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The Turpins at Disneyworld.

The Turpin case is puzzling.


There was another puzzling case in the same part of California.

Walter Collins

In Los Angeles, in California, a boy called Walter Collins was kidnapped.

He was one of a number of boys who went missing in the Los Angeles area around the same time.

Walter's father was in prison.

The police suggested that Walter had run away and would probably return, eventually.

Walter Collins (left) Arthur Hutchins (right)

Five months after Walter's disappearance, the authorities reportedly found a runaway boy in Illinois.

Reports said he had been found working in a restaurant, or, on a farm.

The boy denied being Walter, but following "gentle" questioning, he declared that he was, in fact, Walter. 

(The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders -The Real Story behind.)

He was then given to the Los Angeles police.

Walter's mother, Christine Collins, claimed that the boy was not Walter.

She was told by the officer in charge of the case, police Captain J.J. Jones, to take the boy home to "try him out for a couple of weeks."

Christine Collins showed the police dental records to prove the boy was not Walter.

Captain Jones had Christine Collins committed to a psychiatric hospital.

The boy then told the police that he was in fact 12-year-old Arthur Hutchins, a runaway from Illinois, but originally from Iowa.

Christine Collins was released from the psychiatric hospital ten days later.

Los Angeles police

Nobody reminded us of the story of Walter Collins and Clint Eastwood's film Changeling which is about the Collins mystery.

'Swallowing the Camel' tells us more of 'The Real Stories Behind The Changeling'.

"This nearly-forgotten story of abuse of power, family dysfunction, and deception remains deeply revelent today, in a time when unlawful detainment, official malfeasance, and extralegal measures like 'extraordinary rendition' are common...

"At this time the Los Angeles Police Department was rife with corruption.

"A 'gun squad' practiced its own strange brand of urban Western justice under the leadership of Police Chief James 'Two Guns' Davis, mowing down suspected criminals and inconvenient persons alikeunder the force's shoot to kill policy; bodies were routinely found in alleys, warehouses, and other dark corners of the city.

"The Los Angeles Police Department also had its fingers in an array of criminal enterprises (bootlegging, prostitution, extortion, bribery), and was frantically trying to cleanse its image as public outcry against the corruption grew louder and more strident every day."

Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was kidnapped in 1991, in California.

Could the authorities have been protecting the kidnappers?

Paul A. Bonacci, as a child, was kidnapped, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control.

In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. 

(Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million)

Bonacci in his testimony referred to the involvement of top members of the US military and top politicians in child abuse.

The Washington Times reported that Paul Bonacci had access to the White House living quarters.

Marc Dutroux kidnapped children in Belgium. 

Gordon Northcott

Walter Collins was kidnapped by Gordon Northcott.

According to the article entitled 'Wineville Chicken Murders':

Gordon Northcott came from a disturbed family.

"Canadian born in 1908, Gordon Northcott would later claim that his father sodomized him at age ten.

"The old man finished his life in a lunatic asylum, and one of Gordon Northcott's paternal uncles died years later, in San Quentin, while serving a life term for murder.

"A homosexual sadist in the mold of Dean Corll and John Gacy, by age 21, Gordon Northcott was living on a poultry ranch near Riverside, California, sharing quarters with his mother and a 15-year-old nephew, Sanford Clark.

"For years, Gordon Northcott mixed business with pleasure in Riverside, abducting boys and hiding them out on his ranch, renting his victims to wealthy Southern California pedophiles."

NATO soldiers torturing a boy Website for this image

Plenty of people, including the police, knew all about Gordon Northcott.

According to 'Swallowing the Camel: The Real Stories Behind The Changeling' :

"At least twice a week, Gordon Northcott would rape his nephew. He flew into rages without provocation, beating the boy frequently.

"He also brought about a dozen young boys to the ranch to be sexually assaulted. He released them with threats to find and kill them if they told anyone.

"He had tried to molest his mechanic's teen son on several occasions.

"In August of 1927 a father caught Gordon Northcott trying to lure his son from Pickering Park, and chased him away with a knife.

"Two years before that, he had been arrested for inappropriate behaviour toward a friend's little brother."

Sanford Clark, Gordon Northcott's nephew.

In 1928, young boys were reported kidnapped and murdered in Los Angeles and Riverside County, California. 

(Wineville Chicken Coop Murders - Wikipedia)

In 1926, Gordon Northcott, and his parents, moved from Canada to Wineville in California, where he started a chicken ranch.

Gordon Northcott took with him his 13-year-old nephew, Sandford Clark.

Once in California, Northcott beat and sexually abused Sandford Clark.

Sanford's sister, Jessie Clark, visited Sanford in Wineville.

Sanford told Jessie about murders that had taken place at Wineville.

Once back in Canada, Jessie informed the American consul in Canada about the murders in Wineville.

The American consul wrote to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Reportedly the US military kidnaps young boys. Website for this image

On 31 August 1928, the United States Immigration Service (inspectors: Judson F. Shaw and Inspector Scallorn) visited the Northcott Ranch.

The Immigration Service took Sandford into custody.

The Northcotts managed to flee, but were later captured.

Gordon Northcott confessed to killing more than five boys

Sanford testified that Gordon Northcott had kidnapped, molested, beaten, and killed three young boys.

Sarah Northcott (left)

Sanford testified that Gordon Northcott had been aided in all this by Northcott's mother, Sarah Louise Northcott, and by Sanford himself.

Gordon Northcott was sentenced to death and his mother was sent to prison.

It was concluded that 'Walter Collins aged 12, the Winslow brothers aged 12 and ten, and a Mexican youth' had all been murdered.

It was speculated that Gordon Northcott may have killed as many as 20 people.

Northcott kidnapped an undetermined number of boys and molested them at the chicken ranch.

Usually, after molesting the children, Northcott would let them go, after having made various threats.

(Wineville Chicken Coop Murders - Wikipedia)

Penn State Website for this image

There was a rumour that Northcott had "rented" his victims to wealthy southern Californian pedophiles.

Christine Collins met Gordon Northcott in prison.

He seemed unable to remember such details as Walter's clothing and the colour of his eyes.

Collins continued to hope that her son was still alive.

There was a boy who, along with his parents, spoke to the authorities five years after the execution of Gordon Northcott.

The authorities had initially speculated that this same boy had been a murder victim at Wineville.

In fact, Northcott had taken the boy to Wineville, molested him, and then returned him to Los Angeles County.

Reportedly, Walter Collins 'whole-body' was never found.

Some 'body parts' were found in the area.

Christine Collins continued to search for Walter for the rest of her life.

Walter Collins

The following is taken from various newspapers from the period between 1928 and 1933 

The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders--The Real Story.

In mid-September, 15 year-old Sanford Clark approached police with an incredible story.

He had just escaped from the chicken farm of his grandparents, Cyrus and Louise Northcott.

(Other papers report that immigration officers had located Clark at the farm following inquiries as to his presence in the US).

He stated he had travelled to the farm from Canada with his uncle, Gordon Stewart Northcott. Gordon had "misused" him, and held him captive. During his time there, he was forced to witness and participate in the torture and murder of four boys. One of the boys, he declared, was in fact Walter Collins. Clark stated he was positive the boy was Walter.

Clark told authorities that the murders had begun with a young Mexican boy, who Nothcott had killed with an ax; in fact, the headless corpse of a young Mexican boy had been found along a highway near the town of Puente some few months prior. Next had come the week-long ordeal of Walter, who Northcott had tied to a bed and tortured for a week.

Finally, Sarah Louise, Gordon's mother, killed Walter with an ax. Next came the torture and murders of 12 year-old Lewis and 10 year-old Nelson Winslow. Clark told police he had been forced to kill Nelson while Gordon hacked Lewis to death.

Reportedly there has been a massive police cover-up of child abuse by top people in Jersey in the British Isles. Website for this image

When police arrived at the ranch, only Cyrus was there. Louis and Gordon had fled. They found overwhelming evidence attesting to the truth of Clark's assertions. A bloody cot was located, where the tortures had taken place.

Three empty graves were located, from which the police determined that the bodies had recently been removed. The bodies had been covered in quicklime. Bones, body parts (a hand was reported to have been found) and a hat which the Winslow's father later stated had belonged to one of his sons were located. In one of the chicken coops, a bloody axe was found. It was clotted with hair and "human debris".

A short time later, Sarah Louise and Gordon were located in Canada and returned to California.

Sarah Louise intially confessed to all four murders, most likely in an attempt to save her son. She was convicted of the murder of Walter Collins and sentenced to life in San Quentin State Prison.

It was reported that prior to his trial, Gordon had taken authorities on a trek through the Mojave Desert in search of the boys' remains. During that time, he allegedly stated that he had killed "Walter Collins, Lewie Winslow, Alvin Gothea, a boy named Richard" and another boy whose name he did not know.

Gordon hinted to police that it was possible another four boys had been murdered at the ranch (Woodland Daily Democrat, 12-4-1928.)

A Wikipedia article on the murders states that one of the boys Gordon claimed to kill was in fact found alive and well five years later; this may be the Gothea boy mentioned, though I have yet to confirm this. A UP story, carried in various papers in early January '29, states that Gothea was the Mexican boy; this is the only place I have seen this stated).


The Turpins at Disneyworld.


1 Jun 2014 - Billy Bryars, the son of an oil magnate, ran a 'boy brothel' at the summit of Laurel Canyon. Customers at the boy brothel were said to include J. Edgar Hoover and his 'gay' partner Clyde Tolson. Inside The Laurel Canyon. Godot Paulekas, who was one of many people who died in mysterious circumstances ...


17 Apr 2017 - (Laurel Canyon Part I) The Monkees Michael Nesmith set up Pop Clips which developed into MTV, which is rumoured to be linked to the CIA. According to Alex Constantine: There have been Congressional testimonies from CIA operatives who admitted... that they have "driven some of these musicians to ...


21 Sep 2015 - Just a few miles away from where Elliot Rodger lived is Laurel Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills region of Los Angeles. Laurel Canyon. Billy Bryars, the son of an oil magnate, ran a 'boy brothel' at the summit of Laurel Canyon. Customers at the boy brothel were said to include J. Edgar Hoover and his 'gay' ...


2 Jun 2014 - Child actor Jonathan Brandis (above) died in mysterious circumstances in 2003, at the age of 27. Cory Haim, who died in 2010. Elliot Rodger - mind controlled sex slave? Just a few miles away from where Elliot Rodger lived is Laurel Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills region of Los Angeles. Laurel Canyon.


16 Mar 2016 - Laurel Canyon in California became Dean's home. Laurel Canyon is said to be linked to CIA mind-control activity. Clifton Webb. Dean had affairs with actors Clifton Webb, Bill Bast, and Jack Simmons, as well as producer Rogers Brackett. Dean starred in Nicholas Ray's Rebel without a Cause (1955), the ...

yuri geller and mossad-cia mind control, obama, mi... - Aangirfan

14 Jun 2013 - In the second piece there you'll notice LA's 'Magic Castle' burning down, a thing that happens a lot in Laurel Canyon. Interestingly Mike Rivero was a magician who appeared at the Magic Castle. If you scroll down the bottom of the page here you can see Mike's Magic Castle lobby card. And you can also ...


1 Mar 2012 - The movie reportedly had deep roots in California's Laurel Canyon, and CIA brainwashing. (Laurel Canyon Part I) The Monkees Michael Nesmith set up Pop Clips which developed into MTV, which is rumoured to be linked to the CIA. According to Alex Constantine: There have been Congressional ...


17 Nov 2014 - Laurel Canyon Billy Bryars, the son of an oil magnate, ran a 'boy brothel' at the summit of Laurel Canyon in California. Customers at the boy brothel were said to include J. Edgar Hoover and his 'gay' partner Clyde Tolson. Inside The Laurel Canyon. California is a major site for CIA mind-control experiments.

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Kenneth Grahame wrote Wind in the Willows.

The book critics hated Wind in the Willows, but Theodore Roosevelt loved it, and children loved it.

Wind in the Willows, 1908.

When Kenneth Grahame was five, his mother died of a fever.


Kenneth Graham's father, a 'failed lawyer' who had a drinking problem, gave Kenneth, and his siblings, to the grandmother, in Cookham Dean in Berkshire.

Kenneth Grahame. 

Kenneth Graham did well at his private school in Oxford, winning his First XV rugby colours and becoming head boy.

Kenneth Grahame went to work at the Bank of England in 1879, and rose through the ranks until retiring as its Secretary in 1908 [4] due to ill health.

Kenneth Grahame's retiral is linked to a shooting incident at the bank in 1903. 

Grahame was shot at three times by George Robinson, all shots missing. [5] 

Grahame had quarrelled with Walter Cunliffe, one of the bank's directors, who would later become Governor of the Bank of England.


It is believed that Cunliffe knew that Kenneth Graham was gay, and bullied him because of his sexuality.

Cunliffe, according to some academics, is Mr Toad in Wind in the Willows.

Wind in the Willows 'was Kenneth Grahame's gay manifesto' .

But, Mr Toad may have been based on Kenneth Graham's son 'Mouse'.

Kenneth Grahame: Lost in the wild wood - Telegraph.

On Grahame's retirement in 1908, the family returned to Cookham.

Mouse, who had 'a fragile, nervous disposition.' At the age of three and a half, Mouse played 'a game of lying in front of speeding cars.'

In 1899, at the age of 40, the 'gay' Kenneth Grahame married Elspeth Thomson.

They had one child, a boy named Alastair - whose nickname was "Mouse". 

Mouse was born blind in one eye and was troubled by health problems throughout his short life. 

Kenneth Graham became stuck in 'a loveless marriage with a hysterical hypochondriac.'

Alastair/Mouse became 'ill-disciplined'.

Kenneth Grahame: Lost in the wild wood - Telegraph.

Kenneth Grahamee turned the bedtime stories he told to Mouse into his 1908 masterpiece, Wind in the Willows.[7] 

The Golden Age 

Mouse/Alastair was bullied at Rugby School and transferred to Eton. There, too, he suffered 'because of his disastrously superior attitude.'

Alastair died on a railway track while a student at Oxford University, five days before his 20th birthday on 7 May 1920.[8] 

The Golden Age is a collection of reminiscences of childhood, written by Kenneth Grahame and illustrated by Maxfield Parrish 

Peter Hunt of Cardiff University says that Wind in the Willows is Grahame's 'gay manifesto'.

Professor Peter Hunt of Cardiff University says the adult themes are 'hiding in plain sight'.


The Golden Age is a collection of reminiscences of childhood, written by Kenneth Grahame and illustrated by Maxfield Parrish 

The  professor says that there is reason to believe Grahame was gay.

Walford Graham Robertson

Kenneth Grahame, his wife and their son lived in Cookham Dean, Berkshire from 1906.

But, Kenneth Grahame spent much of his time during the week at his London home which he shared with Walford Graham Robertson.

Robertson, a theatre set designer was a close friend of the gay Oscar Wilde.

The Golden Age is a collection of reminiscences of childhood, written by Kenneth Grahame and illustrated by Maxfield Parrish 

Constance Smedley was a family friend who helped get The Wind in the Willows published.

She married the artist Maxwell Armfield, who was gay.

Professor Hunt says: 'It just strikes me that if you've got a woman who goes to see Kenneth Grahame and his wife and Kenneth is gay and she marries a gay man, then you can see some empathy going on.'

Professor Hunt says that Wind in the Willows is 'a story of maleness and male companionship'.

Grahame was 'awkward in the company of the opposite sex.'


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Matthew Sephton with David Cameron.

In January 2018, primary school teacher Matthew Sephton was jailed for possessing and distributing indecent child images.

The court was told that Matthew Sephton, a Conservative Party politician, was a member of groups that shared child abuse images.

Matthew Sephton is a Conservative Party politician.

Matthew Sephton with former Home Secretary Ken Clarke, who was once accused of child abuse.

Matthew Sephton has been the chairman of the Conservatives' LGBT (gay) group.

There have been claims that this Conservative group has been infiltrated by a child abuse ring.

Matthew Sephton, Freemason

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Tory Bow Group, says that he had told Conservative chiefs three years ago of fears that its gay rights group, formerly known as LGBTory, was linked to a wider child abuse scandal.

He says: 'I raised concerns with senior party figures in 2015 about the behaviour of a group that had connections with LGBTory but I was ignored.

'I believe there is substantial evidence that it involved sexual abuse with underage boys, date-rape and paedophilia.'

The UK Conservative Party has a long association with the sexual abuse of boys.

"A young lad called David says he was forced to perform sex acts as top Conservative politicians celebrated Margaret Thatcher's election victory.


"David says he was forced into having sex with military figures, legal figures, businessmen and Conservative Party politicians.

"David says he saw two brothers, aged 8 and 10, being sexually tortured at a property in Notting Hill, a centre of child abuse."

The former Conservative Prime Minister EDWARD HEATH has been linked to CHILD ABUSE.

According to the Sunday People and ExaroNews a boy brothel was advertised in a newsletter issued by a group within the UK Conservative Party.

Paedo brothel Elm Guest House advertised in Conservative Group newsletter.

The newsletter 'strongly recommended' a visit to to the Elm Guest House, which functioned as a boy brothel for top people.

The Lithuanian Jew Sir Leon Brittan, who in the mid 1980's was the UK government minister responsible for MI5. Brittan is said to have abused children at the Elm Guest House boy brothel, which was said to be linked to MI5 and MI6.




Google is ghosting my site. My articles are not being listed in searches that even include "Makow." I recommend you use I will be,

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Saturday 27 January 2018



In Kasur in Pakistan, in January 2018, Zainab Ansari, aged six, was raped and murdered.

DNA links Mohammed Imran Ali, 24, to the murder of Zainab and at least seven other murders of young girls.

Pakistani TV news says that that Imran Ali has 37 bank accounts and is linked to an international child porn gang.

Imran Ali is linked to a government minister, Dunya News reported.

The Punjab police and Malik Ahmad Saeed Khan, Kasur's Member of the Provincial Assembly from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), are allegedly involved in an attempted cover-up of the abuse.[3]

In 2015, a large child pornography ring was uncovered in the city of Kasur; it had been flourishing for nearly a decade and involved nearly 250 children, some of whom were forced at gunpoint to have sex.

How does the Kosher Nostra control countries?

In late 2017, a former Israeli soldier was deported from Colombia for links to a criminal network suspected of drug trafficking and child prostitution that spanned across several countries in Latin America.

El Heraldo, a regional newspaper, revealed Assi Moosh was the head of an 'international network of human trafficking, micro-trafficking and sex tourism'.

Ex-Israel soldier heading child prostitution ring.

Pakistan's spy service ISI is friends with with Israel's Mossad and has secretly passed on intelligence data to Mossad.

 In 2013, Britain's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills revealed that: "In 2011, Israel allegedly exported military equipment to Pakistan via Britain; this equipment apparently included electronic warfare systems and aircraft parts".

Pakistan's Military Cooperation with Israel.

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Thursday 25 January 2018



The Presidents Club Charitable Trust is a British charity.

Its annual dinner at the Dorchester Hotel involved a sex orgy.

Teenage hostess offered £75,000 for sex.

There is an Israeli Connection.


Two out of the three Presidents Club's trustees are associated with Israel.

David Robert Meller is a trustee for the Tel Aviv Universiity charity as well as The British Friends Of The Jaffa Institute.

Harvey Soning is connected with Youth Aliyah - Child Rescue.

He is also a trustee of The Jewish Community Secondary School Trust.

Meet the spies injecting Israeli propaganda into your news feed


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Gavin Williamson and a boy.

The UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has confessed to an affair that threatened to end his marriage.

Williamson, 41, was made Defence Secretary following the resignation of Sir Michael Fallon over sexual harassment claims.

Williamson told the Daily Mail he became involved with the married woman in 2004.

On 1 November 2017, Sir Michael Fallon resigned as the UK's Defence Secretary.

'Michael Fallon won libel damages from Private Eye for suggesting he had homosexual relationships'


MICHAEL FALLON is linked to Portsmouth and Sevenoaks.

Sir Jimmy Savile lived in Scarborough (above).

Gavin Williamson was educated in Scarborough, at East Ayton Primary School, followed by Raincliffe School, a state comprehensive school, and the Scarborough Sixth Form College.

The Shot At Dawn Memorial at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire commemorates the young British soldiers shot by their own officers.

Gavin Williamson is the MP for South Staffordshire.

Gavin Williamson is sympathetic towards Israel.

He has always voted in favour of military action in the areas occupied by Isis, which is said to be run by Mossad and its friends.

He voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.

How the new Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson voted

Gavin Williamson and a boy.

Gavin Williamson voted in favour of repealing the Human Rights Act 1998.

He has repeatedly voted in favour of mass surveillance of people's communications and activities, and for the mass retention of information about people's communications.

How the new Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson voted


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Abu Hamza and Haroon Aswat

"Court documents, seen by The Sunday Times, reveal that Abu Hamza was an agent for MI5 and Special Branch, going by the code name Damson Berry."

'So Abu Hamza was definitely working for MI5, under the codename 'Damson Berry'. … - Tony Gosling



23 Jun 2017 - Abu Hamza 'secretly worked for MI5' - The Finsbury Park mosque, in Islington in London, appears to be a major base for MI5 and its friends? The Finsbury Park mosque has been linked to the 7/7 alleged bombers, the failed 7/21 alleged bombers and Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui.


1 Jan 2018 - BODY DOUBLES, LOOKALIKES. Above, we see Nelson Mandela who died in prison in the 1980s, and we see Nelson Mandela's body double. Abu Hamza and his body double have different ears. Abu Hamza was married to British citizen Valerie Fleming, a Roman Catholic. In 2014, in the USA, Hamza, ...

aangirfan: Terrorists working for MI6?

8 Feb 2006 - The following is taken from: · Abu Hamza al-Masri presided over the Finsbury Park Mosque. In 1998, the President of Yemen demanded from Tony Blair that Abu Hamza ...

aangirfan: Khan is working for the security services? Khan is reported to have frequented the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London. ~~ The imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque, Abu Hamza, is suspected by some of being linked to the British security services. Hamza's assistant was Haroon Aswat.


9 Feb 2014 - In Britain the Moroccan met the preacher Abu Hamza, who is believed to work for MI5. Hamza's followers sent the Moroccan to Georgia and then to Chechnya. The UK security services have been accused of causing trouble in Georgia and in Chechnya. When the Moroccan returned to the UK, in 2000, ...


1 Jun 2013 - At one time Bakri was friends with London-based Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri, a former nightclub bouncer. Bakri Mohammed helped develop the 'Al Muhajiroun' organisation in the UK said to be run by the spooks. The Woolwich 'terrorist' Michael Adebolajo joined Al-Muhajiroun in 2003. Former Justice ...

aangirfan: ASWAT OF MI6?
Abu Hamza and Haroon Aswat According to The Sunday Herald, by 1999, Haroon Rashid Aswat was calling himself a "hit man" for bin Laden. ("Brains behind terror plot may be Brit the security services thought") In the late 1990s, British Intelligence did not stop Aswat from recruiting for Al-Qaeda in London Aswat's passport ...


12 Oct 2010 - In 1991, he became the imam at the Brixton Mosque in South London. In 1993, he was ejected by Brixton Mosque's Salafi administration who objected to his radical preaching. Forrest was an associate of Abu Hamza al-Masri, the Egyptian ousted from the Finsbury Park mosque. Abu Hamza is suspected of ...

aangirfan: LONDON BOMBS .


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