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  1. Village magazine
    February 2018 | Issue 62

    How the Anglo-Irish Vice-Ring operated

    Two boys from Kincora were trafficked to London and abused, one of them by a high-profile TV star who is still alive

    By Joseph de Búrca

    In 2017 Village published a series of articles highlighting allegations of British Establishment complicity in child abuse in Ireland, particularly the crucially flawed Hart Report which was published in Northern Ireland (NI) a year ago.

    Judge Hart was tripped up by false evidence fed to him by MI5, MI6 and others for their own devious reasons. The problems manifest in his report make it an imperative that all of the activities of the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring (A-IVR) be re-investigated by the London-based Independent Inquiry into Children Sexual Abuse (IICSA) which enjoys far greater powers of witness compulsion than Hart did.

    First, the IICSA should look afresh at the Kincora scandal on account of its multiple links to Westminster figures such as Sir Cyril Smith MP and Sir Peter Hayman of MI6, both of whom abused Richard Kerr, a former Kincora resident. Another former MP who is still alive abused Kerr while he was still at Kincora. He too should be included in these inquiries. In addition, the IICSA should examine the territory which Hart did not explore and call witnesses who were either overlooked or refused to co-operate with him.

    The trouble with the files

    Last month, Britain's National Archive stated that it was withholding a file on Kincora from publication. We believe this vindicates out criticisms of the Hart Report. Hart was given solemn assurances by the UK intelligence, security and political communities that they would provide him with all the relevant files on Kincora for his work. It now appears that this one was not disclosed to him. If indeed it wasn't, what is in it that is so sensitive that it was withheld from Hart? If, however, it was furnished to Hart, what influence did it have on his deliberations? Since we do not know what is in the file, these questions cannot be answered. In the absence of clarity, Village believes it is far more likely that the file was withheld in its entirety from the Hart Inquiry.

    In addition to the criticism Village published during the last year, we can now add that Hart missed the significance of some important information which was furnished to him. He was supplied with a copy of an interview with Hugh Mooney, a former 'Information Adviser' to the General Officer in Command of the British Army in NI which was published in the Sunday Correspondent. In it Mooney states unambiguously that Colin Wallace, who worked at the British Army's HQ at Lisburn as a PSYOPS officer, had told him about the abuse at Kincora. 'I do know he mentioned it. He was dropping it in and feeling his way. He kept pushing it. But I could never understand why. I thought it was totally irrelevant to our concerns. I did get the feeling he was pushing this'. Hugh Mooney left NI in December 1973. Hence, Colin Wallace must have told him about the scandal before that date i.e. seven years before Hart concluded that the British Army knew about the abuse. This was also two years before Richard Kerr entered Kincora. Hugh Mooney did not appear at the Hart Inquiry.

    At page 88 of his report Hart stated that, 'We are satisfied that it was not until 1980 [after the media exposed the Kincora scandal] that MI5, SIS, the MoD and the RUC Special Branch became aware that [William] McGrath [of Kincora] had been sexually abusing residents of Kincora when that became a public allegation". Unfortunately, Hart made this finding despite knowing that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) had destroyed all the PSYOPS files at Army HQ in Lisburn in 1981, or at least alleged that it had. Colin Wallace is clear in his memory that a number of the missing files concerned McGrath, his paramilitary organisation Tara and Kincora.

    [Continues below...]
  2. *** POST 2 OF 3 ***

    The IICSA will begin its probe into VIP abuse next month

    The IICSA was established in 2015 by Theresa May in her then capacity as UK Home Secretary. She pointedly refused to include Kincora within the remit of the IICSA despite being requested to do so by former Kincora victims.

    The IICSA came into being as a response to a plague of child-abuse cases linked to VIPs and the British Establishment, including that of Jimmy Savile. Since the instigation of the IICSA, an array of independent campaigning websites has pursued the story tenaciously while the mainstream UK media has largely steered away from any meaningful coverage of it. Its focus has, instead, been on reports about personnel changes on the staff of the IICSA. Meanwhile, elements of the pro-Establishment press, especially the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail have seized a number of opportunities to undermine claims about elite complicity in the abuse. They have been supported by a handful of Tory Party grandees who have spoken out on radio and TV.

    Next month the IICSA will finally begin its probe of allegations about Westminster and VIP abuse; at least that is what is intended.

    One the basis of past performance, the Telegraph, Mail and their allies in the Tory Party will seize upon a series of stories which Village has long argued are nothing more that fictitious and entirely malicious plants designed to distract attention from the truth; worth still, designed to bring credible witnesses into disrepute by tainting them all with the same absurdist brush. A purported 'witness' known only as 'Nick' has, for example, poisoned the waters of credibility with absurd claims about sadistic murders – some with preposterous and laughable Occult overtones. 'Nick' was wheeled out by pro-Establishment commentators to undermine the findings of the Wiltshire Police last year that the late Edward Heath had abused young boys. We can expect to hear a lot more about 'Nick' & Co. in the coming months from the Telegraph, Mail and multifarious Tory grandees.

    Irrespective of what the IISCA ultimately determines, Village believes that much of the truth has already entered the public domain and there is no reason for this process to cease. The rest of this article will illustrate how the Anglo-Irish branch of the VIP/Westminster vice-ring operated in practice.

    The phone call from Joss Cardwell

    During the summer of 1977, Richard Kerr, a resident of Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, was summoned by the man in charge of his welfare, Joseph Mains. Mains, who ran Kincora, told Kerr that Joss Cardwell had called and wanted him – Kerr – and another Kincora resident, Steven Waring, to proceed down to Belfast Harbour.

    Joss Cardwell was a paedophile as was Joe Mains. Cardwell was also Chairman of Belfast Corporation Welfare Committee and in overall charge of Kincora and other homes such as Williamson House in Belfast. He was also a key figure in the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring (A-IVR) which Village has been writing about for the last year. Many of the participants in the A-IVR are still alive and have never been brought to justice.

    Kerr knew exactly what Cardwell's ominous edict entailed for him: he would be going to England to be sexually abused yet again. On this trip, he would be delivered into the grubby hands of a TV star in London.

    Kerr knew Caldwell as 'Joseph' Cardwell and – as Village reported last year – recalls how he wore a 'funny' hat and drove a blue minivan which he used to take the boys out of Kincora. Some of these trips terminated at the Adelphi Hotel in Portrush where the boys were abused.

    The basement in Liverpool where 11-year-old boys were held captive

    Stephen Waring and Richard Kerr boarded the ferry to Liverpool. In Liverpool they were met by Michael 'A'. Kerr was familiar with him from Manchester where he had been abused at the Rembrandt Hotel. Michael 'A' was in the company of a man called Derek.

    [Continues below...]
  3. *** POST 3 OF 3 ***

    A degrading train journey to London

    Later that morning, Michael 'A' and Steven 'J' brought the two Kincora boys to the train station. The other – younger – boys did not travel with them.

    Steven 'J' served the A-IVR in a number of ways, one of which was to take salacious photographs of the boys ensnared in the vice-ring. Stephen 'J' also knew Joe Mains and Eric Witchell who was the first member of the A-IVR to have abused Kerr – while he was only 8 at Williamson House. During the 1970s Witchell resided in both Liverpool and Belfast. Witchell was later put in charge of Williamson House where Kerr resided before being sent to Kincora in 1975.

    Witchell and Cardwell supplied boys from Williamson House to abusers favoured by the A-IVR. Kerr was one of these boys. Village has the names of others. Some of them went on to commit suicide.

    On this trip, Kerr and Waring reached Manchester with their two escorts, alighting and switching to another train. They were confined inside a first-class compartment on the final leg of the journey – which would take them to London – and were abused by Michael 'A' and Steven 'J' en route. The abuse was perpetrated in a clandestine manner and was manual.

    The UK TV star

    After they reached London, the boys were separated and Kerr was brought to the Wimpy Bar in Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly was notorious for the presence of the so-called Dilly boys, unfortunate urchins who had been groomed, bullied and manipulated into becoming male prostitutes. Kerr was escorted to the upstairs floor of the Wimpy Bar and placed behind a table. There were two men inside the Wimpy Bar who were running the Dilly Boys at the time. Kerr recalls that one of them was the late Jack Murry, a well dressed Englishman who smoked cigars and wore glasses. He does not know who the second man was.

    Later, Kerr was ordered to go back downstairs and delivered to a TV star who was waiting outside for him. The man, who was much taller than Kerr, beckoned him to follow and walked approximately two feet ahead of Kerr in case anyone saw them together.

    Kerr and the TV star walked up to a very well-known street. The man opened a door on street level with a key. The door led immediately to a flight of stairs. He was brought upstairs. The man had a small room on the left-hand side of the stairs. It was sparsely furnished. Kerr was then abused in a degrading manner.

    The adult gave Kerr £20 and he was then ushered downstairs, put back on the street and told to find his own way back to the Wimpy Bar.

    What the adult did not realise was that Kerr was seething with resentment at the man who abused him and had perfected the practice of memorising details about his abusers. He sometimes even managed to take photographs away with him as proof of their identity. Some of the photographs were of cars with their registration plates clearly visible and are now in the possession of Village. On this occasion, although the room was barely lived in, he managed to remove an item which he has described to Village.

    Kerr later recognised the man from a guest appearance on the then hugely popular 'Minder' TV show, one of the actor's numerous TV appearances in hugely successful BBC and ITV programmes, some of which were made for children. Richard Kerr does not wish to reveal the identity of the TV star at this point in time.

    [Continues below...]
  4. [SIDEBAR]


    THE TV STAR is alive and plying his trade as an actor. He has contributed to the activities of numerous charities including at least one involved with child welfare. He has stated that some rape victims are liars who are only after the money.

    JOSEPH MAINS went to prison in 1981 for the sexual abuse he perpetrated at Kincora. Last year the Hart Report disclosed that MI6 records indicated that Mains was a friend of SIR MAURICE OLDFIELD, a notorious pederast who served as chief of MI6 1973-78 after having served as Deputy Chief 1967-1973. Oldfield was appointed MI6 Chief by TED HEATH, another child abuser.

    JOSS CARDWELL committed suicide in March 1982 after being interviewed by the RUC about Kincora.

    ERIC WITCHELL – who is still alive – was convicted of child abuse at Williamson House (but not for his abuse of Kerr and many others). He served a prison sentence for his crimes. No police force anywhere in the UK seems interested in investigating the countless crimes associated with his membership of the A-IVR for which he was not arrested.

    MICHAEL 'A' and STEPHEN 'J': It is not known if they are alive.

    THE WESTMINSTER MP: While still a resident of Kincora, Richard was abused by an MP who is still alive. This occurred while he was on a separate trip to London but mention of him in this article is timely because he should be questioned by the IICSA.

    RICHARD KERR is alive and lives in Dallas, Texas. The Kincora scandal came to light because of his courageous efforts as a teenager. He disclosed what was happening to him to his social workers – who are still alive – despite intimidating death threats made by Joseph Mains. Kerr's social workers tried to get the authorities in Belfast to intervene but met a blank wall because of the malign influence of Cardwell and a legal official in Belfast Corporation who helped suppress the scandal. The lawyer was an associate of Mains. Eventually, the social workers went to a journalist in the Republic of Ireland who was able to break the story in the Irish Independent in January 1980.

    STEVEN WARING committed suicide in November 1977, a few months after the trip to England described in this article. Waring jumped to his death from the Belfast-Liverpool Monarch Ferry. His body was never recovered. Despite the passage of 40 years, an inquest into his death has yet to be convened.

    *** ENDS ***

    Link to article:

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Wednesday 14 February 2018

Thai Commercial

Oxfam whistleblower: Allegations of rape and sex in exchange for aid

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SoleJahway writes:

The moment I got into my car with the ashes of my beloved black labrador Jo, Highwayman, by The Highwaymen, came on (the first time I ever heard it).

And for the next four or so months afterwards it would come on just about everytime I'd turn on my music.

I knew, from the onset, it was Jo letting me know that he was still with me. 

But, it wasn't until about three or four months later that I was able to really listen to the words, while cleaning (of course), that I realized, the song is about reincarnation!

Anyway. I know life is eternal.

Yet, every single time, I slow down enough to really notice a sign of eternal life, it blows me away as if it's the first time. Every time.

Cara Nolletti

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"Since Trump got in the White House, Israel has expanded its Jewish settlements through land seizures throughout Palestine at unprecedented levels and with the occupation of the Golan Heights (a Syrian territory), they already control a portion of oil, gas and vital water supplies.

"Lebanon would be a huge bonus...

"Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have one main objective at the moment and that is to destabilize Lebanon and attempt to defeat Hezbollah before they prepare for another offensive in Syria to remove Assad from power."

The Coming War on Lebanon: Israel, Saudi Arabia


Battle Plan

"The IDF held a massive drill last September simulating a war with Hezbollah. It involved a multistage approach with defense measures, including counterattacks, followed by airstrikes, ground maneuvers and civilian evacuations.

"The joint Israeli-US Juniper Cobra military training exercise is scheduled this month. It simulates a massive dual-front missile attack from the northern and southern borders.

"Dr. Simoni said Israel’s “battle concept” for Lebanon entails, first, hitting critical weapons that pose a serious threat to Israeli civilian populations and second, pushing the Lebanese population in the southern part of the country to the north “for their protection”.

"“Then, once a significant part of the population has been removed, a full-scale operation will be launched,” he said, including airstrikes and heavy artillery fire."

Rockets, missiles and more: Predicting the third Lebanon war

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Monday 12 February 2018


Israel controls the worlds high technology sector.

"From medical nano technology to cyber security to private hacking companies to military technology to police databases, banking, finance and medical - Israel runs them all.

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The leading Malaysian newspaper Sinar Harian tells us how to spot gay people.

Malaysian newspaper publishes 'how to spot a gay' checklist .

Sinar Harian says that gay men:

1. Have beards

2. Wear branded clothes

3. Go to the gym.


Sinar Harian says that Lesbian women:

1. Hug each other

2. Hold hands

Malaysia has 31,624,264 LGBT people.

Vatican City has only 792 LGBT people.

The Teachers Foundation of Malaysia tells people how to spot a gay schoolboy:

1. He is wearing light-coloured clothes

2. He is carrying a large handbag

A camp for 'effeminate' boys was set up on the east coast state of Terengganu  to show them how to become men.


Certain homophobic gay Nazis are at work.

The latest seminar for the teachers and parents was run by deputy education minister Puad Zarkashi.


In 2017, in Malaysia, a teenage student T Nhaveen was beaten and burned to death by his classmates who called him a "pondan", a term for a gay male.

T Nhaveen was raped for hours by the homophobic classmates.

T Nhaveen

"He is a very good boy in school. 

"He was the target of jokes during his schooling years because he was soft," his teacher told Free Malaysia Today.

"He was soft but not gay, that is for sure. 

"But he paid no mind to those boys and ignored them.

"But these boys (bullies) had their agenda, which was to make Nhaveen a 'macho man' based on their ideals," the teacher added.

Netizens want justice for Nhaveen

The top Nazis were sadistic gays and persecuted certain homosexuals.

"Hitler's chauffeur and one-time personal secretary, Emile Maurice, for example, was homosexual, as well as the pornographer Julius Streicher, who "was originally a school teacher, but was dismissed by the Nuremberg School Authorities, following numerous charges of pederasty brought against him" (Igra:72f).

"SS Chief Heinrich Himmler's 'pederastic proclivities [were] captured on film' by Nazi filmmaker Walter Frenz (Washington City Paper, April 4, 1995).

"Reinhard Heydrich, mastermind of the first pogrom, Kristallnacht, and of the death camps, was homosexual (Calic:64).

"In The Twelve Year Reich, Richard Grunberger tells of a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, which degenerated into a homosexual orgy (Grunberger:70).

"A recent biography of Albert Speer by Gitta Sereny speaks of a 'homo-erotic relationship' between Speer and Hitler (Newsweek, Oct. 30, 1995).

"Langer notes that Hitler's personal bodyguards were 'almost always 100 percent homosexuals' (Langer:179). Hitler's later public pronouncements against homosexuality never quite fit with the lifelong intimacy-sexual or otherwise-which he maintained with men he knew and accepted as homosexuals." 

The Prophet Mohamed (Muhammad) was apparently gay.

Ali, one of the members of Mohamed's family reportedly had an affair with Mohammed.

Mohamed's closest friend was Zaid, his male slave.

Mohamed's first wife was Khadija. She was was aged forty at the time of their marriage and 'well past her youth'. Mohamed was about fifteen years younger.

Handsome fifteen year old Zaid was the wedding gift
given by Khadija to Mohamed.

Mohamed and Zaid became very close friends.

Zaid's family found their son and tried to rescue him.

Zaid told his family that he wanted to stay with Mohamed. Zaid said: "I would not choose any man in preference to Mohamed. He is to me both a father and a mother."

Mohamed said: "Zaid is my heir and I am his."

Muhammad's youngest wife Aisha believed that if Zaid had not died, Mohamed would have made Zaid his successor.

Later in his life, Mohamed spent a lot of time with Zaid's son, Usama ibn Zaid.


A group of people plotted to kill Mohamed. When the murderers burst into Mohamed's room they found Mohamed's 23 year old cousin, Ali, lying on Mohamed's bed. Mohamed had escaped.

Ali was a handsome youth. Mohamed said that "Looking upon Ali is worship," and that "Ali would appear (even) to the dwellers of paradise as a morning star."

Reportedly, one historian wrote of Mohamed: "He often made (Ali) sleep by his side, and Ali enjoyed the warmth of Muhammad's body and inhaled the holy fragrance of his breath."

Mohamed, reportedly, said: 'Ali and I, fourteen thousand years before the creation of mankind, were one light. When Allah created Adam, he split this light into two, one of which I am and the other is Ali." (Salman)


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There is a belief that Justin Trudeau is the son of the late Fidel Castro.

Both have been called agents of Israel and the CIA.

Both have been called bisexual.

Margaret Trudeau, Fidel Castro, Pierre Trudeau.

Margaret Trudeau is alleged to have had an affair with Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro (left) Pierre and Justin Trudeau (right)

Justin Trudeau was born on 25 December 1971.

Margaret Trudeau did not travel with Pierre Trudeau on an April 1971 trip to the Niagara region.

But, there is no proof that Margaret was in Cuba around March-April 1971.

Justin, Michel and Sacha Trudeau.

Michel Trudeau was the youngest son of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the younger brother of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Michel died on Friday 13 November, 1998.

Allegedly he died as the result of an avalanche, in the Rocky Mountains.

His body was never found.

Michel Trudeau was nearly killed on 17 July 1998 when his motor vehicle was hit by another vehicle while he was driving in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Michel Trudeau's parents, Pierre and Margaret, are controversial.

Things to Know About His Parents |

1. Pierre Trudeau was the son of a multimillionaire. 

2. Before going into politics, Pierre was arrested in East Jerusalem on suspicion of being an Israeli spy.

He was arrested in Yugoslavia for forging a visa.

3. Pierre Trudeau appointed the first Jewish Cabinet minister (Herbert Gray), the first Jewish Supreme Court Judge (Bora Laskin), the first Jewish Secretary to the Prime Minister (Jack Austin), the first Jewish Envoy to the Hague Court of Justice (Maxwell Cohen), and the first Jewish Under Secretary of External Affairs from 1977 to 1981 - Alan Gotlieb - who then became Canada's first Jewish Ambassador to Washington.

A group of Jews soon joined Trudeau's personal staff, including H. Carl Goldenberg, Simon Reisman, Bernard and Sylvia Ostrey, Jerry Grafstein, and Mickey Cohen.

The Jewish Takeover Of Canada

Stephen Bronfman and his friend Justin Trudeau. (Bronfman Crime Families)

4. When elected to office in 1968 at age 48, Pierre was a bachelor.

Pierre decriminalized homosexuality.

5. Pierre dated Barbara Streisand.

6. Pierre married Margaret Sinclair whom he met in Tahiti. 

Margaret was 18 years old when they met.

There was a thirty year age gap between Pierre and Margaret.

Kyle (above with Margaret Trudeau) is the son of Margaret Trudeau and Fred Kemper.

Margaret Trudeau is said to have had affairs with Ted Kennedy, Ronnie Wood[21] and Mick Jagger.[22][23]

Suffering from stress and bouts of bipolar depression, Margaret separated from her husband Pierre Trudeau in 1977.

Above, we see Justin Trudeau and his son Xavier, in Ukraine, with Canadian soldiers.

Justin Trudeau, in 1987, with his father Pierre Trudeau, who was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1984.

Justin Trudeau is a tattooed former nightclub bouncer.


Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party won the October 2015 General Election in Canada.

Justin Trudeau is strongly pro-Israel.


Justin Trudeau's father Pierre Trudeau was born in1919 in Montreal in QUEBEC to Charles-Émile Trudeau, a French-Canadian businessman and lawyer, and Grace Elliott, who was of French and Scottish descent.

Pierre Trudeau was educated in Canada by the Jesuits and at the spooky London School of Economics by Harold Laski.

According to the article at Henry Makow, entitled: Is Justin Trudeau a Product of Mind Control?:

"Pierre's 1968 marriage to Margaret was 'arranged' by the military. 

"The couple were programmed with LSD at a remote farm in British Columbia.

Mick Jagger and Jimmy Savile are both linked to the spooks and to boys. Mick Jagger, like Pierre Trudeau, was educated at the London School of Economics.

"After Margaret ran off with the Rolling Stones in 1977, the marriage was over.

"Soon after, as a single father, Pierre turned to a York University sociologist, John Seeley, for parental advice.

"John Seeley, a self-proclaimed 'sadist and pedophile' would fly up to Ottawa on weekends to 'advise' Pierre on how he should be raising his three sons. Justin was six." (See also this article.)

Pierre and Margaret divorced in 1984.

Pierre and Justin Trudeau.

In 1984, Pierre Trudeau was romantically involved with Margot Kidder.

In 1991, Pierre Trudeau became a father again, with Deborah Coyne.

Henry Makow's article entitled: Is Justin Trudeau a Product of Mind Control? refers to the book TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O'Brien.

Cathy O'Brien was reportedly mind controlled by the security services and turned into a sex slave for Pierre Trudeau and many other members of the elite.

"According to Trudeau's Jesuit mentor, Trudeau ordered the kidnap and murder of his enemy Pierre Laporte in October 1970, because Laporte was threatening him with blackmail and exposure as a pedophile."

"During his eulogy at Pierre's funeral, a smiling 28-year-old Justin seemed dissociated, almost giddy. 

"He began the eulogy with a weird story about a trip he took at age six, with his father and grandfather 'to the North Pole,' to a 'military installation' at Alert NWT."


"Carolyn Hamlett, a victim of Illuminati mind control and pedophilia, said these abuses took place at military installations."

More on Justin here: Is Justin Trudeau a Product of Mind Control?

We wrote the following in 2015:

Fidel Castro's former bodyguard, Juan Sanchez, wrote a book entitled The Double Life of Fidel Castro.

New York Post

The book may be CIA propaganda.

At one time Sanchez was imprisoned by Castro, but Sanchez escaped to Miami.

Sanchez writes that Fidel directed cocaine trafficking operations.


Sanchez claims that Castro has a large number of luxury homes and owns a secret Caribbean island.

Sanchez writes that, in 1988, he listened secretly to a conversation between Castro and General José Abrantes, the Interior Minister, in Castro's office.

Sanchez claims that a Cuban-American drug smuggler was conducting a 'huge drug-trafficking' business with the Cuban government.

General Abrantes allegedly asked Castro for permission to allow the trafficker to visit Cuba.

Castro granted permission.

Castro's government was short of money and elements of the government allegedly traded in marijuana and cocaine.

Eventually, General Abrantes and General Arnaldo Ochoa were arrested, and both were soon dead.

What's true and what's fake?

Sanchez refers to Castro's brother Raúl's alcoholism and to Castro's' nine children from five different partners'.

Castro, like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi, may have been put into power by the CIA.

But then, like Saddam and Gaddafi, Castro may have fallen out with the CIA.

Castro's alleged drugs business may have been seen as a rival to the CIA's alleged drugs business.

Fidel Castro says Mossad behind Islamic State / Fidel Castro Calls NATO Neo Nazis

Fidel Castro.

Apparently, Fidel Castro is gay, Jewish, very wealthy and has been an agent of the CIA.

According to Michel Lafon and Axel Gyldén in The Hidden Life Of Fidel Castro:

The tropical island of Caya Piedra is owned by Fidel Castro.

Castro visits the island in his luxury yacht.

Fidel and friend.

According to Castro's former bodyguard, Juan Reinaldo Sanchez, Castro lives a life of luxury, similar to the life of Louis XV at Versailles.

Castro owns 20 luxury homes.

Castro owns a fortress-like bunker.

Fidel and Elian

The CIA's Saddam Hussein used to send cases of fig jam to Castro.

Castro's lovers allegedly included an under-age nightclub dancer.

A professional lookalike, Silvino Alvarez, often stands in for Castro.

Read more: http://www.dailymail

Cuba had its 'revolution', but it was the CIA that put Castro into power.

Cuba did not really become 'free'.

Rafi Eitan, the Israeli spymaster, "is Castro's business partner and the largest land-owner (of stolen land) in Cuba. "Israel is ... one of the leading foreign investors in Cuba, with private Jewish businessmen involving themselves in everything from Cuban citrus exports to real-estate projects." interview by HaaretzHow Zionist Pirates Hijacked America. Castro is a Sephardic Jew.

What about the Bay of Pigs invasion?

It was made to fail.

What about Operation Northwoods?

It was vetoed.

The Cuban Missile Crisis may have been a psy-op.

"My assertion that the presence of Soviet strategic missiles and their nuclear warheads in Cuba in 1962 is yet to be proved, is not a speculative, unsubstantiated hypothesis, but an incontrovertible fact... 

"The Cuban missile crisis was just a small PSYOP - part of a larger PSYOP called the Cold War - whose purpose was to scare the American people into accepting the militarization of the American life."

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Fifty Years After 

"The CFR conspirators faced a serious problem: the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev revealed to the world his policy of peaceful coexistence..."

Hence the psy-op Cuban missile crisis.

"Castro’s attempts to spread the revolution to the rest of Latin America in the 1960s, were unequivocal failures."

Fidel Castro' s sister Juanita was a CIA agent - The Guardian

"There is plenty of circumstantial evidence, and at least one eyewitness, indicating that the real masters of the CIA recruited Fidel Castro through its newly created intelligence agency in early 1948 and was sent to Bogota, Colombia as agent provocateur on an important mission..."

The following is from: Fidel Castro Supermole

"In 1961 the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee issued a study entitled 'Communist Threat to the U.S. Through the Caribbean.'

"The study features the testimonies of some senior U.S. government officers who firmly believe that Castro could not have been brought to power in Cuba without the continued assistance of the U.S. State Department.

Castro was educated at the privately funded, Jesuit-run Dolores School in Santiago.[24][25][26] In 1945 he transferred to the more prestigious Jesuit-run El Colegio de Belén in Havana.[1][27] Castro is a Billionaire According to FORBES MAGAZINE. As a young man Fidel actually joined the Partido Ortodoxo, an anti-communist political party. Splendor Amid Poverty

"The subject came up again in the course of a press conference held by President Kennedy on January 24, 1962.

"President Kennedy was asked about the security risks involving State Department employee William A. Wieland, who had helped Castro come to power according to three American ex-ambassadors in testimony before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee...

"The impetuous fashion in which President Kennedy denied that Wieland was a security risk was, in Soviet eyes, further evidence that he was not what he seemed to be...

"There is also good reason to believe that, during his fight against Batista, Castro received support from Wieland when Wieland was the head of the Caribbean Desk in the U.S. State Department.

"Something that attracted the attention of the Soviets was the American haste to recognize Castro's government after Batista's escape on January 1, 1959.

"This haste was not only surprising to the Soviets, but also to some American diplomats...

"In January 7, 1979, just six days after former President Batista fled from Cuba and one day before Fidel Castro arrived in Havana, the U.S. officially recognized the Castro government...

"In his well read column Drew Pearson revealed, on May 23, 1961, that persistent rumors in the diplomatic corps indicated that the CIA had been helping to put Castro in power for years.

"The rumors had further stated that the CIA agents, in their efforts to get rid of President Batista, had supplied arms and ammunitions to Castro during his guerrilla war in the mountains...

"When he was in the Sierra Maestra fighting Batista's troops, Castro received some weapons delivered by the International Armaments Corporation, the company that sent weapons to Guatemala, under the CIA's orders, to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz's government, and also because the Company was organized by Samuel Cummings, a former CIA operative...

"Also, there is evidence, that between October 1957 and the middle of 1958, the CIA gave no less than fifty thousand dollars to Castro's men in Santiago de Cuba.

"On February 24, 1957, the New York Times published the first of a series of three articles written by its correspondent Herbert L. Matthews, who had interviewed Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra mountains in eastern Cuba.

"He depicted Castro as a liberal and a folk hero-a Latin American Robin Hood crusading against evil.

"Matthews' articles gave Fidel instant international publicity.

"One of Fidel's closest followers, Armando Hart, commenting about the coverage and the high impact of Matthews articles, told Mario Llerena, the M-26-7 public relations man in the U.S., that both Matthews and the New York Times could be considered practically in their pockets.

"Knowing of the connections between the CIA and the New York Times, the Soviet intelligence analysts were understandably uneasy...

At first we thought Erdogan was one of the good guys. We were wrong.

"On February 4, 1958, Look published an extensive interview with Castro.

"On February 25, 1958, the Times continued giving coverage to Castro and published an interview with the Cuban leader conducted by its correspondent Homer Bigart...

"Cubans today have a pretty low per capita income compared with other Latin American nations. They have fewer television sets, telephones, computers and cars relative to their population than most Latin American countries, and the lowest percentage of people with access to the Internet in the region, even below Haiti. And while Cuba does well in literacy and infant mortality indicators, it does lousy in others. Cuba has one of the highest suicide rates in the Americas." After 50 years, Cuba has little to show.

Read more here:
"CBS broadcasted a special program by Taber and Hoffman entitledThe Story of Cuba's Jungle Fighters...

"As 1958 advanced ... in the United States both the government and the press were becoming more and more favorably disposed towards Fidel Castro and his men.

"Thanks mainly to the selling of Fidel Castro by the American media, people all over the world were being conditioned to see Fidel's guerrillas of the Sierra Maestra as legendary liberators of an oppressed people...

"Thus, Castro's road to power was conveniently paved by the American government and media...

Nasser - CIA asset.

"U. S. Ambassador Smith commented that, during his mission in Havana, the pro-Castro leanings of the CIA station chief at the embassy was so evident...

"Testifying before the Senate Internal Security Committee on August 30, 1960, Smith affirmed that the chief of the CIA section in the American Embassy in Havana was pro-Castro, and that the number 2 CIA man in the embassy encouraged a revolt of Cuban navy officers against Batista in September, 1957.

"Ambassador Smith went further and accused the United States government, i.e. certain members of the Congress, the CIA, the State Department, as well as some segments of the press, of being directly responsible for Castro coming to power. 'Castro never won a military victory,' declared Smith...

Ayatollah Khomeini - asset of MI6 and the CIA

"In October, 1957, one of three young American navy men who had joined Fidel that summer, was designated to go back to the U.S. in a propaganda mission on Castro's behalf.

"The American entered the U.S. through the U.S. naval base at Guantánamo, with the full approval of American authorities, and received considerable publicity in the U.S. media.

"During his visit to the United States in April, 1959, Fidel received a lot of coverage in the American media.

"What the media barely mentioned, however, was that Castro visited the headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, where he spoke on Cuba and the United States.

"Nor did the media cover Castro's meeting of over an hour with a friendly, persuasive, and fluently Spanish-speaking representative of the CIA...

Noriega - CIA asset.

"One thing that seemed very suspicious to Soviet intelligence were the sudden American efforts to prove that Castro was a Communist.

"The Americans, who before Castro took power denied he was a Communist, now had changed their minds...

"According to the information the KGB had gathered, Fidel Castro never joined the Cuban communist party, nor any of the Communist front organizations. He was not a crypto-Communist, nor was he ever recruited by the Soviet intelligence services...

Castro's work for the CIA : Fidel Castro Supermole

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