Sunday 20 March 2016


Silvio and Luigi

1. Donald Trump has been compared to the billionaire Silvio Berlusconi.

The Trump-Berlusconi Syndrome.

Trump has described Berlusconi as a nice man.

Berlusconi got elected as Italy's Prime Minister when he persuaded large numbers of Italians that he would fix Italy's problems.


Berlusconi made a fortune in real estate

Berlusconi is a fan of Netanyahu.

Berlusconi has alleged links to the CIA's Operation Gladio.

In June 2013, Silvio Berlusconi was found guilty of paying Karima El Mahroug for sex when she was 17 years old, and of abusing his powers in an ensuing cover up.


2. The USA's Federal Election Commission required Donald Trump to list all entities for which he serves as an executive.

A list of everything Donald Trump runs that has his name on

Here are some of them:

Trump Drinks Israel Holdings LLC
Trump Drinks Israel Holdings Member Corp
Trump Drinks Israel LLC
Trump Drinks Israel Member Corp

3. Bernie Sanders has announced that he will not address the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC's annual policy conference - the only presidential candidate to skip the gathering.


4. In a 2005 blog post, Trump defended "outsourcing", the practice of companies moving production overseas.

The post is entitled "Outsourcing Creates Jobs in the Long Run."

Trump wrote about outsourcing:

" I have to take the unpopular stance that it is not always a terrible thing."

Trump noted a study "that showed how global outsourcing actually creates more jobs and increases wages, at least for IT workers":

"The study found that outsourcing helped companies be more competitive and more productive. That means they make more money, which means they funnel more into the economy, thereby, creating more jobs."

"I know that doesn't make it any easier for people whose jobs have been outsourced overseas, but if a company's only means of survival is by farming jobs outside its walls, then sometimes it's a necessary step. The other option might be to close its doors for good."

5. The USA's Federal Election Commission required Donald Trump to list all entities for which he serves as an executive.

A list of everything Donald Trump runs that has his name on

Here are some more of them:

Trump Brazil LLC

Trump Korean Projects LLC

Trump Marks Asia Corp
Trump Marks Asia LLC

Trump Marks Batumi LLC
Trump Marks Batumi Member Corp

Trump loves George Bush.

Trump Marks Canouan Corp
Trump Marks Canouan LLC

Trump Marks Dubai Corp
Trump Marks Dubai LLC

Trump Marks Egypt Corp
Trump Marks Egypt LLC

Trump Marks Istanbul II Corp.
Trump Marks Istanbul II LLC

Trump Marks Mumbai LLC
Trump Marks Mumbai Member Corp

Trump Marks Panama Corp
Trump Marks Panama LLC

Trump Marks Philippines LLC
Trump Marks Philippine s Corp

Trump Marks Puerto Rico I LLC
Trump Marks Puerto Rico I Member Corp
Trump Marks Puerto Rico II LLC
Trump Marks Puerto Rico II Member Corp

Trump Marks Punta del Este LLC
Trump Marks Punta del Este Manager Corp

Trump Marks South Africa LLC
Trump Marks South Africa Member Corp

Trump Marks Toronto Corp
Trump Marks Toronto LLC
Trump Marks Toronto LP (formally Trump Toronto Management LP)

Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC
Trump Panama Condominium Member Corp
Trump Panama Hotel Management LLC
Trump Panama Hotel Management Member Corp LLC

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At 20 March 2016 at 11:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Boris Johnson's Administration Defends Against Paedophile Allegations':

At 20 March 2016 at 13:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 20 March 2016 at 14:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A.'.G.'.D.'.G.'.A.'.D.'.U.'. is a Massonic Lodge or a Rosicrucian Massonic Lodge. In theory not the same. In practice the rituals being different have the same principles and purpose. Blessings in L.'.V.'.X.'. my dear Aangirfan.

At 20 March 2016 at 14:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We should treat with contempt the allegation that Sir Edward Leigh MP abused kids"

—The Catholic Union

At 20 March 2016 at 14:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Berlusconi Promised: LESS TAXES FOR ALL

Berlusconi promised a bridge between Sicily and Italy
Trump promised a wall in front of mexican terrirories

There are similarities in populistic ideas, but there are even in the not-so-sage ideas of both: Berlusconi had a long friendship with Putin, while Trump goes ranting against everyone and got the Republican Party against him.

About Berlusconi must be told the following: the last scandal that involved the real-estate mogul (See: seems like a Coup against an asset that got too far...

"Karima is Jewish but portrays herself as an Arab. She was placed recently on an Arab American citizen closed to the Washington establishment."

Berlusconi did good deals with Putin about gas, and then continued telling the hard truth that a Europe that sees Russia as an enemy is a weaker Europe. That was his big error and, allegedly, US trained Mossad spy Karima AKA Ruby got him into that farge of synthetic scandal.

Like it or not, Berlusconi was the last government leader (Presidente del Consiglio) democratically elected in Italy, where the following Monti, Letta and current Renzi have been appointed without elections.

At 20 March 2016 at 14:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I was Waterhouse's PR at the North Wales Child Abuse Inquiry – But I didn't know the details of what Scallywag uncovered"

At 21 March 2016 at 05:10 , Blogger Ali.mostaque said...

How interesting

At 21 March 2016 at 12:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

El Dios de los Masones «A.L.G.D.G.A.D.U.»
(El Gran Arquitecto del Universo = Lucifer) - Duration: 9: 15. JhonyVar

At 21 March 2016 at 12:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said! I was just about to write a reply in defence of Berlusconi but I see that you have done a better job than I would have done.


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