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Natascha Kampusch - kidnapped in Austria in 1998; escaped in 2006.

Natascha Kampusch was told by her kidnapper, Wolfgang Priklopil, that she had been sold to him by her parents.

In 2010, it was reported that  at least 12 children's care homes in Vienna were being used as child brothels. Children were forced to participate in sex parties and to work as sex-workers in brothels often serving the rich elite. The children were also rented out as drug-couriers.

Priklopil told Natascha that he wanted her to be his "perfect Aryan slave".

"He told her that Jews were responsible for 9/11."

Secrets of the Kampusch kidnap -

Natascha's mother, Brigitte Sirny, née Kampusch

In May 2008, the mother of Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch was accused in court of organising the kidnapping.

Retired judge Martin Wabl told the court that Natascha's mother, Brigitte Sirny, wanted to cover up her sexual abuse of her daughter, then aged ten.

Wabl claimed she masterminded the plot with Wolfgang Priklopil.

A Vienna newspaper published photographs of Natascha, wearing lipstick and riding boots, brandishing a whip and showing her private parts, which had been found at Sirny's flat.

Sirny dismissed the photographs as "harmless horseplay".


The Palais Coburg hotel in Vienna, which  is said to have underground tunnels which connect to certain brothels. 

In 2009 a court in Graz confirmed that Sirny had not been involved in her daughter's disappearance and banned Wabl from repeating this.

Secrets of the Kampusch kidnap -

Irish actress Antonia Campbell-Hughes (above) played the part of Natascha in the film about her kidnapping.

Some time after Natascha had been kidnapped, Wolfgang Priklopil took Natascha on a skiing trip.

Natascha initially denied that they had made the trip, but eventually admitted that it was true.[19]

The story of Natascha Kampusch (above) involves allegations of a top child sex abuse ring, police corruption and murder.

Natascha escaped on 23 August 2006.

In February 2007, it was reported that Austria has uncovered an international child pornography network involving more than 2,360 suspects from 77 countries.

The videos were hosted by an Austrian company.

Vienna busts huge child porn ring.

According to the official story:

10 year old Natascha Kampusch was kidnapped in Vienna in 1998.

Ischtar Akcan, aged 12, saw Natascha being bundled into a van by one man, while another sat in the driving seat.

Ischtar says: "Police told me: 'You made a mistake, didn't you?'"

Natascha escaped on 23 August 2006. 

She was cleaning and vacuuming Priklopil's BMW in the garden. 

At 12:53pm, someone called Priklopil on his mobile phone, and he walked away to take the call. Natascha decided to run away.

Natascha then made millions from book and film deals.

Natascha now owns the house in which she was imprisoned.

Natascha's room.

After her escape she  told detectives that she had been imprisoned in a cellar under a garage, where she was beaten, raped and treated like a slave.

The site of the escape was Strasshof an der Nordbahn, 25 miles from Vienna.


Wolfgang Priklopil, who was apparently part of a large child abuse ring involving top people in Austria.

According to the official story:

Natascha was kidnapped by Wolfgang Priklopil, 44, a computer technician and property developer.

Within hours of Natascha escaping, Wolfgang Priklopil was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

"He was found beheaded by an express train."


Austrian opposition leader Heinz Strache from the Freedom Party says police 'ignored' vidence about the birth of a baby'.

The baby is said to be buried in the garden of Priklopil's home in Strasshof.


In the hours after her escape, Natascha went to visit Priklopil in the mortuary.

In the mortuary, Natascha threw herself over Priklopil's body and wept.

Natascha, now 28, always carries a photograph of Priklopil in her handbag.

It is now claimed that Priklopil was murdered before his body was placed on the railway tracks.

According to Der Spiegel, two eminent coroners have declared that medical and legal reports saying that Priklopil's death was suicide were 'worthless'.

A former president of the Supreme Court of Vienna says there are 'serious doubts' about whether or not Priklopil killed himself.

Ernst Holzapfel - a business partner and friend of Priklopil. 

Soon after Natascha escaped, Priklopil phoned his friend and business partner Ernst Holzapfel.

Priklopil told Holzapfel: 'I am in the Donauzentrum (shopping centre) by the old post office. Please pick me up. This is an emergency. Please pick me up.'

Priklopil was then caught on CCTV film with Ernst Holzapfel, at the shopping centre.

Holzapfel helped Priklopil escape from the police.

In a police statement at the time, Holzapfel admitted driving the 'agitated' Priklopil around town.

Natascha's room

Holzapfel is said to have been a frequent visitor to Priklopil's house throughout Natascha's captivity.

Holzapfel had met Natascha when Priklopil had come to Holzapfel's house to borrow tools.

'He turned up with the young lady,' says Holzapfel.

'She stood with him in the entrance - he introduced her as an acquaintance. I offered her my hand and she said a very polite hello.

'She made a happy, relaxed impression. I didn't, of course, realise that it was Natascha Kampusch. It was only when I was questioned by the police that they showed me a photo and I realised it was her.'

In 2009 Holzapfel admitted that Priklopil had told him in 2006 that he had kidnapped and imprisoned Natascha - an admission allegedly made in the car shortly before Priklopil died.

Priklopil's house in Strasshof an der Nordbahn, 25 miles from Vienna.

Just hours after Natascha escaped, Holzapfel was allowed into Priklopil's house.

He has since been accused of removing computers and images of Natascha.

Colonel Franz Kroll was the police colonel in charge of the Kampusch case.

Kroll died in mysterious circumstances after telling his brother he was on to 'something big'.

Kroll was found dead on the balcony of his apartment, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Priklopil was apparently part of a large child abuse ring involving top people in Austria.

Priklopil was in regular telephone contact with a pornographer and a pedophile group.

Holzapfel shared more than 100 phone calls with Natascha after she had been released.

Kampusch was raised by her mother Brigitta Sirny (née Kampusch) and her father Ludwig Koch, in Vienna.

Apparently, Natascha's mother knew Priklopil.

Natascha Kampusch in court.

Natascha grew up on a poor estate after her mother and father divorced.

Her mother was a party-loving single woman who often brought men home.

Her father, a baker and heavy drinker, was seldom around, except for holidays.

In her biography, Natascha says Priklopil told her: 'I'm going to take you in the woods and I'm going to give you over to the others. After that I won't have anything else to do with the business.'

Natascha has spoken of threats made by Priklopil that people would come to the cellar where she was being held and 'do things' to her.

Police sources say that Natascha was regularly taken on days out by Priklopil.

These included trips to the shops.


Sabina Selimovic and Samra Kesinovic - Austrian teenagers, of Bosnian origin, who allegedly went to work for ISIS (Israeli secret intelligence service).

Natascha's disappearance happened at a time when Europe was preoccupied by the notorious Belgian Dutroux case of child abduction and murder.

The following is from The Guardian, 25 August, 2006:


"Yesterday, there were embarrassing questions as to why investigators had failed to trace Natascha. Immediately after her abduction one eyewitness described how she had seen Natascha get into a white van.

"Detectives tracked 1,000 white van owners in the area and interviewed Priklopil in April 1998, a month after Natascha disappeared. He told them he used the van for work. They believed him - and left without searching either the house or garage.

"On Wednesday when they arrived at the house the van was still there. They also found Natascha's passport, which she had with her the day she vanished. Another neighbour, retired policeman Franz Hafergut, had also complained to the authorities because Priklopil used a .22 rifle to shoot pigeons. Police officers knocked on his door - but left."


Reportedly Mossad's Dubai assassination of January 2010 was run from Austria. 

(Mossad hit squad.)

Mossad is active in Austria.

Reportedly the Mumbai Attacks of 2008, which have been linked to Mossad, were planned in Austria and Dubai: (Pak govt source)

"CNN-IBN got details from sources within the Pakistan establishment" that the Mumbai attack of 2008 was planned in Austria and Dubai.

Reportedly Austrian political leader Jorg Haider was assassinated by Mossad.

Reportedly, Haider was spied upon by Mossad's Peter Sichrovsky. 

(Mossad spied on far-right Austrian - Times Online)

In 2008, Haider died in a motor 'accident'.

Reportedly Mossad had stolen Haider's car and replaced it with another identical one. 

(Simply Jews: Jewish Mossad killed Joerg Haider)

Famous 'Austrians' include:

Haim Bar-Lev, Israeli general and government minister

Teddy Kollek, Israeli Mayor of Jerusalem

Nathaniel Mayer Anselm von Rothschild, banker

Theodor Herzl, "father of Zionism," lived most of his life in Austria.

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