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In Kasur in Pakistan, in January 2018, Zainab Ansari, aged six, was raped and murdered.

DNA links Mohammed Imran Ali, 24, to the murder of Zainab and at least seven other murders of young girls.

Pakistani TV news says that that Imran Ali has 37 bank accounts and is linked to an international child porn gang.

Imran Ali is linked to a government minister, Dunya News reported.

The Punjab police and Malik Ahmad Saeed Khan, Kasur's Member of the Provincial Assembly from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), are allegedly involved in an attempted cover-up of the abuse.[3]

In 2015, a large child pornography ring was uncovered in the city of Kasur; it had been flourishing for nearly a decade and involved nearly 250 children, some of whom were forced at gunpoint to have sex.

How does the Kosher Nostra control countries?

In late 2017, a former Israeli soldier was deported from Colombia for links to a criminal network suspected of drug trafficking and child prostitution that spanned across several countries in Latin America.

El Heraldo, a regional newspaper, revealed Assi Moosh was the head of an 'international network of human trafficking, micro-trafficking and sex tourism'.

Ex-Israel soldier heading child prostitution ring.

Pakistan's spy service ISI is friends with with Israel's Mossad and has secretly passed on intelligence data to Mossad.

 In 2013, Britain's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills revealed that: "In 2011, Israel allegedly exported military equipment to Pakistan via Britain; this equipment apparently included electronic warfare systems and aircraft parts".

Pakistan's Military Cooperation with Israel.

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