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Eustace Mullins speaks out.


The Kosher Nostra and its friends start wars in order to make money.

Scientology leader David Miscavige is linked to child trafficking?


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DOCTORS ARE SPEECHLESS! The Scientists Can't Answer. "Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes! This Will Revolutionize Our Future!" (Royal Raymond Rife dealt with frequencies & "cured all diseases" ?) Gregg Braden @GreggBraden

Doing a podcast with David Plouffe, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton insisted that Putin is “grooming” a Democrat for a third-party run next year.

Hillary Clinton's sad, conspiracy theories - New York Post

Perhaps she meant the 'Kosher Nostra' is doing the grooming?

During the 2016 US election, we noted that, when searching for 'Trump corruption and child abuse', Google directed us to websites attacking Hilary Clinton, rather than Donald Trump.


Brexiteers have accused Google of a pro-EU bias after it emerged that Google suggests a majority of pro-Remain websites to users searching for news about Brexit.

Analysis of the first page of Google searches for 5,000 Brexit-related keywords and phrases show the Guardian, the BBC and the Independent show up most prominently in the results which between them receive HALF of the market share.

The BBC, which has previously been accused of an anti-Brexit bias, is at the top of the list, taking a 29.4 per cent of the market share of Brexit-related news searches.

Second is The Guardian, the highest among the national newspaper websites, with a 12.4 per cent share. The Independent, also viewed as a pro-remain news source, is third, with nine per cent.

BBC and Guardian most visible in Brexit-related Google searches, study shows

In 1956 there was a revolt in Hungary against the communist regime.

There was no serious support for the rebels from the CIA and its friends and the revolt was crushed.

staged by spooks: fall of the berlin wall, orange - Aangirfan

William Barr (right). The USA's Attorney General William Barr is a friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Barr’s father hired Epstein to work at an elite Manhattan private school in the 1970s, even though he did not have a degree.

"US Attorney General Bill Barr, according to numerous witnesses, while working for the CIA, enabled cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas."

CIA Covert Operative William Barr


Daniel Hopsicker writes:

"Jerry Falwell Jr. is currently instrumental in shoring up Donald Trump’s base of evangelicals, eighty-one percent of whom still plan on voting for Donald Trump, despite his flouting of their “traditional values.”

"Falwell is also backing Trump’s ‘controversial’ decision to abandon the Kurds. He said Trump was simply “keeping his promise to keep America out of endless wars.”

"“The president has got to do what’s best for the country, whether it helps him with this phony impeachment inquiry or not,” Falwell said in an interview.

"Back in 2004 I discovered a curious connection between Jerry Falwell Sr. and Wally Hilliard, the owner of Huffman Aviation flight school at the Venice Florida airport that trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi to fly."


McKrae Game, the man who founded one of the largest conversion therapy programs in the country and led the homophobic organization for 20 years, has come out as gay.

Back in 1999, Game, 51, started Truth Ministry, a faith-based conversion therapy program in South Carolina, which aims to suppress or completely change a person’s LGBTQ+ sexuality through counseling, interventions, or ministry.

The organization was eventually rebranded and renamed as Hope for Wholeness in 2013.
Two decades after its founding, however, Game - who once vehemently preached that being gay would send someone to hell - has now come out as gay to the world.

Conversion Therapy Founder McKrae Game Comes Out as ...

Sir Alex Ferguson and Tony Blair. Sir Alex Ferguson has said: "I think Tony Blair was a fantastic Prime Minister." SIR ALEX FERGUSON

A football agent, Giuseppe 'Pino' Pagliara, has claimed that  Sir Alex Ferguson conspired to fix a match between Manchester United and Juventus and was gifted for a £30,000 Rolex watch, a court heard.

football agent claimed Sir Alex Ferguson 'conspired ...

Khao Yai



  2. Kinda old newz


  4. Richard Branson kisses the ground in Israel as he pronounces on Brexit

  5. Re the 1956 Hungarian uprising, from the intro to the video linked below -

    « in 1956 there was an uprising by ordinary Hungarians against their ruling class about which the British historian David Irving wrote a book he named, ‘Uprising’.

    Irving in the clip below describes how surprised he was to discover this revolution wasn’t so much a revolt against communism, it was a revolt against despised Jews

    During WW2 many Hungarian Jews fled to Moscow. After Germany’s defeat they returned and very quickly installed themselves into the Government

    By 1956, over a decade after the war, resentment of Jewish rule exploded into the streets of Budapest with hundreds of armed civilians laying siege to Government and Secret Police, shooting them when they could and hanging them if they were captured.

    The Hungarian army joined civilians and handed out weapons. For a while it seemed the revolt had succeeded, but in the end Moscow sent tanks, and the US gave Khrushchev the nod that America was not going to interfere.

    This uprising has been ignored; most will be totally unaware of it. This is because it was 99% successful. Our Jewish friends don’t want you know how quickly a population knocked off a 100% Jewish Government. Except for the massive support from Russia, Hungarians would have won. »

    Video: 'David Irving The 1956 Hungarian Uprising was an anti-jewish revolt', 5m55

  6. The vid "Doctors are speechless". Absolutely Great.

    U geschiedde naar uw geloof. According to your faith it Is done unto you. (The carpenter´s son acc. to the Bible)

    The not-well-wishers, the evil minded actually end up all in a very bad condition at the end of their life not to speak about their condition in the after life.

    @ Anonymous25 October 2019 at 04:29

    The pic of Soros in the vid:
    is misleading must have been taken right after this personification of evil just had his adrenochrome (babyblood) dosis, it shows S. having a ´rush´. In most other pics you see he looks like a desperate junkie waiting for his next fix.



  9. David Miscavige or should we call him with his jewish surname Moskovicz .
    They are all jews always trying to hide their tribal roots.

  10. Alex Ferguson is a well known Freemason. Manchester United (Red Devils) his team. Remember the esoteric rules of the beautiful game were devised by Freemasons.

    Football gambling in the UK often gets referred to as fixed odds - why do you think that might be?

    Watching football matches often shows players displaying satanic hand gestures such as il cornuto salutes.

    Why is this?

  11. ´Eustace Mullins speaks out´

    @ Angriffan

    Good that you put out this vid. Some who know Eustace Mullins (EM) personally, say that EM - who calls John Kaminski in this vid an infiltrator (14.31) and even ´send mossad agents to my home to do away with me´ - had a stroke before he qualified John K. as such. But that is beside the point.

    John K. consistently denies that Hitler was financed by zionist jew bankers (the RotSchild cabal).

    EM always clearly underlines the fact that AH is financed by the j.bankers.

    In Canada, aug. 2000 (years before this stroke) EM states, the reason why the Nazi generals were executed after the Nurnberg tribunal after the war, was because they knew about the pact of the Nazis and the Zionists:

    53.51 - 54.40


    The RapeOfJustice YouTube channel was taken down shortly after it mirrored Jon Bjerknes´ video introducing his book Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust.

    The RapeofJustice videochannel said in a former y-tube comment that acc. to them EM never withdrew the above accusations he made in 2006.

    Kaminski still has a large audience in the alt. media, unfortunately, hopefully they wake up. Important, the msm sheople that wake up read his material fall in (t)his trap.

  12. ´Eustace Mullins speaks out´

    Some who knew him personally say that EM - who calls John Kaminski an infiltrator (14.31) ´send mossad agents to my home to do away with me´ - had a stroke before this interview with EM took place in 2006.

    But imv that is beside the point. John K. consistently denies to this day the basic fact that AH was financed by zionist jew bankers.

    EM always clearly underlines the fact that AH is financed by the j.bankers.

    In Canada, aug. 2000 (years before this stroke):the reason why the Nazi generals were executed after the Nurnberg tribunal after the war, was because they knew about the pact of the Nazis and the Zionists.

    53.51 - 54.40


    The RapeOfJustice YouTube channel was taken down shortly after it mirrored a book of Jon Bjerknes recently.

    I remember that the French Connection/EM interview commented that till his death in feb. 2010 to their knowledge EM did not withdraw any of this speaking out against John K.

  13. The Kosher Nostra and its friends start wars in order to make money.

    War is big business for the j-bankers.

    Check out:


  14. Yuri Rubtsov in his 2016 piece “History of World War II: Nazi Germany was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England” quotes Guido Preparata:

    “the researcher G.D Preparata wrote, the Weimar Republic was prepared for “the most picturesque economic aid in history, followed by the most bitter harvest in world history” — “an unstoppable flood of American blood poured into the financial veins of Germany.”

    Check out: