Wednesday 31 January 2024

Attal - Gaza


Attal (Macron lookalike)

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GABRIEL ATTAL IS HALF JEWISH < HIS FATHER IS JEWISH < HIS FORMER GAY PARTNER SAID THIS Séjourné criticized South Africa's ICJ genocide case against Israel, saying "To accuse the Jewish state of genocide is to cross a moral threshold."

New Mexico - Meta


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Mark Zuckerberg’s company is world’s ‘single largest marketplace for p.....’

New Mexico attorney general Raúl Torrez is taking Meta (Facebook, Instagram) to court

The New Mexico attorney general, Raúl Torrez, who has launched legal action against Meta for child trafficking on its platforms, says he believes the social media company is the ‘largest marketplace for predators and paedophiles globally’.

“While Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg … [is] being questioned … in a congressional hearing about [his] role in online child sexual exploitation, Torrez [said] that what his own investigation has already uncovered is ‘just the tip of the iceberg …’

“In December 2023, Torrez launched legal action against Meta, claiming that … Meta allows and fails to detect the trafficking of children and ‘enabled adults to find, message and groom minors, soliciting them to sell pictures or participate in pornographic videos’ …

“The idea of the lawsuit came to [Torrez] after reading media coverage of Meta’s role in child sexual exploitation …”

Mark Zuckerberg is the son of Jewish psychiatrist Dr Karen Kempner Zuckerberg, a scientific advisor to a virtual clinic called ‘Relish Life’.

The clinic’s website explains:

“Developmental Trauma [impacts] healthy development and results from early onset exposure to ongoing or repetitive trauma as an infant, child, or adolescent and includes … sexual abuse …”

However, there is no known evidence that Mark Zuckerberg’s childhood was abusive or abnormal.

The clinic’s website has Dr Zuckerberg trumpeting her support of the Alzheimer’s Association.

For Jewish people, “the risk of developing dementia is higher due to genetic factors, especially for those with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry” … “The risk for depression and anxiety also is higher …’”

As well as Mark Zuckerberg’s mother, other VIP supporters of the Alzheimer’s Association Gates include Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Gates.

“Gates joined the Alzheimer's Association’s ‘Part the Cloud’ global research program by funding a $10 million award.”

‘Mossad’s’ Ghislaine Maxwell attends the 2010 Alzheimer's Association gala at the Waldorf Astoria.

France - farmers - 1 Feb 2024


French police are now arresting farmers protesting against climate policies and confiscating their tractors.

Dear European Police We are literally in a battle of Good vs. Evil One side looks after the land & grows your food - the other get filthy rich from Corporate Lobbying & Globalist Take-over Choose your side wisely - one will be on the ‘Right side of History’ the other not so

Près d'Angers, des #agriculteurs forcent un barrage de gendarmes, impuissants face aux engins agricoles. #AgriculteursEnColeres

Des #agriculteurs en colère du convoi d'Agen sont arrivés à Rungis. Ils sont tous interpellés soit une quarante d'agriculteurs. () #AgriculteursEnColeres #blocageDeParis

🇫🇷 | In Creuse, France, farmers attacked a police station with manure! #Creuse #FarmersProtest #France

The French farmers are showing them that they aren’t playing around. French highways burn in several areas. #France #FrenchFarmers #AgriculteursEnColeres #strike #protests #Macron

The A6 motorway leading into Paris is now completely blocked by French Farmers.