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The pianist James Rhodes, who was sexually abused at his school, has written about the UK's child abuse inquiry.

James writes: 

"What the actual fuck is happening here? ...

"Even more debilitating than the physical pain of abuse, is the loneliness...

"Family members are often the worst people to speak to (in many cases they are the perpetrators, or they are aware of what is happening and are doing nothing)...

"We live in a country where a primary school teacher can walk into a classroom, see another teacher raping a seven-year-old girl, quietly close the door and leave them to it...

"The discovery rate of child abuse is between 5% (according to the NSPCC) and 12.5% (the children’s commissioner 2016 report). 

"So the real number will be much higher."

UK's child abuse inquiry

Jules Fiske-Harrison (above), a former pupil at Arnold House Scool, died in his teens.

JAMES RHODES (above) has written that, as a pupil at Arnold House School in London, he was raped by the boxing coach Peter Lee.

Alexander (Xander) Fiske-Harrison

Alexander (Xander) Fiske-Harrison is the brother of Jules Fiske-Harrison.

Alexander, a writer and bullfighter, was taught boxing by Peter Lee.

He writes: "I knew James Rhodes because I was at Arnold House school with him in those boxing classes with Peter Lee."

James Rhodes and Arnold House School - Xander's blog

Jules (right) with James Rhodes' elder brother Matthew Rhodes (bottom left)

While still in his teens, Alexander's brother Jules "died in a skiing accident in Zermatt, Switzerland in 1988".

Alexander's father is Clive Fiske Harrison the chairman of Fiske plc, an independent investment bank based in London.[2]

Alexander's brother Byron is a Director Goldman Sachs and was a cavalry officer in the British Army.

Alexander writes that his memories of Peter Lee "are jarringly different to those of Rhodes.

"My brother Jules was one of his pupils, but he is now sadly dead so I could not ask him...

"Our oldest brother Byron had been one of Lee's star boxers in the 1970s...

"Our parents ... employed the man (Peter Lee) on an out of school basis for a decade and a half..."

James Rhodes and Arnold House School - Xander's blog

The funeral of Peter Lee.

Alexander writes:

"How could someone rape a six year old child and get away with it? ...

"Arnold House ... In that tiny space dwell two hundred pupils under the scrutiny of twenty teachers, not including catering, cleaning, maintenance and secretarial staff...

"The Rhodes family lived on the same street as the school, about 50 doors, or 500 yards, further down.

"He was dropped at the school in the morning, and collected in the afternoon by his mother.

"To put it bluntly, brutally even, how did no one notice the injuries caused by an adult male raping a three foot tall, forty pound child?

"Was he allowed to bathe entirely autonomously aged six? I am not denying it happened, certainly not - I was there and I don’t know – but how did it happen? ...

James Rhodes and Arnold House School - Xander's blog

Peter Lee.

Alexander writes:

"Peter Lee ... was also most memorable for his sense of humour and his Cockney accent, both of which were unique in those surroundings...  He was greatly liked by the boys..."

Alexander - far right

Alexander writes:

"Apparently Lee had had a 'tenuous link' to a paedophile ring in the South East, and when confronted by the police he denied ever having worked at Arnold House and so the police had charged him with ten counts of buggery..."

Alexander writes:

"Finally, I bought the book itself...

"Whilst this book does sterling work in exhibiting pain and anguish to its readers, it is, like everything else in this case, completely lacking in the sort of details that inform.

"And I don't mean sordid and salacious ones – it has them in abundance – but the ones which tell you how it happened and, furthermore, might allow you to prevent it from happening to your own child...

"Far from giving details about how it might happen somewhere like Arnold House, he doesn’t even name the school - it is mentioned only in the corroborating teacher's police statement as reprinted..."

James Rhodes and Arnold House School - Xander's blog

Alexander writes:

"James Rhodes doesn't name the 'provincial fuck-bucket of a school in the country' he went on to attend.

"That, by the way, was Twyford...

"Apparently there the abuse got materially worse and he found himself suffering 'regular beatings, blowing older boys (and staff) for Mars bars' ... and so on and so forth.

"Readers will be unsurprised to discover that by 2006, he had had a break down so severe he had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

"Apparently he is recovered now but does say this: 'One of my diagnoses was dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) where I have a number (thirteen if you’re curious) of ‘alters’ who, depending on the situation, take turns to run the show'..."

 James Rhodes and Arnold House School - Xander's blog

The former Lord Mayor of Westminster Alan Bradley has been questioned in the Westminster child abuse case.

Lord-Mayor-questioned-paedophile-sex-ring-case …

"You keep coming across the names of ... Chairman of Planning, Robert Davies, the Deputy Chairman, Simon Milton, the leader, Miles Young, and Cllrs Martindale, Alan Bradley, Alex Segal, Avery and Mortland...

"Deputy Chairman Simon Milton was helping Ian Greer and Associates – the lobby group specially set up to pander to the 100 known Tory gays in Westminster."

Westminster Council, Operation Pallial and the Scallywag connection

As an adult, James Rhodes was diagnosed as having Multiple Personality Disorder.

James Rhodes

Elements of the Elite know how to torture a child in order to produce Multiple Personality Disorder, and hence a sex slave.

"As a child, James learned to dissociate - to leave his body on the gym floor and float away."

Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication and Music

James, aged seven. 

The sexual abuse of James Rhodes reportedly began at the age of six.

James refers to being hit, held down and having things shoved inside him.


Arnold House, where parents have included Rifkinds, Levys, Rothschilds and Chataways (friends of Leon Brittan)

James attended Arnold House School, Twyford school and Harrow School.

"He had learned to offer sexual favours to older boys and teachers in return for sweets and other treats."


At 18 James left for university in Edinburgh, "but his destructive lifestyle and drug abuse led to admission to a secure mental unit."


James at Arnold House School

Later, James got a job selling advertising and editorial to businesses around the world for financial publications.

James writes: "And as it involved manipulating, lying to and cajoling older men, I was absolutely amazing at it...

"I was pulling in £3,000 to £4,000 per week without breaking a sweat."

James married a woman ten years older than himself.

She had been married twice before "and seemed to have escaped from the 1920s world of Gatsby, Prohibition and big parties."

James writes: "I was, in all truth, looking for a mother."

James was still mentally ill. There had been suicide attempts.


James spent more time in a mental institution.

He got divorced.

James became a brilliant pianist, married again and eventually wrote his memoir.


James Rhodes's first wife tried to prevent the publication of Jame's memoir about child abuse.

James Rhodes (above left) has written a memoir, but it appears to hide all the most important stuff.

According to Nicholas Blincoe's review of James Rhodesmemoir:

"The reader learns little about Rhodes's early life; his heritage, his parents, their marriage or jobs or how they afforded the £40,000-a-year school fees for Harrow, even whether he has siblings...

"There are great books by monomaniacs and unreliable narrators - and then there is Instrumental...

"Imagine a series of Facebook updates stretched to book length with no variation, and little difference in the contents of any chapter."

Peter Lee in blue vest.

As a young schoolboy, at a small and expensive prep school next to Hampstead in London, James Rhodes "was repeatedly raped."

Blake Morrison writes:

"It seems astonishing that no adult noticed what was going on, especially when the boy was found sobbing, with blood on his legs, begging to be let off gym... 

"Rhodes writes warmly of his mother (there's no mention of his father)...

"As a child, he learned to dissociate - to leave his body on the gym floor and float away."

Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication and MusicReview of James Rhodes's memoir by Blake Morrison

"His horrified family only found out about the abuse in 2007." - Yorkshire Post

Over a period of five years, James Rhodes (above) "was sexually abused by Peter Lee, the boxing coach at Arnold House School, near Hampstead in London."


The abuse began around 1980-81.

Above is a picture of James Rhodes at Arnold House in 1985.

In 1985, James Rhodes and two other boys boys left from their class of 16 pupils at Arnold House.

Arnold House, where parents have included Rifkinds, Levys,Rothschilds and Chataways.

James writes of Arnold House: "The school itself is posh, expensive, on the same street as our house and, to my tiny eyes, huge."


Peter Lee, just a few years after he taught at Arnold House School. Peter was a small, smiling Cockney.

According to James: Peter Lee "was overweight, balding... and far too hairy. But to me as a five year old he was ripped, strong, kind, handsome, dashing and totally magical...

"He takes me into the walk-in gym cupboard where they store the equipment and he has his desk and chair and he rummages around in his desk drawer...

"For weeks. Smiles, winks, encouragement, pen-knives, lighters, stickers, chocolate bars, Action Men. 

"A Zippo for my sixth birthday. Secret presents, special gestures, and an invitation to join the after-school boxing club."

In later years, James "had a destructive lifestyle; and drug abuse led to admission to a secure mental unit."


Now James is a famous pianist and he has written his autobiography - Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication and Music.

TV personality Michael McIntyre in the boxing ring at Arnold House. Life and Laughing.

According to the media, in May 2015, "Lee was recently arrested and charged, but died before he could be brought to trial."

Pianist James Rhodes wins right to publish autobiography.

To be more accurate, Peter Lee got his name in newspapers in the mid-1980s after he was accused of child abuse in another part of London.

At that point, in the mid-1980s, Peter Lee suddenly left Arnold House School and boxing immediately ceased to take place at the school.

James's brother Matthew, at Arnold House School.

James writes: "I did a newspaper interview. In it I mentioned the sexual abuse that had happened at school - it was a short paragraph in a double-page piece.

"The head of the junior school (Chere Hunter) from back then saw it and got in touch with me. 

"She told me she'd known that some kind of abuse was happening (even if, in her naivety, she hadn’t thought it was sexual), that she used to find me sobbing, blood on my legs, begging not to go back to gym class.

"She'd gone to the head of the school (Jonathan Clegg) who'd said, in true 1980s style: 'Little Rhodes needs to toughen up. Ignore it.' Which she did. 

"She told me that she quit her job and became a prison chaplain. 

"And then years later she read my interview and got in touch to see if she could put things right. 

"Twenty-five years too f****** late, but hey ho. Slightly angry about that still. 

Chere Hunter, school governor at Arnold House.

"She made a police statement. I went back to the police with my manager once they’d received it and we tried again. 

"And sure enough they found the guy. He was in his 70s. And working in Margate. As a part-time boxing coach for boys under ten. 

"After lengthy interviews, they arrested him and charged him with ten counts of buggery and indecent assault.

"The last I heard from the Met Police was that he had had a stroke and was deemed unfit to stand trial. He died shortly after I got that news." 

Peter Lee, just a few years after he taught at Arnold House School.

Peter Lee lived in Birchington-on-Sea, near Margate, in Kent.

Peter Lee lived with his wife in a large bungalow opposite a primary school.

Peter Lee died, aged 87, in 2011.

Around 200 friends, family and members of the local council attended the funeral.

His coffin, "draped in the Union flag, arrived at the chapel in a horse-drawn hearse".

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

James Rhodes (centre) 

James Rhodes comes from a wealthy and well connected Jewish family.

Some time after leaving Arnold House school, James moved on to Harrow school.

"He had learned to offer sexual favours to older boys and teachers in return for sweets and other treats."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Harrow School.

Among those who have attended Arnold House School (above) are David de Rothschild, Hughie Green, Jewish cabinet minister Robert Halfon...

Certain people do not want the truth to come out.

Another child abuse memoir. Why can't the past be private? - Brendan O'Neill

HASBARA JEW - Hasbara means Israeli propaganda / 'HARMLESS' BULLYING IN SCHOOLS  - 'Hasbara' journalist Brendan O'Neill. 

The Tavistock Institute is involved with James Rhodes' Memoir.

James writes about being "used, fucked, broken, toyed with and violated", from the age of six by Peter Lee.

Peter Lee was originally from the east end of London, the land of the Kray Twins.

James Rhodes (centre) 

The Tavistock Institute is involved with James Rhodes' Memoir.

Finchley Place, right next to Hampstead in London. Children from a care home in Finchley place were reportedly used by Mr X's child sex ringTOP CONSERVATIVES

James writes: "It isn’t abuse when a 40-year-old man forces his cock inside a six-year-old boy's ass ...That is aggressive rape.

"It leads to multiple surgeries, scars [inside and out], tics, OCD, depression, suicidal ideation, vigorous self-harm, alcoholism, drug addiction, the most fucked-up of sexual hangups, gender confusion [‘you look like a girl, are you sure you’re not a little girl?’], sexuality confusion, paranoia, mistrust, compulsive lying, eating disorders, PTSD, DID [the shinier name for multiple personality disorder] and so on and on and on..."


Fabian Garcia-Miller was born in London in 1995.

Fabian was educated at Arnold House prep school, near Hampstead, and at Westmister School.

Fabian became a young actor.

Fabian starred in Greed 

Sketches by Fabian.

In January 2015, Fabian, aged 19, was found dead at his £2million home, in St John's Wood, next to Hampstead.

Laura Garcia-Miller

Fabian shared his home with his mother Laura, a lawyer.


Fabian was found dead by his barrister father, Andrew Miller QC.

Reportedly, Fabian's body contained the drugs methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Fabian had been looking forward to visiting his brother in Italy during his gap year.


Robert Harley c.1980.

Robert Harley was popular with everyone due to his modesty, decency, charm and sense of humour.

Robert Harley was Head Boy at Arnold House School, and at Eton, and then he moved on to a college at Cambridge.

Robert Harley was found hanged in the college garden in Cambridge.

He had been doing some work for a Conservative candidate in the 1992 general election.

Robert's father G I Harley, a very decent man, was Lord Mayor of Westminster from 1981-1982.

Michael McIntyre, 1984

Michael McIntyre attended Arnold House School, in St John's Wood.

Reportedly, he did boxing with Peter Lee.


Michael McIntyre is now Britain's 'most loved' comedian.

Michael was a judge on Simon Cowell's Britain's Got Talent.

Michael with his father Ray, his mother Kati and his sister Lucy.

Michael's Canadian father was Ray Cameron McIntyre, who wrote scripts for, and produced, the Kenny Everett shows.

Michael's mother Kati (Kathleen 'Kati' Turnbull) was a Hungarian heiress, who was a dancer on the Kenny Everett Show.

Kenny Everett liked boys.

Michael (centre) 1984. dailymail

Ray introduced his wife Kati to Kenny Everett.

Kati and Kenny would pick young Michael up from his school, Arnold House

Kati, Kenny Everett, Michael McIntyre

Michael says: "I remember all the other children asking if Kenny Everett was my dad. 

"I told them he was - and that his TV sidekick, Cleo Roccos, was my real mum. 

"They all believed me, so it took some explaining a few years later when it emerged that Kenny was gay.

"Mum used to be a dancer, and she was only 19 when she met my father, who was in his late 30s - so she enjoyed going out on the town with Kenny while Dad stayed at home working." 

Michael McIntyre: My other dad was Kenny Everett.

Michael 1984. dailymail

Holly says the biggest influence on Michael as a child was his wealthy Hungarian grandmother Marika.

Michael. dailymail

Kati had an affair with 'Steve', a builder.

Kati married the builder. 

Michael was seven when their parents' marriage ended in divorce.


Michael, Ray and Holly, on the day that Ray got married to Holly in 1984. dailymail

Michael's father Ray Cameron McIntyre then met his next wife, Holly, in Hollywood.

Michael and Ray Cameron McIntyre. 

Ray prospered and bought a 35-acre farm, Drayton Wood, in Hertfordshire.

Ray (right) Kenny Everett (second from left)

Ray was director and co-writer of Everett's only feature film, Bloodbath at the House of Death.


Kenny Everett, a friend of Cliff Richard, died of AIDS.

Addison Cresswell, Michael Macintyre's showbiz agent 'died of a heart attack', aged 53. 

Ray in the USA.

Ray McIntyre and Kenny Everett fell out.

Holly says that Ray fell out with Kenny Everett "because Kenny had known all about Kati’s affair with the builder."

Ray started a video production company in Los Angeles.

Holly says: "We bought a big house in the Hollywood Hills and I opened a kids' clothing shop."

Michael and his sister modelled clothes from the store.

Ray and Holly produced two children Billy (born 1986) and Georgina (born 1992).

Michael, Ray Cameron, Lucy.

According to Holly, Ray's career began to fail, Ray had money problems and Ray and Holly had quarrels.

Ray died in mysterious circumstances in December 1993.

Reportedly, Ray died, 'in a Hollywood apartment', of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Michael was told that his dad had been found dying at the side of a road.

Michael and Ray Cameron McIntyre

Anonymous 20 August 2014 wrote:

"In the 1970s I took on a young 16 yr old boy as an apprentice painter.

 "He told all of us that when he was thirteen he had been at Kempton Races clearing rubbish.

"On the way home, both he and his friend were thumbing a lift.

"They were picked up by Chris Denning in a Rolls.

"He took them to his home and abused them.

"He promised to take them to the London studio of both Kenny Everett and Jonathan King where they were abused on a regular basis.

"They were supposed to be employed to make coffee and run errands. 

"I asked the boy to go to the police, he refused as he said they were all too powerful - the boy was only with us for a few months as he was seriously screwed up in many ways."



Those who have attended Arnold House School include David de Rothschild, Hughie Green, UK cabinet minister Robert Halfon...

12 of the 33 children in this 1973 class photo reportedly took their own lives after years of sexual and physical abuse at St Alipius' Christian Brothers School, in Ballarat, in Australia.

A child abuse ring operated at St Alipius' and at St Patrick's College.


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incredible blog. heart breaking. reblogged... thank you xx

At 24 October 2016 at 05:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you treat very young sexual offenders?
Prof Hackett says: "Half of the group had themselves been sexually abused, more than half were physically abused or neglected.

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Interesting photo of Benedict Cumberbatch/James Rhodes. Cumberbatch seems to be well connected too.



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Jimmy Page and others...



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September 30, 2016 at 10:46 am
Rarely does anyone mention the ritualistic/occultist element within the child sexual abuse envelope. I understand that this is difficult to understand for many but is crucial to this endeavour of truth seeking. This is the elephant in the room, however improbable it seems.

October 2, 2016 at 6:11 pm

October 3, 2016 at 1:35 am
^ The ritualistic/occultist element may well be more significant than many think.

Look into an odd child murder in an ordinary suburb of Dublin, Ireland in 1973 and the media cover up afterwards. The case was eventually resurrected by Irish media only in relatively recent years, but many people from the district remember the rumours that were flying around.



^ It seems odd that the teenager convicted of this murder was found to have books in his possession of an occult nature that were hardly usual at that time in Ireland, unanswered questions here.

And the still unsolved child murder in Northern Ireland in the same year:


October 3, 2016 at 9:10 pm
Thank you for your supportive comments. Ritual/occult practice is very much the rasion d’etre for child sexual abuse/murder for those at the top of the abuser’s pile. The psychic world I am very familiar with and I have substantive experience addressing some of the issues arising in practice.

October 4, 2016 at 2:25 am
I think that type of abuse, occult or SRA abuse or whatever, exists but is rare.

The Hampstead SRA allegations were debunked as an obvious hoax, as the Spiked Online article Oz posted makes clear (I do not always agree with Spiked, mind you).

October 4, 2016 at 2:28 am
Re-reading my above comments, they could be read as contradicting themselves, so I had best explain further what my point of view is!

To clarify, my view is that MOST SRA allegations are false or highly exaggerated, but I don’t agree with the view held by a lot of the mainstream media and indeed probably the broader public that it doesn’t exist at all.

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Nice work - they all seem looked after in a way that doen't seem real

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Anonymous 24 Oct 11.37
What a good way of putting it.

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Dame Lowell Goddard won't appear before Home Affairs Committee
'Errors' in Met's VIP paedophile probe Operation Midland
Poor judgement. Those are the two words that ring out from this particular inquiry into the conduct of Operation Midland.- really helpful for who ?

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i notice time and time again the place Hampsteadheath,
to deal with it, hence MK Ultra techniques used.


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