Wednesday 10 June 2015


Josh Duggar (above with family) was raised a conservative Christian in Tontitown, in Arkansas.

Duggar has been active in conservative politics, and has associated with Jeb Bush and other top Republicans.

Josh Duggar and Jeb Bush.

Duggar has promoted conservative Christian Right viewpoints.

Duggar has promoted Israel.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Duggar appeared on the reality TV series 19 Kids and Counting.

The show is about the Duggar family: parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children, the oldest of whom is Josh Duggar.


According to a police report, Duggar, when he was 14 and 15 years old, molested five girls, including 4 of his sisters.

The abuse consisted of fondling their breast and genital regions while they were asleep and sometimes while awake without permission, according to the police report

Josh Duggar with the Israeli military.

Reports suggest that Josh may have been sent to a facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, owned by the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a ministry and adolescent training program founded by Bill Gothard, who was a Duggar family friend.[40][46][47] Bill Gothard was later ousted from the Institute in 2014, amid allegations that Gothard had sexually harassed a number of women.


Upon Josh's return home in July 2003, Jim Bob brought Josh to Arkansas State Trooper Jim Hutchens, an acquaintance.[40][41] 

Hutchens did not take any official action but reportedly gave Josh a "stern talk".[40][41][51]

Hutchens was later arrested and convicted on unrelated charges of child pornography and is serving a 56-year prison sentence.[53][54][49]

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At 10 June 2015 at 01:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at that: IDF tshirt on Jessa's husband and they named their sprog Israel. How many hints does one need?

At 10 June 2015 at 02:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Anti-Christ " Jewish " so-called State will never be "Israel"...

Israel is a people...a company of Nations
the "White People Nations" of "Europe", not
Gog & Magog Zionist Palestine

See Deuteronomy 28.

all "Jew" worshipping OXYMORONS are
by definition "Doubleminded" and... "unstable in
all their ways"....! {see the book of James}

No one knowing the Truth {Talmud} ... HAS to stay in the

"the proselytes"...could come out...!



At 10 June 2015 at 06:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a really good video floating around entitled "rock star admits he attended elite snuff parties where people are murdered for entertainment." It is on and david icke headlines and a bunch of others. I hope everyone watches this, and if you have the computer skills, to send this out via e-mail to everyone you know to hopefully stop this. Also, there is an article on "help free the earth" about how the elite send messages about upcoming events via current events. The article details how the win of the horse American pharaoh in the triple crown horse races (Kentucky derby, Preakness, Belmont stakes) is related to an upcoming possible change in the law in America that says a president can serve only 2 terms. The researcher Freeman from the Freeman perspective says that Obama, Michelle, and the 2 girls are clones of an Egyptian royal family. This is very far out but they do look like them!!

At 10 June 2015 at 06:43 , Anonymous Sue said...

Well spotted! The baby's name says it all, but I hadn't noticed the husband's shirt. These people are pushing a deliberate pro-zionist agenda, which the brainwashed throngs don't even realize is anti-American, while billions of their tax dollars are being used to support Israel's war-mongering and human rights abuses against the Palestinians.

At 10 June 2015 at 09:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The republican conservatives are Hippocrates.

Most Americans should know by now that Republicans despise 'entitlements' that they errantly consider is anything Americans receive; even if it is theirs to begin with. They hate the idea of retired Americans receiving their Social Security and Medicare after paying into them their entire working lives, and they hate Americans working at slave-wage jobs receiving nutrition assistance because they earn too little to survive. What they do not hate, and indeed fight ferociously for, are taxpayer-funded entitlements that go to corporations in the form of tax loopholes and particularly entitlements for the oil industry in the form of subsidies.

According to the oil industry, the very idea of ending billions-of-dollars in taxpayer subsidies for the profitable industry is un-American; a position that Republicans embrace with religious passion. However, it is not just Republicans that believe the oil industry deserves to be paid for being a highly-profitable business; the world’s governments are handing outlandish amounts of the population’s money to the industry that is driving the Earth’s climate catastrophe.

More here:

At 10 June 2015 at 12:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So many good things have come out of the States. Off the top of my head Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Hicks (who was a member), Malcolm X, Kurt Vonnegut, Charlie Bukowski, Kesey, Oliver Hardy, Bud Schulberg, Bacharach and David, Hill Street Blues, Jimi Hendrix, Joseph Campbell, John Cage gotta keep the faith.

At 10 June 2015 at 12:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great book on the American psycho in Hollyweird is 'What makes Sammy Run?' by Schulberg.

At 10 June 2015 at 12:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The police need to investigate the Scorpion bass player and track down whose these people are.

At 10 June 2015 at 20:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well stated, Anon.

It's worth noting they, as you say, hate 'entitlements' that go to Americans. But they love entitlements that go to that foreign land of israel and to multi-national corporations that actively hide $$ offshore so as to not pay taxes in the US.

They claim Christianity yet are aroused by the thought of war. They claim to be pro-life yet are pro-death penalty and pro death of 'foreigners'.

They are also straight up racists.

Both parties serve the same master and serve to confuse the populace. But the disconnect from reality that Republicans live with and think nothing of truly is mind-boggling.


At 10 June 2015 at 22:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had an operation once. When I woke I was so much that they injected with a powerful painkiller. It didn't work, nothing, and I reckon if I had a gun I would have shot myself. Now it turns out that not only was the accused Pakistani man (a boy of 15) at the time of arrest, tortured, but so were his witnesses, who later retracted their statements. It's crazy isn't it, because everyone knows that people will say anything under torture to stop it. The statements prove nothing.

At 10 June 2015 at 22:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link didn't work.

Bilderberg Breaker Estulin: US builds 13 secret bases for war with Russia

At 10 June 2015 at 23:15 , Blogger Anon said...

Fixed. many thanks.

At 10 June 2015 at 23:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

URGENT: US-NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine

According to this report, the US is planning to take back Crimea, and then launch more US backed NGO’s into Russia to cause political unrest and tension there. Up until now the US war with Russia has been psychological, to soften us up for the real thing. This is how all wars are started.

The strategic significance of Ukraine today is that the crisis there threatens to become the trigger for the onset of a thermonuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States. Lyndon LaRouche warned on February 3 that as long as the US continues its current policy direction, the world is threatened with thermonuclear war in the coming month.

At 11 June 2015 at 19:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is not going to be any thermo nuclear war.
During the cold war (jews running both the USA and USSR)...the American govt was sending shiploads of cheap subsidized grain to....the USSR.
Also during this time there were constant reports in the media about "close calls" with the Russian airforce aircraft....those giant Russian "Bear" planes were forever being shown...menacing.
The Russian space shuttle is externally almost identical to the American version.The Buran never actually all accounts.
Co-operation is still ongoing in the space station.....'bout time it was boycotted...surely?"


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