Wednesday 21 February 2024

SNP: 'Israel committing atrocities'

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SNP: 'Israel committing atrocities'

"Brendan O’Hara, the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesperson [said:]

"'... What no country has the right to do [is] to lay siege to a civilian population, carpet bomb densely inhabited areas, drive people from their homes, erase an entire civilian infrastructure, and impose a collective punishment involving the cutting off of water, electricity, food and medicine, from civilians.

"'And no country, regardless of who they are, in the name of self-defence can kill civilians at such a pace and on such a scale that in just 16 weeks almost 30,000 are known to have died, with a further 80,000 injured' ...

"O’Hara said the international rule-based order was 'created to protect people from atrocities, not to be used as a smokescreen to hide the execution of them'..."


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