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 Blonde Elliot

In My Twisted World - The Story of Elliot Rodger, 'Elliot' wrote that he enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the English countryside

Elliot Rodger remembered happy English ...

'Elliot' wrote: "For preschool, I was enrolled at Dorset House."

Apparently, Dorset House has military connections.

Governors & Staff

Kevin Copestake, a former history and PE teacher, molested a boy at Dorset House School, West Sussex, in 2005.

Teacher Kevin Copestake jailed

 Blonde Elliot (Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger), born 1991.

When Elliot attended Topanga Elementary School he was blonde.

His hair later changed colour?

In Morocco, Elliot's stepmother Soumaya Akaaboune is seen above (right) next to Soumaya's father Abdeslam Akaaboune.

Morocco is a major base for the CIA.

Spooky Abdeslam Akaaboune is seen above with spooky members of the Rolling Stones.


Elliot's roommate David Wang

A psychologist, Dr Robi Ludwig, speaking on Fox News, said Elliot Rodger may have been "fighting against homosexual impulses" when he allegedly killed six people.

Lee Harvie Oswald, Mohamed Atta and many other such people all had DOUBLES.


What trickery was used in the Elliot Rodger affair?

How many people were in the black BMW?

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At 26 May 2014 at 17:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ed Speleers

Date Of Birth

April 7, 1988


Born on April 7, 1988 in West Sussex, England, Ed Speleers is a British actor known for his title role in the film Eragon in 2006. He started performing at an early age. ****He went to Dorset House School in Bury when he was 7. This is where he performed his first stage production Peter Pan.**** He attended secondary school at Eastbourne College, where he received a scholarship He took on more serious roles on stage, such as John Proctor in The Crucible, Street Car Named Desire, Richard the 3rd and Hamlet. It was also about this time that he had his fist experience in front of the camera in a short film called Metropolis. Someone who saw his performance in The Crucible, Pippa Hall, was the casting director for Narnia. Hall encouraged him to try out for the part of Peter.

The role was down to two boys and eventually went to William Peter Moseley. ****A year before his leading role in Eragon, Ed Speleers and a friend experimented with writing their own script which they performed in front of the school. It was a controversial piece called Retribution that dealt with issues such as sexual abuse and pedophilia.**** Another casting directed urged him to try out for a movie called Behind the Mask, for the role of a young Hannibal Lector who entertains ideas of cannibalism after watching Russian soldiers eat his sister by the roadside. He lost out to a French actor named Gaspard Ulliel.

At 26 May 2014 at 20:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

winston nchurchill had 4 doubles, the real winston spent most of the war drunk at vange hall in essex, the winston who wwas in london and went to see bomb sites etc, was not the real one which is why all photographers were not allowed up close

At 26 May 2014 at 21:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Monday, October 22, 2012

A Mystical Discovery in Tangier: On a Recent Visit to Morocco, I Discovered the Poetic and Provocative New Photography of Tangier by French Artist Jean-Pierre Loubat

Tangier was for centuries on all the trade routes east and west and north and south, and at the crossroads of Greek and Roman and Carthaginian civilizations and exploration. At various points under the rule of Spain and France. It’s highly strategic, with CIA and other listening posts watching every movement of ships through the straits.

Today it is a town with a legacy of shady history to add to its allure. Best of all, for me, there are the intact citadels, the Casbah, wonderfully gregarious people, the decades of British eccentrics with great style, and danger seekers and literary wrecks and geniuses.
Conversely, there’s the rough-and-tumble history of the Tangier of the Beats, and renegade writers like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg and other thrill-adventurers, and danger seekers like Paul Bowles and Truman Capote and Aaron Copeland and the Rolling Stones, and my artist friend Ira Yeager (you’ve seen my feature on him), as well as Tennessee Williams and William S. Burroughs and, surprisingly Barbara Hutton (whose house in the Medina I saw one evening.)
I went chasing Paul Bowles, and set forth with my driver, Hassan, looking for Matisse and Delacroix’s hotel (found it in the Petit Socco). My friend Vincent Coppee, who just opened a fantastic restaurant/café, club in the Casbah, told me I just missed Mick Jagger.
Paul Bowles, is of course the great chronicler of Morocco, north Africa, and Tangier. In his writings, ‘The Sheltering Sky’, and ‘Their Heads are Green and their Hands are Blue’ and his poetry and novels and photography, he documented his life as an exile in Morocco. Bowles lived in Tangier on and off for five decades and I was shown one of his dwellings, in the Medina of Tangier. (He had several.)
“If I said than Tangier struck me as a dream city, I should mean that in the strict sense. Its topography was rich in protypical dream scenes: covered streets like corridors with doors opening into rooms on each side, hidden terraces high above the sea, streets consisting only of steps, dark impasses, small squares built on sloping terrain so that they looked like ballet sets designed in false perspective, with alleys leading of in several directions. As well, there were the classical dream equipment of tunnels, ramparts, ruins, dungeons and cliffs. The climate was both violent and languorous.”

At 26 May 2014 at 22:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
The OMG Chronicles: One Man's Quest to Discover what God Means to People All ...
By Peter Rodger

[Page 151]
That night my mother-in-law, Khadija, cooked a delicious dinner, and we sat upstairs in what I call the "room with a view," because it has arched windows that look out across the rooftops of Tangier toward the port in the distance...

As usual, the doorbell soon began to rang, and people came and went. A famous French singer appeared, sand an aria, and left. She was followed by a flutist who kicked himself for not arriving earlier, missing a chance to play with a diva. The flutist had arrived at the same time as a moody artist who said not a word, but sat in the corner and glowered at everyone. I tried to make conversation with him, but all I got was a grunt. I never did find out his name. A british aristocrat popped in to ask for Abdesalam's advice on a property he was about to buy, followed by some hilarious guys in a Moroccan rock band, who grabbed guitars and soon had the Brit performing the cha-cha backward to an upbeat version of "Auld Lang Syne." It was nice to be home.

Our adventure started early the next morning in torrential rain. If there was one thing I had learned about my father-in-law, it was that when in his presence the best thing to do is just go with the flow. We had an appointment that afternoon with Andre Azoulay, who was le Conseiller de Sa Majeste le Roi, one of King Mohammed VI of Morocco's most important advisors. It was especially interesting for the film, because the country is Muslim, and, as previously mentioned, Andre Azoulay is Jewish.

At 26 May 2014 at 22:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
The OMG Chronicles: One Man's Quest to Discover what God Means to People All ...
By Peter Rodger

[Page 154]
Andre Azoulay was wonderful. He welcomed us into his office, offered us tea, and accepted us for who we were. My father-in-law despite his eccentricities, was a very well-respected member of the Moroccan community, and he and Mr. Azoulay chatted about old times.
"God makes me a free man. I feel very rich in the way I was educated as a Jewish person in a small town in the south of Morocco, but more than anything else, I consider my religion as the best way to be an individual who is able to take care of his neighbor."

"Is Judaism a race of religion?"

"It's more than a race. It's more than a religion; it's a philosophy..."
"The foundation of the Moroccan people was Jewish. After that came the Berbers, and after that the Arab and Muslim people, so Morocco is a mixture of those three civilizations.

At 26 May 2014 at 22:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
The OMG Chronicles: One Man's Quest to Discover what God Means to People All ...
By Peter Rodger

[Page 19]
The next day we ran into a stroke of luck. We found Bernie and Charlie Stokes - the husband-and-wife owners of the Panhandle Gunslingers gun shop. Charlie was a trip - she was five feet nothing, with straight hair and a smoker's laugh.

I shot her (excuse the pun) in front of a rack of more than a hundred semiautomatic weapons. A devout nondenominational born-again Christian, she told me that God was her protector, her everything, her provider, her best friend. God was everything and the reason for being. When I started questioning her on the correlation between God and arms, she became quite animated.

"The only time God's people have been disarmed was when they were in direct rebellion against God, so you can see that I'm not in real rebellion, because I have lots of arms." She chuckled with a throaty, emphysemic wheeze that just seemed to keep on coming, bubbling out of her lungs.
"Now getting back to your business and selling guns - guns were made originally to kill people. They are weapons -"

"May I correct you just for a moment?" Charlie interrupted me with a big sheepish grin.
"Guns are not weapons. Weapons are anything that's used for offense or defense, which can be a screwdriver, can be a knife - ... they're... tools...

[BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Look at the Christian Rednecks talk about mean, old guns. Aren't they silly? EWWW! GUNS!!! blahblahblah ha! ha! ha! I think I'll write more unbiased, fairminded script about these born-againers. I'm so metro. Can't wait to get back to the Kasbah, with my spy friends. They don't have redneck semi-autos. They like bombs.]

"...Criminals steal guns. I would say that probably 98 percent of the people that walk in here to buy a gun for personal defense or sport."

I decided not to ask her about the other 2 percent.
[They were raised by people like you. Elliot Rodger stand-in killed 50% of his victims with a knife.]

At 26 May 2014 at 22:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heroin-addicted murderer William S. Burroughs wrote semi autobiographical stories depicting his drug addiction, his homosexuality, his international travel, his murder of his wife, and
his work in the CIA as an 'exterminator'.
He was an occultist member of the OTO,
and wrote stories about cannibalism, homosexuality, and assassination.

As a younger man he once lived at a child brothel in Tangiers (enforcer?) which
prostituted local boys to visiting male tourists.

As you watch this, bear in mind that everything that Burroughs wrote was semi-autobiographical,
as he is famous for his advice to aspiring writers: "Write what you know."

Check out Burroughs description of being recruited and trained as an assassin, and his proud
display of a portion of his cache of weapons and assassination tools.

Burroughs was born to a wealthy family with connections to the Rockefellers, and sent to a masonic training camp/boarding school as a youth called 'Ranch School' at Los Allamos. He used his family connections to evade war service in the infantry, and left the army to become an 'exterminator', and a heroin dealer, eventually posted overseas in Tangiers and various other foreign locales including Mexico and South America.

William Burroughs: CIA killer

At 27 May 2014 at 00:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


January 16, 2011 posted by Veterans Today

Is Tunisia a Zionist coup to take full control of the oil, gas of Algeria, Libya : An insight view

Is Tunisia the first victim of the Israeli Public Relation Wikileaks?

Editor’s note: Tunisia may be the first nation to be overthrown with Wikileaks playing an active part, this time in support of Israel, the CIA and a group claiming to be Al Qaeda.

By Abu Suleyman for Veterans Today

All the fingerprints point to Israel’s apparatus in Washington and Zionist networks in North Africa.

In 2000, President Ben Ali, believed to be protected by Israeli Mossad and French security services (French Zionist Networks in North Africa), broke all diplomatic ties with Israel after the second intifada.

In 2009 – Tunisia signed a big economic and technical cooperation pact with China

November 2010 – A cable from the US embassy in Tunis released by ‘wikileaks’ (describes Tunisia’s President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s family entourage as a “quasi Mafia” because of its “organized corruption”.

17 December – Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old university graduate, reportedly set himself alight in the central Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid in a protest over unemployment.
He reportedly died on January 5 from burns.
In Islam, suicide is considered a sin. It is forbidden.
There have been rumours that Mohamed Bouazizi is still alive

24 December 2010 – an important Washington think tank (Institute for Policy Studies) had an article about a possible change of regime in Tunisia

7 January 2011 – the Council on Foreign Relations’s Elliott Abrams seems to suggest that the fall of Ben Ali would be a good thing.

8-10 January – More people die in three days of rioting. Mysterious rooftop snipers are at work.

13 January – The army withdraws from Tunis, which remains occupied by special forces.

The leaders of the North African branch of Al-Qaeda/CIA call for the overthrow of Ben Ali.

14 January – Ben Ali leaves the country.
Think of the NATO/CIA’s Operation Gladio

Origins of the Zionist Networks in North Africa

The North African countries are ruled by military and police and are true dictatorship. The rulers were put in power by the French, and more specifically, the Arab Jewish administration ruling North Africa for France through the 1870 Decret Cremieux, which allowed the local Jewish population to take the French citizenship and to administrate the countries.

1.AS says:

January 17, 2011 at 11:58 am

Morocco king Mohamed V was a moroccan sefard free mason zionist…. nowadays, the real ruler of Morocco is s Andre Azoulay… a french racist zionist jew … similar in all points to Ben Ali… the son of Hassan 2 expressed many times his wish to leave ethe kingdom but frenc hzionist are keeping him… Morocco a beautiful cuntry will come back to hiss original rulers, his people like all north Africa

At 27 May 2014 at 00:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

André Azoulay (born 17 April 1941) is a senior adviser to King Mohammed VI of Morocco.[1] He previously advised Mohammed's father, King Hassan II. He currently presides over the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures, based in Alexandria, Egypt. He is also President of the Executive Committee of the Foundation for the Three Cultures and the Three Religions, based in Seville, Spain, a founding member of the C-100 Davos Forum for the Dialogue of Civilisations and religions, and was formerly Executive Vice-President of the BNP Paribas, Paris.

In 1966 he left Morocco to start a new life in Paris, hence becoming one of the hundreds of thousands of Moroccan Jews who emigrated from Morocco to North America, Europe or Israel.

In the fall of 1976, André Azoulay took the lead in Paris in organizing Moroccan Jewish friends into a group that became known as "Identity and Dialogue," based upon the Sephardic Jewish history and culture that flourished in Morocco throughout the 500 years that have passed since the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain. 'This Sephardic culture has, for a very long time, been neglected, unknown, and ill-known, and also often ill-treated in the Jewish world and in Israel itself, where it has long been considered as a kind of second-rate culture', Azoulay explains

As a widely recognized professional in the fields of communication and public relations, Azoulay was ready for the job. Before leaving Morocco, he had worked as editor of the daily newspaper Maroc-Informations. Later, in Paris, he headed the public relations department of the Paribas International Bank

At 27 May 2014 at 03:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read his manifesto, he says he dyed his hair blonde to fit in with the cool kids. Apparently it worked for a couple of days.


At 28 May 2014 at 06:15 , Blogger Unknown said...

It's not unheard of for children's hair color to change as they grow up. Photos/home movies of my older brother show that he had blonde (maybe dirty blonde, but still what could reasonably described as blonde) hair when he was young, maybe through the age of 5 (I don't remember exactly since I haven't looked at this stuff for ages). Eventually he had dark brown hair. It can happen naturally.

I am just commenting on that one point, I am not familiar with the particular case.

At 3 November 2018 at 20:56 , Blogger urban said...

impossible also hair is dirty blond that turns black his aka hers was jet black look into Soumaya's family it was a SHE pretending and acting as "Rodger" and was escorted back to Morocco after the jewish psyop was over NO BLOOD OR BRAIN MATTER IN THE CAR case closed btw the roads were blocked off before the official timeline of the hoaxed event


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