Wednesday 21 February 2024

Totally corrupted with Zionism


@UKLabour totally corrupted with Zionism and now the House of Commons. Zionism is being embedded in every institution in the country. We’ll be goose stepping soon.

Nicholas Watt, Political Editor BBC Newsnight

Senior Labour figures tell me @CommonsSpeaker was left in no doubt that Labour would bring him down after the general election unless he called Labour’s Gaza amendment



At 21 February 2024 at 23:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Labour are reduced to politicising the role of Speaker, traditionally an overseer and arbiter of what little courtesy purports to exist in the HOC. He is not their employee, any more than he is the employee of Rishi Sunak. I hope Starmer is brought to his knees by concerted campaigns exposing him as a treasonous traitor solely interested in serving Israel and the USA.

At 23 February 2024 at 01:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why pick on Starmer? All the rest of the garbage that operates in the HOC are no different.

The only place on earth a functioning democracy exists is inside the collective minds of men. In the real world, please offer any evidence you like that government the world over isn't ZOG.

I won't hold my breath.


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