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It is believed that Julian Assange was mind controlled while he was a member of the cult known as 'The Family'.

The Family was also known as the Santiniketan Park Association and the Great White Brotherhood.

'The Family' beat, starved and sexually abused its children.

The cult injected its children with LSD.

'The Family' mind controlled its children, presumably on behalf of the CIA and its friends.

It is believed that 'The Family' was protected by the security services.

Anne Hamilton-Byrne

The leader of 'The Family' was Anne Hamilton-Byrne, who was born Evelyn Edwards.

Hamilton-Byrne claimed to be Jesus.

In the 1980s, police estimated that Hamilton-Byrne's fortune could be as much as $50 million.[25]

Mind control in the USA. Roger Dean Kiser-Founder of "The Whitehouse Boys", the boys of the Arthur G Dozier School. ( AND ADULTS.

Hamilton-Byrne's cult was based in the Lake Eildon area, near Melbourne, in Victoria in Australia.

The cult operated in the 1970s and 1980s.

Hamilton-Byrne. Mind control and child sexual abuse by the security services?

The cult had about 500 members.

It has been estimated that a quarter of the members were nurses and other medical personnel.


Children of the cult.

During the late 1960s and the 1970s, Newhaven Hospital in Kew, in Victoria, was a private psychiatric hospital owned and managed by Marion Villimek, a member of 'The Family'.

Many of its staff and attending psychiatrists were also members of The Family. [5][9][10]

It is suspected that the hospital went in for mind control.

The Family

Hamilton-Byrne claimed that an apocalyptic war was imminent and that she had a duty to collect children in preparation for a new world.

Some children were obtained through adoptions.

Some were born to cult members.

Some were handed over by sect parents.

Ben Shenton says he witnessed Hamilton-Byrne's 'favourite daughter' Sarah being beaten to a pulp.

'I was watching her being belted with a buckle and she's being beaten to the point where she's wriggling out of her clothes.

'Hearing her body smash across the balustrades - it was horrendous to know they had the power to do that and would it.'


Hamilton-Byrne was born in Sale in rural Victoria in 1921.

She barely knew her father and her mother was mentally ill.

She became a yoga teacher.

Dr Raynor Johnson

In 1963, Hamilton-Byrne met the English physicist and parapsychologist Dr Raynor Johnson.

Together they founded the sect and began to acquire children to create a 'master race'.

The sect preached a mixture of Christianity and Hinduism.

Anne Hamilton-Byrne, her husband Bill and a son.

In 1978 Anne Hamilton married William (Bill) Byrne and they took the surname Hamilton-Byrne.

In 1983 police visited the Lake Eildon property to search for a missing girl. She was not found.

In August 1987, the police rescued six children from the sect's property after two had managed to escape and alert police.

By October/November 1987, Bill and Anne Hamilton-Byrne were in Hawaii.

Detective Lex de Man

Around June 1989, detective Lex de Man wrote a report recommending that Victoria Police begin a criminal investigation into The Family.

The Age.


In June 1993, Anne and Bill Hamilton-Byrne were arrested in the Catskill Mountains, in Upstate New York.

In 1993, Anne and Bill appeared in court in Australia.

They were each fined $5000.

Anne continued to lead her followers.

Hamilton-Byrne is now 96 and living in a Melbourne nursing home.

Julian Assange was born in 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Reportedly, Julian, together with his mother Claire and his half-brother, spent his childhood fleeing the father of Julian's half-brother.

That father was a member of a cult, called The Family, run by a Anne-Hamilton Byrne.

Anne-Hamilton Byrne ran her 'child-kidnapping cult' on the outskirts of Melbourne.

"Byrne dyed the stolen children’s hair blonde and fed them LSD."

(Julian Assange of WikiLeaks: “Destroyer of Worlds)

"The San­ti­nike­tan Park Asso­ci­a­tion of Anne Hamilton-Byrne con­di­tioned chil­dren with drugs, sen­sory depri­va­tion, sleep depri­va­tion, tor­ture and rit­ual sex­ual abuse in order to pro­duce sub­jects who bent to the will of the group’s leader."

(Wiki of the Damned)

What we are talking about is child sex slaves, produced by the CIA.

"Assange claims that Aus­tralian intel­li­gence has advised him, and there is an appar­ent link between Aus­tralian intel­li­gence and the cult."

(Wiki of the Damned)

Australian intelligence works closely with the CIA, MI6 and Mossad.


"Among those on the receiv­ing end of the cult’s ser­vices was Lord Casey, for­mer Governor-General of Aus­tralia and the min­is­ter in charge of over­see­ing the Aus­tralian intel­li­gence ser­vice, with which Assange claims to be connected."

(Wiki of the Damned)

"Another indi­ca­tion of seri­ous insti­tu­tional sup­port for the cult con­cerns the par­tic­i­pa­tion in their activ­i­ties of Ronald Con­way.

"One of Australia’s most promi­nent Catholic intel­lec­tu­als, Con­way appears to have engaged in molesta­tion of chil­dren placed in his care."

(Wiki of the Damned)

Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired fourteen infants and young children between about 1968 and 1975.

Assange was born in 1971.

("Village of the Damned," meet Julian Assange)

Sarah Moore, a 'daughter' of Hamilton-Byrne, was a victim of the cult."

Unseen, Unheard, Unknown" is the book by Sarah Moore (Hamilton-Byrne).

Sarah Moore alleges that Sandoz, part of the old I.G. Far­ben complex, pro­vid­ed the cult with free LSD.

San­doz bought the fam­ily busi­ness of 'Swiss Nazi financier' Carl Lund­strom.

One of Lundstrom's endeav­ors is Pirate Bay which hosts WIKILEAKS, in Sweden.

Wikileaks would appear to be partly the work of the CIA and its Mossad friends?

Israel would like the world to know that it is not just the Israeli military that sometimes murders kids.

Brits and Iraqis do it too, according to Wikileaks.

And the CIA and Mossad want us to believe some rubbish in Wikileaks about the Iranians.

Only Israel "has the penetration of the Department of Defense that would allow this kind of spying."


"The fact that the supposedly damaging leaks are in fact bolstering American accusations against Iran while minimizing American complicity in Iraqi deaths leads some to believe that the leaks are in fact engineered by the Pentagon to either discredit Wikileaks, or are in conjunction with Wikileaks which is a U.S. government outfit."

(Wikileaks under doubt as “classified” documents substantiate bogus U.S. claims)


The top Zionists and the top Nazis work together.

In the mid 1950s, the charity Colonia Dignidad was set up in Chile by a 'Jewish Nazi' called Paul Schäfer Schneider.

Reportedly, the CIA, Mossad and the West German secret service used Colonia Dignidad for experiments involving the torture and mind control of kidnapped children.

"It was known since 1964 that the members of the commune were being subjected to torture; it was known since 1977 that political prisoners were tortured there; and the child abuse was known about since the 1970s."

Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad.


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At 15 February 2017 at 07:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 15 February 2017 at 07:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julian is not the kid with the red circle, its the first.

At 15 February 2017 at 07:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 February 2017 at 09:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anne and Bill Hamilton-Byrne were arrested in the Catskill Mountains, in Upstate New York"(June 1993 by the FBI in the town of Hurleyville in the Catskills in New York

Also known as Fallsburg, NY.

Eat Pray Love Inspired by Gurumayi: ( ) Leader of Cult-Like Ashram located in multimillion dollar SYDA Foundation Dakshina office in... Fallsburg NY

The sect preached a mixture of Christianity and Hinduism.

Sarah Moore(of The Family) went on to study medicine and became a qualified doctor, working at a number of Melbourne hospitals. As a doctor, she did extensive volunteer work in India and Thailand.

It has been estimated that a quarter of the members were nurses and other medical personnel.

Moore became a Buddhist in 2009

Just look at the specs on this place... Mk much?,+Hurleyville,+NY+12747/@41.738002,-74.6396258,227a,20y,319.05h,45.02t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89dcb9281e8793b9:0xcc78961900c381e1!8m2!3d41.739792!4d-74.64023


At 15 February 2017 at 09:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Fallsburg is 35 minutes from Islamberg, a rural hamlet in the town of Tompkins, Delaware County NY founded by Mubarak Ali Gilani, a Pakistani Sufi cleric rumored to have ties to isis (it is a matter of contention however). Another 35 minutes northwest brings you to Ithaca and Cornell U. Then head north up into Rochester and into Canada, seeing any (mk) patterns?


At 16 February 2017 at 06:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julian's Mom is currently known as "Christine", where did Claire come from ? Coincidence or typo?

At 22 February 2017 at 14:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, Aangirfan, you and your wild theories!

Next you'll be telling us the Australia Prime Minister is on the front page of the news grovelling to Bibi. Ho ho ho. How droll indeed!

But I do remember that time in the 80s. During the Great Peroxide Bubble. (Big shortage; suspicions someone was cornering the market.)

Where were we? Oh yeah...

You may recall 2010 when I mentioned Wikileaks as an intel operation. Way back when. Ah, those were the days. All misty-eyed now.

Anyway, I named Wang Dan and Xiao Qiang as two dodgy geezers on Wikileaks' advisory board of the time. Obviously useful idiots of the Anglo-Zionist Deep State.

Google: "Excellent background on the questionable Julian Assange".

(Gee, thanks, Google. And there are good people in Google, most of them even. Like that beautiful gentle lady from the movie. You know, the one who's into quidditch and hentai.)

Apart from supporting the official idiotic 911 conspiracy theory, Mr Assange also provided only distractions, often oddly supportive of Israeli objectives. And always ignoring crimes of the Anglo-Zionist plutocracy. Funny that.

If S is for Soros, C is for Clinton, M is for McCain, P is for Petraeus, L is for Lieberman, and R is for Rothschild, or Rita Katz, then A is definitely for Assange.

And Ms Hamilton-Byrne's claim to be the Nazarene prophet, well, we're not silly. She doesn't even have a Spanish name. Nor the cool beard. (I've seen him in movies.) It's actually this guy, of course. Yes, Napoleon Dynamite.

"For you, this is like teaching a little kid the alphabet, right?"
  "No, actually, it's like teaching a kid a letter. Just one letter."

At 22 February 2017 at 15:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, apologies.

Sometimes you just get overwhelmed by the stupidity of evil in this world. And the suffering of innocents, children even, caused by stupid evil people.

Is this how the world ends? In a tsunami of stupid?

"Well, that's alright. I laugh myself sometimes. Ain't a whole lot else you can do."

At 10 April 2017 at 14:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Further abuse allegations uncovered against leading QC-John Smyth is accused of carrying out a series of brutal assaults on pupils at Winchester College.

At 10 April 2017 at 14:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
'The aim of Caldicott is to prepare boys with great care, thought and attention so that they may become successful and that they may enjoy the next stage of their education.'
'Chapel is central to the moral and spiritual life of the school and the boys are encouraged to develop a social conscience as well as a sense of duty.'

At 16 May 2023 at 22:20 , Blogger the junglesurfer said...

Hamilton byrne cult looks like a movie to mind bend the public.All too orchestrated


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