Wednesday 21 February 2024

'Switzerland operates a peaceful foreign policy.'

A Swiss giant.

DANIEL G. JENNINGS: ‘Why, unlike other Western countries, Switzerland operates a peaceful foreign policy.

And its different ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious groups stay together

“ … [The] sources of Switzerland’s high level of freedom are its unique political structure and system of government.

“In particular, Switzerland has NO head of government.

“[A] Federal Council … resembles the British Cabinet, but there is NO prime minister. Thus … NO head of government …

“Instead … Switzerland’s executive authority [is split] into three parts:


“[The highest executive authority, the Federal Council consists of 7 members representing the country's major political parties and language regions. The 7 members of the Federal Council are elected by the Swiss parliament. Collectively the Council make decisions and set policy].


“[The president serves a one-year term and exists for diplomatic purposes, performing the role of head of state. The Swiss presidency is a purely ceremonial position with NO powers].


“A professional administrator …

“[Switzerland] hires a PROFESSIONAL to run its government — just as corporations do …”

“… [This] dilution of executive power is conducive to freedom …”

“[And] the Swiss Confederation has stuck together since 1848 …

“[Partly because] the Swiss Constitution affirms the sovereignty of Switzerland’s states or cantons …

“Accordingly, Switzerland has a two house parliament … [The] popularly elected National Council, and the Council of States that represents the cantons …

“This gives regions representation, which keeps the country together …

“Switzerland has much to teach the world …”


At 21 February 2024 at 05:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It also has much to teach the world about storing the wealth of dubious rich people the world over, but there we are. It's a small country with reliable revenues from tourism, banking, watchmaking, hosting global bodies, farming, chemicals/pharmaceuticals etc.

At 21 February 2024 at 11:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The population in Switzerland can currently still enjoy high living standards and an extensive social safety net, comparable to Norway. Gun laws are among the most liberal in Europe.
The Swiss can vote on legislation at national, cantonal and communal level.
Cantonal and national votes can also be cast by mail, a system that has great potential for manipulation worldwide.
Last June, Nidwalden voted on the continuation of the Corona legislation: 55% voted apparently in favour. In November, there was another vote on restricting compulsory vaccination in schools: over 80% were apparently against. The Swiss are overwhelmingly very happy that the nonsensical Corona measures have been put on hold. Such results obviously point to massive manipulation. When politicians are approched about the problem, they immediately change the subject - it's clearly a taboo.
Solzhenisyn once wanted to take up residence here, it seems he was turned away because of his reservations about „the tribe“. On the other hand, Roman Polansky still lives in Gstaad and for a while, Ighor Kolomoisky lived in our country.

At 21 February 2024 at 13:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Britain it also has geographical advantages...


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