Thursday 23 November 2023

Coincidences or Conspiracies?

 Unknown commented on "Turkey will be bombed by Israel?"

Spain criticises Israel
- angry national protests suddenly, talk of civil conflict

Canada asks for cease fire
- deadly incident at border with US

Ireland speaks against Israel
- stabbing attack allegedly by migrant, huge riots

Israel-loyal right-wing candidates highlighted in media, dominate elections
- Milei in Argentina
- Wilders in Netherlands


At 24 November 2023 at 00:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ireland stabbing incident does feel a little too convenient and packed full of moral outrage and race baiting techniques for it to be real. The Police were calling the rioters 'Far Right' a far too well used phrase at the moment. Tommy Cockles turns up at the Cenotaph with his 'Far Right' for no discernible reason likewise. The FBI assert that the biggest threat to homeland security in the foreseeable would be 'Far Right'. Similar language also being used in Sweden when dealing with migrant issues.

Undertones of Enoch Powell and Kalergi aside, mass immigration where invasions of young men turn up invited to 'our shores' by a treacherous corporation called GOVERNMENT. Instability mixed with fear and alienation in your own country would be enough in itself to shape public opinion. The Police (Government collaborators) are then using the language of appeasement at the expense of local concerns and sentiment.

Enough anecdotal evidence to suggest a narrative supporting the theory of subversion or psy-op or false flag.

A maniac attacking women and children would be reasonable grounds for civil disobedience if it was thought that the problem has been caused by a deliberate policy of unfettered immigration (which it has). Again, all the hallmarks of Kalergi.

At this stage, no mention of the victims, who they were and where they are from. Just a vague nod in their direction. Unverifiable and vague. The hero (in this case) another foreigner that has no provenance and would be unknown within the wider community, again, unverifiable.

The civil unrest was very quick to 'kick off'. Moral outrage aside, just because some would be rightly concerned or upset at the days events doesn't automatically mean setting alight to trams or buses. A bit too extreme (even for the mob).

Has this event been used to light a litmus of discontent? Is it an organic uprising from the rightly concerned indigenous peoples, and; are we next?????

Although there was no obvious esoteric numerology or phenomenon nor anything that is glaringly wrong with the whole narrative, gut instinct and years of 'events' taking place suggest that this could just as easily be another contrived event to incite fear and cause social unrest.

At 24 November 2023 at 07:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

its been predicted many times israel will turn on turkey and bomb it, their ois some evidence it may happen soon


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