Friday 21 June 2024


Top Israelis are repressed?

'Same-sex sexual behaviour in mammals is widely observed but seldom published.'

Moses and his Old Testament wanted only heterosexual behaviour.

Animal homosexual behaviour under-reported by scientists ...

'George Murray Levick, an explorer with the Scott Antarctic expedition, spent the summer of 1911-12 taking detailed notes on the breeding cycle of AdĂ©lie penguins. 

'Male penguins, he was surprised to discover, frequently had sex with other males, but this fact was deemed too shocking for inclusion in the official expedition report and it was another 50 years before it was noted in the scientific literature.'

In black swans, male-male couples
frequently court each other, 'steal' eggs,
raise chicks together and are more
successful in ensuring these chicks’
survival than heterosexual swan pairs.

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Thursday 20 June 2024

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting -

Anonymous said...

Actor Donald Sutherland has passed away at age 88

Maybe the most beautiful role Sutherland played, was the dissident scientist father hounded by the government, in the haunting Kate Bush music video 'Cloudbusting' -

Kate playing his beloved daughter who turns on the rain-making machine as the government agents drive her father away

Cloudbusting - Kate Bush, 7 minutes

Fired For Exposing Trudeau's Corruption on YouTube

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