Tuesday 9 January 2024

Is Draper really dead?


Unknown commented-

‘It was terrible when Jim from Neighbours died’


"Is Draper really dead? ...

"The world stage is absolutely festooned with people who don't explicitly confirm that they are actors - reading from scripts and playing parts - but a little digging quickly confirms that's exactly what they are.

"Donald Trump? Actor (multiple film credits and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame)

"Justin Trudeau? Actor (former drama teacher and prepped for future fame alongside Matthew Perry)

"Piers Morgan? Actor (plays shrieking talking heads in disaster movies with top Hollywood stars)"


At 9 January 2024 at 23:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fox, Actor
Schwarzenegger, Actor
Reagan, Actor
Eastwood, Actor
Zelensky, Actor

Agreed with every single word (apart from), "he might actually be dead".

Nah, back to original point made a few days ago, beers with Maxwell, Epstein and Abu Hamza.


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