bias, is at the top of the list, taking a 29.4 per cent of the market share of Brexit-related news searches.

Second is The Guardian, the highest among the national newspaper websites, with a 12.4 per cent share. The Independent, also viewed as a pro-remain news source, is third, with nine per cent.

BBC and Guardian most visible in Brexit-related Google searches, study shows

In 1956 there was a revolt in Hungary against the communist regime.

There was no serious support for the rebels from the CIA and its friends and the revolt was crushed.

staged by spooks: fall of the berlin wall, orange - Aangirfan

William Barr (right). The USA's Attorney General William Barr is a friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Barr’s father hired Epstein to work at an elite Manhattan private school in the 1970s, even though he did not have a degree.

"US Attorney General Bill Barr, according to numerous witnesses, while working for the CIA, enabled cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas."

CIA Covert Operative William Barr


Daniel Hopsicker writes:

"Jerry Falwell Jr. is currently instrumental in shoring up Donald Trump’s base of evangelicals, eighty-one percent of whom still plan on voting for Donald Trump, despite his flouting of their “traditional values.”

"Falwell is also backing Trump’s ‘controversial’ decision to abandon the Kurds. He said Trump was simply “keeping his promise to keep America out of endless wars.”

"“The president has got to do what’s best for the country, whether it helps him with this phony impeachment inquiry or not,” Falwell said in an interview.

"Back in 2004 I discovered a curious connection between Jerry Falwell Sr. and Wally Hilliard, the owner of Huffman Aviation flight school at the Venice Florida airport that trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi to fly."


McKrae Game, the man who founded one of the largest conversion therapy programs in the country and led the homophobic organization for 20 years, has come out as gay.

Back in 1999, Game, 51, started Truth Ministry, a faith-based conversion therapy program in South Carolina, which aims to suppress or completely change a person’s LGBTQ+ sexuality through counseling, interventions, or ministry.

The organization was eventually rebranded and renamed as Hope for Wholeness in 2013.
Two decades after its founding, however, Game - who once vehemently preached that being gay would send someone to hell - has now come out as gay to the world.

Conversion Therapy Founder McKrae Game Comes Out as ...

Sir Alex Ferguson and Tony Blair. Sir Alex Ferguson has said: "I think Tony Blair was a fantastic Prime Minister." SIR ALEX FERGUSON

A football agent, Giuseppe 'Pino' Pagliara, has claimed that  Sir Alex Ferguson conspired to fix a match between Manchester United and Juventus and was gifted for a £30,000 Rolex watch, a court heard.

football agent claimed Sir Alex Ferguson 'conspired ...

Khao Yai

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Visiting Israel, Richard Branson calls Brexit the ‘saddest’ event for the UK since WWII.

Branson, the Virgin Group founder, kissed the ground after landing in Tel Aviv to start new flight and vacation packages.

Visiting Israel, Virgin's Branson calls Brexit 'saddest' event
 24 Oct 2019

Richard Branson, friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Clare Bronfman.

There is a belief that the 'Kosher Nostra' is opposed to Brexit.

A boy, John Bercow, Keith Vaz. MYSTERIOUS KEITH VAZ.

John Bercow, the Speaker of the UK's House of Commons, is from a Jewish family.

On 21 October 2019, REMAINER John Bercow blocked a request from Boris Johnson to hold a vote on his Brexit deal.

The PM wanted a vote after a Remainer plot ruined his plans on 19 October 2019 and forced him to seek a Brexit extension from the EU.

"On 22 October 2019, MPs approved the prime minister's Withdrawal Agreement Bill on its first hurdle through the Commons - called the second reading - by 329 votes to 299.

"But minutes later Boris Johnson was defeated - by a majority of 14 - in a second vote on a fast-tracked timetable for the bill, prompting him to pause his legislation."


Brexit is in trouble.

Sir Oliver Letwin, a top Jew.

"In the UK, MPs have voted in favour of Sir Oliver Letwin's amendment which seeks to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

"322 MPs voted in favour of the amendment, while 306 voted against it – a majority of 16.

"The Government earlier said it would suspend the main meaningful vote on Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal if Sir Oliver's motion passed.

"Boris Johnson has said he will not negotiate a fresh Brexit delay with the EU despite losing the key Commons vote."

Letwin (left)

Anonymous writes: 

Letwin worked for NM Rothschild Group 1986-2003. 

His roles included head of NM Rothschild's International Privatisation Unit, a director of NM Rothschild & Sons 1991-2003, and a non-executive director 2005-2009.

NM Rothschild's other non-executive directors, past and present, include: Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, David Rene James de Rothschild, Edmund de Rothschild, Mr Leopold David De Rothschild, Baron Eric Alain Robert David De Rothschild, and ADAM GREENBURY.

Savile, close friend of Israel.

ADAM GREENBURY is the son of LADY GABRIELLE GREENBURY and her late husband, Sir Richard Greenbury.

"JIMMY SAVILE was closely associated with LADY GABRIELLE GREENBURY ... selecting her to be a trustee of The Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust ...

"Gabrielle's fellow trustee at the JSSM Hospital Trust was Luke Lucas, Savile's trusted sidekick ... 

"In addition to serving as trustees of Savile's JSSM Hospital Trust, Gabrielle and Lucas were also operating side-by-side as fellow directors of Sabrewatch Limited, a firm providing security for Marks & Spencer among others ... 

"A notable employee of Sabrewatch in the 1990s was the elder brother of Jimmy Savile's famous friend, Frank Bruno: namely, Michael Bruno."

Poll Tax riots. Photo: Paul Mattsson

What follows is excerpted from an article in Tribune Magazine:

"Cabinet files have revealed the names of advisers who persuaded Margaret Thatcher to try out her poll tax in Scotland.

"The tax that ended her political career and revived Scottish nationalism was conceived by LORD VICTOR ROTHSCHILD and championed by OLIVER LETWIN, a 29 year old adviser in her policy unit ..."

Efraim Halevy, the former Head of the Mossad, is seen above, in Hampstead.

Born in Hampstead, Oliver Letwin's parents were friends with the alleged paedophilia supporter, Keith Joseph.

Oliver Letwin became a special adviser to Joseph.

According to former newspaper editor Don Hale, Keith Joseph's name was among those contained in a dossier handed to him by Labour politician Barbara Castle revealing MPs who were involved in meetings of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). 

The dossier was seized by Special Branch in a raid, Hale said.

Oliver Letwin's chief of staff was Robert Halfon MP. 

Mr Halfon then became Political Director of the Conservative Friends of Israel.



Israel wants the UK to stay in the European Union.

"The EU has underwritten Israel's economic success.

"It has violated its own constitution to give Israel special trading status and thereby turned Europe into Israel’s largest export market."

Israel deeply disturbed by Brexit -

"There are only two political and economic blocs in the world that Israel will listen to: the United States and the EU."

Jews were Europeans 

Letwin, linked to the Rothschilds.

The following are some of the top 'Jewish' people who want the UK to stay in the EU.

Sir Oliver Letwin - "shop steward for Remainer ministers ... coordinating a cross-party alliance of Remainer MPs.

Simon Cowell, George Osborne, Robert HalfonRupert Murdoch, David Beckham

David Beckham: I Consider Myself To Be Jewish – Tablet Magazine

Nick Boles.

Nick Boles, friend of Israel, is said to be the leader of the UK Conservatives who want to keep the UK in the EU.

Remainer MP ringleader Nick Boles celebrates taking control of Brexit ...

Nick Boles is gay,[26] and in May 2011, he entered a civil partnership with Israeli Shay Meshulam [27]

Boles claimed £679 in Parliamentary expenses for Hebrew lessons so that he could talk to his partner, Israeli Shay Meshulam.[28][29] 


Uri Geller is important.

Theresa May and Mossad's Uri Geller, who currently lives in Israel.

Yuri Geller wants the UK to stay in the European Union.

Uri Geller is a 'psychic spy' for Mossad.

Uri Geller is the man who runs Britain?

Geller claims that he made Theresa May Prime Minister and claims that he is going to make Theresa May call a second referendum on Brexit.

On 25 March 2019, Geller told UK TV: 'I've known Theresa May for over 21 years. 

"I lived in the same village as she still does, Sonning. 

"She visited my home, I took her to my garage..."

In the garage, 'Geller used telepathic energy to make her Prime Minister'.

Now Geller is going to 'use the power of his mind to help his fellow Remainers'.

He is going to 'mount a telepathic attack on May aimed at forcing her to hold a second referendum'. 

Uri Geller, and his mother Manzy Freud, in Nicosia. Uri Geller later served in the Israeli Army's Paratroop Brigade.

In the Daily Telegraph, Uri Geller says that he told Theresa May in 2013 that she was destined to become the UK's Prime Minister.

Uri Geller has admitted to working with the CIA, MI5 and Mossad.

Uri Geller / dailymail / Uri Geller's double life as a spy.

Does Mossad choose the UK's prime ministers?


Does Mossad choose the US presidents?

Here is Obama and man who looks like astronaut Virgil Grissom, or, Obama's grandfather.

NASA ran a mind control program involving gifted children called 'Space Kids.'

Uri Geller was reportedly involved with a group of NASA Space Kids called the 'Gellerings', who were subjected to intensive hypnosis and trauma based mind control.

Did Uri Geller mind-control Obama?


Theresa May.

The village of Sonning, west of London, was home to Uri Geller for 35 years.

Theresa May lives in Sonning.

Theresa May has been the cabinet minister responsible for MI5, and responsible for dealing with the child abuse crisis.


Geller with former UK prime minister Edward Heath, who has reportedly been linked to pedophile rings, allegedly linked to Mossad.

UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has a house in Sonning.

People who have visited Geller's house in Sonning include presidents, royalty, Michael Jackson and various Hollywood people.


Sonning is on the edge of Reading, which is linked to Jo Cox and Brendan Cox.


Mossad's Uri Geller with former cabinet minister Michael Portillo.

Uri Geller has been photograpphed with a number of people allegedly linked to alleged child abuse rings.

Uri Geller is related to Sir Clement Freud (above).


It was Clement Freud who persuaded Geller to come to England and settle in Sonning.

Clement Freud's brother Lucian Freud "had a well-documented relationship with the Kray twins."


Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, had a holiday home in Praia da Luz, in Portugal.

In July 2007, Clement Freud helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz and offering them drinks.

(Clement Freud - Wikipedia)

Sir Clement Freud's son Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Above, we see Uri Geller and Lord Greville Janner, former President of the Board of British Jews, former vice president of the World Jewish Congress, and former member of the Boy Scouts Association.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death


Above, we see Michael Jackson, Yuri Geller, Lord Janner, David Blaine and Paul Boateng.


Above, we see Cliff Richard with Uri Geller who has been linked to MOSSAD-CIA MIND CONTROL.


Three times a year, Uri Geller would bring a number of children to his house.

Round the bend | The Sunday Times.

The house contains a secret passage and a secret room.

Round the bend | The Sunday Times

Geller with Michael Jackson, who is reported to have been mind-controlled.

The village of Sonning was home to Uri Geller for 35 years.

Other people who have houses in Sonning include:

1. Led Zeppelin’s guitarist, Jimmy Page

2. George and Amal Clooney.

Round the bend | The Sunday Times.

Geller's house in Sonning

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