Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Jamie Colman

Goody writes:

1. The Colman's Mustard heir, Jamie Colman, admits that his charity funded 'child abuse' barrister John Smyth for nearly thirty years

Colman's Mustard heir admits charity funded 'child abuse' barrister.

Rev Sue Colman

2. Jamie Colman's wife Rev Sue Colman was an independent adoption and fostering panel member for her local authority and was the spiritual director for the scandal-ridden Kids Company.

Sue Colman oversees a ‘Hospitality’ project, which encompasses the sharing of community lunches to the opening of our homes to vulnerable and at risk children and adults.

In 1982 Margaret Hodge (neeOppenheimer) became Islington council leader.
Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London

3. Jamie Colman's father, Sir Michael Colman,oversaw the Church's investment portfolio between 1993 and 1999.

Sir Michael Colman was director (1992-1996) of The South African Business Initiative along with Sir Evelyn Rothschild (1992-1999) and Harry Frederick Oppenheimer and his son Nicky Oppenheimer

Yuri Geller, Michael Jackson, David Blaine, Paul Boateng, Greville Janner.

Harry Oppenheimer was a benefactor of the WATERFORD SCHOOL TRUST.

Its emphasis is on disadvantaged students.

Waterford School Trustees have included LADY JANET BOATENG.

Janet and Paul Boateng

4. Mary Colman (née Bowes-Lyon), niece of the Queen Mother, a cousin of the Queen and wife of Sir Timothy Colman, of the mustard family is a close friend of Queen Elizabeth

http://www.homeforgood.org.uk/about-us/whos-who / https://companycheck.co.uk/company/01499601/THE-SOUTH-AFRICAN-BUSINESS-INITIATIVE/companies-house-data / http://opencharities.org/charities/313908 / https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/apr/29/southern-africa-first-multiracial-school-50





  1. Colman or Coleman is a common Jewish surname

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  4. Winchester College said that following an inquiry conducted in 1982 into allegations of abuse, the then headmaster told Smyth never to enter school premises or contact pupils again. However, police were not informed.


    ...the governing body of Winchester in 1982 was led by Lord Aldington (Toby Low)

    Lord Toby Aldington, one of Sir Edward Heath's closest friends and an acquaintance of the Queen

    Lord Toby Aldington ... close to the deputy Conservative leader, RA "Rab" Butler

    Aldington was chairman of Rothschild firm Sun-Alliance

    Aldington - deputy chairman of the Tory party during the Vassall and Profumo affairs


    Chairman of Westland in 1977

    Privy Counsellor

    As a British army officer in Austria at the end of World War II, Lord Aldington — then known by his given name, Toby Low — oversaw the repatriation of thousands of Cossack and Yugoslav refugees [ Ed. … and, of course, the ethnic Germans from the Soviet Union and the Baltic states] . Many were subsequently killed or interned in prison camps.

    At the libel trial, Lord Aldington agreed that the refugees’ fate was “ghastly”


    Lord Charles Aldington, whose father was a close friend of Sir Edward Heath, and who knew him from childhood, also questioned the decision of the police to appeal for "victims" to come forward.


    Lord Charles Aldington Senior Advisor at Deutsche Bank London and Chairman of Stramongate Ltd, a private investment company.

    He is also Deputy Chairman of the Royal Academy Trust, a Trustee of the Institute for Philanthropy, Vice President of the National Churches Trust, a member of Oxford University's Court of Benefactors, Chair of the New College Development Committee, and a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation.

    Lord Aldington was educated at Winchester College; New College, Oxford


    Ditchley Foundation - Boateng, Bottomley, Rifkind, Mandelson etc


    1. Lord Aldington was chairman of Rothschild firm Sun-Alliance

      Royal Sun Alliance, child abuse victims and the legal decision that shames Britain

      The insurance company Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Group spent £750,000 pounds in legal fees to prevent paying out £200,000 to the victims of the abuse despite knowing that the claims were true:

      The State placed the children in Bryn Alyn Community childrens homes and paid for the children to be abused by Allen and Staff and VIP paedophiles.

      Since then the State, the Courts and all the people involved have made the children suffer further abuse and relive their childhood abuse over and over again whilst giving them nothing but grief in return.


  5. Update 26 Feb 2017

    Archbishop Welby's QC friend, John Smyth, 'allowed to commit abuse after evangelicals failed to report him'
    It has now emerged that a number of senior figures at high-profile evangelical organisations were told of the claims but did not alert the authorities.

    David Fletcher, a Iwerne trustee who oversaw an investigation into the alleged assaults, said he told the Church Society, a powerful voice on the evangelical wing of the Church of England, about the claims in 1982.

    David Jackman, then a senior minister at a leading evangelical church also admitted he was told about the allegations at the same time. Mr Jackman went on to become head of the Proclamation Trust, which helps train evangelical preachers,

    The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, the legal charity of which Mr Smyth was a member, is also named in Iwerne documents as having been informed.

    Separately, the Charity Commission has announced that it has launched an investigation into a charity established by Reverend Sue Colman, a trustee of the Holy Trinity Brompton, which oversees the Alpha Course, the evangelical movement backed by celebrities such as Bear Grylls, after she admitted sending thousands of pounds to Mr Smyth via her personal charity.

    Dr Lee Gatiss, the director of the Church Society, said the group had examined its records but had “no reason to believe that Church Society was aware of any abuse allegations of the kind referred to, or indeed that Mr Smyth had any involvement with Church Society”.

    Mr Jackman, who is a director of Keep Marriage Special, a group launched by the Church Society that claimed that letting same sex couples marry would lead to the legalisation of incest, said he believed he had acted correctly in not notifying police.

    Mark Barrell, executive director of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, said the group’s records suggested that, contrary to the Iwerne Trust documents, it had not been notified of the allegations involving Mr Smyth until 2003.

    A spokesman for the Charity Commission said that as a matter of best practice the group should have made an incident report to the regulator once it was informed, but Mr Barrell refused to reveal whether the organisation had notified authorities.