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Larken Rose on "Wacky Conspiracy Theories"

Monday, 26 May 2014


According to 'the CIA's script', Elliot Rodger (above) was going to kill his little brother.

And, after he had 'annihilated every single girl in the sorority house' he would take to the streets of Isla Vista and slay every single person he saw there.

Elliot Rodger may not have killed anyone.

According to Vincenzo Vinciguerra, a top agent of the CIA's Operation Gladio, the CIA targeted innocent civilians.

In the 1980s, agents of the CIA burst into supermarkets in Belgium and slaughtered shoppers at random.

More recently CIA plots have been designed to make us scared of exploding underwear.

And scared that our little kids will be slaughtered while at school.

The CIA's 'Operation Fear' is officially called 'Operation Gladio'.

The CIA and its bloggers and trolls are playing upon people's dark sides - their FEAR, LUST, ENVY and ANGER.

Note how quickly these bloggers and trolls heaped abuse on Anders Breivik (the harmless patsy in Norway) and Ajmal Kasab (an innocent lad in Mumbai) and the Madeleine McCann parents (whose daughter was snatched by a pedophile ring).

Too many people want to blame the innocent patsies rather than the real perpetrators, the CIA and its friends.

The World of Mind Control. / vigilantcitizen.com

Elliot Rodger is linked to:

1. A pre-school called Dorset House, which has links to the military and child abuse. 

2. Hollywood, which has links to the CIA, the military and mind control.

Peter Rogers was assistant director of The Hunger Games.

Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.
Collins is from a military family.

3. Abdeslam Akaaboune, who has links to the security services. 


4. The University of California President, Janet Napolitano, who was boss of the Department of Homeland Security at the time of the Sandy Hook event.


The London government has been caught exaggerating the cost of Scottish independence by 650% according to a news story in the Sunday Herald.

Data on cost of Scots government 'misleading' - Financial Times

Californians for an Independent Scotland | Facebook


Aangirfan pageviews yesterday - 21,602

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 Blonde Elliot

In My Twisted World - The Story of Elliot Rodger, 'Elliot' wrote that he enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the English countryside

Elliot Rodger remembered happy English ...

'Elliot' wrote: "For preschool, I was enrolled at Dorset House."

Apparently, Dorset House has military connections.

Governors & Staff

Kevin Copestake, a former history and PE teacher, molested a boy at Dorset House School, West Sussex, in 2005.

Teacher Kevin Copestake jailed

 Blonde Elliot (Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger), born 1991.

When Elliot attended Topanga Elementary School he was blonde.

His hair later changed colour?

In Morocco, Elliot's stepmother Soumaya Akaaboune is seen above (right) next to Soumaya's father Abdeslam Akaaboune.

Morocco is a major base for the CIA.

Spooky Abdeslam Akaaboune is seen above with spooky members of the Rolling Stones.


Elliot's roommate David Wang

A psychologist, Dr Robi Ludwig, speaking on Fox News, said Elliot Rodger may have been "fighting against homosexual impulses" when he allegedly killed six people.


Lee Harvie Oswald, Mohamed Atta and many other such people all had DOUBLES.


What trickery was used in the Elliot Rodger affair?

How many people were in the black BMW?

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Elliot Rodger's step mother is Soumaya Akaaboune (above), who is Moroccan and who appears to have Jewish connections.

When the Voices Fade.

Soumaya Akaaboune is the daughter of Abdeslam Akaaboune who has links to the security services in the USA.

Around 1966, Abdeslam Akaaboune went to Texas "as part of his police/intelligence training."

"Known as Mr Tangier Abdeslam Akaaboune lived his life in a world of ... espionage."



The CIA likes to use actors in its psyops?

Elliot Rodger's brother Jazz Rodger

Now look at what appears to be Elliot putting on an act.

"He couldn't have bought a hooker?

"He made a video and it seems scripted, like he's a bad actor reading lines.." 

This is what the forehead looks like when someone is lying. 

Elliot in his video

Peter Lanza and his son. Some people believe that Peter Lanza had only one son, Adam, who then changed his name to Ryan. There have never been any photos of 'Adam' with 'Ryan'.

There was more than one shooter at Sandy Hook.

There was more than one shooter in the Norway Attacks, blamed on Anders Breivik.


The Hunger Games

Numbers are important to the CIA and its friends when they carry out Operation-Gladio-style killings.

"David Attias’ 2001 vehicular slaughter in Santa Barbara occurred on February 23, 2001.

"The official release date of the first Hunger Games film in the US was March 23, 2012.

"Elliot Rodger’s rampage in Santa Barbara took place on May 23, 2014."

Jon Rappoport

Presumably photoshopped?

The Elliot Rodger 'killings' have been carefully scripted by the 'Powers-That-Be'?


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Sunday, 25 May 2014


The purpose of Operation Gladio is to get the public to support the military.

In May 2014, there were elections for the European Parliament.

Most of those who were entitled to vote did not vote.

The turnout was 43.1%.

1. The party which performed best in the UK is the UK Independence party (UKIP) which belongs to the loony-right.

The purpose of Operation Gladio is to get the public to support the military.

UKIP is opposed to the National Health Service.

UKIP is fervently pro-Israel.

UKIP wants to increase the size of the military and is pro-Pentagon.

UKIP has a history of opposing the idea of Scotland having its own parliament.

UKIP has one MEP (Member of the European Parliament) in Scotland. He lives in London.

2. In France the right-wing National Front came top, gaining 25% of the vote.

The purpose of Operation Gladio is to get the public to support the military.

3. The Italians have NOT turned to the loony-right.

The party of centre-left PM Matteo Renzi came top in the elections.

4. The Germans have not turned to the loony-right.

Angela Merkel's party came top in the elections.

The purpose of Operation Gladio is to get the public to support the military.

5. The Greeks have not turned to the loony-right.

The far-left Syriza came top in Greece.

6. The Spaniards have not turned to the loony-right.

In Spain, the United Left made big gains.

The purpose of Operation Gladio is to get the public to support the military.

7. In the European parliament, the centre-right European People's group will have 60 seats fewer than before

The Freedom and Democracy group, which includes (UKIP), will have about the same number of seats as last time.

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Michael Adebolajo

Reportedly, MI5 helped Lee Rigby's 'killer', Michael Adebolajo, get out of a Kenyan jail.

Kenyan officials claim that MI5 insisted that Adebolajo be released.

The UK parliament's Home Affairs Committee learnt this during private meetings in Kenya.

Soldier Lee Rigby was 'killed' on a London street, in what appears to be a false flag operation.

It has been suggested that Adebolajo worked for MI5.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Elliot Rodger, above, reportedly killed 6 people near the University of California. 

Look a little deeper.

Elliot Rodger is the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. In this book, children are regularly selected to compete in a televised battle to the death. Collins is from a military family. The University of California President is Janet Napolitano who was boss of the Department of Homeland Security at the time of the Sandy Hook event. 


And what about Mohamed Atta?

Mohamed Atta learnt to fly at a Venice Florida flight school which has long been used by the CIA.

Atta worked for the CIA and its friends.

Cocaine, Florida and 9 11

Judith, who was kidnapped by a gang in Kenya, and her husband David who was murdered by the gang.

Judith Tebbutt was kidnapped by a gang while on holiday in Kenya in 2011.

A team from the UK police's Counter-Terrorism Command led by Detective Superintendent Neil Hibberd gathered evidence in Kenya.

Ali Kololo, an illiterate Kenyan woodcutter, was charged with the crime and is currently on death row.

Judith Tebbutt says she has never seen Ali Kololo before.

Ali Kololo

Judith Tebbutt said that until she was shown photos of Kololo after his arrest, she had never seen him before.

She told police she did not recognise him being present either when her husband was shot or when she was in captivity.



Kololo was said to be wearing shoes that matched footprints at the crime scene when he was arrested.

But the arresting officer told the court that Kololo was not wearing shoes at all - and he couldn’t fit into those that supposedly matched the prints as they were two sizes too small.

The shoes did not bear Kololo’s fingerprints. There are no photos of the footprints.


KASAB, the innocent patsy FRAMED BY THE ISRAELIS after the Mumbai attacks.

In other words, it looks like the British police are up to their old trick of framing an innocent man, in order to protect the terrorists who work for MI5?

And the Kenyan police no doubt work for MI5?

Kololo was reportedly tortured by the police.



'Samantha' - alleged mastermind of the mall attack in Kenya. 

Samantha Lewthwaite, who is believed to be an agent of MI5, reportedly married a former officer in the Kenyan navy.

This is according to a UK police file

The former naval officer is Abdi Wahid.

Kenya mall attacks: 'White Widow' linked to Nairobi terror massacre ...

This may be Wahid. 

In 2011, Wahid was arrested when police entered his house in Mombasa in Kenya.

Wahid was never charged with any offence, which suggests that he could be working for MI5 and its friends.

Abdi Wahid is currently in continental Europe.

Kenya mall attacks: 'White Widow' linked to Nairobi terror massacre ...

A newspaper reported that Samantha Lewthwaite had made 42 telephone calls to an address in Solihull in Birmingham in the UK.

Kenya mall attacks: 'White Widow' linked to Nairobi terror massacre ...

Anorak | Samantha Lewthwaite: the Atomic bomb, the shop in the ...

MI5 and MI6 knew of the plan to attack the Westgate shopping centre in Kenya.

They knew of the plan 4 years ago.

Reportedly, in 2006, Bilal Berjawi (Abu Omar) was allowed to travel from the UK to Somalia where he joined Al Shabaab, which is believed to be run by MI5/MI6.

Four years ago, Bilal Berjawi (Abu Omar), then a British citizen, was arrested in Kenya by Kenyan counter-terrorism officers.

Berjawi was accused by the Kenyans of plotting to blow up the Kenyan mall.

Kenyan Foreign Minister Confirms Mall Attack Was By Al-Qaeda ...

Berwaji of MI5/MI6?

Unfortunately, these Kenyan officers who were dealing with Berwaji "were working on instructions from MI5."

Berjawi was allowed to return to Britain.

Reportedly Berjawi returned to Somalia in 2009 and "he was suspected of crossing into Uganda in 2010 where he took part in the Al Shabaab attacks at two bars as fans watched the World Cup final. The blasts killed 74."

Berjawi is believed to have been one of the people who attacked the mall in Kenya in September 2013.

Kenyan Foreign Minister Confirms Mall Attack Was By Al-Qaeda .. /

Anonymous comments:

More elite soldiers who just happened to be around and randomly given weapons by two anonymous Asian men.
Another special forces soldier who just happened to be in the Kenyan mall to rescue the elite!

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Notton House School

Schoolboys from Notton House School, in Chippenham in the UK, have been allowed to mix with rapists and murderers in Erlestoke Prison, near Devizes.

Pupils sent to jail... by their school.

Wiltshire Police are organising the trips.

The teenage boys are ones with emotional and behavioural problems.

Notton House, in the Bristol area in the South west of England, is a Residential Special School for boys aged 9-19.

Brad Lane with Reggie Kray at Gartree prison. (Yorkshire Post)

Reggie Kray was a UK gangster and he was sexually attracted to young boys.

In 1969, he was jailed for murder.

Reggie Kray's prison file, seen by the Daily Mail, shows he spent hours writing to schoolchildren.

(The Goodfather: How Reggie Kray spent his later years )

Reggie Kray's twin brother was Ronnie Kray, who was also a gangster and lover of boys.

Gangster Ronnie Kray and top politician Lord Boothby in 1963. Lord Boothby was close to all the top people from Churchill to Tom Driberg. Reportedly, Ronnie once said to a boy: "You will go home with Lord Boothby. You will do exactly what Lord Boothby wants. Or I will hurt you" (De Personen Encyclopedie)

After he was jailed, Reggie was frequently visited in jail by a young boy he befriended called Brad Lane.

Brad Lane has since died in mysterious circumstances.

Brad Lane with Reggie Kray at Gartree prison. (Yorkshire Post)

According to this source - Archives - the Krays had links to a paedophile ring.

"What was involved was the systematic abuse of ten-to-twelve-year-old boys, one of whom subsequently became fairly well known as a singer.

"Another, rather less fortunate,wound up in six pieces in two suitcases...

"The paedophile ring in question had links to the Kray twins."

More information is found here -Archives

"The police uncovered a large-scale juvenile pimping operation centred on a house in a Suffolk village (Tattington) owned by Ronnie Kray.

(the twins had huge property interests in EastAnglia).

"Some of the boys were obtained via a close friend of (Benjamin) Britten's in London, who named him as one of the beneficiaries of the 'service': other'customers' included Lord Boothby (who frequently shared boys with Ronnie Kray himself) and the record producer Joe Meek.

"At least two other people died in the aftermath of Bernard's murder as the twins sealed up the leaks."

Brad Lane with Buster Edwards (Mail on Sunday...)

In April 2009, The Mail on Sunday and the Yorkshire post told us about Brad Lane.

Revealed: How Reggie Kray 'adopted' pen pal, 10, who was abandoned by his father / Obsessed Kray fan's collection on sale for £50000 - Yorkshire Post

1. Reggie Kray became friends with a boy called Brad Lane.

Reggie came to call Brad his 'adopted son'.

2. Almost every day, Brad wrote letters to Reggie while Reggie was a prisoner at Gartree Prison in Leicestershire.

3. This happened after Brad's father had left home.

4. Brad became Reggie Kray's most frequent visitor.

5. When Reggie was transferred to Lewes prison, in East Sussex, Brad travelled the 600 miles from his home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, to see him.

6. In 1991, Brad - then aged 12 - changed his name to Kray.

The 57-year-old Kray signed a legal document declaring Brad to be his adopted son.

7. Brad also visited Ronnie Kray, a paranoid schizophrenic, in Broadmoor mental hospital.

8. Brad died some years ago, while still very young.

9. The Krays were jailed for life for murder in 1969.

Ronnie died in 1995 and Reggie died in 2001.

The Kray Twins, Reggie and Ronnie

In 1997, the Independent reported (paedophiles in prison who recruit ...):

Juveniles as young as 15, who are being held in adult jails, may be being recruited into child-sex rings.

"Two boys who were being held on remand at Doncaster prison were allowed into contact with a convicted paedophile called Belcher.

"Since being moved to Wetherby prison, in West Yorkshire, the boys have been receiving letters from Belcher and have been sent money last month by another man described as 'a colleague of the paedophile'."

The Chief Inspector of Prisons, General Sir David Ramsbotham, "has told friends he was recently horrified to discover that a juvenile offender, who had been the victim of a paedophile, was being held in the same unit of Cardiff prison as the man who abused him.

Stephen Shaw, director of the Prison Reform Trust, said: "There is a danger that we will begin to see in prisons a mirror image of the corruption and abuse that has been found in care homes."

Neville Husband "I was told by Husband that you could easily be found hanged at Medomsley, and that that year, six boys had already hanged themselves."

In the UK, a pedophile ring was uncovered by police investigating the Medomsley detention centre.

The ring reportedly operated in the 1970s and 1980s.

Detective Superintendent Paul Goundry has said: "We always knew this would be a major inquiry but the scale of it, and the sheer number of victims who have come forward, has been a shocking...

"There is growing evidence to suggest there was an organised paedophile ring operating in Medomsley."

Neville Husband and Leslie Johnson who worked at the centre were imprisoned for abusing boys and have since died.

Husband was imprisoned for eight years in 2003 for sexually abusing young male inmates between 1977 and 1984.

Reportedly, Husband was part of a paedophile ring.

Martin Narey. Director General of the Prison Service of England and Wales between 1998 and 2003. Chief Executive Officer of the charity Barnardo's from 2005 to 2011. 

Kevin Young was taken into care at age two.

(The Guardian - The abuse of boys.)

In 1977, as a teenager, Kevin was sent to Medomsley detention centre in County Durham in the UK.

Neville Husband, who worked at Medomsley, repeatedly raped Kevin.

Kevin says: "I was raped repeatedly, tied up and ligatured (around the neck). It was the worst of the worst."

"I was told by Husband that you could easily be found hanged at Medomsley, and that that year, six boys had already hanged themselves."

"He was so sure of himself that he was able to take me out of the prison against my will and to his private house just outside the prison gates...

"Three or four others raped me as well...

"A rope was put round my neck and turned till I passed out."

Belgian soldiers

The prison service and the police all knew about Husband's interest in boys.

James Millar Reid was governor at Medomsley at the time when Kevin Young was abused.

In 2000, he was visited by detectives who were investigating Husband.

A few days after the visit, he went missing and his body was found in a wood in Stelling Minnis, near Canterbury.

Martin Narey (above) was the assistant governor at two places where Husband worked.

He went on to become boss of the notorious Barnardo's, the charity for vulnerable children.

More here: The abuse of teenage boys in a detention centre. (Ian Evans brought our attention to "THIS ONE")

Reportedly, many children are murdered in children's homes.

Often, top people are involved, reportedly.

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The Three Tall Buildings by Dalia Mae Lachlan

Dee McLachlan (Dalia Mae Lachlan) has written a children's book which refers to 9 11.

Dee McLachlan told news.com.au she believes 9 11 was a 'false flag operation' carried out by the authorities to create an enemy for the war machine.

This book will not be popular with CIA and its friends.

Kids' book a 9/11 shocker

Teach Your Children Well.

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Fidel Castro.

Apparently, Fidel Castro is gay, Jewish, very wealthy and an agent of the CIA.

According to Michel Lafon and Axel Gyldén in The Hidden Life Of Fidel Castro:

The tropical island of Caya Piedra is owned by Fidel Castro.

Castro visits the island in his luxury yacht.

Fidel and friend.

According to Castro's former bodyguard, Juan Reinaldo Sanchez, Castro lives a life of luxury, similar to the life of Louis XV at Versailles.

Castro owns 20 luxury homes.

Castro owns a fortress-like bunker.

Fidel and Elian

The CIA's Saddam Hussein used to send cases of fig jam to Castro.

Castro's lovers allegedly included an under-age nightclub dancer.

A professional lookalike, Silvino Alvarez, often stands in for Castro.

Read more: http://www.dailymail


Cuba had its 'revolution', but it was the CIA that put Castro into power.

Cuba did not really become 'free'.

Rafi Eitan, the Israeli spymaster, "is Castro's business partner and the largest land-owner (of stolen land) in Cuba. "Israel is ... one of the leading foreign investors in Cuba, with private Jewish businessmen involving themselves in everything from Cuban citrus exports to real-estate projects." interview by HaaretzHow Zionist Pirates Hijacked America. Castro is a Sephardic Jew.

What about the Bay of Pigs invasion?

It was made to fail.

What about Operation Northwoods?

It was vetoed.

The Cuban Missile Crisis may have been a psy-op.

"My assertion that the presence of Soviet strategic missiles and their nuclear warheads in Cuba in 1962 is yet to be proved, is not a speculative, unsubstantiated hypothesis, but an incontrovertible fact... 

"The Cuban missile crisis was just a small PSYOP - part of a larger PSYOP called the Cold War - whose purpose was to scare the American people into accepting the militarization of the American life."

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Fifty Years After 

"The CFR conspirators faced a serious problem: the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev revealed to the world his policy of peaceful coexistence..."

Hence the psy-op Cuban missile crisis.

"Castro’s attempts to spread the revolution to the rest of Latin America in the 1960s, were unequivocal failures."

Fidel Castro' s sister Juanita was a CIA agent - The Guardian

"There is plenty of circumstantial evidence, and at least one eyewitness, indicating that the real masters of the CIA recruited Fidel Castro through its newly created intelligence agency in early 1948 and was sent to Bogota, Colombia as agent provocateur on an important mission..."

The following is from: Fidel Castro Supermole

"In 1961 the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee issued a study entitled 'Communist Threat to the U.S. Through the Caribbean.'

"The study features the testimonies of some senior U.S. government officers who firmly believe that Castro could not have been brought to power in Cuba without the continued assistance of the U.S. State Department.

Castro was educated at the privately funded, Jesuit-run Dolores School in Santiago.[24][25][26] In 1945 he transferred to the more prestigious Jesuit-run El Colegio de Belén in Havana.[1][27] Castro is a Billionaire According to FORBES MAGAZINE. As a young man Fidel actually joined the Partido Ortodoxo, an anti-communist political party. Splendor Amid Poverty

"The subject came up again in the course of a press conference held by President Kennedy on January 24, 1962.

"President Kennedy was asked about the security risks involving State Department employee William A. Wieland, who had helped Castro come to power according to three American ex-ambassadors in testimony before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee...

"The impetuous fashion in which President Kennedy denied that Wieland was a security risk was, in Soviet eyes, further evidence that he was not what he seemed to be...

"There is also good reason to believe that, during his fight against Batista, Castro received support from Wieland when Wieland was the head of the Caribbean Desk in the U.S. State Department.

"Something that attracted the attention of the Soviets was the American haste to recognize Castro's government after Batista's escape on January 1, 1959.

"This haste was not only surprising to the Soviets, but also to some American diplomats...

"In January 7, 1979, just six days after former President Batista fled from Cuba and one day before Fidel Castro arrived in Havana, the U.S. officially recognized the Castro government...

"In his well read column Drew Pearson revealed, on May 23, 1961, that persistent rumors in the diplomatic corps indicated that the CIA had been helping to put Castro in power for years.

"The rumors had further stated that the CIA agents, in their efforts to get rid of President Batista, had supplied arms and ammunitions to Castro during his guerrilla war in the mountains...

"When he was in the Sierra Maestra fighting Batista's troops, Castro received some weapons delivered by the International Armaments Corporation, the company that sent weapons to Guatemala, under the CIA's orders, to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz's government, and also because the Company was organized by Samuel Cummings, a former CIA operative...

"Also, there is evidence, that between October 1957 and the middle of 1958, the CIA gave no less than fifty thousand dollars to Castro's men in Santiago de Cuba.

"On February 24, 1957, the New York Times published the first of a series of three articles written by its correspondent Herbert L. Matthews, who had interviewed Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra mountains in eastern Cuba.

"He depicted Castro as a liberal and a folk hero-a Latin American Robin Hood crusading against evil.

"Matthews' articles gave Fidel instant international publicity.

"One of Fidel's closest followers, Armando Hart, commenting about the coverage and the high impact of Matthews articles, told Mario Llerena, the M-26-7 public relations man in the U.S., that both Matthews and the New York Times could be considered practically in their pockets.

"Knowing of the connections between the CIA and the New York Times, the Soviet intelligence analysts were understandably uneasy...

At first we thought Erdogan was one of the good guys. We were wrong.

"On February 4, 1958, Look published an extensive interview with Castro.

"On February 25, 1958, the Times continued giving coverage to Castro and published an interview with the Cuban leader conducted by its correspondent Homer Bigart...

Santiago de Cuba
Cuba. By palomonte "Cubans today have a pretty low per capita income compared with other Latin American nations. They have fewer television sets, telephones, computers and cars relative to their population than most Latin American countries, and the lowest percentage of people with access to the Internet in the region, even below Haiti. And while Cuba does well in literacy and infant mortality indicators, it does lousy in others. Cuba has one of the highest suicide rates in the Americas." After 50 years, Cuba has little to show.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2008/12/12/810847/after-50-years-cuba-has-little.html#storylink=cp
"CBS broadcasted a special program by Taber and Hoffman entitledThe Story of Cuba's Jungle Fighters...

"As 1958 advanced ... in the United States both the government and the press were becoming more and more favorably disposed towards Fidel Castro and his men.

"Thanks mainly to the selling of Fidel Castro by the American media, people all over the world were being conditioned to see Fidel's guerrillas of the Sierra Maestra as legendary liberators of an oppressed people...

"Thus, Castro's road to power was conveniently paved by the American government and media...

Nasser - CIA asset.

"U. S. Ambassador Smith commented that, during his mission in Havana, the pro-Castro leanings of the CIA station chief at the embassy was so evident...

"Testifying before the Senate Internal Security Committee on August 30, 1960, Smith affirmed that the chief of the CIA section in the American Embassy in Havana was pro-Castro, and that the number 2 CIA man in the embassy encouraged a revolt of Cuban navy officers against Batista in September, 1957.

"Ambassador Smith went further and accused the United States government, i.e. certain members of the Congress, the CIA, the State Department, as well as some segments of the press, of being directly responsible for Castro coming to power. 'Castro never won a military victory,' declared Smith...

Ayatollah Khomeini - asset of MI6 and the CIA

"In October, 1957, one of three young American navy men who had joined Fidel that summer, was designated to go back to the U.S. in a propaganda mission on Castro's behalf.

"The American entered the U.S. through the U.S. naval base at Guantánamo, with the full approval of American authorities, and received considerable publicity in the U.S. media.

"During his visit to the United States in April, 1959, Fidel received a lot of coverage in the American media.

"What the media barely mentioned, however, was that Castro visited the headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, where he spoke on Cuba and the United States.

"Nor did the media cover Castro's meeting of over an hour with a friendly, persuasive, and fluently Spanish-speaking representative of the CIA...

Noriega - CIA asset.

"One thing that seemed very suspicious to Soviet intelligence were the sudden American efforts to prove that Castro was a Communist.

"The Americans, who before Castro took power denied he was a Communist, now had changed their minds...

"According to the information the KGB had gathered, Fidel Castro never joined the Cuban communist party, nor any of the Communist front organizations. He was not a crypto-Communist, nor was he ever recruited by the Soviet intelligence services...

Castro's work for the CIA : Fidel Castro Supermole


In recent times, only Hitler and Castro have put homosexuals into concentration camps.

Both Hitler and Castro surrounded themselves with gay people.

Hitler had sex with boys.

Both Hitler and Castro have Jewish origins.

Gay? Of Course! - By Servando Gonzalez 

"In recent times, only two countries in the world have ... interned homosexuals in concentration camps: Nazi Germany and Castro's Cuba... 

"Ernst Roehm, Rudolf Hess, Reinhard Heydrich, and even Hitler’s driver, Emil Maurice, were well-known homosexuals... 

"Castro’s close friend Alfredo Guevara (no relation to Che) and his brother Raúl, just to mention two of the most notorious ones, are well-known homosexuals."

(Lothar Machtan, Hitler's Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator. Eleonora Bruzal and Luis José Uzcátegui, Los hombres que erotizó Fidel. According to Machtan, Hitler allowed the persecution of gays in order to disguise his own true colors. This could be easily applied to Castro. Obama Gay? Of Course!)

Both in Germany, and in Cuba, some of these top gay people "played a key role in sending other homosexuals to concentration camps."

"Obviously, both in Cuba and Germany there were two different types of homosexuals." 

Butch Nazi types. "The two macho thugs who killed the effeminate homosexual Matthew Shepard were actually gays." Paglia, Camille

"While the Castro government was harassing and torturing homosexuals... many American gays joined the Venceremos Brigade and traveled to Cuba, allegedly to work in the sugar crop but actually to give support to the Castro regime. 

"American gays, who are essentially anti-homosexual, had no objections to the harassment and torturing of homosexuals in Castro’s concentration camps...

"San Francisco gays of the pro-Castro organization 'Queers for Cuba,' boycotted in San Francisco Bay Area theaters the film Before the Night Falls, based on the autobiography of Cuban writer and homosexual Reinaldo Arenas. 

"Arenas was one of the thousands of homosexuals persecuted in Cuba by the Castroist gays and interned in a concentration camp, who escaped the Island during the Mariel boatlift of 1980.

"It is also easy to understand why when the more than twenty thousand homosexuals who had escaped from the harassment and persecution in Castro’s gay paradise arrived in the U.S., the American gay organizations turned their backs on them...

"The gay-friendly Latin American Studies Association (LASA), recently received Mariela Castro, the daughter of gay Raúl Castro, the main instigator of the persecution of homosexuals in Cuba, as a hero during its International Congress in San Francisco last May... 

Rafi Eitan "Rafi Eitan, the Israeli cabinet member and spymaster who ran the Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, is Castro's business partner and the largest land-owner (of stolen land) in Cuba." - How Zionist Pirates Hijacked America. Israel is "becoming one of the leading foreign investors in Cuba, with private Jewish businessmen involving themselves in everything from Cuban citrus exports to real-estate projects." material from 2001

"The trick is not an original one. Gay leaders got it from the Jewish Zionist movement. 

"Zionists cleverly disguised their political movement as an ethnic one. 

"Despite the fact that not all Jews are Zionists, nor all Zionists are Jews, any criticism of the Zionist government of Israel, particularly by a non-Jew, immediately brings on you the accusation of being 'anti-Semite'..." 

How has the gay movement become so powerful in the USA?

"Because the gay movement leaders opportunistically became fellow travelers to the New World Order conspirators... 

"The tacit collaboration between the gay movement leaders and the CFR conspirators is evidenced by the extraordinary support the gay movement receives from the CFR-controlled mainstream media and non-profit foundations...

"Gay France, the magazine of the neo-Nazi pedophile Michael Caignet whose pastor Doucé managed the subscriptions." 

"The love and admiration some core gays feel for the Nazis is evidenced in the 'gay pride' parades in San Francisco and other cities. 

"Those black leather-clad gays sporting Nazi paraphernalia while openly mimicking all types of sadistic activities are a clear sign of their Nazi persuasion. 

"Moreover, the CFR-controlled presstitutes have hidden the fact that most members of neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. are actually butch, macho gays...

"The American gay movement paints itself as liberal, progressive and socially conscious. 

"Actually, however, it is a secret tool of the Council on Foreign Relations, probably the most reactionary organization in America, where oil magnates, Wall Street bankers and CEOs of transnational corporations conspire to bring about the communo-fascist society they euphemistically call the New World Order... 

"You don’t see any rainbow flags among Bilderberg meetings protesters..."

MUCH MORE HERE: Gay? Of Course!


FIDEL CASTRO OF THE CIA killed Chavez, according to one conspiracy theory.

According to Cuban born American writer Servando Gonzalez:

"Researchers at the Ochsner cancer clinic in New Orleans ... developed, under CIA auspices, injectable, rapidly-developing cancer cells that can be used as bioweapons to kill people...

"The CIA shared the technology with some of their friends, among them their secret agent Fidel Castro,who has used it over and over on unsuspecting victims."

Cuban writer in exile Carlos Alberto Montaner says that, 19 years ago, a young Cuban biologist, 'David'. asked for political asylum in Spain.

Hugo Chavez: Another Victim of Castro

David told Montaner that in Bulgaria he had been trained in the use of a technology which could be used to induce cancer in people Castro wished to destroy. 

"The simplest way was to plant a radioactive isotope in the chair, in which the target regularly sits, or in an often-worn jacket, or in a sofa cushion or a mattress, or even in an automobile seat. 

"After a few months, there was a great likelihood that a cancerous growth would develop with fatal results."

Caracas. By angelrravelor

Montaner recalled some Castro allies and adversaries who died in unusual circumstances, among them: 

Manuel Artime, political chief of the Bay of Pigs invaders, who died in exile at age 38 with his lungs mysteriously destroyed... 

Beatriz and Laura Allende (daughter and sister of Chile’s Salvador Allende), who allegedly committed suicide in Cuba... 

Castro’s ex-Interior Minister and fellow drug smuggler General José Abrahantes, who reportedly died of a heart attack in a Cuban jail...

Hilda Guevara, Che’s only daughter with his first wife Hilda Gadea, became a headache for Castro, and suddenly died of cancer at the age of thirty-nine.

Laura Pollan, a member of the dissident group 'women in white,' received brutal blows from the thugs of the Castro political police, then suddenly come down with some mysterious illness that ended up killing her within a week. 

Niños en Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.
Venezuela. By Rafael Dorantes

"As Chavez mentioned, some of the Latin American leaders who have recently been diagnosed with cancer are Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, Paraguay's Fernando and former Brazilian president Lula da Silva.

"What Chavez did not mention, however, is that, like himself, all of them have visited Cuba."

Fidel Castro "recruits gullible fools under the false flag of fighting American imperialism", and "uses them as proxies to do his dirty job on behalf of his CFR masters...

"One the most useful fools Castro has ever recruited is Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

"In 2000, with the secret help of Castro and the CIA, he managed to grab power in Venezuela... 

"On November 24, 2004, State Department Deputy Spokesman Adam Ereli pointed out, citing a 2002 report of the Office of Inspector General on U.S. policy toward Venezuela in the run-up to the coup, that the U.S. Government had alerted the Government of Venezuela of possible coup attempts, and a credible assassination threat...

"Despite all Castro’s apparently anti-American activities, the U.S. hegemony in the region climbed to an all-time high between the 1980s and the mid-1990s...

Warao Family, Rio Orinoco, Venezuela
Venezuela. By Matt Hamm

"A large portion of the nationalist Latin American ruling class fear the growing economic penetration and political influence of Wall Street and American transnational corporations in their countries, and were reluctant to accept the new free trade agreements with the U.S....

"But they were intimidated by Castro-Chavism’s ability to mobilize anti-government violence and by Chavez’ use of oil as a blackmail tool... 

"The CFR conspirators have been using to their advantage the fear of Castro-Chavism as a strong factor to force the Latin American leaders they have not been able to buy or coerce into accepting disastrous policies like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), and the coming the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), as the lesser of two evils.


"The Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) are just previous steps towards the creation, first of the North American Union. 

"It will comprise Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, and later of the American Union, which will extend from Alaska to Patagonia. 

"The American Union, under the total control of the Wall Street bankers and oil magnates through their international financial organizations - and, if necessary, with the help of the U.S. military - will bring the destruction of the economies of the Latin America countries, the extinction of the middle classes, the enrichment of a few and the impoverishing of workers and farmers . . . exactly as Castro has done in the Cuba.

"It seems that, despite that Chavez has played his role to perfection, the CFR conspirators who put him in power in Venezuela don’t need him anymore. Therefore, they have decided to throw him under the bus, and Castro specializes in doing the dirty work for the conspirators."

Hugo Chavez: Another Victim of Castro


For the whole story about how the CIA recruited Castro in early 1948 and how the CFR conspirators have been using him since as a secret agent provocateur, see my Psychological Warfare and the New World Order.

Jonathan T. Stride, “Castro Said to the Using Cancer Instigating Weapons of Warfare,”The Yara News, December 30, 1997, http://www2.fiu.edu/~fcf/cancercastro123097.html


Steven F. Hayward, “The Carter-Chavez Connection,” Front Page Magazine, August 26, 2004,

Carlos Alberto Montaner, “Lo que el golpe unió lo desunirá la muerte,” El Nuevo Herald, April 23, 2006.

Luli Fernandez

Servando Gonzalez 

Is a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst. He has written books, essays and articles on Latin American history, intelligence, espionage, and semiotics. Servando is the author of Historia herética de la revolución fidelista, The Secret Fidel Castro, The Nuclear Deception and La madre de todas las conspiraciones, all available at Amazon.com.

He also hosted the documentaries Treason in America: The Council on Foreign Relations andPartners in Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection, produced by Xzault Media Group of San Leandro, California, both available at the author's site at http://www.servandogonzalez.org.

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