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In 2015, in the Netherlands, a former child sexual abuse victim, a girl in her twenties, was given a lethal injection by her doctors.

The doctors stated that her post-traumatic stress and other conditions were incurable.

In 2014, there had been improvements in the girl's psychological condition after 'intensive therapy'.

The girl, who has not been named, was abused between the ages of five and 15.

One British Labour Member of Parliament says it means that sex abuse victims are now being punished with death.


The top people in the Netherlands appear to be trying to cover up the widespread child abuse by top people in the Netherlands.

The child abuse networks are linked to the trade in heroin and to various security services.

1983 photo Prince Friso, Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince Claus, Prince Constantijn

In April 2016, a court in Amsterdam was hearing testimony from nine witnesses into allegations that top politicians knew about and used underage prostitutes in the 1980s. 

Among those implicated are: 

1. Prince Claus, the late husband of former Queen Beatrix

2. The former finance minister and executive director of the International Monetary Fund Onno Rudding

3. Former Amsterdam mayor Ed van Thijn

4. Joris Demmink, a former top civil servant in the justice ministry.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was the first president of the Bilderberg Group. Reportedly, as a child, Regina Louf visited Prince Bernhard's yacht Jumbo VI. Regina Louf was one of the child victims of the murderous Dutroux pedophile gang.

A summary of testimony that appeared in the Dutroux affair reads:

"This person wrote about the existence of a sect in the Netherlands consisting of about 300 members, many with backgrounds as lawyers, jurists, judges and police officers.

"Members held meetings at rural estates where (ritual) child abuse took place.

"There was a specific focus on maintaining Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) in the children. 

"Apparently, a whistleblower who tried to inform the police was disbelieved and soon thereafter disappeared.

"The letter specifically mentioned Villa Westflier in Markelo (in Holland) as a place where abuse had taken place."

The Westerflier estate in Markelo had previous inhabitants with very close ties to I.G. Farben, that after WWII the estate became a boarding school for young girls with emotional or behavioral problems, and... that this estate has been in the Schimmelpenninck family for centuries.


A second summary of testimony that appeared in the Dutroux affair reads:

Catharina (PV 150.006, February 20, 1997) stated she was the daughter of a wealthy businessman who was involved in a sadistic and violent child abuse network spanning from Italy and Switzerland to Belgium and the Netherlands. 

The headquarters of the sect would be in Zurich. 

Among the child abuse locations in the Netherlands she mentioned "In Dordrecht in the house in de Spijkermandt" and that the "attic is organized for a Nazi sect". 

Some of the children's bodies would disappear "via a butcher shop in Rotterdam in the Van Hellemondstraat". 

Among the members would be lawyers and army officers.

ISGP - "Beyond Dutroux" ties toes Netherlands 

Allegations. Website for this image...

Various allegations have been made against top people in the Netherlands:

"The great-grandfather from [prince] Friso’s mother’s [queen Beatrix] side, a German prince named Hendrik, raped his own daughter, the mother of queen Beatrix, as a result of which a daughter was born. 

"The father of Friso, Claus, was a homosexual who also used children for sexual pleasure. 

"The lawyer of the Queen and main guardian of the crown prince, Friso’s brother, was a sadistic pedophile against whom even testimony of child executions exists."

Dutch pedophile exposer to stand trial, high ... - The Truthseeker

The Dutch whistleblower, Micha Kat, has been put on trial.

JORIS DEMMINK was Director General at the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

How might the CIA and Mossad control the Netherlands?

Are some top Dutch people involved in child abuse and the drugs trade?

1. In 1996, Marc Dutroux was arrested in Belgium.

Documents in the case pointed at the involvement of Dutch politicians in the Dutroux child abuse scandal.(Joris Demmink - Wikipedia

In 1998 Dutch prosecutors in Amsterdam were working on the 'Rolodex case' in which high-ranking people were suspected of being members of a child abuse gang. (911:Joris Demmink scandal - Wikicompany)

Among the suspects were a former cabinet minister, the personal counsel of queen Beatrix and two leading criminal prosecutors.

The police was preparing to make arrests, when the whole operation was shut down.

It was later reported, in the so called 'Runderkamp-papers', that a top official in the Ministry of Justice in the Hague, Joris Demmink, played a role in the affair.

He was suspected of being a member of the gang.

He was suspected of leaking information to the suspects.

Dutch Royals.

In 1998 Dutch TV broadcasted two items about criminals smuggling young children to the Netherlands from Eastern Europe for sexual purposes.

The TV documentary included telephone-taps from the Rolodex-case. (911:Joris Demmink scandal - Wikicompany)

Reportedly, in these taps one can hear a very high ranking official from the Ministry of Justice named 'Joris' 'ordering' some children for the weekend.

In 2002 Joris Demmink was appointed Director General at the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

In 2003 two Dutch magazines reportedly published long and detailed stories about Joris Demmink abusing under-aged prostitutes in a public park in the south of the country (city of Eindhoven).

In 2007 a lawyer for Turkish-Kurdish 'businessman' Hüseyin Baybaşin reportedly accused Demmink of sexually abusing children. 

(911:Joris Demmink scandal - Wikicompany)

Baybasin has links to drugs and politicians 

BALLIN is reportedly a Bilderberger.

2. Ernst Hirsch Ballin was born to a Jewish father. (Ernst Hirsch Ballin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Reportedly he is a member of Bilderberg. (Bilderberg 2009 Attendance List)

He has been the Dutch Minister of Justice.

In 1994, in the so-called IRT (regional detective squad) affair, Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin, and interior minister Ed van Thijn, were forced to resign.

It became known that the inter regional detective squad (IRT), with permission from both departments, had been bringing in billions of guilders worth of cocaine and other drugs into Holland. 

(Chronology of the Netherlands )

It was claimed that this was a sting operation.

In 1996 a parliamentary inquiry commission published its report on the IRT affair.

The commission found that large quantities of drugs had been smuggled into the country and marketed with the help and connivance of the government.

The commission chairman, Maarten van Traa, was killed in a traffic accident shortly after the report was published. (Chronology of the Netherlands)

Guusje ter Horst

3. In August 2006 Guusje Ter Horst was fined for drunk driving.(Guusje ter Horst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 2007 she was appointed as Holland's Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations 

twelfthbough.blogspot.com/ drew our attention to "Obama's Drunken, Drug Running and Paedophile Helpers", by Hans Vogel in Pravda.Ru

Among the points made:

1. The 'crotch bomber' was escorted by a 'well-dressed' man who apparently had access to the boss of the Israeli firm that handles security at Amsterdam.

2. The US government has the support of its Dutch vassal state.

3. The Dutch Minister of Justice was Ernst Hirsch Ballin.

Ballin called for the immediate introduction of full body scanners at Dutch airports.

4. Dutch interior minister, Mrs. Guusje ter Horst is 'routinely let off the hook by the police whenever she is caught driving while drunk'.

She said that the world had escaped disaster when the 'crotch bomber' plan was foiled.

5. Mr. Joris Demmink, the Dutch justice ministry's former director general, 'is being blackmailed by the Turkish intelligence service, at least since 2002.

'The blackmail concerns Mr. Demmink's orgies with under age boys in Turkish seaside resorts'.

Affaire Joris Demmink: het feitenoverzicht « Klokkenluideronline - [Translate this page ]


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At 11 May 2016 at 09:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you know who controls the Netherlands, then you'll understand why this is 'normal' for us Gentiles.

At 11 May 2016 at 11:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11 May 2016 at 13:57 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Amongst the many horrible stories of child murder on this site, this account of an official state murder - execution of a child abuse victim by the Netherlands in 2015, has greatly pierced my heart

Tho I understand the ancient practice of euthanasia for unbearable & unstoppable physical pain

This is true satanic horror, for the state to put to death a person in psychological suffering, with a lying claim that the person cannot be helped

There is always help for psychological trauma, there is always comfort, there are wise experienced people in the world who can assist

Some of those people who can help, are spiritual guides without psychology degrees ... but the powers-that-be do not want to seek such help

Too often now, psychologists & psychiatrists are, just like lawyers in some countries, state & oligarchy servants who betray their clients, destroy them ... even help kill them

May the spirits bless that poor tormented girl who was killled by the Netherlands, and give her much comfort in the time between lives, and a happy start in the next life she lives

At 11 May 2016 at 18:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As per the Protocols...when they come to final power, all "authority" will be discredited to make way for their new "leader" of the world.

However, with all the dirt being flung in every direction, it seems ONE group remains virtually untouched, per usual.

Rabbis in charge.

At 13 May 2016 at 05:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not even scratching the surface,


It is as if the mass of the population are just like 'cattle' to them. Where, in which religions, have we heard this before?


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